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Patricia Phillips


Royal Captive (1977)

ROYAL CAPTIVE chronicles her fabulous rise -- and the degradations and indignities she would survive . . . the cruel man who first possessed her body, and the young duke who would finally possess her heart. The story of Rosanna is a saga of triumph, of revenge, of court intrigues and unbridled lust -- and, most of all, the vivid, unforgettable romance of Rosanna and the magnificent Duke Paolo. Her name was Rosanna -- daughter of a witch, poverty-striken, but possessed of a fiery spirit and an unquenchable thirst for all life could offer. Young, innocent, with the guilelessness of a girl and the body of a woman. Rosanna was destined to climb to the dizzying heights of a 15th-century Italian court life.

Anise (1978)

LOVE THE CONQUEROR Proud, strong-willed and beautiful, no man could force Anise into submission or break her spirit. The invaders had seized her home, torn the man she loved from her arms. Now their leader had come to claim the richest prize--Anise herself. Every feeling within her should have raged at this man who had destroyed all that was dear to her And yet she found herself responding to his touch, her heart surrendering to the conqueror. From castles aglow with torchlit merriment to the stark drama of the battlefield-- the stirring novel of an age of conquest and the woman beloved by both victor and vanquished.

Love's Defiant Prisoner (1978)

To be the mistress of a great English country estate and the wife of a handsome nobleman would be enough for most women. But not for Rosslyn, the proud flashing eyed lady of Burton Hall, who felt the current of desire and daring surging within her, longing to burst free . . .

Captive Flame (1980)

WILD-HEARTED RAPTURE... Mistress of Hepburn Castle, as fiery as her flame-hued tresses, Janet was snatched from her bridegroom's arms and driven into the bed of her most dreaded foe -- Robert Gowrie. Raider, chieftain notorious lover, he claimed her body and soul. Not even the perfumed pleasure palace of an English lord could defend her from his conquest of her heart. The heather-strewn moors of Scotland were to ring with the clash of steel, thunder of a thousand hooves -- all in the name of their love.

Jenny (1981)

IN AN AGE OF GILDED PLEASURES HER BEAUTY WAS AS DANGEROUS AS IT WAS DESIRED... Bawdy Restoration England was no place for a chestnut-haired beauty like Jenny Dunn. Raised in country innocence, but forced to flee to London, Jenny found protection where she could -- with Manuel, the Gypsy who defied the laws of his tribe to possess the forbidden temptress ... with a mysterious imposter, a royal rake who could not resist glorious Jenny, but could not be faithful to any woman. But Jenny's true, unshakable love was for Kit Ashford, sea captain and nobleman, who stole her heart, and then returned to claim it -- only to find Jenny now beyond his reach, the mistress of his sovereign!

Touch Me With Fire (1982)

SHE WAS HIS PRISONER... The raven-haired Lady Marged Bowen and the conquering knight Rolfe de Bretayne had met as enemies when he invaded her windswept, brooding Wales. But Rolfe had taken more than her beloved Bowenford Castle: he had awakened her sleeping senses and claimed her body for his own. Now the passion that bound them tighter than any chains was being torn asunder, as destiny drove them across an England lit with fires of war, and she was fated to choose between her king, her country... and her

ravished, captured heart.

Marie Fleur (1983)

She was a golden-haired French emigree wed to one of Regency England's most eligible bachelors. She longed for the tender embraces of a loving man, but was destined to suffer danger and dishonor in her relentless search for love . . .

More Precious Than Gold (1985)

From London's fashionable drawing rooms to the wild Scottish highlands -- tempestuous Catrin Blair had pledged her hand to one man but that was before she lost her heart to the daring Scottish rebel, David Stewart. Drawn by love, driven by desire, she followed David on his doomed quest to put King Charles of Wales on the throne of England. But destiny -- and a ruthless rival -- threatened to rob Catrin of her love. Captured, tormented, ravaged, she is forced to make an impossible choice: betray her love or forfeit a treasure . . . More Precious Than Gold!

Flame of Love (1988)

Sir Jordan gallantly rescued the beautiful Lady Elinore from a band of outlaws. Then, one stormy night, he shared with her the secrets of love. But destiny and treachery tore the secret lovers apart, and swept Elinore from King Edward's second palace in Bordeaux to captivity in Gascony. As battles raged, she was kidnapped and betrayed, forced into slavery in the sensual Moorish garden of forbidden pleasure. Abandoned and alone, Elinore refused to surrender hope -- for she knew that one day her handsome, daring knight would return and claim his passionate lady . . . for all eternity!

Nightingale (1991)

From the grinding poverty of a remote coal-mining village...To the sensuous opulance of an Italian Villa...The bright flame of their love never wavered.... — In the sweet spring darkness of the Welsh countryside beautiful Mair Parry had given her innocence to the man she loved. Now, many months and many miles distant from that tender joining, she gazed once again into his dark eyes and seemed to see reflected there the bitter heartache that had separated them-the driving political ambition that had stopped him from making her his wife; the fierce pride that had pevented her from becoming his mistress. But here, hidden from the prying eyes of the world, Mair could not help succumbing to the simmering passion between them. No matter what the scandal when they faced society again, she must give their love a second chance....

The Rose and the Flame (1992)

SHE WAS A ROSE RIPE FOR THE PLUCKING . . . HE WAS A FLAME BURNING HOT WITH DESIRE . . . THEIRS WAS A LOVE THAT DEFIED THE WORLD . . . Sultry and exquisitely beautiful, Elena was sought after by every man in Mary Tudor's court, but only one held her heart. As golden as the sun, Luis de los Santos had given her a taste of ecstasy in his strong arms, but he offered illicit passion instead of a wedding ring. Driven apart by pride, they would be reunited by destiny on the sun-drenched plains of a Spanish rancho. Now Luis belonged to another, but his forbidden love for Elena knew no bounds, obeyed no strictures. Side by side, they would battle the dangers of their turbulent era and forge a new life together.

The Constant Flame (1993)

Facing the likelihood of an arranged marriage, Jessamyn Dacre, Lady of Curlew, vowed she would remain independent rather than find herself betrothed to someone she didn't love. Surely somewhere out there was a man as romantic and tender as those she had dreamt about. And then she met Rhys of Trevaron, and her heart was irretrievably lost. The dashing Welshman was everything she had ever hoped for, and in his arms she found a passion like none she had ever imagined. But their bliss would be short-lived. For even as civil war threatened to tear their land apart, wicked forces conspired to destroy the young couple's happiness. Battered and betrayed at every corner, Jessamyn and Rhys would have to cling to their newfound love as they sought to make a life together against the odds.

The Rose of Ravenscrag (1996) Розамунд

Розамунд - дъщеря на благородник и селянка - никога не е вярвала, че ще намери любовта в обятията на мъжа на мечтите си. Но колкото повече се разгаря страстта й към неустоимия лорд Хенри, толкова повече се усилва страхът й, че ще бъде разкрита тайната, която е обещала строго да пази...

Love Waits at Penrhyn (1997)

Dawn Reynolds visits the Welsh country village of Penrhyn, hoping to find Hugh Williams, a handsome man whom she met in London, only to find his older brother, an intense, dark-eyed man who gives her some shocking news about Hugh.

Bride of the Dragon (1998)

As the bravest knights in the land competed in Stoneham Magna's jousting tournament, Isobel marveled at their prowess. She was pleased when her stepbrother Lionel seemed to be winning the tourney, but her heart filled with dread when he was challenged by Morgan of Nels, the infamous Dragon Knight. To her horror, Lionel wagered all he owned on the match. And when the Dragon Knight proved the champion, Isobel suddenly found herself betrothed to the Welsh warrior.

The Sword and the Flame (2000)

The fire that rages in Adele St. Clare is unquenchable. The feisty redhead burns with anger when King John decrees she marry against her will. Then her bridal escort arrives-Rafe De Montford-and within her most secret places, the handsome swordsman ignites something hotter. But Rafe has been ordered to deliver her unto destruction, to a betrothed she cannot even respect-let alone love. And Rafe's strong arms dim any hopes she has of release. But his smoldering glances promise a future far brighter than escape. With one heated look the virile warrior captures her heart, and with one of the knight's fiery kisses, the headstrong beauty knows that from these sparks of desire will spring the flame of a love everlasting.

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