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Silhouette Christmas Stories 1986 (1986) Коледна магия '92 (with Nora Roberts, Maura Seger and Tracy Sinclair)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата Let it snow - Нека сипе сняг: Палавницата съдба среща Шели Грифин със Слейд Гарнър в една снежна буря. Слейд, както и Шели, трябва да стигне до Сиатъл след принудителното кацане на самолета...

Christmas Treasures (1992) (with Maura Seger)

My Valentine (1992) Празници на любовта '94 (with Katherine Arthur, Leigh Michaels and Peggy Nicholson)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата My Funny Valentune - Кавалер за празника: Даян Уилямс няма кавалер за тържеството по случай Деня на влюбените. Шансът я среща с един симпатичен непознат и тя му предлага да я придружи на празника. Той приема с готовност и случайността се превръща в съдбовно преживяване.

To Have and to Hold (1992) (with Barbara Bretton, Rita Clay Estrada, Sandra James)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата The Firs Man You Meet:Shelly Hansen was horrified when Great-Aunt Milly's infamous wedding dress arrived on Friday the thirteenth. Family legend said she'd marry the next man she met. So when she ran into handsome Mark Brady, Shelly told herself--and him--that she wasn't interested. But then she started seeing him everywhere.... Just coincidence?

To Mother With Love '93 (1993) (with Judith Duncan and Diana Palmer)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата The Apartment: No matter that Hilary Sullivan was twenty-four years old, played flute for the Portland Symphony and had her own apartment --- Hilary's mother was overprotective. So how was Hilary going to convince her that mother didn't know best when it came to having a macho army fly-boy for a roommate?

Little Matchmakers (1994) (with Barbara Bretton, Muriel Jensen)

Men in Uniform (1994) (with Kathleen Creighton, Lindsay McKenna)

Purrfect Love (1994) (with Linda Lael Miller and Patricia Simpson)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата Family Affair: A GOOD MAN IS HARD TO FIND He loves you unconditionally. He curls up with you in bed at night and doesn't steal the covers. He greets you at the door every time you come home. He lets you talk on and on about your dreams, your desires, your ambitions, and never interrupts. He doesn't play with the remote control. His only demand is that you love him and feed him. The only problem is...he's a cat. Enter a world of passion, intrigue, and romance where, with just the right cat-alyst, true love reigns.

Always and Forever (1995) (with Bethany Campbell, Jasmine Cresswell)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата

Christmas Kisses (1996) (with Linda Howard and Linda Turner)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата Silver Bells: Celebrate the magic of Christmas with the Manning family. .

It wasn't easy for Phillip Lark to single-handedly raise his rambunctious teenage daughter. But the girl had hatched a plot to find her father a wife, and lovely Carrie Weston seemed to fit the bill. Phillip claimed he wasn't interested in remarriage, but would the magic of the holiday season--and Carrie's wonderful charms--help him change his mind?

Home For Christmas (1996) (with Anne McAllister and Shannon Waverly)

Three Mothers and a Cradle (1996) (with Jill Marie Landis and Gina Ferris Wilkins (Gina Wilkins))

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата Rock-A-Bye Baby: Take one very special baby cradle, carved long ago with love and care... And you get three romantic stories celebrating the joys of motherhood in one treasured collection. Debbie Macomber, bestselling author, has written a touching story of a jilted bride longing for marriage and motherhood.

Runaway Brides (1996) (with Annette Broadrick and Paula Detmer Riggs)

A Spring Bouquet (1996) (with Jo Beverley, Rebecca Brandewyne, Janet Dailey)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата The Marrying Kind: Katie Kern and Jason Ingram were high school sweethearts...until Katie's wealthy parents put an end to their elopment. Now, a decade later, Jason is days away from marrying another woman. But Katie walks back into his life...and the years magically melt away.

Harlequin (1997) (with Linda Howard and Diana Palmer)

That Summer Place (1998) (with Jill Barnett and Susan Wiggs)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата Private Paradise: Rainshadow Lodge may be on a secluded island with blue skies and crystal waters, but surely that isn't enough to make three mismatched couples jump over their differences and into each other's arms. After all, what could a socialite and a handyman have in common? How could a workaholic and a free spirit ever compromise? And why would a perfectly nice woman overcome a bad first impression made by a grumpy stranger? Must be in something in the air.

The Father Factor (1998) (with Ann Major and Diana Palmer)

The Power of Love (1999) (with Jayne Ann Krentz and Diana Palmer)

Through the Years (1999) (with Linda Howard and Fern Michaels)

Born in a Small Town (2000) (with Judith Bowen, Janice Kay Johnson)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата Midnight Sons and Daughters, която се явява седма книга в поредицата Midnight Sons

Holiday Blessings (2000) (with Irene Hannon and Jane Peart)

Tender Love Stories (2001) (with Patricia Knoll and Diana Palmer)

Midnight Clear (2001) (with Stella Bagwell, Lindsay McKenna)

Sealed with a Kiss (2002) (with Judith Bowen, Helen Brooks)

A Christmas To Remember (2004) (with Betty Neels and Jessica Steele)

Their New Year Babies (2004) (with Marie Ferrarella)

Kiss Me Again (2005) (with Suzanne Forster, Lori Foster, Lisa Jackson)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата The Marrying Kind

Hearts Divided (2006) (with Lois Faye Dyer and Katherine Stone)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата 5-B Poppy Lane, която се явява шеста книга от поредицата Cedar Cove

Soldiers' Brides (2007) (with Lois Faye Dyer and Katherine Stone)

Almost Home (2009) (with Mary Carter, Judy Duarte, Cathy Lamb)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата The Marrying Kind

That Holiday Feeling (2009) (with Robyn Carr and Sherryl Woods)

Sleigh Bells and Wedding Rings (2009) (with Jessica Hart and Betty Neels)


Ready for Love (1999)

At the tender age of 14, Jessica Kellerman was wildly infatuated with Evan Dryden. But that was just a teenage crush...although it made quite an impact at the time. Now, almost 10 years later, she's in love-truly in love-with his older brother, Damian. But everyone, including Damian, believes she's carrying a torch for Evan! Mary Jo Summerhill is the woman in love with Evan. But her background's blue-collar, while Evan's is blue blood. So three years ago she got out of his life-and broke his heart. Now she needs his help. More than that, she wants his love. She wants a second chance with Evan....

More Than Words, Volume 2: What Amanda Wants / The Yellow Ribbon / The Way Home / Shelter from the Storm / Into the Groove (2005) (with Beverly Barton, Jasmine Cresswell, Julie Elizabeth Leto and Sharon Sala)

В този сборник Деби участва с новелата What Amanda Wants, която се явява трета в поредицата Knitting Books (Blossom Street)


Nine Months Later

Because of the Baby (1996)

Lonely men in Hard Luck, Alaska, looking for women. Our town might be cold, but our hearts are warm! Location: north of the Arctic Circle. Population: 150 (mostly men!) But the three O'Halloran brothers, who run a bush-plane charter service called Midnight Sons, are heading a campaign to bring women to town. Matt Caldwell, Charles O'Halloran's brother-in-law, is an easygoing charmer, still in love with his ex-wife. Karen's still in love with him, too. Her reaction to him the night of his sister's wedding certainly proved that. It also left her pregnant.. Now Matt wants her to marry him again - and not just because of the baby!

Men: Made in America

2. Borrowed Dreams: Alaska (1985)

As the new assistant manager of an Alaskan freight company, Carly Grieves had a lot to get used to-especially with a man like Brand St. Clair around to keep her on her toes. The rugged daredevil pilot had an uncanny knack for unsettling her completely. But the memory of Brand's first wife was competition she just didn't need, and Carly had vowed never to take second best in anything. Yet how could they be just friends when his touch left her wanting so much more?

That Special Woman!

Hasty Wedding (1993)

Clare Gilroy was sunshine and rainbows - and strictly no dice to darkly taciturn Reed Tonasket, whose Native American blood made him a misfit in her lily-white world. Damning his forbidden passion, safeguarding theharsh solitude of his soul, Reed vowed to steer clear of the tempting Anglo. Until a Las Vegas evening - and a dizzying spin of fortune - cast him into Clare's arms...

Baby Blessed (1994)

A cherished wife, a husband deeply loved. And a baby who made Molly Larabee's golden circle complete. Until the tiniest link gave way...crushing her marriage beneath an avalanche of grief. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, Jordan claimed one last night of her passion. Shadowed by memories, they created hope for tomorrow. But would this new life bring only new sadness...or prove a baby blessed?

Same Time, Next Year (1995)

That sparkly New Year's Eve in Vegas, dignified Judge James Wilkens impulsively rescued a most seductive damsel in distress. And one unforgettable night with Summer Lawton had him vowing to meet her at the same time, the same place, the next year... But even twice was not enough. So sober James impulsively made free-spirited Summer his wife. But with all the odds against his sudden, breathless love, would lames still be kissing Summer at the same time next year?

Back To The Ranch

Lone Star Lovin' (1993)

The Lucky Horseshoe Ranch, near pepper, Texas.

Cody Bailman-He's a hardworking, good looking rancher--who has neither the time nor the patience for "courtin' a woman". Fortunately--or unfortunately!--Cody's twelve year old daughter, Heather, is determined to teach him about romance. Because she's got her eye on newcomer Sherry Waterman as the woman who's "just perfect for dad." Sherry Waterman-She's discovering that Texan men truly are a breed apart. Especially the stubborn Cody Bailman. She's definitely attracted to the man--in fact, she's darn close to falling in love with him--but she'd like a little romance first !

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