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Стефани Лоурънс


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Stephanie Laurens - Стефани Лоурънс, родена в Цейлон, днес Шри Ланка, е бестселърова австралийска авторка на романси. От ранно детство неудържимо привлечена от времето на Регентството в английската история (началото на XIX в.), тя пише за тази епоха както сериозни исторически книги, така и исторически романси, които са бестселъри на "Ню Йорк Таймс", "Пъблишърс Уикли", "Уолстрийт Джърнъл" и "Ю Ес Ей Тудей". Стефани живее в Мелбърн със съпруга си и двете си котки.


Bastion Club

Captain Jack's Woman (1977)

April 1811. They meet in a clash of swords, drenched in the moonlight of Britain's rugged eastern coast: Captain Jack, his handsome features etched in silver and shadow; his powerful physique compelling "Kit" Cranmer to surrender. He is her dream lover come vividly alive, and his command of the smuggling gang is absolute. His all-knowing gaze penetrates her disguise as the "lad" leader of a rival gang with frightening ease --and his 'punishment' with kisses leaves her maidenly modesty in tatters. Suddenly Kit finds she's only too delighted to explore with Jack the pleasures conventionally reserved for married ladies... little knowing what dangerous forces she's unleashing. For even as Kit revels in midnight gallops and cottage rendezvous, Captain Jack is laying a gentle trap that will curtail her freedom... and bind her to him with a ring, a promise... and ties of devotion and desire.

1.The Lady Chosen (2003)

Tristan Wemyss, Earl of Trentham, never expected he'd need to wed within a year or forfeit his inheritance. But he is not one to bow to the matchmaking mamas of the ton. No, he will marry a lady of his own choosing. And the lady he chooses is the enchanting neighbor living with her family next door. Miss Leonora Carling has beauty, spirit and passion; unfortunately, matrimony is the last thing on her mind ... To Leonora, Tristan's kisses are oh-so-tempting, but once bitten, forever shy, she has determinedly turned her back on marriage. But Tristan is a seasoned campaigner who will not accept defeat. And when a mysterious man attempts to scare Leonora and her family from their home, Tristan realizes he's been given the perfect excuse to offer his services -- as protector, seducer and, ultimately, husband.

2.A Gentleman's Honor (2003)

The Season has yet to begin, and the second member of the Bastion Club, tall, handsome Anthony Blake, Viscount Torrington, is already a target for every matchmaking mama in London. None of their flighty daughters can fix his interest, but a certain lady does... Alicia is living a deception. Desperation has caused the determined but penniless lady to boldly launch her ravishing younger sister into the ton and have her make a spectacular match. By masquerading as the widowed "Mrs. Carrington" Alicia can act as the perfect chaperone...but fashionable ladies are not accused of murder... When Tony Blake discovers Alicia standing over a dead body in his godmother's garden, every instinct tells him she is innocent. His connections allow him to take control of the investigation, his social prominence provides her public support, but it is more than honor that compels him to protect her and to do everything in his seductive power to make her his.

3.A Lady of His Own (2004)

Dear Reader, Welcome back to the Bastion Club, as our next ex-secret hero meets his match in a wild ride of lost love refound, family secrets, spies, murder and mayhem. Impatient to find his bride-to-be yet appalled by the damsels of the ton, Charles St. Austell leaps at the chance to help his ex-commander Dalxiel by investigating rumors of spies operating via smuggling gangs near Charles's Cornwall home. The first strange thing Charles discovers is Lady Penelope Selborne, neighbor and ex-lover, marching through his house after midnight. Years ago, Charles and Penny shared one fabulously passionate interlude, but ever since, she's managed to avoid him. Now Charles uncovers a web of Selborne family secrets and a spy network others are also searching for--and trapped in the middle is Penny, the one lady he had never ceased wanting for his own. But twist follows twist and nothing is what it seemed--Charles has his hands full unraveling the truth about the spying, unmasking an assassin intent on killing all Selbornes, including Penny, while simultaneously convincing that independent lady that she and only she will do for him--and he for her. In true Bastion Club style, with a little help from his friends, Charles triumphs on all counts. I hope you enjoy learning how he does it--happy reading!

4.A Fine Passion (2005)

The men of the Bastion Club are powerful, loyal, and not averse to overcoming danger if they must. Now, after years of loyal service to the Crown, they each -- one by one -- must face that greatest danger of all ...love. The last of his line, Jack, Baron Warnefleet, has fled London after nearly being compromised into marrying a dreadful female. Turning his back on the entire notion of marriage, he rides home to the estate he has not seen for years, determined to set in motion an alternative course of action. But then in the lane before his gate, Jack rescues a startlingly beautiful lady from a menacing, unmanageable horse. However, while he begins by taking command, the lady continues by taking it back. Lady Clarice Altwood is no meek and mild miss. She is the very antithesis of the woolly-headed young ladies Jack has rejected as not for him. Clarice is delectably attractive, beyond eligible, undeniably capable, and completely unforgettable. Why on earth is she rusticating in the country? That enigma is compounded by mystery, and it's quickly clear that Clarice is in danger. Jack must use every ounce of his cunning and wit to protect this highly independent and richly passionate woman ... who has so quickly stolen his heart.

5.To Distraction (2006)

The gentlemen of the Bastion Club have proven their courage while fighting England's enemies, but nothing has prepared them for dealing with that most formidable of challenges: the opposite sex. Deverell, Viscount Paignton, is in desperate need of a wife. Unmoved by the matchmaking "herd," he seeks help from his aunt, who directs him to a lady she vows is perfect for him. Dispatched to a country house party to look the lady over, he discovers her not swanning about among the guests but with her nose buried in a book in the library. Phoebe Malleson is tempted to distraction by Deverell, but marrying him isn't part of her plan. Moved by an incident in her past, Phoebe has a secret cause to which she's committed. Unfortunately, telling Deverell to go away doesn't work, and he quickly learns of her secret. But someone powerful has her cause targeted for destruction-and her in their sights. Phoebe must accept Deverell's help...though the cost to them both might be dear-and deadly.

6.Beyond Seduction (2007)

A little bit wild and undeniably brave, the gentlemen of the Bastion Club have pursued adventures far and wide. But their exploits at home could prove to be the riskiest of all as they hunt an elusive target: the perfect bride. In a moment of recklessness, Gervase Tregarth, 6th Earl of Crowhurst, swears he'll marry the next eligible lady to cross his path. Cloistered at his ancestral castle in Cornwall, with nary a suitable woman for miles, he never expects he'll have to fulfill his pledge, at least not until the London Season begins. But then he meets his neighbor, the very appealing Madeline Gascoigne. Years of secret service to the Crown have taught Gervase the value of always having a loophole--there will be no wedding if he and Madeline are incompatible in any way. So he sets out to prove that they would make a most dreadful match . . . by luring her into his arms and, ultimately, his bed. From their very first kiss, Gervase discovers that the headstrong and independent Madeline is no meek country miss . . . and that the fire between them will burn long beyond that first seduction.

7.The Edge of Desire (2008)

They proved their bravery fighting for His Majesty's Secret Service and were rewarded with brides of great beauty and breeding. But one member of the Bastion Club has remained a bachelor . . . until now. "Christian, I need your help. There is no one else I can turn to . . . L." When Christian Allardyce, 6th Marquess of Dearne, reads those words, his world turns upside down. Lady Letitia Randall is a woman like no other, and the day he left her behind to fight for king and country was the most difficult of his life. He never forgot the feel of her lips against his, but never expects to see her again. Yet now she seeks his help, and Christian knows he will not resist her plea. Letitia believes that Christian abandoned her when she needed him most, and she hates to call on his aid. But to clear her brother's name, she has sworn to use every weapon at her command, even if it means seducing her ex-lover. Yet all the while, Christian is waging a war of his own--a campaign of pure pleasure and sweet revenge that will take them both beyond the edge of desire.

8.Mastered by Love (2009)

The men of the Bastion Club proved their bravery secretly fighting for their country. Now their leader faces that most dangerous mission of all: finding a bride. As the mysterious leader of the Bastion Club known as "Dalziel," Royce Varisey, tenth Duke of Wolverstone, served his country for decades, facing dangers untold. But as the holder of one of England's most august noble titles, he must now take on that gravest duty of all: marriage. Yet the young ladies the grand dames would have him consider are predictably boring. Far more tempting is his castle's willful and determinedly aloof chatelaine, Minerva Chesterton. Beneath her serene facade lies a woman of smoldering sensuality, one who will fill his days with comfort and his nights with sheer pleasure. Determined to claim her, he embarks on a seduction to prove his mastery over every inch of her body . . . and every piece of her heart.


1.Tangled Reins (1992)

DOROTHEA WAS RESIGNED TO LIVE A SPINSTER'S LIFE. Miss Dorothea Darent had no intention of ever getting married, until a dashing stranger with hazel eyes kissed her under a blackberry tree. Haunted by their kiss, the Marquis of Hazelmere, a notorious scoundrel, was determined to win Dorothea's heart while she dazzled London socialites. Amidst shocked whispers, he swept Dorothea into her first waltz and sparked the jealous plots of lesser suitors. Now Dorothea had a choice to make: stick with her plan to stay a respectable spinster, or run into the arms of her dashing stranger....

2.Four in Hand (1993)

Max Rotherbridge knew his life would never be the same.... Unexpectedly inheriting the dukedom of Twyford, Max Rotherbridge was stunned to discover he had also inherited wardship of the four Twinning sisters. The eldest, Miss Caroline Twinning, was everything he had ever wanted in a woman -- and more! But even a notorious rake such as Max knew that, as his ward, she was the one woman he could not seduce. And who better than a rake to ensure that other rakes did not succeed in compromising the sisters? Max was afraid that his protectiveness was not just duty, but a need to win the respect of the woman he loved...

3.Impetuous Innocent (1994)

WHAT WAS SHE TO DO? With her father's death, Georgiana Hartley found herself at the mercy of her lecherous cousin. Yet seeking refuge at the neighboring estate, she came across a danger of another sort altogether as she stared into the amused blue eyes of Dominic Ridgeley, Viscount Alton of Candlewick Hall. Charmed by Georgiana's youthful innocence, Dominic was only too happy to come to her aid. But the simple infatuation had become something infinitely more complicated, and the two of them could no longer deny their passion or their highly improper affections.

4.Fair Juno (1994)

THE EARL OF MERTON WAS A MAN WITH A REPUTATION... When the Earl of Merton suddenly found himself playing the knight to a damsel in distress, he knew that his days as a notorious rake were numbered. But though the lady had seemed grateful for his assistance, she had fled the scene without revealing her name. Now it was up to him to search for the threads that would lead him back to her--though past scandals and present dangers threatened his pursuit of the mysterious lady he knew was to be his destiny.

5.A Comfortable Wife (1997)

ANTONIA WAS NOT GOING TO DWINDLE INTO AN OLD MAID.... Miss Antonia Mannering had made plans, and Lord Philip Ruthven played a large part in them. They had been childhood friends, but had not seen each other for years. She knew Philip was popular with the ladies, but he had never married any of them. Wouldn't he now be ready for a wife? If she could prove to him that she could run his home, not disgrace him in Society and be a comfortable wife for him, surely he would be prompted to propose to her. That they might fall in love had never occurred to her!

Lester Family Saga

1.The Reasons for Marriage (1994)

Persistent! That was the only word to describe Jason, Duke of Eversleigh. Miss Lenore Lester had made it perfectly clear that she was not interested in leaving her brothers' home and her quiet country life. Yet this notorious rake clearly had designs on her that were as baffling as they were unexpected.

2.A Lady of Expectations (1995)

JACK LESTER HAD TO FIND A BRIDE... But where could he find the perfect woman? She had to be attractive, kind, a good conversationalist...and most important, she had to accept him as he was: devilishly handsome, responsible and poor as a church mouse! If he publicized his hidden wealth, disaster would certainly follow. Jack's heart raced when Sophie Winterton entered the ballroom. She was everything he desired--and more. Suddenly caught in his own trap, Jack wanted her love, but Sophie knew that Jack needed to marry into wealth in order to run his family's estate. How would he convince her that she was the woman he wanted--and that he could be the husband she deserved?

3.An Unwilling Conquest (1996)

After seeing his brother caught in love's trap, Harry Lester had no intention of following his example. His heart had already been trampled upon. But after his fortune was announced, Harry knew that he'd best start running from the matchmaking mamas about to descend. Who better to run into than Mrs. Lucinda Babbacombe, a beautiful, managing widow, who inadvertently was managing him? Before he could stop himself, Harry Lester vowed to protect Lucinda - and follow her to the ends of the earth! Would Harry let himself be taken prisoner in this most passionate of traps?


The Promise in a Kiss (2001)

What would you do if you were kissed by the handsome stranger you'd ever seen? And what if that man was one of the notorious Cynsters? When a handsome man literally fell at her feet while she was walking through a moonlit convent courtyard, Helena knew he must have been there for a scandalous liaison. Yet she kept his presence a secret from the questioning nuns--and for her silence the stranger rewarded her with an enticing, unforgettable kiss. What Helena didn't know was that her wild Englishman was Sebastian Cynster, Duke of St. Ives ... and that this dashing, dangerous nobleman was her destiny. Seven years later, Sebastian spies Helena from across a crowded ballroom. This heiress is dazzling London society with her wit and beauty, tantalizing all the eligible men with the prospect of taking her hand in marriage. But Helena is not looking for just any husband. She wants an equal, a challenge--someone who can live up to the promise of that delicious, never-forgotten kiss.

1.Devil's Bride (1998) Годеницата на дявола

Англия, началото на XIX век. Когато Дявола, черната овца на семейство Синстър, е хванат в компрометираща ситуация с гувернантката Онория Уедърби, той прави най-немислимото - предлага й брак. С което изумява цялото английско общество. Защото никой не си е представял, че скандалният пройдоха така лесно ще се върже. И докато светските мамички припадат заради загубата на най-желания английски ерген, неговите братовчеди се надпреварват да правят облози за датата на сватбата. Но Онория е далеч от мисълта просто да се подчини на обществените предразсъдъци. Тя мечтае за Приключение...

2.A Rake's Vow (1998)

HE VOWED HE'D NEVER MARRY Vane Cynster always knew which way the wind was blowing, and it was headed in a marrying direction. The other Cynster men might not mind stepping up to the altar, but Vane never wanted to be leg-shackled to any woman-no matter how comely. Bellamy Hall seemed like the perfect place to temporarily hide from London's husband-hunters. But when he encountered irresistible Patience Debbington, Vane, realized he'd met his match and soon he had more than seduction on his mind. SHE VOWED NO MAN WOULD CATCH HER Patience wasn't about to succumb to Vane's sensuous propositions. Yes, his kisses left her dizzy; his caresses made her melt; but he was arrogant, presumptuous ... and, despite his protests, bound to be unfaithful--just like every other man. Patience had promised herself that she'd never become vulnerable to a broken heart. But was this one vow that was meant to be broken?

3.Scandal's Bride (1999)

"HE WILL FATHER YOUR CHILDREN..." When Catriona Hennessy, honorable Scottish Lady of the Vale, received this prediction, she was exceedingly aghast. How could she unite with a rake like Richard Cynster--a masterful man with a scandalous reputation? More shocking still was her guardian's will that decreed she and Richard be wed within a week! Though charmed by his commanding presence and wooed by his heated kisses, she would not--could not--give up her independence. So she formed a plan to get the heir she needed without taking wedding vows. Richard was just as stunned by the will's command. Marriage had not previously been on his agenda, but lately he'd been feeling rather ... restless. Perhaps taming the lady was just the challenge he needed. But can he have the rights of the marriage bed without making any revealing promises of love?

4.A Rogue's Proposal (1999)

Demon Cynster has seen love bring his brethren to their knees, and he's vowed that he will not share their fate until he spies Felicity Parteger sneaking around his country estate. Demon remembers Felicity as a mere chit of a girl, but now she stands before him--begging for his help--all lush curves, sparkling eyes and so temptingly worthy of the love he's vowed never to surrender to any woman. Felicity knew Demon was one of the ton's most eligible bachelors and a rogue of the worst sort, but he was the only one capable of getting her friend out of trouble. Her fascination with him had nothing to do with the power lurking just beneath his devil-may-care facade--or with the desire that flares when he takes her in his arms. She knows he'll never yield her the love she desperately seeks, but could a marriage with passion alone--even with a man like Demon--be enough?

5.A Secret Love (2000)

All of Regency London knows that no Cynster male would ever walk away from a lady in distress...but their protection can come at a tantalizingly high price. And now, Stephanie Laurens has created her boldest Cynster yet--Gabriel--a man who has known the pleasure of many women, but who has given his heart to no one. She was desperate for his help... When a mysterious lady, her face hidden by a black veil, begs Gabriel Cynster for his help, he cannot refuse her plea. For despite her disguise, Gabriel finds the woman alluring and he is powerless to deny her. But he exacts payment as only a Cynster would demand: with each piece of information he uncovers, she must pay him--in the form of a kiss. He was powerlerss to resist... Lady Alathea Morwellan knows Gabriel is intrigued, but despite the sparks that fly between them, they have never passed a civil moment together. Yet as the stakes get higher, so does Gabriel's desire for payment. And with each overpowering kiss, each passionate embrace, Alathea knows that she will not be able to resist his ultimate seduction...but what will happen when she reveals the truth?

6.All About Love (2001)

Six notorious cousins, known to the ton as the Bar Cynster, have cut a swath through the ballrooms of London. Yet one by one, each has fallen in love and married the woman of his heart, until only one of them is left unclaimed...the most rakish of Stephanie Laurens' captivating clan...and he's not about to go easily. Alasdair Cynster -- known to his intimates as Lucifer -- decides to rusticate in the country before the matchmaking skills of London's mamas become firmly focused on him, the last unwed Cynster. But an escape to Devon leads him straight to his destiny in the irresistible form of Phyllida Tallent, a willful, independent beauty of means who brings all his masterful Cynster instincts rioting to the fore. Lucifer tries to deny the desire Phyllida evokes -- acting on it will land him in a parson's mousetrap, one place he's sworn never to go. But destiny intervenes, leaving him to face the greatest Cynster challenge -- wooing a reluctant bride. Phyllida has had a bevy of suitors -- her charm and wit are well known throughout the countryside -- but none of them has tempted her the way Lucifer does. His offer to teach her all about the ways of love is almost too tantalizing to resist. And though she's not yet completely surrendered, she knows only a fool stands against a Cynster...and Phyllida is no one's fool.

7.All About Passion (2001)

"If one is not marrying for love, one may as well marry for something else. My future countess has to be sufficiently docile and endowed with at least passable grace of form, deportment and address." Fate has made Gyles Rawlings a man determined to control his destiny. He has decided to wed a well-bred lady who will dutifully bear him sons, yet turn a blind eye while he takes his pleasure elsewhere. By all good accounts, Francesca will fit his bill. As for the "elsewhere," he's recently encountered a beautiful, brazen siren who will make a fine mistress, one with a fiery nature to match his own. But at the altar, Gyles discovers his bride is the bold enchantress who has inspired his deepest fantasies. Finding passion and love in the same woman has long been a secret fear. But as his world is rocked on its axis, Gyles becomes obsessed with one thing he'd thought he would never want...his wife's heart.

8.On a Wild Night (2002)

Where are all the exciting men in London? After spending years in the glittering ballrooms of the ton, Amanda Cynster is utterly bored by the current crop of colorless suitors. Determined to take matters into her own hands, one night she shockingly goes where no respectable lady ever should, but where many an intriguing gentleman might be found. But titillating excitement quickly turns to panic when Amanda discovers she's quite out of her depth. She looks around for help -- and is unexpectedly rescued by the Earl of Dexter. Lean, sensuous, and mysterious, he has delayed re-entering society, preferring instead a more interesting existence on its fringes. He's the epitome of the boldly passionate gentleman Amanda has been searching for, but although his very touch makes it clear he's willing to educate her in the art of love, Amanda has to wonder if such a masterful, lionized rake can be sufficiently tamed into the ways of marriage.

9.On a Wicked Dawn (2002)

"Marrying you will be entirely my pleasure." Amelia Cynster hears these words from the handsome, enigmatic, sixth Viscount Calverton and is stunned. It's near dawn and she's risked scandal by lying in wait for him just outside his London house. But he agrees to her outrageous marriage proposal -- just prior to passing out at her feet. Amelia's torn between astounded relief and indignant affront, then decides she doesn't care. She has always loved him -- no other man will do -- and, frankly, she's tired of waiting. Sometimes a young lady needs to take matters into her own hands. But matters of the heart are never that simple. The first hitch in Amelia's plans comes when he refuses to agree to a hasty wedding -- insists on properly wooing her... in public and private. Soon, she longs for those moments away from the watchful gaze of the ton, in which she can learn all about seduction from a master. But unbeknown known to Amelia, he has a very good reason for wooing her. Every wicked gentleman has his price.

10.The Perfect Lover (2003)

Simon Frederick Cynster knows that a perfect bride and a perfect lover--are one and the same. So he sets about finding a mate to suit his needs--someone who will be a perfect lady by day...and a wanton lover by night. But Simon is not about to broadcast his search to the entire ton and run the risk of every dowager foisting her flighty charges upon him. Instead, he carefully begins his search at a house party at Glossup Hall...and is astonished when willfully independent Portia Ashford immediately captures his interest. He's known her since childhood and certainly never considered her a potential wife...until an unexpectedly heated kiss changes his mind forever. But as he and Portia begin to explore the depths of their passion, a shocking event occurs...one that puts Portia in deadly peril, and that will require Simon to use his considerable strength and influence to protect his once and always perfect lover.

11.The Ideal Bride (2004)

Where in all of England will an exceptional man find THE IDEAL BRIDE? Aristocratic, elegant, and effortlessly charming, Michael Anstruther-Wetherby is a man destined for power. With his close connections to the influential Cynster family, Michael's future in Parliament appears assured, except that he lacks the single most important element of success: a wife. Driven to seek a gently bred young lady, he discovers such a paragon. But there is an obstacle in his path: her beautiful, strong-minded young aunt, Caroline Sutcliffe. A woman of style and status, Caro will not sacrifice her cherished niece to an unhappy marriage. However, Michael suddenly has his eye on Caro herself. But danger is stalking Caroline Sutcliffe. It will take great courage to protect her--and every ounce of Michael's seductive charm to convince her that becoming his bride will bring her all her heart desires...and more.

12.The Truth about Love (2005)

Bold, passionate and possessive, the Cynster men let nothing stand in their way when it comes to claiming the women of their hearts. Gerrard Debbington, Vane Cynster's brother-in-law, is one of London's most eligible gentlemen. Uninterested in marriage, his driving passion is to paint the fabled gardens of Lord Tregonning's Hellebore Hall--an opportunity that is now at hand...if Gerrard agrees to create an honest portrait of Tregonning's daughter as well. Gerrard chafes at wasting his talents on some simpering miss, only to discover that Jacqueline Tregonning stirs him as no other. Certainly, she is beautiful, but it is her passionate nature that strikes sparks with Gerrard's own, igniting desire and sweeping them into each other's arms, convincing Gerrard that he has found his ideal soul mate--the lady he must have as his wife. But something is horribly wrong at Hellebore Hall. Evil and lies are reaching out to ensnare Jacqueline--and Gerrard will have to move Heaven and Earth to protect the remarkable woman who, for him, personifies the truth about love...

13.What Price Love? (2006)

Dillon Caxton, protege of Demon Cynster, is disillusioned with love. Blessed with wealth, status, and stunning good looks, he has no time for marriage-hungry misses. As a guardian of the "Sport of Kings" he has a daring criminal scheme to thwart--one that threatens to wreak havoc on the thoroughbred racing world. Enter ravishingly beautiful Lady Priscilla Dalloway. She, too, has no time for romance--she has to rescue her horse-mad twin brother from the dangerous swindle in which he's become embroiled. But the man holding the key to finding her twin is Dillon--who allows her to believe he is immune to her charms. The lady is Dillon's only lead to the criminals, and Pris will do anything to save her twin, including seducing the said-to-be unseducible. Linked in a journey riddled with danger and passion, they find themselves facing that terrifying question: What price love?

14.The Taste of Innocence (2007)

He knows all too well how dangerous love can be... Charles Morwellan, eighth Earl of Meredith, has seen many happy Cynster unions, but he also watched his father's obsessive love nearly destroy their family. Yet he knows his duty, and so has chosen a bride. Sarah Conningham is beautiful, intelligent, and knows the value of his offer. Imagine his shock when she refuses to wed for anything less than intense, unbridled, unbounded love. Now he's determined to win her! In a tantalizing game of pleasure and persuasion, Charles courts Sarah with excruciating propriety during the day, but each night spirits her away into the moonlit gardens, where he tutors her in the art of passion. Yet, after their wedding, his polite mask returns, leaving Sarah wondering which man she actually married: the controlled aristocrat, or the lover whose touch leaves her gasping. But then Sarah's life is threatened and Charles must discover just how much he is willing to surrender to protect... the taste of innocence.

15.Temptation and Surrender (2009)

When a gentleman is restless and bored with the careless pleasures of London society, he needs to discover a new diversion, and if that diversion is a beautiful woman, so much the better. Temptation Jonas Talent, who has masterfully taken the reins of his family's estate, never expected a delectable morsel like Miss Emily Beauregard to step into his library, but he certainly isn't about to hire her as manager for the village inn. A lady as tempting as Emily belongs in a ballroom, or a bedroom -- preferably his. Surrender Emily herself hadn't expected her current circumstances, but she has her reasons and doesn't plan to share them, even with someone as seductive as Jonas. Yet he can be so devilishly persuasive. But a villain knows her secret, and soon danger threatens Em, her family, and the powerful love she and Jonas have found in each other's arms.

Cynster Sisters Trilogy (подсерия на Синстър)

16. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (2011)

20. In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster (2011)

21. The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae (2012)

13.Lost and Found (2005)

In 1834 London Reggie Carmarthen (see ONE WILD NIGHT) needs a wife and heir. He hopes to be as happy as his friends the Cynster twins are in their recent marriages, but has no one in mind until he assists Anne Ashford as she yells at Lord Elderby that young Benjy is his offspring. Reggie wonders if this passionate woman that he has known for years could become his ardent bride.

17.Where the Heart Leads (2008)

Stephanie Laurens knows Regency London, and outside the exclusive enclave in which the aristocracy lived in wealth and comfort, lay another world... An intriguing man Handsome, enigmatic, and deliciously dangerous, Barnaby Adair has made his name by solving crimes within the ton. When Penelope Ashford appeals for his aid, he is moved by her plight-- and captivated by her lush beauty. An undaunted woman More than a pretty face in a satin gown, Penelope has devoted her will and intelligence to caring for London's orphans. But now her charges are disappearing. She turns to Adair for help, never dreaming she'll discover in him a man who matches her appetite for life' and passion. Where the heart leads Barnaby and Penelope unravel the mystery of the missing children, they uncover a shocking trail that leads to the upper echelons of society, and a ruthless criminal who is ready to destroy all they hold dear, including their newfound understanding of the irresistible intrigues of the heart.

Black Cobra Quartet

1.The Untamed Bride (2009)

"New York Times" bestselling author Stephanie Laurens presents a brash, bold new series. They're battle-hardened, sinfully wealthy, completely unstoppable--and "all" male: Four officers of the Crown, fighting against a deadly foe known only as the Black Cobra. He is a man who has faced peril without flinching, determined to fight for king and country. She is a bold, beautiful woman with a scandalous past, destined to become an untamed bride. Together they must vanquish the ruthless enemy, while confronting the dangers of the heart . . .

2.The Elusive Bride (2010)

New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Laurens takes a bold turn in her exciting new series. A second battle-hardened, completely unstoppable, all-male hero, an ex-officer of the Crown, confronts the deadly enemy known only as the Black Cobra. He's focused on his mission, then sees a lady he never dreamed he'd see again--with an assassin on her heels. She secretly followed him, unaware her path is deadly--or that she'll join him to battle a treacherous foe. Through ever-present peril, through passion, desire, and ecstasy, they race to reach England--and their destiny.

3.The Brazen Bride (2010)

They're bold, courageous, resolute. . . ex-officers of the Crown united against a deadly traitor known only as the Black Cobra. Shipwrecked, wounded, he risks all to pursue his mission--only to discover a partner as daring and brazen as he. Fiery, tempestuous, a queen in her own realm, she rescues a warrior--only to find her heart under siege. Bound by passion, linked by need, together they must brave the enemy's gauntlet to win all their hearts' desire.

4.The Reckless Bride (2010)

Lewis Monteith's mission got off to a shaky start. Wounded in battle, he jumped from his ship rather than risk losing evidence that would bring down a traitor. But as he recuperates in a tiny village, his luck takes a roundabout turn as his fascination with his rescuer, the beautiful Linnet Trevission, grows.Linnet's strength and wisdom have made her a respected leader at home. That's why she knows she'll be invaluable to Lewis - if only he'll let her in. Linnet has no doubt that Lewis is the man for her. Her only battle now is in convincing him that the connection they feel is real and everlasting and that her offer of help can save him - before it's too late.


Hollywood Ending (2002)

A Season for Marriage (2003)

A Suitable Marriage (2004)


Regency Romps (1994) (with Gail Whitiker)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Four in a Hand, книга 2 от поредицата Regency...

Rough Around the Edges (1998) (with Dee Holmes, Susan Johnson and Eileen Wilks)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Melting Ice: Childhood sweethearts Dyan St. Laurent and Lady Fiona have found each other and the love they lost in a most uncommon place, an orgy! Despite their odd meeting they clear up all misconceptions that have kept them separated for years and rekindle the fire between them. their hardened hearts...

Scottish Brides (1999) (with Christina Dodd, Julia Quinn and Karen Ranney)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Rose in Bloom: Duncan, a young perfectionist earl who's worked very hard the past ten years in the investment world to enable his gorgeous ancestral home to once again prosper. Now he's hosting a Midsummer party to court his visiting prospective bride. But he doesn't count on the presence of Rose, his companion and nemesis from his younger days, who now drives him wild with desire and who, like Duncan, is about to make a loveless match. Laurens emphasizes the fireworks between them.

Regency Collection Volume 5 (1999) (with Paula Marshall)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Four in a Hand, книга 2 от поредицата Regency...

The Regency Collection 8 (1999) (with Sylvia Andrew)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Fair Juno, книга 4 от поредицата Regency...

Secrets of a Perfect Night (2000) (with Victoria Alexander, Rachel Gibson)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Scandalous Lord Dere: Adrian Hawsley, Viscount Dere, is returning home after a long absence. After years of working hard to establish a scandalous reputation, he has become disgusted by the endless series of meaningless affairs. After his curricle is damaged in an accident during a snowstorm, Adrian barely manages to get his tiger and himself to safety at a nearby cottage. He recognizes the woman who opens the door as Abigail Woolley, whom he had loved and left seven years earlier. Adrian is suffering from dangerous exposure to the cold. In order to warm him, Abby crawls into his bed, and things soon get very, very warm although Adrian has little recollection of the encounter. His injuries and the continuing snowstorm force him to stay at Abby's cottage for several days. In that time, he discovers the girl he'd left behind has become a desirable woman. Abby is adamant that she will neither marry him nor be his mistress, but Adrian doesn't give up so easily.

My Scandalous Bride (2004) (with Celeste Bradley, Christina Dodd, Leslie LaFoy)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Melting Ice...

Hero, Come Back (2005) (with Elizabeth Boyle, Christina Dodd)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата Lost and Found, 14 книга от поредицата Synster

It Happened One Night (2008) (with Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Candice Hern)

В този сборник Стефани участва с новелата The Fall of Rogue Gerard:

It Happened One Season (2011) (with Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Candice Hern)


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Страхотен блог :yanim:. Днес тамън завърших "Годеницата на дявола" и много ми хареса. Сега виждам, че втората от поредицата е за Вейн, какъв кеф, дали Ирис и нея ще я пуснат....

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21. The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae (2012)



The 16th Cynster Novel

First Volume in the Cynster Sisters Trilogy

ON SALE 30th AUGUST, 2011

Three heros, three rescues, three weddings.

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Miss Heather Cynster

...but not before she encounters kidnappers, danger, and a daring rescue at the hands of Viscount Breckenridge.

Determined to hunt down her very own hero, one who will sweep her off her feet and into wedded bliss, and despairing of finding him in London's staid ballrooms, Heather Cynster steps out of her safe world and boldly attends a racy soiree.

But her promising hunt is ruined by the supremely interfering Viscount Breckenridge, who whisks her out of scandal-and straight into danger when a mysterious enemy seizes her, bundles her into a coach, and conveys her out of London.

Now it's up to the notorious Breckenridge to prove himself the hero she's been searching for all along�



The 17th Cynster Novel

The Second Volume in the Cynster Sisters Trilogy


Three heros, three rescues, three weddings.

The pleasure of your company is requested at the wedding of Miss Eliza Cynster

...but not until she's rescued from a daring abduction by the most unexpected of heros!

Brazenly kidnapped from her sister Heather's engagement ball, Eliza Cynster is spirited north to Edinburgh. Desperate and determined to escape, she seizes upon the first possible champion who happens along - gentleman scholar Jeremy Carling.

Villains and rescues are a far cry from Jeremy's expertise, yet he cannot abandon a damsel in distress. But danger lurks and hurdles abound in their race to escape the mysterious laird, until a final confrontation on a windswept cliff reveals what their future life could hold - if both are bold enough to seize and own the unexpected love they now share.



The 18th Cynster Novel

The Third Volume in the Cynster Sisters Trilogy

ON SALE 31st JANUARY, 2012.

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Cynster Sisters

1. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (2011)

2. In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster (2011)

3. The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae (2012)

4. And Then She Fell (2013) - излиза през март

5. The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh (2013) - излиза през юли

Като част от голямата поредица Синстър номерацията им е следната:

16. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (2011)

17. In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster (2011)

18. The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae (2012)

19. And Then She Fell (2013)

20. The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh (2013)

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