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My opinion is that my handle or nick name is not Nakomoto but Nakamoto. It does not mean Wise central foundation, but it means 'The (crystal) clear wisdom is in the heart' Additional it is an alternation of a caeserian cypher of my real name, combined with a lot effort to Japanese words.

I did post to boards through TOR, combined with some openproxies in Japan and London. I had no contact at all with Mr King, Oksman and Bry.

But I did speak with some people in the P2Pfoundation, metzdowd, cDc and Cypherpunk.

I did register and payed initially bitcoin.com with Internic but I did transfer that to those who made the foundation.

Dorian was a victim of a media hype. I used my mailbox to counter that claim, afterwards I did lock that mailbox.

Afterwards it was expired. Someone else did register and did play games because it was a free gmx account (Germany)

We do use British English in our country, but I speak Dutch.

I did post several times on boards such as bitcoinfoundation and some did notice, at moments, the 'style' of the language did change.

The reason for that was, at moments, Hal did use my account to post comments.

We did work as a very close team but he was unaware of my real name.

When Hal did pass over, there was a major attempt to use a 'step-in', but that person did not own my private keys, not my PGP key 0x5EC948A1 ,

neither the private key of my wallet or the genesisblock.

Inside the genesis block I did encode my real name inside 0xf9beb4d9.

I took additional steps to claim my right on copyright of my bitcoin.pdf

When another fake satoshi did pop up (Craigh) I started to twitter @nihsotas a lot to present inside information and the result was clear.

I built in too much security mechanism so nobody can claim to be me in the final end.

So this information is as it is, until I feel the need to sign a message with the genesis-block or with my PGP keys (published in MiT PGP key database), including some other proof I registered.

This is enough for now, take it, well, as a good story and a possibility.

Fair enough.








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