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Жаклин Рединг


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Jaclyn Reding - Жаклин Рединг е родена на 23 март в Охайо, САЩ. Започва да пише през 1989 г. и продава първата си книга през 1992 г. 1993 г. е годината, в която излиза първата й книга. Авторката е носителка на няколко престижни награди. Рединг живее в Масачузетс със съпруга си Стивън Рединг и техния син.



1.Tempting Fate (1995) Изкушенията на съдбата

Красивата червенокоса Мара Диспенсър остава заедно с брат си Оугън единствена представителка на семейството си, избито от войниците на Кромуел. Решена твърдо да си отмъсти и да си възвърне фамилното имение Кулхейвън, като сключи брак с неговия нов собственик - лорд Сейнт Обин, тя се представя чрез измама за бъдещата му съпруга Арабела - кръшелница на лорд-протектора. Излагайки се на смъртна опасност чрез новата си роля, дамата с огнените коси с изумление открива, че омразния англичанин, за когото се е омъжила, също играе двойна игра.

2.Chasing Dreams (1995) Дворцови интриги

Англия след Реставрацията. Аристокрацията се е отдала на забавления, интриги и любовни афери. Многобройните фаворитки на Чарлс II се опитват да дискредитират кралица Катерина - неспособна да дари краля с наследник. Единствената й истинска приятелка - лейди Касия Монтифорт, е обвинена в убийството на баща си. За да я предпази, докато се докаже нейната невинност, Чарлз изпраща при нея най-доверения си благородник, лорд Рейвънскрофт. Опитвайки се да открие истинския убиец, младият граф открива едно магнетично очарование под маската на лейди Зима, както всички наричат госпожица Монтифорт.

3.Stealing Heaven (1996) Да откраднеш рая

Пред осемнадсетгодишната лейди Джилиън Форестър, отвлечена посреднощ от дома й, има само една възможност да се спаси от позора - бягството. Скачайки в движение от каретата на похитителя си, тя се удря лошо и загубва съзнание. На път към фамилния си замък Данте Тримейн, граф Морган, открива ранената девойка и я откарва в дома си. Но дали прекрасната Джилиън може да нарече спасител мъжа, известен с прозвището Разгулния граф?


1.White Heather (1997) Бяло цвете

Отгледана от селяни, прелестната Катриона изобщо не подозира за знатния си произход. Една нощ тя тайно се промъква в пустия замък Росморай, за да намери книгата, сочеща към якобинското съкровище, заровено някъде в околността.Там се натъква на лорднДевънбрук, загубил зрението си при пожар. Двамата се влюбват, но щастието им е застрашено. Ще успее ли магическата сила на любовта да надвие злото и върне светлината в живота на лорд Девънбрук и Катриона?

2.White Magic (1998)

A Love Too Magical to Resist... Lady Augusta Brierley had decided to live life on her own terms, not theton's. She did things ladies were forbidden to do; she shunned society; shestudied the stars. But was she the temptress who had lured Lord NoahEdenhall's best friend to his death? Her seal was on the envelope Noah foundin the dead man's hand, her initial on the letter that provoked the tragedy.Noah knew how deceptive women could be; he had been wounded by their tenderlies. Yet nothing could have prepared him for Lady Augusta -- or the instantattraction that soon ignited in a desire that branded his very soul. AndAugusta never imagined an encounter like the one with Noah... his fieryanger, his brazen kiss, his lingering touch. But this lovely young innocenthad her own secrets... secrets that threatened her future, with themagnifecent nobleman who had swept into her life demanding revenge -- andawakening her heart to a love she passionately yearned to fulfill...

3.White Knight (1999)

Lady Grace Ledys was sure her marriage to the handsome Christian Wycliffe,Marquiss Knighton, would fulfill all her hopes of love. But her innocentdreams are dashed when her husband proves cold and indifferent -- andharbors strange secrets. For years, Christian has been plagued by his cruelgrandfather, the Duke of Westover, who holds control over his destiny.Forced to wed Grace, he vows never to beget an heir. But Grace's charmsoverpower him, and in a last effort to resist her, he wounds her greatly.Robbed of all hope for happiness, Grace flees -- to Skynegal, a castle namedfor the legendary white-winged birds who protect it. And in her new home,Grace will find hope for love with the husband of her heart -- but only ifhe can conquer the darkness of his past...

4.White Mist (2000)

She appeared one day out of nowhere. Beautiful, refined, and elusive, she seems totally enthralled with the isolated isle of Trelay. But her employer, Gabriel MacFeagh, Viscount Dunevin, can't help wondering who Nell Harte really is--and why she is willing to work as his daughter's governess. After all, it is most obvious that she has heard the rumors about the day his wife disappeared--the day his young daughter descended into a terrible silence she has not yet broken. But Nell must never discover the real reason why he is estranged from his mute, lonely child--even if he has to deny the most precious love he has ever known...

Highland Heroes

1.The Pretender (2002)

MARRYING FOR SPITE Angered by his daughter's secret writings on female equality, and in need of an heir, the Duke of Sudeleigh has hit upon the perfect scheme: He'll marry the feisty lass off to the man of his choosing. But Lady Elizabeth abhors arranged marriages, and she'll do anything to avoid one--even wed a Scottish farmer. Elizabeth does not realize, however, that the man she assumes is a poor crofter is an aristocrat every hit as prominent as the duke. Now her father and her chosen groom-to-be have hatched a plan to catch Elizabeth at her own game. But with one deception following another, heartbreak is inevitable...unless true love can save the day.

2.The Adventurer (2002)

Shrouded in myth and mystery, an ancient crystal falls into the hands of beautiful Isabella Drayton. But when she tries to return the fabled stone to its rightful owner, Isabella, in turn, falls into the brawny arms of the darkest, fiercest member of the MacKay clan. He is none other than Calum MacKay, the legendary Adventurer, notorious raider of British prison ships. But beneath his wild hair and smoldering gaze burns a passion that is bound by the forces of fate itself. For Isabella has captured his heart with her beauty, her spirit, her love. And he has become the prisoner....

3.The Secret Gift (2003)

Leaving behind her high-speed New York life, bookseller Libby Hutchinson has set off to Scotland in search of her late mother's ancestry--and is about to find greatest surprise of her life. She's taken along the few things her mother left her--including a crystal stone that seems to radiate a strange warmth--and an address in a remote Scottish village. In that very corner of the Highlands, Graeme Mackenzie has found a safe distance from the mob of women vying for his heart--and his inheritance. So when her magical stone lands Libby at his doorstep, the fed-up Mackenzie aims his gun at this woman who is both stunned--and stunning. The ensuing battle between the handsome laird and the American lass provides Highland charm aplenty, a mystical stone that has come home, and a love that reaches beyond the ages...


Deception's Bride (1993)

DESTINY'S DANCE: Chelsea Estwyck's dreams of marital bliss were shattered onthe eve of her wedding... Shocked to discover her fiance in a mostcompromising position, she fled Scotland to search the streets of London forher exiled father. But a handsome stranger had other plans for her - andclaimed her as his own... PASSION'S PERIL: Lord Rogan Doraiint saved Chelsea from being forced back toScotland--by marrying her. But his bonny bride would find she had wed a manof dark secrets...Lost in a whirlwind of deception and desire, Chelsea mustnow risk her life - in a perilous and passionate adventure of the heart.

The Second Chance (2006) Втори шанс

Понякога съдбата ни отнема много, за да ни даде всичко...

Флора Маккалъм, млада вдовица с три деца, смята, че щастието е зад гърба й - докато нейна много близка приятелка не я моли да поеме семейния й хотел на Масачузетския бряг. Неочаквано лятото е изпълнено с нови възможности - нова работа, нови приятели, нов дом и дори нова любов…

Гавин Мейтсън се оттегля в малкото градче Ипсуич на брега, за да скърби за изгубения си брак и сина си. Въпреки че в миналото е бил преуспял композитор, музиката за него е утихнала… докато не чува мелодичния глас на Флора да си играе с морския бриз една слънчева утрин.

Заедно Гавин и Флора откриват, че не всичко е безвъзвратно изгубено и надеждата може да бъде открита и на най-невероятните места.

Spellstruck (2007)

Like generations of Wren women before her, Jenna Wren is a "hedge" witch-in tune with nature and savvy in the healing power of herbs. But even a flourishing hair salon and two wonderful children can't keep her from feeling lonely, and increasingly frustrated with her ex-husband, Jack. Then one night, Jenna and her sister draft a recipe for the "perfect man." It's meant to be a joke...until Jenna's daughter uses it to reunite her parents. But Jenna may have to summon all of her powers of enchantment before she can truly follow her heart.


In Praise of Younger Men (2001) (with Jo Beverley, Cathy Maxwell and Lauren Royal)

В този сборник Жаклин участв с новелата Written in the Stars: THE SPARK OF YOUTH. THE THRILL OF DESIRE. What is the invigorating appeal of the younger man? Is it his boyish charm, his enthusiasm for life? His appreciation of a woman's experience, and his eagerness to learn more? Or perhaps it's his vigor, his unending appetite, and his willingness to please. In this scintillating quartet of stories by four of today's most popular romance writers, the answers are discovered in a younger man's embrace ... in tender promises of pleasure whispered behind closed doors ... in the hunger of his deep, soft, candlelight kisses ... and in his ability to reawaken in his lover the joyous simplicity of a past innocence.... Let yourself go... In order to fulfill an ancient family prophecy, a young woman is destined to marry a younger man--or else court disaster....

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