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Laura Parker (Laura Castoro, Terry Nelson Bonner)

=Laura Parker=



1.For Love's Sake Only (1991)

Regina, the raven-haired beauty... the green-eyed gamin of the moors... First orphaned, then wed and widowed in a week, she'd been a wife in name only. She fled London and the cruel uncle who

sought to control her new fortune, thinking to reclaim her lost happiness. The windswept moors of Devonshire were her delight until she came face-to-face with Maxwell, Marquess of Kingsblood... Maxwell, the enemy she would never forget. Now they were equals -- both titled, both rich, their passions smoldering beneath their pride. But even as Regina recalled the loathsome past, some whimsical fate conspired to draw her to the dark marquess whose ancestors' ghosts were said to haunt his castle, playing wicked tricks on the unwary and unworthy, whispering of love worth dying for and of a rapture yet to be...

2.Moon Shadow (1992) Нощна лилия

Светският живот сред превзетото лондонско общество не се нрави особено на младата лейди Джулиана Кингсблъд. Затова тя се оттегля в родовото си имение, под чиито прозорци се плискат морските вълни... Неочаквано в къщата се появява призрак, който всяка вечер посещава спалнята на красивата отшелница и покрива лицето й с горещи целувки... Сън ли е това, или действителност?...


1.Rose of the Mist (1985)

He was the most beautiful man Meghan had ever seen... and she watched him, young, naked, and magnificent, bathing in the still waters of a crystal pool and the gold and green light of a summer afternoon in the Irish wilds. She loved him from that moment on and for all eternity, even though love was forbidden to her. For Meghan was considered a changeling, a witch, marked as she was with the rose-colored spot on her cheek. And little could she dream that what once cursed her would bring her a glorious destiny -- and the passion of the stranger she so wantonly desired...

2.A Rose in Splendor (1986)

She had seen him before in her dreams. But the handsome soldier hiding in the deep purple shadows of her father's stables was now terribly real. Deirdre was only a child, but felt she must help him escape the English troops--for she knew this wild Irish rebel with hair as dark as a raven's wing and eyes as blue as the summer sky was destined to be her one true love. Someday she would meet this fierce, magnificent stranger again ... and he would remember the mark of the rose on her creamy white skin. Then he would know she was no longer an innocent girl, but a full-grown passionate woman, one ripe for the ecstasy of desire... and ready for an eternity of love.

3.The Secret Rose (1987)

Aisleen Fitzgerald looked up into the rugged, handsome face above her and trembled with a special knowledge. Born with the mark of the rose and its gift of second sight, she had fled from her troubled past in Ireland to Australia's vast wilds, seeking a new life and vowing never to kneel before any man. But now, as her bonnet tumbled from her brilliant copper hair, the sunlight blazed--or was it another fire--from this stranger's deep blue eyes. He was Thomas Gibson, a work-hardened Irish rancher looking for a bride, a tough frontiersman moved by this petal-soft, "book-learned" woman so

different from the rest. In that moment, her fate was sealed. For she was to be joined in a marriage as tempestuous as the untamed outback...and one that would fulfill the passionate promise of the Rose.

Rogue's Gallery

1.Tiger in the Rain (1995)

THE TIGER... One night long ago, Michaela Bellegarde had fled from a dark, brooding tiger of a man who had taunted her, tasted her passion, then turned her away. But Guy Matherson had never forgotten their brief but searing encounter. Haunted by her beauty and innocence, he'd long felt in Michaela's debt for the magic touch that had turned his luck around. AND THE LADY Now, years later, she faced Guy again, when he was wounded and on the run from a desperate enemy. One look into his mesmerizing eyes and Michaela knew there was nothing she could ever refuse him. But would passion be enough to save them this time around?

2.Together Again (1995)

UNFORGETTABLE James Brant was the only man she'd ever loved - and the last man Meryl Wallis ever wanted to see again. She'd placed her heart and all she'd ever worked for in his hands - and been repaid with betrayal. Now James Brant was back, seeking forgiveness and claiming that only her help could save him from financial ruin. And despite her misgivings, Meryl agreed, seeing her chance for revenge. The ruthless Mr. Brandt would get a taste of his own bitter medicine. But only if she could resist the unforgettable passion that was no less strong the second time around...

3.Found: One Marriage (1996)

WIFE ON THE DOORSTEP Joe Guinn was shocked. Halle Hayworth, the ex-Mrs. Guinn, had arrived at his ranch, asking for his investigative expertise. It seemed she'd been in an accident and couldn't even remember her name. She certainly had no idea she was the woman who'd broken Joe's heart. So maybe he should have told her they'd once shared a marriage bed. But why let Halle know their real past? For the woman now living under his roof was even more irresistible than the wife who'd once returned his wedding ring.


Silks and Sabers (1980)

He had saved her life. She owed him everything. But Gweneth Valois swore she would rather be savaged by pirates than rescued by Captain Raoul Bertrand, the man who had killed her brother, captured her sister, and expected Gweneth to pay her debt - with gratitude. Had she escaped the terrors of the Revolution only to be trapped in hell on the high seas? From war-torn France to far Tortola, from the crumbling Old World to the lawless New, Gweneth brought a fiery temper, an iron will, a ready sword, and a heart inflamed - against the handsome adventurer who had vowed to tame her and take her for his own!

Emerald and Sapphire (1983)

Merlyn Ross was six feet tall with the wiry physique of a fencing master. Merlyn Ross was an actor, a thief, and a master of disguise. And Merlyn Ross was condemned to die at dawn. The screams of the lovely young woman in a cell not far from his own free Merlyn from his dark thoughts. In Newgate, everything has a price. Merlyn has bought clean sheets and a bottle of brandy. He's about to purchase a true lady of quality -- a lady with no memory.

Until Love Is Enough (1983)

Moth and Flame (1984)

IT WAS DIFFICULT FOR THE PIRATE TO PLAY THE GENTLEMAN But that was precisely what Laurent Lavasseur chose to do. Facing him stood the ebony-haired beauty, her lips still burning from his kisses, who had waited for months for his return from the sea. Renee might tempt him but he would be honest with her, no matter what the cost. He would not be her husband. The impact of his refection sends both on a wild adventure from Louisiana to the high seas of the Caribbean.

Rebellious Angels (1988)

New York's posh society whispered of Allegra and Andrew Grant's exciting literary salons. When Allegra first arrived in this city of gaslights and glittering wealth, bohemian artists and darkly lit cafes, the raven-haired heiress never guessed that she and her brother would become the talk of the town. And never in her wildest fantasies had she imagined Lord Drayton. All that was dark and dangerous seemed focused in his sensual face; all that was forbidden and irresistible seemed promised by his touch. So she ran from his advances to more young men ... until she sailed for England and discovered the tempting demimonde of Oscar Wilde and the decadent rich. There Lord Drayton was waiting ... waiting to take her on a journey into an exotic world of the senses that could lead to tragedy ... or to an ecstasy no innocent knew and no woman could forget.

A Wilder Love (1990)

An Indian's tent was no place for a single girl to spend the night, but Fanny Sweets didn't have time to weigh choices. Caught picking pockets at Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, the fiery street urchin took to her heels, ducked behind the set, and hid in the nearest tent. It was dark and safe, for no one lived inside. So she thought ...until Matthew Morning Star strode in. Fanny had never seen the likes of him before. Sioux-born, Harvard-educated, with a warrior's body and copper-colored good looks, he aroused yet frightened her. And she fled into the twilight, never dreaming that fate would bring her back into Matthew's arms. Soon, from the sidewalks of New York to the dusty plains of Dakota, she would be facing all the dangers of a new world...with the fierce courage of a woman in love.

Beguiled (1993) Прелъстена

Младата Филаделфия Хънт няма друга цел в живота си, освен да открие и отмъсти на човека, който е разсипал баща й. В това време авантюристът Едуардо Таварес й прави примамливо предложение - да продаде изгодно скъпоценностите, добити от него в бразилските диамантени мини. Филаделфия приема - и не след дълго в елегантните салони на Ню Йорк се появява мистериозната французойка Аделиж, която продава фамилните бижута. Така младата красавица попада изведнъж в един свят на риск, забранени желания и неочаквано силни страсти...

Stranger in Town (1994)

Who was Gus Thornton? He claimed to be a businessman from Down Under. But Jo Spencer wasn't fooled by the new name, or the accent. He looked like Brett Ashwood. He kissed like Brett Ashwood. And he inspired a passion she'd felt only once, twelve long years ago .... Jo had never forgiven Brett for the sorrow and scandal he'd caused her family back then. He'd vanished without a word. But she'd always suspected someday he would return and she would make him pay for his mistakes. There was just one catch: the harder Jo tried to unmask this sexy stranger, the more she wanted him--Brett, or Gus, or whoever he was ....

Caprice (1994) Каприз

Коя е тайнствената принцеса Султана Ел Джамал - маскираната красавица, която подлудява всички мъже на Лондон? Само един джентълмен не пада в млежите на прелъстителката, а решава да разгадае тайната й - Адриан Блекбърн. Става ясно, че зад екзотичната ориенталка се крие Клариса Уилоуби, която по този начин иска да проникне в онези кръгове, които иначе биха останали напълно затворени за нея. Но скоро една серия кражби на диаманти предизвиква смут в обществото. И тогава маскарадът на преоблечената красавица се превръща в игра на живот и смърт.

Impetuous (1995) Ярост

Странна съдба свързва благородната лейди Джейн Блекхорн и майор Гейбриъл Блейк. Водена от милосърдието си, лейди Джейн се грижи за ранените войници в един лазарет в Брюксел след кървавата битка при Ватерлоо. Там тя случайно спасява живота на тежко ранения Гейбриъл, когото непознат враг иска да премахне от лицето на земята. Но лейди Джейн не може да си спомни нищо от времето, прекарано в Брюксел – ужасните преживявания са изличили паметта й. Само любовта и ласките на смелия войник могат да й върнат миналото и мястото в света. И да я накарат да изпита непознати до тогава страсти…

My Own True Love (1996)

The widowed Lady Cymbeline Bannock has the perfect solution for her unmarried daughter Hypolyte's holiday doldrums: Invite a potential suitor for the weekend! After her alb it is a mother's duty to see to it that her lovely daughter receives the most wondrous Christmas gift of all: true love. Cymbeline's childhood friends Ross Dunrobin is the most eligible bachelor on London's Marriage Mart. But from the moment the dashing nobleman arrives at the Bannock's Highland castle, it is Cvmbeline who has stars in her eyes. Little does she know that Ross has been engaging in his own brand of matchmaking. Now, amid the snow, the sleigh bells, and the merriest of all romantic mix-ups, a most thrilling and delightful holiday wish is about to come true ....

Risque (1996) Риск

Себастиян д'Арси написва книга за любовното изкуство, в която твърди, че единствената обществена роля, подобаваща на една интелигентна и страстна жена е тази на метресата. За да докаже теорията си, той иска да превърне едно неопитно момиче в най-великата куртизанка в Лондон. Мадлен Фокан, израснала в манастир, приема смелото предложение на Себастиян. Постига невероятен успех - цял Лондон е в краката й. Тя обаче иска само Себастиян...

Tempest (1997)

On eve of the Battle of Waterloo, three British officers ask London's most celebrated poet and playwright to pen three very different letters to the women they love, and the letters change the women's lives forever. Original.

The Gamble (1998)

An unforgettable tale of a woman who risks everything for a man with nothing left to lose...except his heart. Dazzling and daring Sabrina Lindsey had a knack for defying social conventions. Her endless escapades in London society enraged her guardian who wanted nothing more than to marry her off to a prominent nobleman. The only solution was to send her to Bath before her exploits came to the attention of her titled suitor. But it would take much more than threats to bend Sabrina's stubborn will--for she had no intention of becoming the bride to some domineering lord. Jack Laughton was a viscount who one night traded in his life of leisure to masquerade as the notorious highwayman "Black Jack" Law. Nothing could touch this conniving rogue's soul...until his eyes fell upon the sultry beauty whose stagecoach he attempted to rob. Now he was willing to do anything to make this alluring woman his--even abandon his wicked ways...if only he could win Sabrina's love.

Mischief (2002) Арабски нощи

Младата и красива Вероника с ужас разбира, че е бременна - това е резултатът на бурната любовна нощ, която е прекарала с тайнствения индиец Хинд Див. А когато я застига вестта за смъртта на индиеца, тя се вижда принудена да се омъжи за застарелия виконт Шрюсбъри... Но и той скоро се прощава с живота и Вероника е принудена да отпътува за Англия, където я очаква изненада - Девлин Синклер, наследникът на виконта, който прилича като две капки вода на нейния възлюбен Хинд Див...

Notorious (2003)

Jemima MacKinnon knows about being jilted. Incensed by the fickleness of cads and libertines, Jemima forms a social group of her own, known only as the Ladies--spurned "old maids" who embark on a delicious game of revenge against these pompous aristocrats. Now, with the fate of a young girl in her hands and the bloodlust of the Ladies in her heart, Jemima sets upon a reckless course. But the gentleman she hopes to expose and ruin is not only not what he appears to be, he is more than a match for Jemima in intelligence and cunning. And what begins as a match of wits between two strong-willed enemies quickly escalates into a war of passion.


Silhouette Summer Sizzlers (1995) (with Mary Lynn Baxter, Ann Major)

В този сборник Лора участва с новелата Charisma: She's a hopeful woman in love. He's a handsome widower in memoryville. And on a hot and dusty road trip to the Smoky Mountains, she hopes he'll overheat before the car does.


American Explorers

3. Jim Bridger: Mountain Man (1981)

In the 1830's the possibilities of an expanding frontier were limitless. But so too was the fierce competition among fur traders, the violence, lust and ruthlessness of the men and women who explored the continent. Pitted against the rapacious American Fur Company, independent mountain men struggled for their rightful share of a new land. The deadly challenge of a depraved enemy must destroy the lives or ignite the courage of these brave and resourceful loners.

6. Kit Carson: Trapper King (1982)

This is Kit Carson, the man behind the myth. A hard drinker, a fierce fighter, a man of relentless action. Alone, he explored a wilderness as wild and untamed as the grizzlies who roamed at his side. Single-handedly, he charted the merciless wilderness that lay just beyond the horizon. He was a man who survived with his knife and gun, who loved too often and too well, who gave no quarter and asked none. A man who took scalps like a warrior and won hearts like a gentleman. A man tuned to the rush of water, the hoot of an owl, the cry of a coyote. Pioneer, lover, soldier, father, killer, mountain man - a legend in his own time - Kit Carson was known throughout the West as a man of courage and strength, a man equal to the challenge of a land that offered no mercy.

Woman of Mystery

12. Indiscreet (1995)

When Andrea Uchello picked up the wrong briefcase at an airport's baggage claim, the bonded courier found herself nose to nose with Federal Agent Victor Mondragon. Could she convince her attractive captor that she was a victim--not villainess--before he realized she was living under an assumed name? Was he about to catch her? Victor didn't mind losing his heart to a woman--but he'd lose his badge if his sexy suspect wasn't innocent. When he began to discover the startling truth about her, he wondered if her seductive airs were calculated to keep him quiet. Or if she was really falling in love with the one man who could destroy her....

=Лаура Касторо=


Perfect Choice (1983)

Dangerous Company (1984)

Crossing the Line (2002)

Thea Morgan never thought she'd fall in love again. Not so long ago, she had the perfect marriage--to a white man--and for once, her light skin and eyes didn't make her feel so out of place. But since her husband's death, Thea's not sure what to feel. Her best friend is telling her that "black men satisfy," her blue-eyed daughter, Jesse, is claiming her mother's race "doesn't come up all that often," and her former in-laws are insisting that their granddaughter be "raised in her father's world." As if that weren't enough, Thea's aunt has her believing the entire family tree will fall if she doesn't reconnect withher roots--so she heads home for the wedding of a sister she hasn't seen in years. When Thea unexpectedly runs into her first love, Xavier Thornton, a prominent African-American minister, Jesse has a fit. But Thea realizes that the vibe is still alive. Daring to cross the line of her family and friends' expectations, Thea makes some hard choices. When she does, she comes face-to-face with a past that isn't all behind her...

A New Lu (2005)

"What was I thinking? Sex for the very last time. That's what." Five-O magazine lifestyle columnist Lu Nichols has led an ordinary life. Marriage. Career. Two kids. Now she's turning fifty, and the wear is

showing. The kids are grown. The ink is dry on the divorce papers. Her boss wants to do an extreme makeover feature, starring Lu. And those bad oysters she ate have turned out to be something a little more permanent. "I'm almost fifty years old, recently divorced. Now I'm about to be an unwed mother. And you thought you had issues." Her soon-to-be-wed daughter is horrified. Her boss is thrilled; she can turn her delicate condition into a monthly expose. Her ex is AWOL. And the sexy, slightly younger doctor who delivered the news? Well, he hasn't run off screaming yet. And however it all turns out, there's one thing Lu can be sure of -- she's knocked up, but not out. And more than ready for a brand-new Lu....

Icing on the Cake (2007)

When Liz Talbot's husband left her for a woman half her age, Liz put all her passions into her bakery. The problem is that fad diets and fitness crazes are ruining sales and she's barely staying afloat. Liz's luck seems to be changing when her ex dies without changing his will, leaving her the main beneficiary. Unfortunately one of the things she inherits is the advertising agency she left behind to

pursue her dream of baking. Her partner? The newly widowed husband stealer--Brandi, with a heart over the i. As the new co-owner of Talbot Advertising, in the toilet since the death of her ex (that's right, she's now the proprietor of two failing businesses), Liz is more determined than ever to break out and make a name for herself as an artisan baker extraordinaire, providing her products can catch the eye of the Nabisco Food scout who is as elusive as he is mysterious.

Love on the Line (2009)

It ain't easy being biracial and a trust fund baby, but blue-eyed Jesse Morgan is determined to just be herself at an eastern college--where no one will know who or what she is...unless she chooses to tell them. What Jesse doesn't yet realize is that "no past" doesn't equal "no problems." High-powered executive Thea Morgan is marrying Rev. Xavier Thornton--the former athlete and successful black businessman-turned-pastor, a man she first fell in love with at sixteen. A fair-skinned black woman who cracked the glass ceiling in the Texas oil business, Thea assumes her identity difficulties are behind her. She hasn't yet met Xavier's new congregation in a down-on-its-luck Arkansas town...nor Mrs. Hattie Patterson--the matriarch of St. Hurricane Church who has fixed opinions about how a minister's wife should behave. Will Thea lose her struggles to win over Xavier's congregation, people who just don't understand her big-city ways? It will take every bit of her humor, business acumen, and just plain hard-loving to deal with her crisis of faith and the sinking feeling that, just maybe, love can't conquer all. Like mother, like daughter, Thea and Jesse discover that sometimes to get what you need most you to have to put everything, even love, on the line.

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