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Добрите стари приказки... И ето ги, увековечени за пореден път, вплетени в сюжети на романи. :mark:

Alice in Wonderland

Through the Looking Glass (1990) by Kay Hooper

Beauty & the Beast

The Quantum Rose (2000) by Catherine Asaro - Romantic Science Fiction

Winter Garden (2000) by Adele Ashworth - European Historical

The Beauty (2001) by Claire Delacroix - Medieval

Enchanted (1997) by Claire Delacroix - Medieval

The Brain and the Beauty (7/2002) by Betsy Eliot

Taming the Beast (4/2001) by Amy J. Fetzer

Completely Smitten (2002) by Kristine Grayson - Paranormal Romance

Beauty and the Baron (2003) by Deborah Hale - European Historical

The Vampire Viscount (1995) by Karen Harbaugh - Regency

The Lady and the Lion (10/1990) by Kay Hooper

To Beguile a Beast (2009) by Elizabeth Hoyt - European Historical

Beast (1997) by Judith Ivory - European Historical

Entwined (1997) by Emma Jensen - European Historical

DeButy and the Beast (2002) by Linda Jones - American Historical

Wilde at Heart (2/1993) by Janice Kaiser По закона на сърцето

The Fire Rose (1995) by Mercedes Lackey - American Historical/Fantasy

With This Kiss (1999) by Victoria Lynne - European Historical

Beauty (1978) by Robin McKinley - Young Adult/Fantasy

The Bride and the Beast (2000) by Teresa Medeiros - European Historical Драконът със зелените очи

Yours Until Dawn (2004) by Teresa Medeiros - European Historical Твой завинаги

Whispers in the Woods (1/1994) by Helen R. Myers

Roses Have Thorns (9/1991) by Betty Neels И розите имат бодли

Too Perfect (2005) by Julie Ortolon

Ravished (1992) by Amanda Quick - European Historical Красавицата и звярът

Midnight Angel (2005) by Lisa Marie Rice

Lover Awakened (2006) by J.R. Ward - Alternate Reality Пробудена любов БЧК 3

A Rose in Winter (1982) by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss - European Historical Роза през зимата


Seige of Hearts (1999) by June Calvin - Regency

The Damsel (1999) by Claire Delacroix - Medieval

Crazy for Cornelia (2000) by Chris Gilson - Fiction

Tallie's Knight (2000) by Anne Gracie - Regency

The Beloved One (1998) by Danelle Harmon - American Historical

Invitation to the Boss's Ball (9/2009) by Fiona Harper

Cinderella's Wedding Wish (3/2009) by Jessica Hart

The Glass Slipper (11/1989) by Kay Hooper

Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind (1998) by Carla Kelly - Regency

With this Ring (1997) by Carla Kelly - Regency

Once upon a Dream (1997) by Katherine Kingsley - European Historical

Cinderella at the Firecracker Ball (11/1993) by Julie Kistler

The Fairy Godmother (2004) by Mercedes Lackey - Paranormal Romance

The Cad (1998) by Edith Layton - European Historical

Charming the Prince (1999) by Teresa Medeiros - Medieval

An Offer from a Gentleman (2001) by Julia Quinn - European Historical Джентълменско предложение

The Winning Hand (1998) by Nora Roberts Джакпот

The Prince and the Showgirl (8/1993) by JoAnn Ross Принцът и актрисата

Look of Love (1999) by Linda Sandoval

A Glimpse of Heaven (1995) by Barbara Dawson Smith - European Historical

Nine Coaches Waiting (1958) by Mary Stewart

Cupid & Psyche

Shimmering Splendor (1995) by Roberta Gellis - Fantasy

Between the Mountain and the Moon in Over the Moon (2007) by Virginia Kantra

The Frog Prince

Dr. Hunk (4/1993) by Glenda Sanders

Goldilocks & the Three Bears

In Papa Bear's Bed (11/1997) by Judy Christenberry

Someone's Been Sleeping in My Bed (1996) by Linda Jones - American Historical

Hades & Persephone

The Hollow Kingdom (2004) by Clare B. Dunkle - Young Adult/Fantasy

Dazzling Brightness (1994) by Roberta Gellis - Fantasy

Hansel & Gretel

Into the Woods (2001) by Linda Jones - American Historical

Jack & the Beanstalk

Jackie and the Giant (1999) by Linda Jones - American Historical

The Princess & the Pea

When It's Right (6/1993) by Gina Wilkins


One Night for Love (1999) by Mary Balogh - European Historical

Prospero's Daughter (1991) by Nancy Butler - Regency

My Fair Gentleman (10/1996) by Jan Freed

Magic Mountain (10/1999) by Susan Hardy

Female Intelligence (2001) by Jane Heller - Fiction

The Proposition (1999) by Judith Ivory - European Historical

Voices of the Night (2007) by Lydia Joyce - European Historical

Nobody Does It Better (2/2000) by Julie Kenner

Where Dreams Begin (2000) by Lisa Kleypas - European Historical

The Wedding Night Affair (8/1999) by Miranda Lee

A Stranger's Wife (1999) by Maggie Osborne - American Historical

Lady of the Knight (1999) by Tori Phillips - Medieval

Loving Julia (1986) by Karen Robards - European Historical

Body Electric (2002) by Susan Squires - Science Fiction Romance

Halfway to Heaven (2001) by Susan Wiggs - American Historical


Once Upon a Time...Golden Threads (9/1989) by Kay Hooper

The Millionaire Next Door (10/2003) by Kara Lennox

Night Watch (10/1993) by Carla Neggers Нощен страж

Robin Hood

Hoodwinked (6/1993) by Caroline Burnes

In the Shadow of Midnight (1994) by Marsha Canham - Medieval

The Last Arrow (1997) by Marsha Canham - Medieval

Queen of the May (1997) by Denee Cody - Medieval

Outlaw (1995) by Susan Lynn Crose - Medieval

The Baron (1999) by Juliana Garnett - Medieval

The Irish Rogue (1999) by Emma Jensen - Regency

What a Scoundrel Wants (2008) by Carrie Lofty - Medieval

Lady of the Forest (1992) by Jennifer Roberson - Medieval

Lady of Sherwood (1999) by Jennifer Roberson - Medieval

Passion and Pleasure in London (2008) by Melody Thomas - European Historical


The Missing Heir (3/1993) by Leandra Logan

Sleeping Beauty

Enchantment (1999) by Orson Scott Card

Once upon a Kiss (1998) by Claire Cross - Paranormal Romance

Wake Me with a Kiss (7/1997) by Emily Dalton

Beauty Sleep (2002) by Cameron Dokey - Young Adult/Fantasy

Thoroughly Kissed (2001) by Kristine Grayson - Paranormal Romance

Utterly Charming (2000) by Kristine Grayson - Paranormal Romance

Prince Charming's Child (7/1999) by Jennifer Greene

Cupid's Kiss (1999) by Karen Harbaugh - Regency

What Dreams May Come (3/1990) by Kay Hooper

Sleeping Beauty (1998) by Judith Ivory - European Historical

A Kiss to Remember (2001) by Teresa Medeiros - European Historical

Tam Lin

Tam Lin (1991) by Pamela Dean

Midsummer's Night's Magic in Man of My Dreams (2004) by Virginia Kantra

The Perilous Gard (1974) by Elizabeth Marie Pope - Young Adult/Fantasy

The Ugly Duckling

The Skeleton in the Closet (2001) by M.C. Beaton

A Thing of Beauty (2000) by Casey Claybourne - European Historical

The Aristocrat (9/1986) by Catherine Coulter Аристократът

One Christmas Knight (12/1997) by Kathleen Creighton

Under the Kissing Bough (2001) by Shannon Donnelly - Regency

The Perfect Wife (2000) by Jane Goodger - American Historical

Jemima J (1999) by Jane Green - Fiction

Kiss Your Prince Charming (10/1999) by Jennifer Greene

Plain Jane Marries the Boss (1/2000) by Elizabeth Harbison

Open Season (2001) by Linda Howard

One-Hit Wonder (2002) by Lisa Jewell - Fiction

The Rake and the Wallflower (2001) by Allison Lane - Regency

The Chance (12/1997) by Edith Layton- European Historical

Emma and the Earl (1996) by Paula Marshall

Second Sight (7/1993) by Lynn Michaels

Temporary Daddy (8/1998) by Jennifer Mikels

Heaven, Texas (1995) by Susan Elizabeth Phillips Рай в Тексас

Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (2002) by Julia Quinn - European Historical За завладееш мистър Бриджъртън

The Last Rogue (1998) by Deborah Simmons - European Historical

Alice at Heart (2002) by Deborah Smith - Paranormal Romance

Never Been Kissed (1/2001) by Linda Turner

In Her Shoes (2002) by Jennifer Weiner - Fiction Нищо общо

The Charm School (1999) by Susan Wiggs - American Historical

Summer at Willow Lake (2006) by Susan Wiggs

The Cinderella Solution (2000) by Cathy Yardley

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Много ми харесват приказни романи. :) Даже скоро прочетох два Кристалната пантофка и Теменужки в снега. В едната има вълшебна кръстница , а в другата ангел хранител.

Ще си запиша заглавията от тази статия и ако ми попадне нещо на български или руски бих го прочела с удоволствие.

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