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Катрин О'Нийл


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Katherine O'Neal - Катрин о'Нийл е авторка на любовни романи. Омъжена е за Уилям Арнолд, филмов критик и писател. Имат дъщеря, Джени, с която споделят страстта си към пътуванията и литература.


The Last Highwayman (1993)

In the 1880s, duchess Christina Wentworth-Gibbons, a young widow, is about to leave London to avoid the Prince of Wales (who, ''in an effort to humble her, had inflicted on her every sexual deviation he could think of'') when she is abducted by Richard Wycliffe, aka ''the Brighton Bandit.'' Richard assumed his alias after his father, a British earl, brought him to Ireland with troops to suppress a rebellion; Richard, whose mother was Irish, unknowingly killed his half-sister and, since then, has defended the ''sacred cause,'' bombing the Bank of England as well as robbing English travelers, fencing the goods in the U.S. and using the money to smuggle arms into Ireland. Once abducted, Christina of course falls in love with her dashing brigand and aids him in his cause. When Oscar Wilde (who, alas, is exploited to serve as a character here) recounts an errand he has run for Christina, he calls it ''sloppy melodrama at best.'' This is also an apt assessment of O'Neal's first novel, which fails either to entertain or to comment meaningfully on the Irish-British conflict that is dragged into the narrative.

Princess of Thieves (1993) Принцесата на крадците

Мейс Блакууд е дързък негодник, чиито милувки са забраненото удоволствие за Саранда Шъруин – принцесата на крадците. Двамата са смъртни врагове заради вековни семейни вражди и заради страданията, които братът на Мейс е причинил на Саранда. Но страстта се оказва по-силна от омразата… Нощ след нощ Мейс серазкъсва между любовта и честта, докато един ден Саранда не попада в смъртна опасност. Тогава той разбила, че трябва да я последва, каквото и да му струва това…

Master of Paradise (1995) Господарят на рая

Габриела Аштън е незаконна дъщеря на всемогъщ английски лорд, който се отнася жестоко към нея и брат й. В къщата му освен това расте и Родриго - син на знаменит португалски пират, обесен от лорда... Още като деца между Габриела и Родриго пламва любов, която злощастната им съдба заплашва да унищожи. Всеки от тях тръгва по своя път на отмъщение - Родриго се превръща в Лъва - страшилището на Индийския океан, а Габриела - в знаменита лондонска актриса... Докато един ден случаят не ги среща отново, за да ги потопи в шеметен водовъртеж от страсти в най-романтичното и райско кътче на земята - Сейшелските острови...

Bride of Danger (1997) Венчана за риска

Майлин, осиновената дъщеря на лорд Стенли е отвлечена от олтара по време на собствената си сватба. А похитителят е лорд Уитни - забележителен млад джентълмен, любимец на лондонските салони... В действителност те и двамата са бедни ирландски сирачета, внедрени от тайната организация по върховете на английското общество, за да служат на справедливата кауза... Но методите за борба не винаги са наистина справедливи. И тук Майлин и Джони се сблъскват - безумно привлечени от страстта си и разделени от тайната задача... Накъде ще ги отведе този трагичен конфликт?...

Written in the Stars (1998)

Diana Sanbourne is faced with an impossible choice: ignore her father's dying wish or seek out the one man who can fulfill it. The one man she despises-Jack Rutherford. Once, she had loved him, only to be betrayed, and she vowed never again to fall under the power of his seductive caress. Now he's a rogue hunter of ancient relics, with the daring and instincts that could lead to the fabled treasure her father asked her to find. Yet even as he joins her on her quest-one that will lead from England's shadowy underworld to a treacherous distant land-Diana must guard not only her life but her heart. For Jack makes it clear he intends to reclaim her for his own. And she is just as determined not to surrender.

My One and Only (2000)

A romance earlier this century between two burglars who meet while breaking into a London house in search of the Blood of India, a priceless ruby. Kitty needs the money to spring her father from jail in the British Raj, Tiger to finance a rebellion against the British.

Silent Surrender (2003)

He broke her heart...Now a struggling actress must put on the performance of a lifetime… Orphaned at the age of thirteen, actress Liana Wycliffe was no stranger to life's cruelties. But nothing had prepared her for the despair she felt when the man she loved betrayed her. Known as Ace, he was a devastatingly handsome fighter pilot stationed in Paris--and he was everything Liana wanted. But after one night of blazing passion he disappeared, leaving her with a brusque note--and a broken heart. Liana swears she will never again allow a man to violate her trust. But when the man who never stopped haunting her dreams returns, can she keep her vow? "Ace" has become Spencer Sloane, renowned director of the silent screen--and he wants talented Liana as the star of his next film. He has never forgotten the ingénue who came closest to piercing his disillusioned soul, and he will stop at nothing to ensure that she fulfills his vision. This time Liana is determined to have him only on her terms. In the face of such powerful desire, who will be the first to surrender?

The Art of Seduction (2007)

Mason Caldwell is not who she claims to be.

For one thing, she is alive and well.

As a masquerade her life is a masterpiece.

And only Richard Garrett has the power to expose the truth...

The Art Of Seduction

Frustrated by the world's indifference to her haunting, sensual paintings, Mason Caldwell boldly fakes her own death. The results are as brilliant as the colors imbuing her art. Now disguised as her surviving "sister" Amy, Mason enjoys the fruits of her deception--fame, wealth, and entry into the glittering halls of haute Paris. It's a perfect deceit until art expert Richard Garrett enters the picture. For something about the Mason Caldwell myth doesn't sit right with him, and he intends to uncover the truth...if a shadowy past or his own heart doesn't betray him. But a woman of Mason's talents isn't easily undone, and a dangerous game of truths and lies can reveal hidden desires, igniting a passion beyond their control...

Just for Her (2008)

"The secrets they keep are priceless.Under cover of darkness, they will steal something more precious...Beneath the sparkling facade of wealth and elegance, Jules von Habsburg is living a nightmare-blackmailed into marriage by the unscrupulous robber baron Dominic DeRohan, the same man who gunned down her lover. Until she hears of the notorious cat burglar known to the C?te d'Azur as the Panther. Recognizing in him the one man strong enough to free her from the sadistic shackles of her husband, she lures him into a daring conspiracy...But the Panther is not one to be manipulated, even by a woman whose provocative beauty is matched only by her determination. Now, in the hedonistic playground of artists, actors, and aristocrats, Jules is losing her closely guarded heart to a man without identity. As forbidden passion deepens to love, is there even more danger for her in an alliance with a seductive man whose secrets could destroy them both?"


Taken by Surprise (2003) (with Thea Devine, Susan Johnson)

В този сборник Катрин участва с новелата Deja Vu: As the notorious author of several scandalously erotic tales of love, Celia Wybourne has thrilled readers worldwide with her steamy depictions of a hero whose sensual skills are a match for his unquenchable hunger. Celia has given up hope of ever meeting such a lover--until a trip to exotic Gibraltar introduces her to a mysterious, powerful man...one who insists they are soul mates, bound together through time...and whose mastery of the forbidden arts takes Celia to the brink of ecstasy and beyond...

Strangers in the Night (2004) (with Susan Johnson and Pam Rosenthal)

В този сборник Катрин участва с новелата Fool Me Once: It's 1933, and Kate Frost is the most creative flim-flam artist in all of East London--until she meets her match in the ruthless, rakishly handsome Rhys. The seductive con man has a plan of his own: Under his careful tutelage, Kate will pose as a long-lost Aztec princess who will fool the world. But to become a goddess, she'll have to submit herself to his training completely, giving herself over to his every instruction, his every command, his every desire. But when two thieves fall prey to their own deceptions, there's no telling who is fooling whom...and who is no longer pretending at all...

Not Just for Tonight (2005) (with Susan Johnson and Diane Whiteside)

В този сборник Катрин участва с новелата Dr. Yes: The year is 1912 when Sierra Winston makes a fateful journey to Buenos Aires, a city teeming with sophistication, elegance, and sexual liberation. It's that very liberation the troubled heiress is hoping she'll find with the help of radical, British-born sexual therapist Dr. Alistair Lange. But when the handsome doctor decides she has just the attributes to intercept a valuable political document, Sierra is thrown into a labyrinth of danger, intrigue, and smoldering passion in which she must trust a seductive rogue who just happens to be a skilled practitioner of the art and science of desire...

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