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Мари Ферарела


1601 прегледа

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Marie Ferrarella (Marie Nicole, Marie Charles, Marie Michaels)

=Мари Ферарела=



1. Man Trouble (1991)

2. The Taming of the Teen (1991)

3. Babies on His Mind (1993)

4. The Baby Beneath the Mistletoe (1999)

Those Sinclairs!

1. Holding Out for a Hero (1993)

2. Heroes Great and Small (1993)

3. Christmas Every Day (1993)

4. Caitlin's Guardian Angel (1995)

Baby's Choice

1. Caution: Baby Ahead (1994)

2. Mother on the Wing (1994)

3. Baby Times Two (1994)


1. Baby in the Middle (1994)

2. Husband, Some Assembly Required (1994)

Baby of the Month Club

1. Baby's First Christmas (1995)

2. Happy New Year, Baby! (1995)

3. 7lb, 2oz Valentine (1996)

4. Husband, Optional (1996)

5. Do You Take This Child? (1996)

6. In The Family Way (1998)

7. Baby Talk (1999)

8. The Once and Future Father (2000)

9. An Abundance of Babies (2001)

10. Detective Dad (1998)

Safe Haven

The Amnesiac Bride (1997)

Two Halves of a Whole

1. The Baby Came C.O.D. (1997)

2. Desperately Seeking Twin.... (1997)

McCloud: Like Mother, Like Daughter

1. One Plus One Makes Marriage (1998)

2. Never Too Late for Love (1999)

Cutlers of the Shady Lady Ranch

1. Fiona and the Sexy Stranger (1998)

2. Cowboys Are for Loving (1998)

3. Will and the Headstrong Female (1998)

4. The Law and Ginny Marlow (1998)

5. A Match for Morgan (1999)

6. A Triple Threat to Bachelorhood (2002)


1. Wife in the Mail (1998)

2. Stand-in Mum (1999)

3. Found, His Perfect Wife (2000)

4. The MD Meets His Match (2001)

5. Lily and the Lawman (2002)

6. The Bride Wore Blue Jeans (2003)

7. The Prodigal M.D. Returns (2006)

Childfinders, Inc.

1. A Hero for All Seasons (1999)

2. A Forever Kind of Hero (1999)

3. Hero in the Nick of Time (1999)

4. Hero for Hire (2000)

5. An Uncommon Hero (2001)

6. A Hero in Her Eyes (2001)

7. Heart of a Hero (2001)

Bachelors of Blair Memorial

1. In Graywolf's Hands (2002)

2. Mac's Bedside Manner (2002)

3. MD Most Wanted (2002)

4. Undercover MD (2002)

5. The M.D.'s Surprise Family (2004)

6. Searching for Cate (2005)

Mom Squad

1. A Billionaire and a Baby (2003)

2. A Bachelor and a Baby (2003)

3. Beauty and the Baby (2003)

4. The Baby Mission (2003)

Cavanaugh Justice

1. Crime and Passion (2003)

2. Internal Affair (2003)

3. Racing Against Time (2003)

4. Alone in the Dark (2004)

5. Cavanaugh's Woman (2004)

6. Dangerous Games (2004)

7. In Broad Day Light (2004)

8. The Strong Silent Type (2004)

9. Dangerous Disguise (2005)

10. The Woman Who Wasn't There (2006)

11. Cavanaugh Watch (2006)

12. Cavanaugh Heat (2008)

13. Cavanaugh Pride (2009)

14. Becoming a Cavanaugh (2009)

Protecting His Witness (2008)

The Cavanaugh Code (2009)

Cavanaugh Judgment (2010)

In Bed with the Badge (2010)


1. Because a Husband Is Forever (2005)

2. She's Having A Baby (2005)

3. Her Special Charm (2005)

Doctors Pulaski

1. Her Lawman On Call (2007)

2. Diagnosis: Danger (2007)

3. Her Sworn Protector (2007)

4. A Doctor's Secret (2008)

5. Secret Agent Affair (2008)

Sons of Lily Moreau

1. Remodeling The Bachelor (2007)

2. Taming the Playboy (2007)

3. Capturing The Millionaire (2007)

Kate's Boys

The Bride With No Name (2008)

Diamond In The Rough (2008)

Mistletoe And Miracles (2008)

A Lawman for Christmas (2009)

Travis's Appeal (2009)

Top Secret Deliveries

The Agent's Secret Baby (2009)

Baby ChasePrescription for Romance (2010)

Matchmaking Mamas

Doctoring the Single Dad (2010)

Fixed Up with Mr. Right? (2010)


Smoldering Embers (1982) (writing as Marie Charles)

Scenes From The Heart (1983) (writing as Marie Charles)

Claimed By Rapture (1983) (writing as Marie Charles)

December 32nd - and Always (1983) (writing as Marie Michaels)

Irresistible Forces (1984) (writing as Marie Michaels)

Pocketful of Rainbows (1986)

No Way To Treat (1986) (writing as Marie Michaels)

No Way To Treat A Lover (1986) (writing as Marie Michaels)

The Gift (1988)

Five-Alarm Affair (1988)

Heart To Heart (1989)

It Happened One Night (1990)

Borrowed Baby (1990)

Her Special Angel (1990)

Undoing Of Justin Starbuck (1990)

A Girl's Best Friend (1991)

Blessing in Disguise (1991)

Sapphire and Shadow (1991)

Someone to Talk to (1991)

Moonlight Rebel (1992)

World's Greatest Dad (1992)

Choices (1993) Дъщерята на сенатора

Лукс и великолепие, власт и пари - това е светът на Шана, чаровната и нежна сенаторска дъщеря. Израсла в сянката на блестящата си майка и почти харизматичния си баща, диво и сляпо влюбена в безпринципния кариерист Джордан Калхуун... Ще направи ли Шана своя верен избор - избор в живота, избор в любовта?

Aunt Connie's Wedding (1993)

The Right Man (1993)

In Her Own Backyard (1993)

Family Matters (1993)

Her Man Friday (1993)

Moonlight Lover (1993) Лунна страст

След като англичаните потушават жестоко поредното въстание в Ирландия, Рейчъл О'Рорк емигрира в колониална Америка с надеждата, че повече никога няма да срещне омразните офицери на английската корона. Но съдбата решава иначе. На прага на къщата й във Вирджиния се появява един строен, русокос офицер, който очевидно е англичанин...

She Got Her Man (1993)

Flash and Fire (1994)

Moonlight Surrender (1994)

Callaghan's Way (1994)

Father in the Making (1995)

Brooding Angel (1995)

The Women in Joe Sullivan's Life (1995)

Let's Get Mommy Married: Yours Truly (1996)

My Phony Valentine (1997)

Traci on the Spot (1997)

Mommy and the Policeman Next Door (1997)

Serena McKee's Back in Town (1997)

Wanted, Husband, Will Train (1997)

The Offer She Couldn't Refuse (1998)

Cassandra (1998)

This Heart for Hire (1999)

Tall Strong and Cool Under Fire (2000)

Father Most Wanted (2000)

For Her Baby's Sake (2001)

Rough Around the Edges (2001)

Starting from Scratch (2005)

Sundays Are for Murder (2006)

Finding Home (2006)

The Second Time Around (2007)

Romancing The Teacher (2007)

Doctor In The House (2007)

The Heiress's 2-Week Affair (2009)

The 39-year-old Virgin (2009)

Finding Happily-Ever-After (2010)


Silhouette Christmas Stories 1992 (1992) Коледна магия '95 (with Mary Lynn Baxter, Sondra Stanford and Jeanne Stephens)

В този сборник Мари участва с новелата The Night Santa Claus Returned - Неканен гост: Лора Лекавски не вярва в Дядо Коледа, нито пък нейният син Роби... Докато не го срещат в търговския център "Матингли". Ще успее ли "добрият старец" да направи така, че коледните желания на едно тъжно малко момче и неговата майка да се сбъднат...

A Baby? Maybe (1996) (with Ann Major and Diana Palmer)

For the Baby's Sake (1997) (with Mary Lynn Baxter, Kathleen Eagle)

Lessons in Love (1997) (with Terry Essig and Ann Major)

Summer Loving (1998) (with Diane Pershing, JoAnn Ross and Tiffany White)

Christmas Celebrations (1999) (with Mary Lynn Baxter, Sondra Stanford and Jeanne Stephens)

Silhouette Sensational (1999) (with Barbara Boswell, Susan Mallery and Maggie Shayne)

In Defense of Love / Her Special Angel / Daddy Christmas / Home for Christmas (1999) (with Kathleen Creighton and Cathy Gillen Thacker)

3, 2, 1... Married! (1999) (with Beverly Barton and Sharon Sala)

Nine Months and Counting (2000) (with Myrna Temte)

Take This Man (2000) (with Diana Palmer and Nora Roberts)

Yuletide Brides (2001) (with Suzanne Carey)

The Inheritance / Trueblood Texas (2001) (with Jo Leigh)

Labor of Love (2002) (with Leanne Banks and Sharon Sala)

The Family Factor (2002) (with Carolyn Zane)

At Her Service (2002) (with Annette Broadrick)

A Mother's Day (2002) (with Elizabeth Bevarly and Emilie Richards)

Dangerous to Love (2002) (with Beverly Barton and Lindsay McKenna)

The Romance Collection (2002) (with Maureen Child and Sharon Sala)

Everybody's Talking (2003) (with Jasmine Cresswell and Jayne Ann Krentz)

Beauty and the Baby / Social Graces (2004) (with Dixie Browning)

Crime and Passion / Midnight Run (2004) (with Linda Castillo)

Mother's Love (2004) (with Elizabeth Bevarly and Emilie Richards)

Dangerous Games / Irresistible Forces (2004) (with Candace Irvin)

Baby on the Way / Counting on a Cowboy / Secrets of a Small Town (2004) (with Patricia Kay and Karen Sandler)

Scenes of Passion / A Bachelor and a Baby (2004) (with Suzanne Brockmann)

Cattleman's Heart / Strong Silent Type (2004) (with Lois Faye Dyer)

Daddy Survey / Cavanaugh's Woman (2004) (with Janis Reams Hudson)

California Christmas (2004) (with Dallas Schulze)

Charlie's Angels / Diamonds and Deceptions (2004) (with Cheryl St. John)

Alone in the Dark / Her Man to Remember (2004) (with Suzanne McMinn)

Their New Year Babies (2004) (with Debbie Macomber)

Inheritance / Very Special Delivery (2005) (with Myrna Mackenzie)

Triple Dare / Immovable Objects (2005) (with Candace Irvin)

From This Day Forward (2005) (with Emilie Richards)

For Love and Family / The Bachelor (2005) (with Victoria Pade)

Her Good Fortune / Tycoon in Texas (2005) (with Crystal Green)

Tycoon's Marriage Bid / Measure of a Man (2005) (with Allison Leigh)

She's Having a Baby / Once and Again (2005) (with Brenda Harlen)

In Broad Daylight / Romancing the Renegade (2005) (with Ingrid Weaver)

Way Home / Cowboy's Christmas Miracle / Because a Husband is Forever (2005) (with Linda Howard and Anne McAllister)

Her Special Charm / Past Imperfect (2006) (with Crystal Green)

Temporary Brides? (2006) (with Patricia Hagan)

Instant Family! (2007) (with Christine Rimmer)

Loving the Lawman (2007) (with Allison Leigh)

A Wedding In Paris (2007) (with Barbara Bretton and Cindi Myers)

Their Baby Girl...? (2008) (with Victoria Pade)

Romancing the Crown (2008) (with Linda Winstead Jones)

Wrong Place, Right Girl / Snowbound with the Bodyguard / Killer Passion (2008) (with Carla Cassidy and Sheri Whitefeather)

Mistletoe and Miracles / Her Best Christmas Ever (2008) (with Judy Duarte)

Undercover Wife / Colton's Secret Service (2008) (with Merline Lovelace)

Bravo's Honor / Loving the Right Brother / Lexy's Little Matchmaker (2009) (with Christine Rimmer and Lynda Sandoval)

Colton's Secret Service / Rancher's Redemption (2009) (with Beth Cornelison)

Plain Jane and the Playboy / Valentine's Fortune (2010) (with Allison Leigh)

Fortune's Heirs: Reunion (2010) (with Stella Bagwell and Crystal Green)

Cavanaugh Pride / Colonel's Widow? (2010) (with Mallory Kane)

Backstreet Hero / Becoming a Cavanaugh (2010) (with Justine Davis)

Diamond in the Rough / Bachelor's Stand-in Wife (2008) (with Susan Crosby)

Protecting His Witness / Dangerous to Touch (2008) (with Jill Sorenson)


That Special Woman!

Husband, Some Assembly Required (1994)

World's Most Eligible Bachelors

Detective Dad (1998)

Men: Made in America

22. Found, His Perfect Wife (2000)

Close to Home

Mother for Hire (1989)

Fabulous Fathers

Father Goose (1992)

Bundles of Joy

The Man Who Would Be Daddy (1996)

Your Baby or Mine? (1997)

That's My Baby

Christmas Bride (1996)

Fortune's Children

Forgotten Honeymoon (1997)

Families Are Forever

Angus's Lost Lady (1998)

A Husband Waiting to Happen (1998)

Virgin Brides

Suddenly...Marriage! (1998)

Fortunes of Texas

Expecting in Texas (1999)

Maitland Maternity

3. Dad by Choice (2000)

14. A Dad at Last (2001)

15. The Inheritance (2001)

Storkville, USA

Those Matchmaking Babies (2000)

Lone Star Country Club

Once a Father (2002)

Texas Rose (2002)

Romancing the Crown

The Disenchanted Duke (2002)

Manhatten Multiples

And Babies Make Four (2003)

Family Secrets : The Next Generation

Immovable Objects (2004)

Parks Empire

Diamonds and Deceptions (2004)

Logan's Legacy

The Bachelor (2004)

Fortunes of Texas : Reunionapturing the Crown

The Heart of a Ruler (2006)

Hotel Marchand

2. The Setup (2006)

Talk of the Neighborhood

Mother In Training (2006)

Logan's Legacy Revisited

Mr. Hall Takes A Bride (2007)

Mission Impassioned

My Spy (2007)

Wilder Family

Falling for the M.D. (2008)


Colton's Secret Service (2008)

Colton by Marriage (2010)

Fortunes of Texas : Return to Red Rock

Plain Jane and the Playboy (2009)

Famous Families

Loving the Right Brother (2009)

=Мари Никол (псевдоним)=


Tried and True (1984)

Buyer Beware (1984)

Grand Theft: Heart (1984)

Thick As Thieves (1985)

Through Laughter and Tears (1985) Смях през сълзи

Младата комедийна актриса Саманта Мадисън крие своето разочарование от живота зад маската на смеха. Но проницателният импресарио Джейк Бенедикт успява да усети мъката й. Той прави от нея звезда, ала освен признателност Саманта изпитва към него и непреодолимо влечение. Уплашена от силата на чувствата си, тя прави всичко възможно да ги прикрие.

Country Blue (1985)

A Woman of Integrity (1985)

Man Undercover (1985)

Code Name: Love (1985)

Please Stand by (1985)

Last Year's Hunk (1986)

Getting Physical (1986)

Foxy Lady (1986)

Mine By Write (1986)

Chocolate Dreams (1987)

No Laughing Matter (1987)

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