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Музикален кът - Инструментална музика за ценители


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Реших да сглобя компилация от любимата си инструментална музика и да я публикувам в своя дневник. Надявам се ви допадне ;)

Instrumentals Vol.1



01. Surrender

02. Breathing Below Surface

03. Dzhessy Cook - Solnechniy Zontik

04. Jesse Cook - Luna Llena

05. Azul

06. Cascada

07. Blonker - Fantasia

08. Nicolas De Angelis - Jalouse Andalouse

09. Gipsy Kings - Inspiration

10. Antonio Cobo - Piano

11. Shahin & Sepehr - Nature Boy

12. Ottmar Liebert - Heart Still Beating

13. Gypsy King - Moorea

14. Gypsy King - Bosamba

15. Malaguena

16. Closer To Madness (Live)

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В допълнение, за хората, които още не са имали възможността да се докоснат до класическите преработки на Gustavo Montesano, добавям един невероятен негов албум...

Gustavo Montesano - Fantasia Flamenca


Born in Buenos Aires, Gustavo Montesano's first contact with music came at the age of six, through the piano lessons he received from his mother. He became familiar with all the piano classics - Mozart, Beethoven, even Chopin - at a very early age, and went on to study piano at the Buenos Aires Academy of Music. At the same time he was deeply influenced by the English rock bands - Genesis, Yes, ELP and others - who were successfully mixing rock and classical music at the time.

Aged ten, he took up his first guitar and began listening to flamenco players like Manitas de Plata and Paco de LucГ­a. He was hypnotised by the singing of CamarГіn de la Isla - and was also very taken by such blues guitarists as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. So these are his basic influences: the classics, flamenco and the blues.

At 15 he assembled his first band - rock- and blues-orientated - with whom he started to develop his own compositions, playing electric guitar in a very personal style and mixing all three influences. At 18 he signed his first recording contract with RCA Argentina; the band was named Crucis and produced by Jorge Alvarez. It made a huge impact, playing at the largest venues, such as the Luna Park boxing stadium, the Gran Rex and the Opera Theatre, and touring throughout Argentina and Brazil, where the album was also released. Gustavo made two albums with the band, and one as a solo artist - on which all the big names in Argentinian rock and jazz were invited to play.

Searching for new personal and musical experiences, at 22 he moved to New York, where he had the opportunity of seeing all his favourite artists live, and of jamming with American musicians and performing in small clubs around the East Coast. At 24, after two years in the USA, he moved to Madrid, where he contacted Jorge Alvarez again; together they worked on a pop project named OlГ© OlГ© - the band was a huge commercial success in Latin America, Spain and Italy, releasing seven albums - two on CBS, five on EMI - and touring widely through all the Latin world.

During his time in Spain Gustavo met the flamenco and gypsy music world in Granada, Sevilla and other southern cities, while still listening to and playing his classical favourites. A great idea came from Jorge Alvarez: Why not a fusion between flamenco and the classics? Would that be possible? The first demo recordings went smoothly and easily, and the best musicians from both worlds were invited to perform with Gustavo. The basic flamenco recording was made in Madrid and the classical sounds were recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London.

Flamenco Fantasy is the result.


* 01 Tango Adagio [Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni: Adagio in G minor] (6.06 Мб)

* 02 Moonlight Rhumba [Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for Piano No. 14, ‘Moonlight’] (8.37 Мб)

* 03 Solea Canon [Johann Pachelbel: Canon and Gigue in D] (7.42 Мб)

* 04 Rumba Allegro [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Symphony No. 40] (8.23 Мб)

* 05 Tango Aria [Johann Sebastian Bach: Orchestral Suites,’Air on the G String’] (5.04 Мб)

* 06 Tango Serenata [Franz Schubert: Schwanengesang,’Swan Song’] (6.67 Мб)

* 07 Buleria Adagio [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concert No. 21,’Elvira Madigan’] (6.48 Мб)

* 08 Andante Rumba [Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 5,’Reformation’] (4.04 Мб)

* 09 Fandango For Elise [Ludwig van Beethoven: Bagatelles, Fur Elise] (4.34 Мб)

* 10 Flamenco Bolero [Maurice Ravel: Bolero] (8.03 Мб)

* 11 Primavera Tango [Antonio Vivaldi: Concertos for Violin & Strings,’The Four Seasons’] (6.09 Мб)



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