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Чарлин Крос


1560 прегледа

Charlene Cross


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Splendor (1995)

Her abductor's name was Rolfe de Mont St. Michel, and Lady Catherine hated him. Already, with each stride of his horse, everything she had ever known was fast disappearing into the morning mist. Today she was to have married in a perfect match, uniting two eminent families. Instead she heard her betrothed berated as a coward, was carried off by a mysterious knight...and became an unwilling pawn in a royal game of power...from the magnificent island abbey that bears Rolfe's name, Catherine sees the road of destiny opening before her. Each step of the way she tries to escape...But unexpected, unbidden desire soon makes her a prisoner of her own heart - bound by love to this man whose true parentage remains a secret, whose loyalties make him a traitor, and whose passions make her feel cherished and adored...Still, every change in the tides brings increasing desperation, for she knows that one day she must flee his embrace...

Everlasting (1995)

Alana of Llangollen rejoiced the moment she was widowed . . . but her jubilation swiftly turned to fear. Proudly Welsh, she had married Gilbert Fitz William, one of King Henry II's Norman vassals, to safeguard the land that was her birthright, thus ensuring peace for all her kinsmen. The union proved disastrous. With Gilbert dead through his own treachery, the threat of vengeance from King Henry loomed before Alana. She was forced to lie about his vassal's death, knowing that if she ever divulged the truth it would destroy them all. Alana's world nearly shattered on the day a commanding Norman knight rode through the castle gates. Paxton de Beaumont both intrigued and frightened her --- but he had come at his king's bidding to secure the old Norman fortress and to prove Alana a murderess. That Gilbert had drowned seemed doubtful. Yet Paxton was captivated by Alana's beauty, and, though her tears of bereavement shook him to his core, he questioned whether he could trust her. A stranger in this wild, hostile land, he was soon enraptured by a woman he must one day see hanged . . . or commit treason to love.

Related books

Masque of Enchantment (1990)

IN THE SCOTTISH BORDERLANDS, SHE WOVE A DESPERATE FICTION -- ONLY TO DISCOVER HER HEART'S DEAREST DREAM! Accused of murder, actress Alissa Ashford fled London for Scotland in the drab garb of a prim governess. Her employer, Jared Braxton, was supremely masculine and imperiously attractive, with a manner that sorely tested proud Alissa's assumed meekness. Yet despite their clashes of will, they were one in their devotion to Jared's little, girl whose soul was wounded by her mother's shocking death ... For the mahogany-maned beauty was not the only one with a secret within Hawkstone's magnificent walls. Jared, too, kept his brooding counsel. Driven by the passion that burned between them, he seized on an unforeseen discovery and forced Alissa to become his wife. Still they denied the tenderness that charged their desire ... until they were enmeshed in a deadly intrigue that threatened all they treasured!

Almost a Whisper (1994)

After the mysterious death of her father, Leah Balfour Dalton was destitute -- and desperate to rescue her orphaned sisters and brothers. In one daring moment, she seized a chance to pose as the niece of a wealthy solicitor, hoping to discover the truth about her father's forsaken legacy. At elegant Sinclair House in London, her masquerade began. Only the piercing gaze of Ian Sinclair, the Earl of Huntsford, could unmask her charade ... beginning with their first hungry, searching kiss.... Ian came from Falcon's Gate, his magnificent Scottish estate, to seek a wife amidst London's glittering balls. And, like the dark, winged creature for which his home was named, he swept down upon the golden-haired Leah. But a daunting shadow in the eyes of his lovely prey revealed her heart's deepest secrets -- secrets that must not come between a husband and his wife.... Risking her heart on an exquisite passion, Leah watched her happiness fall away like dust when the truth of her deception branded her an impostor and a thief. Banished to Scotland, she vowed to reclaim the love she could no longer deny ... a bond that lived beyond betrayal ... a love that would stand the test of all time.


A Heart So Innocent (1990)

UNITED BY CHANCE, THEY WERE MATCHED IN DANGEROUS PRIDE -- AND DESPERATE PASSION Queen Victoria herself had decreed it: Lady Aidan Prescott must marry. The girl was too wild -- a husband would settle her. But Aidan would never accept her irate father's choice, a wealthy older man who had already buried two wives. She fled London, placing her life in the hands of the arrogantly handsome young Duke of Westover, Justin Warfield, who was to escort her to a Scottish estate where a younger, more compliant bridegroom awaited. Warfield was fascinated by the copper-haired beauty ... torn between a surging desire for his naive, rebellious charge and the dark legacy which kept him from giving his heart to any woman. The sparks of fate ignited when Aidan's father forced them to marry. Furious, each vowed to live separate lives, refusing to yield to the desire that so urgently flamed between them. But not even the force of their combined wills could quench the inferno that raged in their souls...

Deeper Than Roses (1992)

Emerald eyes wide with terror, auburn hair streaming, exquisite Kristiana Harcourt fled into the night. Her noble father lay dead. With his murderer, Edward MacHugh, in hot pursuit, she galloped wildly to freedom only to fall into the arms of a golden-eyed Gypsy. Born of a Gypsy mother, Logan Chandler, true Earl of Muircairn, wore many disguises. Committed to a desperate plan, he was amazed to find that his love for this proud beauty ran even deeper than his lust for vengeance. Safe yet reviled as an alien among his people, Kristiana's trust in her virile protector would be sorely tested. Only in the face of certain death would she discover that they shared one heart ... and be forced to betray him. Returning to Castle Muircairn -- a woman wed to two men; one beloved, one abhorred -- her hope lay in the slender chance that Logan still lived. For only he could triumph over MacHugh's black treachery ... to reclaim the land and the love that was their radiant birthright.

Lord of Legend (1993) Дамата на лорда

Когато лично кралят изпраща Алекзандър Хоук в Северна Шотландия, разглезеният от ласките на красиви дами граф не знае, че пътуването към това забравено от Бога място е пътуваме към най-пламенната жена в живота му. До срещата им лейди Лохли се е чувствала защитена в замъка, пазен от верните й поданици, но стените му не са достатъчно високи, за да спрат полета на жарките чувства.

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