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Бевърли Бърн


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Beverly Byrne


Griffin Saga

1. The Outcast (1981)

2. The Adventurer (1982)

3. Fiery Splendor (1983)

THE GRIFFINS HAD MONEY. POWER AND POSITION. ALL THEY CRAVED WAS LOVE... Anthony Griffin dreamed of going to sea. He got more than he bargained for... Ceci was a beautiful Acadian outcast whom Antony loved more than life itself... Sophia defied her family to marry the man she loved... Rachel tried to control the world around her but lost her husband to another woman's bed... FIERY SPLENDOR In the turbulent days of pre-Revolutionary America, they fought for the splendor they knew was theirs...

Mendoza Saga

1.The Flames of Vengeance (1991) Пламъкът на отмъщението

Силата на парите не е достатъчна на Хуан Луис Мендоса да намери щастието. Безумната му ревност го довежда до ръба на лудостта. Тридесет години той държи жена си Лила затворена в блестящия си дворец, който за нея не е нищо друго, освен мрачна тъмница. Докато един ден тя намира странно писмо, което й разкрива тайната на семейството и с това й дава дълго търсеното оръжие за отмъщение. Мистериозната Черна вдовица властва в разкошното си имение в Дъблин, където стотици хора търсят помощта й. И никой не подозира колко е силен пламъкът на отмъщението в сърцето на Лила.

2.A Lasting Fire (1991) Малката циганка (Софи или неугасващия огън)

Сред страстите, разкъсващи Испания, възправя домът Мендоса - династия, чиито смели мъже и жени са натрупали през вековете огромно влияние и власт. Но разтърсвано от външни и вътрешни противоречия, семейство Мендоса често се оказва въвлечено в интриги и борби, заплашващи да извадят наяве тайни, само споменаването на които, предизвиква ужас. Една необикновена жена се намесва в съдбата на Мендоса - София. Изтръгната като невръстно дете от родния дом, тя по чудо оцелява в едно страшно клане и попада при циганите. Скоро става ясно, че е надарена с необичайна смелост и ангелски глас. Превръща се в Ла Житанита - Малката циганка - най-желаната жена в цяла Испания. Но смъртта, лудостта и предателството я оплитат в мрежите си. И тогава, в една вълшебна нощ, съдбата и нейното мистериозно минало се срещат ...

3.The Firebirds (1992) Обещанието на феникса

Англия 1939г. Млада американка, омъжена за влиятелен лорд влиза един ден в кабинета му и хладнокръвно го застрелва... След това изчезва. Лондон 1970г. Години по-късно друга млада жена търси тайните на своето минало. Съдбата я среща с Андрю Мендоса, но след една щастлива година той внезапно я напуска без обяснение. Но дали истинската любов може да се забрави? А и тъмната история от миналото неочаквано излиза наяве...


The Love Seekers (1967)

Murder on the Menu (1980)

Women's Rites (1985)

In the Boston suburb of Revere in the 1960's, they are high school "Best Friends. " "Barbie Korman, beautiful, insecure, and Jewish, becomes a model after graduation. Maria Trapetti, intense, brilliant, and molded by her Italian Catholic heritage, enters a convent.But the overwhelming force in both their lives is the legacy of another woman, a woman who lived centuries before, a woman represented by a exquisitely carved figurine from the tiny island of Lanzarote known simply as "The Lady".As the years pass Barbie finds herself in a passionate love affair with Joe Dianni, a Catholic Priest. Maria yearns for the secular world and works with archeaologist Hank Rolles. Both women search for their places in the world and, as more years pass, experience life's many rich possibilities. But always they and the men in their lives are drawn to "The Lady" of Lanzarote…

Jason's People (1986)

A Matter of Time (1987)

"A wonderful novel about an incredible search for the testament that tells the true story of the beginning of Christianity - and the woman who alone holds the secret of the testament's whereabouts. Sarah Myles, a seemingly ordinary young woman living an ordinary life in the suburbs of Boston, has an extraordinary secret. She has been the "channel" for strange music- the same four notes, over and over- in her head since childhood. Having grown up with the music, she doesn't think much about it until a car accident leaves her with another extraordinary legacy- visions that accompany the music. The visions, like the music, are of another time and place. They are, Sarah realizes, a message from the past that is being channeled through her. She cannot afford to ignore it any longer- she must find out what the message means if she is to find peace. Together with Jareb Baraak, a parapsychologist, Sarah begins to unravel the mystery behind what she is seeing and hearing, a search that will ultimately lead her to a discovery that could change the entire foundation of Christianity.

Come Sunrise (1987)

The exquisite Amy Norman is only seventeen when her parents are killed--and her life is changed forever. She can never go home again. She must stay in New York with friends of her family, people she has never met...From the moment Amy moves in with the Westermans, she is attracted to the handsome, blond Luke--but their love will always be out of reach. When he enters the priesthood, she turns to his brother Tommy, whose jealousy over her love for Luke torments his soul...But Luke is always in her thoughts, in her heart, when she is with Tommy--a fact that never lets her forget, not in New York, where they are a part of glittering society, and not in rustic New Mexico, where they move to begin a new life...A sweeping tale of love and betrayal, of adventure and glittering romance.

Jemma (1988)

Barmaid, society's darling, social reformer, spy and the notorious Madam X. Jemma was all these women. And more... Jemma's tale is an extraordinary adventure sprawling with life and overflowing with richly realized characters. Her adoring stepmother, Phoebe, and Phoebe's cruel and lustful husband, Amos. Milly, the devoted servant who would do anything to preserve Jemma's happiness. The dashingly handsome Englishman, Garth Winters, who, overnight, transformed Jemma from a girl to a woman. And England's most eligible bachelor, Lord Peter Ramsdale.Lord Ramsdale wed her, made her the reigning queen of Mayfair society, but could not give Jemma the love she so desperately needed. Until the night Jemma discovered his terrible secret... and changed her life forever.

Morgan Women (1990)

An assortment of dynamic, willful characters ranging from noble to despicable render Byrne's ( A Matter of Time ) latest novel a satisfying tale about two generations of a Boston doctor's family. Emma, wife of gynecologist Joshua Morgan, finds the leisurely existence of a "Boston lady" unfulfilling. She takes a clerical job with chemist Celia Howard and through her influence g comes to actively, though secretly, support Margaret Sanger's illegal work in birth control.

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От доста време ми се върти в главата да слагам оригиналните резюмета на непреведените книги в статиите на авторите. Ако (дай Боже!) книгата излезе на бг, ще го сменям с българското. Това ще е за бъдещите статии, а старите лека-полека ще се обогатяват. b81583575953c9d360152cd509c7c22d.gif

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