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Боби Смит (Джули Маршал)


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Bobbi Smith (Julie Marshall) - След като работи като мениджър на отдел и за кратко като чиновник в една книжарница, Боби Смит се отказва от сигурна кариера и започва да пише. Тя продава първата си книга на "Зебра през 1982 година. От тогава, Боби е написала над 40 книги и шест новели. До момента има повече от пет милиона от нейните романи в печатен вид. Тя е отличена с престижната награда на Романтик Таймс "Разказвач на годината". Когато не работи по романите си, тя често е гост-лектор на групи писатели. Боби е майка на двама сина и живее в Сейнт Чарлс, щата Мисури със съпруга си и три кучета.


Women Ahead of Their Time

1. Lady Deception (1996) Дамата измамница

Коди Джеймсън - това име плаши всички бандити на запад от река Пекос. Никой не познава известния ловец на глави и никой не подозира, че той всъщност е една красива жена. Когато вижда Люк Мейжърс за първи път, Коди е в ролята на проповедничка и не иска нищо друго, освен наградата за неговото залавяне. Но тя ще получи парите си ако успее да се убеди, че шепа долари струват повече от страст за цял живот.

2. The Lady's Hand (1996) Дамски пасианс

Хладнокръвна и пленително красива, Бранди О'Нийл няма съперник сред комарджийте на речния кораб "Гордостта на Нови Орлеан". Но когато рискува всичко, тя открива, че богатият плантатор Рейф Морган няма кавалерска представа за залозите. Тя все оше не знае, че единственият път, когато е без късмет в картите, ще я направят щастлива в любовта за цял живот.

3. Renegade's Lady (1997)

LOOKING FOR A HERO Sheridan St. John was a successful writer who had no need for a man in her life...as long as she had one between the pages of her dime novels. But when her editor told her sales were off, Sheri set out for the Wild West in search of the perfect hero for her new book. BRAND, THE HALF-BREED SCOUT The man she found fulfilled Sheri's every requirement for a fantasy lover --half Apache, all dark, dangerous male--but he was completely wrong for a real-life mate. On the run from the law, Brand guarded his heart as carefully as he did Sheri's life. But the wildfire attraction between them destroyed her reservations, leaving Sheri with one burning need -- to become the renegade's lady.

4. The Lady and the Texan (1997)

A firebrand since the day she was born, Amanda Taylor always stood up for what she believed in. growing up in Texas, she could ride and shoot with the best of the boys before being sent back East for a more refined education. A firm believer in women's rights, she was not going to let any man control her-especially a man like the rough-and-ready gunslinger Jack Logan, who had been sent by her father to escort her safely back to Texas. After a deadly run-in with the infamous El Diablo, Jack Logan quit the Texas Rangers, no longer able to trust his instincts-or any woman. He knew Dan Taylor's daughter was trouble, and yet her defiant spirit only spurred his hunger for her. Jack discovered that keeping the dark-haired tigress at bay was a lot harder than outsmarting the outlaws after his hide-and surrendering to the sweet fury in her arms was a heck of a lot riskier.

5. Outlaw's Lady (1998)

When Pinkerton detective Slade Braxton went undercover to infiltrate the notorious Dakota Kid's gang, he became one of the most wanted outlaws in the West. Now set to stand trial for murder and robbery, he realized his ruse had been all too convincing -- especially when the judge at his hearing turned out to be the woman of his dreams, the lovely lady with whom he'd shared a kiss before sinking back into the shadows. Alyssa Mason was shocked when the mystery man who'd swept her off her feet at the town dance strode into her courtroom accused of killing her father. Something about the handsome, arrogant Braxton disturbed the no-nonsense old maid's usually calm resolve. Though not easily distracted from her moral duties, soon Alyssa found herself fighting a forbidden attraction -- and wondering if she'd have no choice but to abandon the law...and become the Outlaw's Lady.

6. Halfbreed's Lady (1998)

To artist Glynna Williams, Texas was a land of wild beauty, carved by God's hand, untouched as yet by man's. And the most exciting part of it was the fierce, bare-chested half-breed who saved her from a rampaging longhorn bull. Just as the untamed wilderness called to the painter in her, Hunt's mesmerizing eyes touched the woman in her. As she spent the days sketching his magnificent body, she dreamed of spending the nights in his strong arms. Glynna knew the paintings she'd done of his Comanche people would guarantee her success as a Western artist, but would she ever succeed in capturing Hunt's wary heart? He'd been trapped and wounded before by a white woman. Now only the gentle bonds of love could make Glynna the . . .HALF-BREED'S LADY

7. Weston's Lady (1999)

COME ONE! COME ALL! WESTON'S WILD WEST TEXAS STAMPEDE There were Cowboys and Indians, trick riding thrills and excitement for everyone. And if Liberty Jones had anything to say about it, she would be a part of the show, too. She had demonstrated her expertise with a gun by shooting a playing card out of Reed Weston's hand at thirty paces, but the arrogant owner of the stampede wouldn't even give her a chance. Disguising herself as a boy, Libby wangled herself a job with the show, and before she knew it Reed was firing at her --- in front of an audience. It seemed an emotional showdown was inevitable whenever they came together, but Libby had set her sights on Reed's heart and she vowed she would prove her love was every bit as true as her aim.

Brides of Durango

1. Elise (1999)

SOMETHING BORROWED Elise Martin would do anything for a story--even stage a fake marriage to catch a thief. Dressed in a white lace gown, she looked every bit the bride, but when her "fiance" failed to show, she offered ten dollars to the handsome gentleman who'd just stepped off the stage to pose as the groom. As a fake fiance, he was all right, but when he turned out to be Gabriel West, the new owner of her paper, the Durango Star, Elise wanted to turn tail and run. But she couldn't forget the passion his unexpected kiss at their "wedding" had aroused, and she started to wonder if there was more to Gabriel West than met the eye. For the more time they spent together, the more Elise wondered if the next time she said, "I do" she just might mean it.

2. Tessa (2000)

THE ANGEL Some called her an angel, marshal Jared Trent regarded her as trouble with a capital T. Tessa Sinclair owned the local boarding house where she not only took care of her guests, but every unfortunate she came across. Brimming with compassion, Tessa was so busy rescuing other people she didn't notice the dangers she continually faced--but Jared did. In fact, he noted every move the willful beauty made. The most daring of all being the position she took up in his heart. THE MARSHAL Tessa prided herself on seeing the best in everyone, but Jared Trent's determination to curtail her activities sorely tested her patience. As handsome as he was infuriating, Jared unearthed feelings Tessa had never experienced before. And as he helped extract her from one perilous situation after another, she realized she wouldn't mind getting caught in some close encounters with the dashing lawman himself--little dreaming he would unveil the love of a lifetime.

3. Jenny (2000)

Young, and unsure if theirs is a love match or a marriage to unite two cattle ranches, Jenny Sullivan leaves Cole Randall at the altar and heads East. Two years later, devastated by her father's death, Jenny returns to the Lazy S for good. No longer the blushing bride, she vows to return her family's spread to its former glory. Only one problem stands in the way: Cole Randall. As executor of her father's estate, he oversees the running of the ranch. With his commanding presence and dark eyes, he sets her heart racing. And while Jenny works to keep their relationship strictly business, there is nothing business-like about her feelings. As they round up the cattle, she longs to rope the handsome rancher and walk down the aisle once more. Except this time when she leaves the altar, she plans to head home with the man of her dreams.


1. The Half Breed (2001)

WANTED He's on the wrong side of the law, the kind of man who lives by his own code of honor. Rugged, solitary, on the run. The kind of man any woman would forget all the rules to love. WIND WALKER It hadn't been easy growing up half Comanche in the small ranching town of Two Guns, Texas. But Walker had always managed to keep his self-respect...and the attention of pretty Veronica Reynolds. After being sentenced to prison for a murder he didn't commit, Walker had managed to escape, and only Roni could help him track down the real killer. He hated the idea of putting her in harm's way, but still worse was the thought of going to his grave without tasting her sweet lips one more time....

2. The Texan (2009)

WANTED He's the uncivilized side of the law, the kind of man who lives by his own code of Western justice. Relentless, untamed, and honorable to a fault. The kind of man any woman would forget all the rules to love. JOSH GRADY Even the most successful bounty hunter has to settle down sometime, so when a run-in with a pair of killers leaves him wounded, Josh decides to make a fresh start at the Rocking R Ranch. Compared to his last job, wrangling cattle and repairing fences seem downright relaxing. But that's before he meets the boss's daughter from back East. Emmie Ryan's highfalutin manners make him testier than a rattlesnake, but he's convinced that her oh-so-proper exterior conceals the wild nature of a true Texan. All Josh needs to do is help her to forget that she's a lady...and remember that she's a woman.

Related Books 1

Bayou Bride (1991)

HE BOUGHT A BRIDE Wealthy Louisiana planter Dominic Kane was in a bind: according to his father's will, he had to find a wife within six months--or forfeit his inheritance and his plantation, Riverwood. When he caw the beautiful bondservant on the docks, he figured she'd do just fine. He would buy her papers and strike a deal with her she'd be his wife for six months; --on paper. But when he claimed a kiss to seal the bargain, a fiery passion rose within him and he knew he must possess his tantalizing bride in flesh as well as in name! He'd caress her satiny skin and taste her lovely lips until her sighs of undisguised ecstasy told him she was truly his own--body and soul. SHE CLAIMED A LOVER Desperate to flee the man who wanted her as his mistress, spirited Jordan St. James could find only one way to escape London: hire on as an indentured servant in faraway America. When her ship docked in the New World and a wealthy plantation owner bought her for his own, Jordan's blood raced at the sight of her handsome master. Then she heard Dominic Kane's intriguing proposition and swore she would give everything to be his bride...at any cost! When his strong arms crushed her fevered flesh inn passionate embrace, Jordan knew she must surrender to his thrilling kisses and lie in his arms for one long night of loving ...no matter what the future might bring!

Kiss Me Forever (1991)

U.S. Government Agent Slater MacKenzie was devastated when his captors told him that his lovely wife had been killed. Vowing to avenge the loss of his bride, he managed to escape and return to Havana, only to find his lovely Francesca very much alive...and on the arm of the man responsible for his own capture! Weakened by torture, enraged by Francesca's betrayal, Slater tried to turn his back on the two-timing vixen, but the fragrance of her midnight-black hair beckoned him and the first touch of her eager lips enflamed him. Slater knew he must possess her once more...this time, forever!

Though raven-haired, dark-eyed Francesca Salazar had married Slater MacKenzie against her wishes, she'd been deliriously happy in his arms...until he disappeared. Alone and heartbroken, she'd returned to her father's protection, believing that her husband had abandoned her and vowing never to trust a man again. Then Slater returned-but he was cold and distant. His rebuff infuriated her, but his kiss sent a very different message! Torn between outrage and desire, the lovers were slaves to the suspicions that divided them...and to the passion that could not keep them apart!

Related Books 2

Rapture's Rage (1982)

SHE FEARED THE MAN SHE LOVED At sixteen, Renee Fontaine's cascading black hair and soft, full curves drew the suitors of St. Louis like bees to spring's first flower. But the dazzling beauty had eyes only for Marshall Westlake, the handsome lawyer who detested women and scorned love. Though his cold-hearted rudeness frightened her, the innocent young woman couldn't get him out of her mind--and knew he was the one man she would ever want! HE HATED THE WOMAN HE CRAVED A disastrous marriage that ended in tragedy made Marshall swear never to care for a woman again. Yet he hungered for Renee's caresses, thirsted for her pink-lipped kisses--and despised her for making him want to protect her. Unable to deny the pleasure of desire, he bent her to his will. In a stormy night of ecstasy, he assaulted her senses and stole her innocence, showing her the anguish and delight of...RAPTURE'S RAGE

Rapture's Tempest (1985)

LOVESTRUCK ECSTASY Terrified of her leering, lustful stepfather, innocent Delight de Vries knew she had to leave her elegant St. Louis home before it was too late. Disguised as a lad, she fled to the waterfront and hired on as a riverboat cabin boy. But when her gaze locked with Captain James Westlake's, the young beauty's heart beat with an inexpressible emotion she had never felt before. All Delight knew was that in a moment she would forfeit her new-found freedom just to be bound in his arms for a night! WHIRLWIND PASSION Stumbling into his quarters after a night of carousing, James Westlake just wanted to collapse on his bunk. But the instant his cabin boy tossed off a wretched cap and shrugged out of baggy trousers, all he could think of was bedding the voluptuous wench. Her velvety skin beckoned in the moonlight; her delicate hands worked sensuous magic on his hard-muscled frame. And before either of them had a second thought, they were awash in the surging tides of breathless love, lost in the wild frenzy of RAPTURE'S TEMPEST


Forbidden Fires (1983)

When Ellen Douglass saves the Union officer from the cold river, she doesn't think this one action will so alter her future. But as Price holds her is his arms, they try to forget that they fight on opposing sides and will be kept forever apart.

Wanton Splendor (1984)

STORM OF PASSION Kathleen had every intention of keeping her distance from the dangerously handsome Christopher Fletcher. But when a hurricane devastated Derniere Island, she crept into Chris's arms for comfort. The mocking look in his face made her palm itch to slap him. Yet the animal strength of his lean body and the heat of his breath upon her cheek made her wonder breathlessly what it would be like to kiss those cynical lips, and turn the amused glint in his eyes to the glitter of desire... RAPTURE'S FLOWER Christopher had every intention of keeping his distance from the spirited young Miss Kingsford. But as his eyes moved appreciatively from her windswept hair and fiery jade-green eyes, down to the swell of her rain-soaked bodice, he was overcome by Kathleen's golden beauty. Pressing his lips to her creamy throat, he slowly caressed her velvet flesh. Amid the fury of passion's storm, they surrendered forever to...

Arizona Temptress (1986)

Island Fire (1986)

SEARING LUST After he'd been shanghaied, shipwrecked, then washed ashore on a tropical isle, dashing Mitchell Williams decided to live life for the moment--and to its fullest. Then when he first met the velvet gaze of his gorgeous rescuer Espri, he knew just how to start celebrating his survival. The sun-drenched cove was a perfect hideaway for fiery love; the lapping water a cool sheet, for impassioned bodies.1litchell realized he'd have to return one day soon to his lucrative shipping firm, but nothing could stop him from exulting in sensual pleasures until he finally set sail. FEVERISH NEED Though she'd been raised among the uninhibited natives, innocent Espri Duchant had sworn to guard her virtue until her wedding day. Then she discovered the handsome stranger lying on her beach... and the supple beauty vowed to kiss his chiseled lips and succumb to his powerful embrace. Her fantasies always ended in their marriage, so Espri was eager to learn the mysteries of ecstasy--from the moment he awoke. She'd tease him until he'd never turn to another and satisfy him until all he craved was her flawless heated flesh, her enticing ISLAND DESIRE

Desert Heart (1987)

MOUNTAIN MIRAGE Rancher Rand McAllister was furious that circumstances had made him the guardian of a scrawny girl from Arizona's mining country. But when he discovered the pig-tailed brat was really a ripe, voluptuous beauty, his resentment turned to arousal. Her emerald eyes sparkled with the promise of ecstatic nights; her supple skin flushed with desire. As her guardian, Rand didn't have a clue what to do with her... but as a hot-blooded male, he didn't have to think twice about how to handle his luck! SENSUAL OASIS Innocent Lorelei Spencer had been prospecting an isolated claim with her Pa for so long she'd forgotten what other men looked like -- but Rand McAllister refreshed her memory real fast! The hard-muscled stranger first intimidated the copper-haired miss, then excited her with his strength. Lorelei knew it would be the biggest mistake in her life to submit to the virile cowboy. But she couldn't fight against giving him her body... not when she'd already given him her wildly beating DESERT HEART

Captive Pride (1987)

ARROGANT OPPORTUNIST When independent Cecelia Demorest discovered Noah Kincade would be in her father's home, she swore that somehow she'd get the privateer's weapons to the Colonial cause! The untouched beauty plotted to promise him her charms--and then double-cross the enemy. But the moment she felt Noah's sensual lips trailing down her throat and his muscular frame pressed hard against her her scheming thoughts gave way to burning need. She was awash in a tidal wave of undeniable emotions... but before she surrendered to ecstasy, she vowed that somehow she'd get all she wanted from the British scoundrel --and humiliate him while she was at it! IRRESISTIBLE REBEL While selling arms to the Crown's agent in Massachusetts, womanizing Noah Kincade couldn't help but gaze at Edward Demorest's gorgeous, auburn-haired daughter Cecelia. Maneuvering to get her alone, the handsome captain tasted her luscious lips, fondled her full curves, and was on the verge of taking her then and there... until he learned she was a Patriot! He guessed that she would seduce him first only to sabotage him later But the spirited wench had heated his blood and it was far too late to stop. He'd have the girl and guarantee his deal, too, even if he had to make her his prisoner take her innocence, and vanquish her rebellious CAPTIVE PRIDE

Texas Splendor (1988)

SHE FEARED HER RED CAPTOR Roping the wild stallion that roamed the Texas range was all that Trista Sinclair had on her mind when suddenly she felt a lasso binding her own arms. The golden-haired beauty was indignant when she faced her Comanche abductor...then she became even more furious when he took outrageous liberties with her. Just because he was handsome, virile and strong gave him no right to inflame her passions so scandalously! But before the blue-eyed prisoner could think to repel him, she was clinging to him with a fierce craving she'd never- experienced before! HE DESIRED HIS WHITE PRIZE Having sworn to hate the paleface father who'd deserted him, half-breed Lance Barrett took particular pleasure in taking white captives...though none compared to the ivory-skinned spitfire now trapped in his embrace. The hot-blooded brave planned to ignite her womanly senses, then shame her with her ardor. But even as he plotted the alluring wench's humiliation, the Indian warrior couldn't think of living without her. He'd claim her as the spoils of war, then make her submit time and again in rapturous TEXAS SPLENDOR

Pirate's Promise (1988)

Tall, broad, and strikingly handsome, Adam Trent could tempt any woman, especially in his secret guise as the swashbuckling Captain Spectre. But when this daring buccaneer wages a seductive campaign against a beauty whose passion matches his own, he's not prepared for what awaits him...Throwing a young woman out of her home is hardly decent behaviour - even for a pirate. But when Adam Trent wins the Ducharme plantation in a card game, he knows it's the perfect base for a covert scheme of revenge in which he sails the bayous as Captain Spectre. Adam agrees to let Lianne Ducharme stay until she comes of age - a decision he soon regrets. For Lianne fascinates him, and Adam cannot afford the distraction...Too bad that the most virile man Lianne Ducharme has ever met is also the most infuriating. With no choice but to stay at Belle Arbor as his "guest," Lianne gradually yields to her own budding desires. But there is far more to Adam than Lianne knows. And succumbing to a pirate's promise of bliss could be the surest path to heartbreak...

Arizona Caress (1989)

HE WANTED NO PART OF HER Chance Broderick had little use for the uncivilized Arizona Territory. He only agreed to make the trip out there because his younger brother needed his help--desperadoes were aiming to rob him of the precious gold he'd taken from his mining stake in the mountains. When the feisty half-breed boy he hired as a tracker saved his life in a barroom brawl, Chance was grateful-but that was all. Then Chance decided to throw young Rori into the river for a bath and he got a big surprise: this was no boy! Dazzled by her raven tresses, her silken copper-colored skin, her luscious curves under the wet buckskin, he was no longer in such a hurry to get his trip over with. Rori's savage beauty was rarer than any gold, and he knew he must possess her. SHE WANTED ALL OF HIM Aurora's grandfather brought the orphan half-breed up to be tough and independent. Although he dressed her as a boy to keep away men's advances, underneath Rori was all woman. The first time she set eyes on handsome Chance Broderick, she almost fainted with desire, but she wasn't about to give in to her longing for the white man's kisses. Shed do her job, take his money, and then forget the arrogant Easterner. Only once she saw him bathing in the stream, she knew she could not disguise her passion. She longed to be a prisoner of his strong embrace, to feel the hardness of his flesh against her own soft curves, and then to spend the rest of her life in one long, ardent ARIZONA CARESS

Sweet Silken Bondage (1990)

NUN ON THE RUN Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Reina Alvarez needed a way out of California fast, a way that would elude the ruggedly handsome and very determined bounty hunter her father had sent after her. What better way to hide her voluptuous curves than with a chaste nun's habit? But as the ties of love pulled her and Clay Cordell closer together chastity became the furthest thing from Reina's mind and she wanted only to be bound to the sexy bounty hunter forever, When Clay got to New Orleans, he was almost fooled by Reina's virtuous act. However, it was soon evident that the vixen beneath the wimple was no nun. No nun could ever kiss so sweetly. The last thing Clay wanted to do was bring Reina home to another man. Her raven tresses and fiery manner made him only want to surrender himself to her . . .SWEET SILKEN BONDAGE

Capture My Heart (1992) Вземи сърцето ми

Отвлечен в детството си от пирати, гледан като принц в палата на алжирския емир, лорд Александър е възпитан според арабските порядки и изобщо не подозира за своя знатен произход. Няколко години по-късно съдбата го среща с ослепителнокрасивата Виктория, наследница на изключително богат маркиз, и в сърцата на двамата пламва любов. Но тяхната гордост и различните им разбирания ги възпират да излеят истинските си чувства и ги въвличат в низ от вълнуващи перипетии както в най-екзотичните кътчета на Алжир, така и в най-потайните квартали на Лондон.

Beneath Passion's Skies (1993)

Desperate to escape the clutches of her brutal brother-in-law, headstrong Angel Windsor kidnapped her young nephew and fled Philadelphia. But an even more dangerous destiny awaited the emerald-eyed innocent in New Orleans when she hired a notorious half-breed gunfighter to lead her west to California --- and safety. Raised among the white men, Blade Masters had taken to the gun to avenge a terrible wrong . . . and he had no intention of providing escort service for one brazen blond beauty. But that was before his lips met hers in a soul-searing kiss that left the hard-hearted loner burning for more. Vowing to sample more of her sensuous charms, Blade guided her deeper into the sultry heat of the western wilderness, where blistering passion soon gave way to rapturous nights of love beneath star-spangled skies. And that was when Blade knew that he would go to the ends of the earth to protect and possess his elusive angel --- sweetly, tenderly and forever!

Dream Warrior (1993)

For years, Cari McCord's nights were haunted by visions from her past --- memories of a blinding snowstorm that would have swallowed her up had it not been for the daring of one brave Cheyenne warrior. Sent east to school, she'd never forgotten Silver Wolf, the man who'd saved her life and stolen her heart so long ago. But when she returned to her family's Wyoming ranch, Cari found a man who was more stranger than friend, and whose silver eyes blazed with fury --- and desire. Torn between two worlds, Silver Wolf had learned one valuable lesson: never trust a white man. Yet resisting Cari was like denying the drumming of his own heart. Could he prevail over the past and the perils engulfing them to claim Cari's love as the ultimate prize?

Heaven (1994)

While in Egypt looking for a precious jewel of the Nile, Alexandra Parker, the daughter of a famed archaeologist, encounters two dangerously seductive men--a handsome and crafty Englishman and an American adventurer.

Passion (1995)

Against a panorama that sweeps from the pageantry of ancient Britain to the untamed wilds of a primitive Viking kingdom, beloved author Bobbi Smith weaves a powerful story of intrigue, adventure and glorious love ... To escape a forced marriage to the brutal Prince Edmund, Lady Dynna fled her father's castle . . . only to spy a Viking ship with blood-red sails landing along the Saxon coast. Aboard was Brage, the magnificent Norse warrior they called the Black Hawk--a man who had come to battle for booty . . . and for captives. Yet on this day, Brage would be wounded and betrayed. He would fall captive to the hated Saxons . . . and to a passion that enslaved his very soul. For there on the misty shore, he beheld a woman of unsurpassed loveliness--a tender-spirited beauty who secretly used her healing arts to save his life. Unable to resist the desire that ran like wildfire through their veins, Dynna and Brage risked dishonor and even death for a love as dangerous as it was forbidden .. .

Eden (2001)

"Just know that, no matter what, I truly do love you." Those scribbled words and a Bible were all that remained of Logan when Eden awoke. Their romance had been born amid the ravages of war. Intense, passionate, and swift, love had struck Eden, and she had surrendered to its mercy. She had given her innocence, shared a home even exchanged wedding vows--with the handsome stranger who had saved her life. But as the sun rose on a new day, she realized their whole relationship, their life together, had been a lie. Her lover, her husband, was a Yankee soldier who had used her to infiltrate the Confederate cause. He had betrayed her, and she in turn had betrayed the Rebels. The hardening of her heart should have been as rapid as the loss of it. But one question remained: In the face of all the deceptions that had come before, had he left her with a final truth?

Lone Warrior (2002)

ENEMYATTACK Poised for the adventure of a lifetime in the rugged West, Marissa Williams quickly learned how untamed the frontier could be as a party of raiding Comanche snatched her from her chaperone and spirited her away to their village. Once there, they stripped her of her clothes and sent her to a tipi to await her fate. When a virile, broad-shouldered warrior entered, she feared the worst. But his green eyes calmed her fears, and then his searing kiss enflamed a passion that set her shaking all over again. HEART'S SURRENDER He understood her fright, longed to soothe her trembling. For Wind Ryder, more than anyone, knew what being a captive of the Comanche meant. Since he had been taken many springs ago, he'd strived to forget his past and become the best of the warriors. The chief's gift of the blond beauty proved his prowess, but her silky skin and tender lips also haunted his dreams. Dreams that made Wind Ryder realize Marissa was the fiercest fighter of them all, for she had battled for his heart ... and won.

Forever Autumn (2003)

SAVING GRACE Sheriff Cord Randolph had one mission: to capture the infamous Martin gang that had been terrorizing Sagebrush, Texas, and avenge the death of his best friend. He believed he'd accomplished it when he arrested Grace Thomas, one of the most dangerous members of the band of outlaws. But the blond beauty denied any wrongdoing, claiming she was a lady from the East, not a criminal of the West. And Cord yearned to believe her, since his heart skipped a beat every time they met. When Autumn Thomas traveled to Texas, she expected to discover some family history and claim an inheritance, not see her stagecoach held up and herself arrested as an outlaw. She never dreamed she might have a twin--someone with beauty identical to her own, but a completely different temperament. Autumn soon discovered that illicit behavior held its own appeal, especially if it consisted of secretly kissing the sexy sheriff in the city jail. Maybe she and Grace truly weren't so different. Autumn found she could even act like a sinner, if it meant saving her sister and remaining in Cord's potent embrace forever.

Brazen (2004)

Casey Turner can rope and ride like any man, but when she strides down the streets of Hard Luck, Texas, nobody takes her for anything but a beautiful woman. Working alongside her Pa to keep the bank from foreclosing on the Bar T, she has no time for romance. But all that is about to change. . . . Michael Donovan has had a burr under his saddle about Casey for years. The last thing he wants is to be forced into marrying the little hoyden, but it looks like he has no choice if he wants to safeguard the future of the Donovan ranch. He'll do his darndest, but he can never let on that underneath her pretty new dresses Casey is as wild as ever, and in his arms she is positively . . . BRAZEN

Halfbreed Warrior (2005)

It was said that only the bravest warrior could ride the phantom stallion that ran free on the Texas palins... THE LEGEND OF THE HAWK With Comanche blood flowing hot through his veins, Hawk always knew he was different. Everywhere he went, people scorned him, feared him, hated him--and he expected the same when hired on at the Lazy S Ranch to help catch rustlers. What he didn't expect was a woman like Randi. Her impulsive spirit and generous kit broke through his reserve and made him want to love again. But he couldn't afford to get close to anyone. Not with the job he had to do. THE WILL OF THE LADY Randi Stockton grew up around rough cowboys on her father's ranch. None had managed to win her love ... until the mysterious stranger with the power to tame the legendary wild horse strode into her life. Randi knew he was a halfbreed, but something about him called to her. And he was the only one who could save her from the traitor at the Lazy S. The danger lurking in the shadows and canyons threatened to draw the two apart, but Randi knew in her heart that Hawk would always be her HALFBREED WARRIOR.

Haven (2005) (writing as Julie Marshall)

Darrell Miller was running from the ugliness his existence had become, from the men who knew what he'd seen. He found refuge from his terror in the last place he expected--a church. With the kind of people he'd never known before, people whose lives would intertwine with his in a special and most unexpected way. . . . Jenny, who'd see to it that her precious baby was welcomed into this world with love and joy, even if its father turned away from them both. Dorothy, who counted desperately on faith to reshape her identity now that years of striving to be the perfect friend, wife and mother had been made meaningless by four little words: "I want a divorce." Joe, a friend to anyone in need, always ready to reach out a helping hand. If only he could find a way to share his belief that love and a faith in God could get anyone through the dark hours, that the Lord's house was one place every soul could lay down the world's troubles and look up with shining hope to find a safe and glorious . . . HAVEN

Defiant (2006)

Clint Williams

Born Feb. 16, 1852

Died March 23, 1877

Those are the words that mark his grave, and Clint knows that although he stands reading his own epitaph, they are true. Ever since the attack that killed his entire family, he's been dead inside. Only one thing keeps him going--the burning need to bring in the outlaws who savaged his family. The Last Chance Saloon Posing undercover to infiltrate the gang, Clint can let no one know his true identity or the fact that he'd once been a Texas Ranger. Not even the pretty daughter of a preacher man who bursts into the saloon, calling upon the gamblers to repent. As far as she knows, he's a gunslinger with a bad reputation who has no right to touch a good woman. But sometimes a man's got to break all the rules, ignore common sense, and get downright...DEFIANT.

Hired Gun (2006)

Trent Marshall is a hard man. Ever since his older brother was shot down in cold blood, he's pursued justice with only his Colt .45 revolver to back him up. So when he agrees to go after a young girl abducted by the Apache, he knows he has tracking skills, years of experience, and iron determination on his side. What he doesn't anticipate is having the victim's older sister beside him every step of the way. Faith Ryan fires his blood like no other woman. As they penetrate deeper and deeper into the wilderness, Trent knows he cannot resist the primitive urge to make her his own, to take on a much more intimate role than...Hired Gun

Lawless, Texas (2007)

It was a town whose reputation matched its name--a place where the sheriff had been shot dead and outlaws ran wild. But Jace Madison plans to change all that. Ever since his fiancee was killed by stagecoach robbers, he's devoted his life to bringing law and order to the Wild West. He has no time for female companionship, especially not with a little hellcat who looks more like a boy than a girl and is equally proficient with a whip or a gun. Yet love has a way of sneaking up on a man: Sammie Preston is an armful of trouble even Jace can't tame, and she is about to get the drop on his heart.

Runaway (2009)

Running Scared Destiny Sterling had to get away from St. Louis. Otherwise she'd never escape her stepfather's hot hands...or his hideous plans for her. Her only hope was to pose as a mail-order bride traveling to Texas to marry a rancher. Running from the Law Dan Cooper was as low-down mean as they came. He took pride in his gang's rough reputation...and the string of successful robberies they'd pulled off. His ace in the hole was a remote Texas ranch where he planned to lie low if things got too hot. Running the Show Texas Ranger Lane Madison knew the Cooper gang would show up at the Sundown Ranch sooner or later. All he had to do was play the part of its new owner...and wait. What he didn't count on was having to marry a vulnerable young beauty to keep up the role, or the inescapable attraction that made any secret between them impossible.

The Gunfighter (2009)

He's dangerous. Ruthless. Deadly. In this captivating novel from New York Times bestselling author Bobbi Smith, gunfighter Blade Masters has a skill that no other man can match. But one woman will compel him to prove himself in a whole new way... Born to an Indian mother and a white father, Blade became a gunfighter to avenge his loved ones. Now, tired of a reputation that haunts him wherever he goes, Blade needs one last paycheck before he can quit. Escorting Angel Windsor on the long journey to California should be easy for a man of his abilities. Yet her intriguing blend of innocence and defiance tempts him with every step. Angel is desperate to save her nephew from the man who killed her sister. She has no choice but to keep the truth from Blade -- and no choice but to fall in love with his strength and surprising gentleness. During long nights spent under western skies, he stirs an untamed hunger deep within her soul. But outrunning their pasts will be as impossible as ignoring the sweet, reckless passion they've found together...


Timeless Love (1993) (with Lori Copeland, Catherine Creel, Kay McMahon and Bobby Smith)

В този сборник Боби участва с новелата Eden's Gate: A dedicated student of Southern history, lovely Kacie is miraculously dispatched to a time of slavery and injustice - to prevent the catastrophe she knows is awaiting the dashing abolitionist who has captured her heart.

Love Beyond Time (1994) (with Joan Hohl, Bobby Hutchinson, Evelyn Rogers)

В този сборник Боби участва с новелата Time Stolen Love: A courageous TV reporter is cast mysteriously adrift in Jack the Ripper's London--and joins forces with an irresistible handsome Scotland Yard detective who is determined to hunt down the legendary killer.

A Christmas Embrace (1994) (with Colleen Faulkner, Carol Finch, Rene J Garrod, Doreen Owens Malek, Dana Ransom)

В този сборник Боби участва с новелата The Spirit of Christmas: Each holiday season, St. Louis heiress Stephanie Charless anonymously distributes gifts to the poor and needy. But when Zachary Madison sets out to unmask the mysterious "Spirit of Christmas," Stephanie decides it's time the handsome but jaded reporter discovered what the gift of giving is all about.

Cupid's Kiss (1996) (with Patricia Hagan, Bobby Hutchinson)

В този сборник Боби участва с новелата A Gift from Haeven: Tennessee,1865. A Yankee soldier and a Southern belle are ready to start their own civil war--until a heavenly visitor draws up terms of surrender that will bring them anal bliss.

Celebrations (1998) (with Elaine Fox, Kathleen Nance, Constance O'Banyon)

В този сборник Боби участва с новелата Lottery of Love: Pop open a bottle of champagne and celebrate the moments that make life worth living! Here is a collection of heartwarming romance stories that revel in the magic of celebrations--and celebrate the joy of love.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue (2000) (with Elaine Barbieri, Constance O'Banyon, Evelyn Rogers)

В този сборник Боби участва с новелата Something Blue: FOUR WEDDINGS...AND NO FUNERAL Is there anything more beautiful than a bride? Anything more emotional than a wedding? Here to capture that shimmering excitement, to bring to life the matrimonial mantra of 'Something old, something new,' are four spellbinding novellas by four historical-romance stars. In Something Old, Elaine Barbieri crafts a suspenseful tale of an old grudge-and dangerously arrange an arrogant bachelor father, a mysterious baby nurse, and a motherless newborn into the portrait of a proper South Carolina clan? In Evelyn Rogers Something Borrowed, a pretty widow and a gambler on the lam borrow identities other Something Blue, Bobbi Smith deftly engages a debonair cavalry officer and a feisty saloon girl in a moving tale of sexy steel and heart-melting magnolias. So start reading...and get ready to start humming "Here Comes the Bride"!

Miracles (2006) (writing as Julie Marshall)

No one not even a religious leader would blame the members of the Holy Family Church's prayer group if they believed God abandoned them. George suffers from advanced cancer with no more than a few months of life left. Investigative reporter Lydia struggles with a new editor who pressures her to find only the dirt and the seamier side of life even as the journalist already looks at the worst behavior of humanity's fallen. Bonnie's animal shelter is on the brink of being closed down. Jim wants to be in with his peers, but that includes drinking under the influence. Others are suffering too. Collectively the prayer group understands first hand how Job must have felt.

Adding to that feeling of siege is a sniper killing people randomly. Police Detective Steve leads the investigation. He has seen plenty of the evil mankind does to one another, but the indiscriminate killers are some of the worst yet as he or she murders the innocent and terrorizes the city. His faith is teetering, but George, Lydia, Bonnie, Jim, and the others, especially the reporter, give him the conviction that their prayers will be answered.


Half-Moon Ranch

Hunter's Moon (2003)

Half-Moon Ranch Somewhere in the lush grasslands of the Texas hill country was a place where the sun had once shone on love and prosperity, while the night hid murder and mistrust. There, three brothers and a sister fought to hold their family together, struggled to keep their ranch solvent, while they awaited the return of the one person who could shed light on the secrets of the past. Brent With his father about to come home after ten years in prison, the last thing Brent Hunter needed was woman trouble. And beautiful Crystal Stewart was trouble with a capital T. What else could you call a hellion who had to be rescued from one scrape after another, even carried out of a rowdy saloon? But an incredible night of wild loving convinced the man who always did right that sometimes a little wrongdoing added a whole lot of spice to life.

Secret Fires

The Half-Breed (2001)

In the midst of the vast, windswept Texas plains stands a ranch wrested from the wilderness with blood, sweat and tears. It is the shining legacy of Thomas McBride to his five living heirs. But along with the fertile acres and herds of cattle, each will inherit a history of scandal, lies and hidden lust that threatens to burn out of control. Chase knows he has no legitimate claim to the Circle M. After all, his father made it painfully clear he wants nothing to do with his bastard son or the Comanche girl he once took to his bed. But Chase has his own reasons for answering Tom McBride's deathbed summons. He has a job to do as a Texas Ranger, and a woman to protect--a woman whose sweet innocence gives him new faith that love born in the darkest night can face the dawn of all his tomorrows.

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Понякога си мисля, че колкото по-малко инфо има човек, толкова за по малко неща има да съжалява :(

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