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Дебора Сатинууд


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Deborah Satinwood


Angel Fire (1992)

A MAN OF MYSTERY Cameron Forrester had lost all his money, his home, and his family in the War Between the States, and now he was beginning to think he had lost his mind. What kind of father would pay a complete stranger to marry his daughter only to ensure this new husband's "death" shortly thereafter? Cameron understood revenge -- he had his own plan for his family's killer with the money he was about to earn -- but Angelina's father seemed bent on a course that could only lead to disaster. Yet once Cameron saw his bride-to-be with her honey-colored hair, gray-green eyes, and a waist small enough to span with his hands, he devised an ending of a most different kind. With practiced expertise he would kiss and caress this exquisite innocent, making her his in a sensual storm of passionate abandon! AN ANGEL OF MERCY When her over-protective father told her of her new suitor, Angelina O'Brien was uncertain of what to expect. She had seen how the lack of love between her parents had torn their marriage apart, and Angelina had no desire for a similar experience. Thus, she never dreamed she'd come face to face with a true war hero whose raven black hair and piercing eyes of blue drew her like a magnet. Angelina sensed that there was much more to the mysterious Mr. Forrester than he was willing to tell, but the passion she felt for him could never be denied. She longed to run her fingers through his silken hair, feel the warmth of his lips on hers, and be held in the heat of his fierce embrace, forever his...ANGEL FIRE

Love's Secret Fire (1993) Тайният огън на любовта

Стара Англия. Закътано селце сред бялата пустош. Един мъж, който с мъка си проправя път през преспите... И жена, която с вик се хвърля в ледните води на реката, стиснала в ръката си евтин златен медальон. Така се срещат след години Енвил и Лизбет. Той не е вече белязания от дявола селски непрокопсаник, а капитан Форест Йорк, покоряващ със силата и мъжествеността си. Тя не е вече малката златокоса дъщеря на лорд Татършал, а е лейди Торп. Но любовта им е все така страстна и всеотдайна, и все така забранена и недостижима...

The Trysting Moon (1993) Луна за двама

Любовта спохожда нежната, но смела девойка Ларк Балингтън и младият лекар аристократът Кристофър може би в най-неподходящото време - ирландският народ се бори за независимост. Неизменно тласкани един към друг от смътно и непонятно привличане, те все пак в себе си не искат да признаят, че класовите предразсъдъци не са по-силни от чудото на любовта. На фона на мрачния, неспокоен океан, едно вълшебно дърво и една самотна луна ще закрилят двамата влюбени и ще ги водят през превратностите на съдбата.

Arabesque (1994)

A BOLD WELSH BEAUTY Young Gwenllian Evans first set eyes on Morgan Riff the night he mysteriously appeared to lay claim to the great Welsh estate of Hiraeth: A fierce youth in blood-spattered clothes who called himself Rhaman and swore terrible vengeance against his mother's assassins. Now, in far-off Tangiers, at the mercy of a horde of murderous savages, Gwen barely recognized the raven-haired stranger who swooped down on the teeming bazaar like a magnificent desert sheik to save her life. But when he swept her into his powerful arms, she prayed he'd never let her go... A BARBAROUS DESERT WARRIOR Darkest intrigue had brought him to the exotic shores of Morocco. But Morgan had never forgotten the lovely Welsh lass whose sapphire eyes glowed with such compassion and warmth. Now a woman, Gwen burned with a different kind of heat ... a sensual fire that branded his heart with her innocent desire. Sworn to protect her from danger, he took her to wife. Yet even when fate parted them once more, her haunting passion would pursue him into battle, calling him back to Wales, back to Hiraeth ... back into the arms of the elusive beauty who was his destiny.

Filigree (1994)

An embittered and vengeful Courtland Day returns to Massachusetts from England on a perilous espionage mission for the British on the eve of the American Revolution, only to be wounded and nursed back to health by Chaynoa, a beautiful half-Native American outcast.

An English Rose (2000)

Blackmailed: Blue-blooded London lawyer Beau St. James is in a precarious position. A powerful client has threatened to ruin his marriageable daughter's name in society -- unless Beau secures for him a sought-after piece of woodland property known as Solitude. Used to playing -- and winning -- such reckless games, Beau sets off for the country, to find the only thing more enchanting than Solitude is its owner, Miss Hannah Whitechurch. Beguiled: Hannah, an independent young artist, refuses to sell her beloved home -- especially to an arrogant aristocrat. But soon, Beau's charming persistence unsettles her and inspires a passion she'd long denied. And Beau discovers that he wants much more than this bewitching beauty's land. Now he will do anything to persuade her that she belongs in his arms forever.

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