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Катлийн Драймън


1756 прегледа

Kathleen Drymon



1. Savage Dawn (1984)

He was undeniably male Lisa should have been terrified of the awesome Indian who attacked her carriage and took her captive. Instead the touch of Silver Fox's hand was like magic against her silken skin and possession by his powerful flesh made her melt into wild reckless rapture. She couldn't deny that she wanted this Blackfoot warrior more then any man she had ever known. Only wanting wasn't enough - she needed the promise of his forbidden love...

She was undeniably female Consumed by a passion beyond his control, Silver Fox had no choice but to make the enchanting golden goddess his own. He drew her into his muscular arms, kissed her again and again, unable to contain the fire her luscious, curves aroused. From the moment he gazed into her innocent violet eyes his fate to love her had been sealed. He would be her master, make her body his slave - and surrender his heart until the Savage Dawn.

2. Destiny's Splendor (1988)

Jessica Star Colton had nowhere to turn. At nineteen, she had two years before being free of the cruel guardian who intended to marry her off to the highest bidder and keep her fortune for himself. Jessica thought she would never escape this loveless fate... until the day she met Star Hawk in the forest. As the magnificent Indian warrior appeared from behind the dense trees, his dark eyes seemed to penetrate her very being, and his bronzed arms reached out to offer her comfort. There was something about him that made Jessica yearn to taste his kiss -- it was as though she were meant for his embrace... Star Hawk knew Jessica was the woman of his dreams. They were fated for union from birth and he was not about to let the white beauty slip from his grasp. From the first moment he spotted her from afar, he knew of the heaven he would find in her caress. Her silver-blue eyes and silky red hair haunted him, obsessed him. Star Hawk wanted to take Jessica and claim her as his woman, even if that meant capturing her against her will. He knew that once their lips met in a searing kiss, all of their sleeping passions would awaken and together they would join in Destiny's Splendor.

3. Velvet Savage (1989)

Trained as a Crow warrior woman, Kalina fought with knife and teeth against the hated Blackfoot enemy - until the fierce brave, Two Shadows, vanquished her in battle. When she tried to resist him, the arrogant, vengeful savage dumped her in the river, flung her up behind him on his horse, then forced her to lie beside him on his sleeping mat, as if she were his slave. But though she'd die before admitting it, the heat of his strong body, the very beating of his heart, sparked something deep within her. She longed to turn into his muscled arms, to feel the full length of his lean body pressing against her burning flesh.

4. Gentle Savage (1990)

London belle Valentine Prescott rebelled at the idea of spending a year in America with a horde of savages, but she'd promised her mother, Sky Eyes, that she'd live a year with her people, the Blackfoot Indians. Still, she bristled with outrage when a towering Blackfoot warrior guide made her ride all the way to the Indian camp on a horse with no saddle. And how dare he call her "Heart's Flame"? But after a moonlight dip in a mountain stream, she stepped out onto a carpet of leaves softer than any London featherbed - and into the arms of her Indian escort. As Night Rider's lips crushed hers, the spirited miss saw her Blackfoot heritage in a new light, for her heart flamed at his touch and her blood flowed with rapture. Night Rider was well-versed in the legends of his people. He knew all along that the fancy, nose-in-the-air miss was destined to be a Blackfoot princess, and he knew that a great passion burned within her heart. But he was wise enough to know that, like any young thoroughbred, she'd have to be tamed and gentled before she could be ridden. Night Rider proceeded slowly, even averting his eyes as he handed her the soap for her bath in the moonlit stream. But when he beheld her creamy skin sparkling with diamond droplets, he knew that he could no longer wait to press his yearning body close to hers and claim her trembling loveliness in destiny's embrace...

5. Savage Heaven (1995)

The wagon train carries her west along the Oregon Trail...and toward her future. But Danielle Hansen isn't ready to settle down with the farmer she has reluctantly agreed to marry. She fears the loss of her freedom, and the surrender of her body and soul to a man's touch. Then, in a breathtaking moment of terror, Danielle is kidnapped by a band of renegade Sioux...and becomes the prisoner of their great warrior chief. He is called Wind Dancer. And he has seen her before, in a long-ago vision. He gives her the name Silver Dove and initiates her into a world of ancient ritual and boundless desire. A stranger and wonderful destiny has brought them together, but it will take a woman's courage and a man's passion to fight for a love that demands all they have to give...


Tender Passions (1982)

At nineteen, Katherine Rafferty was ravishing, alluring, and ripe for marriage. But as countless men professed their love, the spirited beauty tossed her lustrous hair and flashed her violet eyes in fierce rejection. Since no man she met in England stirred the inferno of passion that raged beneath her alabaster skin, she set sail for the New World. When lean and virile Marco Radio' rd pirated the Good Hope, the most precious treasure he saw was the voluptuous girl. Swept away by a maelstrom of lust, he knew he alone could force the glow of love to Katherine's flesh and urge the cry of ecstasy to her voice. For Marco saw no sweet, innocent girl, but a woman born to love, a goddess created for ONE MAN'S DESIRE.

Wild Desires (1982)

They were three generations of women, each one longing for the searing fires of passion, each one searching for a very special love.

Texas Blossom (1984)

PASSION'S PETAL Lost and alone in an untamed land, innocent honey-haired Sorrel should have been elated to see the tall, dark-haired stranger. But his piercing blue eyes burned like fire through her skimpy dress while his gentle touch made her flesh tingle with desire. And because she was drawn to him like no man she had ever known, Sorrel was frightened -- that she would give herself to him completely and he would love her, then leave her broken-hearted and alone... RAPTURE'S BLOOM Mathew was shocked to find the golden-maned beauty in his cabin. He had come to the wilderness to forget one woman, and now he was faced with another. Determined not to get involved again, he tried to ignore her presence. But when her moist lips pouted in sadness and her luscious curves silhouetted the firelight, he felt lust and desire like he never felt before. Without realizing it he became deeply enmeshed in her silvery web of love -- unknowingly their passion flowered like a wild TEXAS BLOSSOM

Kimberly's Kiss (1987)

All of her girlhood, high-spirited Kimberly Davonwoods had spent her days racing her horse, perfecting her fencing, and roaming London's byways disguised as a boy. Then, at nineteen, the raven-haired beauty suddenly found herself engaged to a complete stronger with no choice but to marry him. Kimberly vowed to break the chains of matrimony as soon as she could--until she met her betrothed Steven Hawkstone on her wedding day. The hot-tempered adventuress couldn't deny herself a night in his arms and promised herself that only after she had sampled his sensual lovemaking would she flee the marriage bed and again embrace her freedom! When, dashing Steven Hawkstone agreed to take wealthy James Davonwoods' daughter as his bride, the arrogant womanizer figured that along with the tremendous dowry, he'd be getting a housekeeper for his estate and a brood mare to carry on his name. Then he saw the curvaceous, provocative wench, and Steven knew he'd never be satisfied until he, possessed her--body, heart and soul. He could newer forego his wanderlust nor his passion for the sea. But whenever he would breeze into port, this was one woman the virile male would demand to have waiting for him, eager to share her luscious feminine charms, breathlessly giving him KIMBERLY'S KISS

Midnight Bride (1991)

SHE'D ENSLAVE HIM WITH HER PASSION With her youth, beauty, and sizable dowry, Charleston-bred Kellie McBride had her share of ardent suitors eager to wed and bed her, but the headstrong miss was bewitched by the daring exploits of The Falcon--the dashing highwayman who risked his life for the American colonies and always managed to elude capture. Twice now, The Falcon had saved her life at the hands of the despised Redcoats, then set her blood wildly aflame with his scorching kisses--only to vanish again with the moonlight. The next time the raven-haired adventurer appeared at her side, Kellie vowed to unmask her mysterious midnight paramour... and show him she was ready for more than a caress! HE'D SET HER FREE WITH LOVE No one knew of the dangerous double life The Falcon led--or of his secret identity as a British lord with a vengeful score to settle with the Crown. And he planned to keep it that way. Let the willful Kellie try to expose him if she dared; she'd never uncover his deception! Meanwhile, he'd woo her by day as the foppish Lord Blakely Savage ...and ravage her by night as the conquering Falcon! But the first taste of those luscious lips, the first touch of that silken skin soon had him suffering a frenzy of desire only she could quench. And though The Falcon had once vowed to soar forever free, now he burned to make Kellie his own wild Colonial MIDNIGHT BRIDE

Castaway Angel (1991) Ангелът корабокрушенец

БУРЯ ОТ СТРАСТ Когато буйната Алиша Уитлоу научава, че омразните англичани са убили нейния баща, тя разбира, че трябва да напусне нейния безопасен Карибски остров и да отплава за вкъщи във Вирджиния. Не обръщайки внимание на наближаващата буря, тя се качва на първия кораб за колониите... и бива завлечена зад борда в яростната буря. Когато се събужда гола и топла между алените сатенени чаршафи в богато обзаведена капитанска каюта, всичко, за което си мисли, е само как да продължи пътуването си към къщи. ВИХЪРА НА СТРАСТТА Откровен авантюрист, Джъстин Мартел е прегърнал патриотичната каза и е на път да предложи подкрепата си на генерал Уошингтън, когато съзира мократа сирена, вкопчена в една отломка в бурното море. Давайки си клетва нейното присъствие да не наруши плановете му, капитанът качва претърпелия корабокрушение ангел на борда. Но в момента, в който докосва огнените й къдрици и се взира в дълбините на аметистовите й очи, Джъстин разбира, че трябва да я държи в ръцете си и да целува тези нацупени чувствени устни, докато желанието не я зашемети...

Warrior of the Sun (1992)

To Shadow Dancer, war chief of the Aztec-Apache, the silken-haired woman he called Moon Flower was his tribe's long-awaited destiny...and his most coveted bride. And although lovely Iva Cassidy was afraid of nothing, not even Indians, she nearly fainted with desire when the bronze-skinned savage captured her and swept her into his demanding embrace. And as the mighty warrior's fiery kisses melted her defenses, she vowed to leave the world behind and follow him to his Rocky Mountain lair, whether she was to be his beloved bride...or only a slave to the rapture of his wild caresses!

Pirate Moon (1993) Целувката на пирата

С помощта на свои приятели младата, красива и авантюристично настроена Катлин Ашфорд, облечена като мъж, посещава известен лондонски публичен дом, в който среща красивия и очарователен Гарик Стийли, но бързо е разкрита от бдителната съдържателка. За да избегне скандала, Катлин е принудена от леля си да напусне Лондон за две години. Тази дръзка авантюра е само началото на поредица от опасни и вълнуващи приключения и незабравими любовни мигове.

Time's Angel (1994)

It is the pickpocket's art that places the ancient watch in eighteen-year-old Angela's hand ...and inexplicable magic that sweeps the gypsy waif from the streets of modern-day London into a world of gaslight and horse-drawn carriages--and into the, arms of an arrogant, seductive nobleman. No sooner does he see her than Royce St. James, Earl of Westfield, risks everything on an impossible and irresistible wager: he will transform this violet-eyed hellcat into a lady and make her fall in love with him--even if he has to change the course of history to do it...

Precious Amber (1996)

Upon her mother's death, Amber's cruel stepfather intends to sell her to the highest-paying fur trapper. But when a surly woodsman claims her, the flame-haired Missouri beauty is rescued by a magnificent Indian warrior named Spirit Walker. For a mysterious and wonderful power has foretold their destiny--she to complete the circle of his life, and he to brand her with her heart.

Mail Order Bride (1997)

Legend of Desire (1998)

She is Desire, the medicine woman whose fabled beauty has driven two warriors into combat for her hand. But she refuses to yield her heart to any man--until she meets Cetan, the fabled Chief of the Lakota Sioux. But even as they glory together in newfound passion, they are blind to the jealous enemy who awaits his chance for revenge--and the opportunity to reclaim Desire at any cost.

Blaze of Desire (1999)

After witnessing her guardian commit a brutal murder, Shannon Stone flees to the safety of a brothel, where she steals a dying woman's ticket to Montana Territory--and her identity as a mail-order bride. But when it turns out that her "husband" is actually five kind ranchers in need of a woman to cook and clean, Shannon embraces her new life at the Five Star ranch, unaware that danger has followed her west.


A Bride's Temptation (1992) (with Phoebe Conn and Susan Sackett)

В този сборник Катлийн участва с новелата Mail-Order Bride: For Heather Collins, offering herself as a mail order bride to a Montana rancher was the only escape from a life of terror and servitude with her conniving stepfather in West Virginia. When she met her intended, Brett Saber, and his three year old daughter Molly, they were not at all what she expected!

A Christmas Kiss (1992) (with Caroline Bourne, Phoebe Conn)

В този сборник Катлийн участва с новелата A Rebel Christmas: By the luck of the draw, Sergeant Seth Carlton is assigned to spend Christmas Day, 1864, with the Collier family. Little does he expect to fall in love with the eldest Collier daughter, Shelley Lynn -- a staunch Confederate who would never dream of giving her heart away to a Yankee spy!

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