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Дебра Диър


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Debra Dier - Бивш мениджър в обработката на данни, Дебра Диър напуска реалността на битове и байтове, за да следва мечтите си за създаване на измислени сфери на приключения и романтика. Въпреки че е родена и израснала в Ниагара Фолс, Ню Йорк, тя в момента се намира близо до Сейнт Луис, Мисури. Живее със съпруга си Дон и техния ирландски сетер, който поддържа чувството й за хумор всеки ден.



1. A Quest of Dreams (1994) Мечтание

В джунглите на Амазонка съдбите на археоложката Кейт и авантюриста Девлин се сплитат страстна епопея на любовта и предизвикателството. И двамата имат една обща цел - древния Авалон - града на атлантите. Откритията, които ще направят там, ще променят живота и на двамата.

2. Deceptions and Dreams (1994)

Sarah Van Horne could outwit any scoundrel who tried to cheat her in business. But she was no match for the dangerously handsome burglar she caught in her New York City town house. Although she knew she ought to send the suave rogue to the rock pile for life, she couldn't help being disappointed that he was after a golden trinket--and not her virtue. Confident, crafty, and devilishly charming, Lord Austin Sinclair always got what he wanted. He wouldn't let a locked door prevent him from obtaining the medallion he had long sought, nor the pistol Sarah aimed at his head. But the master seducer never expected to be tempted by an untouched beauty, if he wasn't careful, he'd lose a lot more than his heart before Sarah was done with him.

3. The Sorcerer's Lady (1995)

Victorian debutante Laura Sullivan couldn't believe her eyes. Aunt Sophie's ancient spell had conjured up the man of Laura's dreams -- and deposited a half-naked barbarian in the library of her Boston home. With his bare chest and sheathed broadsword, the dark haired giant was a tempting study in Viking maleness, but hardly the proper blue blood Laura was supposed to marry. An accomplished sorcerer, Connor had traveled through the ages to reach his soul mate, the bewitching woman who had captured his heart. But Beacon Hill wasn't ninth-century Ireland, and Connor's powers were useless if he couldn't convince Laura that love was stronger than magic and she was destined to become... THE SORCERER's LADY.


1. Devil's Honor (1998)

DEVIL'S KISS When Isabel Darracott went to London to meet her guardian, the Duke of Marlow, she never expected to be ravished in the library by a half-clad barbarian--or that the rogue would turn out to be the duke himself! Though she found herself devastated by his kisses, prim-and-proper Isabel knew she could not give in to temptation... for he was the devil in a very handsome disguise. ANGEL'S TOUCH Known as the Devil of Dartmoor--the most man in London--Justin Trevelyan preferred the company of widows and prostitutes to the charms of innocents. The last thing he needed was this impertinent maiden and her two young sisters under his wardship. Yet from the moment he laid eyes on Isabel, he was captivated by her sweet beauty and somehow needed to protect her as well as possess her. But before he could gain an angel's trust, he'd have to prove his...DEVIL'S HONOR

2. Saint's Temptation (1998)

A man hardened by war must fight to resist the temptation of the only woman he has ever loved, the one woman who broke his heart. After his young love Marisa Grantham ended their engagement, Clayton Trevelyan, Earl of Huntingdon, had no intention of letting another woman close to his heart again. Seven years later, the army had hardened him from the shy scholar he once was, and he knew just what he needed in a bride: She must be quiet, dignified, intelligent, and above all, have no illusions of marrying for affection. Allowing himself to taste the forbidden fruit of Marisa's desire had proved much too dangerous. When Marisa overheard two men discussing plans to murder Clayton, she swore she would do anything to keep the stubborn earl alive. She was no longer the naive young woman who had allowed her one and only love to walk away; she would not lose him a second time. But when breaking through his heart's defenses proved as difficult as outsmarting a murderer, Marisa knew she would have to use all her feminine wiles to tempt a saint.


Surrender the Dream (1993)

A proper Victorian lady is taught a lesson in love by a roguish Texan. THE ICE PRINCESS Jilted long ago by her fiance, Victoria Granger dedicated her life to helping San Francisco's less fortunate -- until her father threatened to disinherit her if she didn't wed by her next birthday. Resigned to making a loveless match, Torrie had no way of knowing that the husband she chose could truly be the love of her life. One look at Torrie told Spence Kincaid that the cool beauty had more to offer than her proposal to be his bride in name only. Honor forced the handsome Texan to agree to a temporary marriage with the beguiling spinster. But burning desire convinced him that together they could surrender all dreams and capture a life far more rewarding than any fantasy.

Shadow of the Storm (1993) Сянката на бурята

Той е смелият герой от нейните детски представи, на когото тя с желание би отдала девствеността си в една изгаряща от страсти нощ. Но когато, след горчиво недоразумение, Йан Тремейн безскрупулно я изоставя, Сабрина О'Нийл се заклева да отмъсти на красивия янки. Решена да отмъсти, Сабрина дръзва да рискува и маскирана се впуска в бляскавия свят на Ню Йоркското висше общество. Но мъжествения Тремейн е не само подготвен за предизвикателството, но и за нещо повече. Заедно, те попадат в една опасна игра на смъртоносна илюзия и пронизващо желание, която ще разобличи добре маскираната фасада на Сабрина и ще погуби живота и на двамата.

MacLaren's Bride (1996)

She was a challenge to the gentlemen of the ton, for it was said she could freeze a man with a single glance of her green eyes. Meg Drummond wanted nothing to do with love -- not when she'd seen her own parents' marriage fall apart. And though she'd promised to marry an Englishman to spite her father, she had yet to find someone to win her stubborn heart. No one excited her senses until Alec MacLaren charged back into her life, unexpectedly awakening her deep-seated passions with his wicked Highland ways. Alec kidnapped and married her out of loyalty to her father, but once he felt her tantalizing body against him he ached to savor all of her. He knew he needed to break through the wall of ice around her heart, gain her trust, and awaken her desire to truly make her .... MacLaren's Bride.

Scoundrel (1996)

BOLD IMPOSTOR Emily Maitland didn't wish to rush into a match with one of the insipid fops she met in London. But since her parents insisted she choose suitor immediately, she gave her hand to Major Sheridan Blake. The gallant officer was everything Emily desired in a man: He was charming, dashing -- and completely imaginary. Happy to be married to a fictitious husband, Emily certainly never expected a counterfeit Major Blake to appear in the flesh and claim her as his bride. Determined t o expose the handsome rogue without revealing her own masquerade, Emily didn't count on being swept up in the most fascinating intrigue of all: passionate love.

Lord Savage (1996)


Lady Elizabeth Barrington was sent to Colorado to find the Marquess of Angelstone, the grandson of an English duke who had disappeared during an attack by renegade Indians. But the only thing she discovered was Ash MacGregor, a bounty-hunting rogue who took great pleasure residing in the back of a bawdy house. Convinced that his rugged good looks resembled those of the noble family, Elizabeth vowed she would prove to him that aristocratic blood did pulse through his veins. And in six months' time, she would make him into a proper man. But the more she tried to show him which fork to use or how to help a lady into he carriage, the more she yearned to be caressed by this virile stranger, touched by this beautiful barbarian, embraced by ... Lord Savage.

Beyond Forever (1999)

THROUGH THE MISTS OF TIME 1999. He appeared to her out of the swirling fog on the cliff's edge, a ghostly figure who seemed somehow larger than life. Dark, handsome, blatantly male, he radiated the kind of confidence that led men into battle and women into reckless choices. But independent-minded Julia Fairfield wasn't about to be coerced into anything, especially not a jaunt across the centuries in search of a miracle. 1818. Abducted from her own time, Julia found herself face-to-face with this flesh and blood incarnation. Gavin MacKinnon was as confounded as Julia about her place in his life, but after a night of passion, they learned that their destinies were inextricably bound together, no matter what the time or place.

MacKenzie's Magic (2001)

Jane was too practical to believe in wishing on a star. But after she was forced to marry Dominic Stanbridge--the most notorious rake in London--she would try just about anything to find the true love she had read of in her romances. Steeling herself against the scoundrel's wiles, she promised to thwart his attempts at seduction. Yet nothing could have prepared her for her husband's abrupt about face the morning after their wedding. Suddenly the city's fashion plate is running about clad in only his silk robe, speaking in a strange Scottish accent, and claiming to have never seen a fork. Jane can't possibly believe what he says: that he is Colin MacKenzie, a Scottish earl who lived 300 years ago. Nor can she believe the spine-tingling attraction she feels for the man she has sworn to hate. But then, Jane never believed she could be bewitched, and suddenly she is at the mercy of ... MacKenzie's magic.

Dangerous (2002)

AMOROUS Only a fool acted on emotion, but that was exactly what the Marquess of Andover had done when he allowed a mysterious beauty to lure him to her home. No sooner had he decided she was the most appealing female he'd ever met, than the young lady drew a pistol an demanded he confess to the abduction of her missing cousin. ADVENTUROUS As a confirmed spinster who had handled her family's affairs for years, Emma Wakefield felt she was more than equal to the task of apprehending her cousin's kidnapper. But when the marquess escaped from her cellar and appeared in her bedroom, insisting that he would find the true culprit, Emma knew the tables had turned. For the first time, her life was quite out of her control, and unless she could resist his potent sensuality, this adventure promised to become deliciously ...Dangerous


Christmas Angels (1995) (with Eugenia Riley, Amy Elizabeth Saunders and Trana Mae Simmons)

В този сборник Дебра участва с новелата The Trouble With Hannah: England 1887. A mysterious governess uses her heavenly powers to help a lovely spinster reform her mischievous niece and win the heart of the peer she has always desired.

Holiday Inn (1996) (with Linda Jones, Ruth Langan and Linda Madl)

В този сборник Дебра участва с новелата Rachel's Hero: The Freedom Inn--Port Freedom, New Hampshire Across the centuries, the warmth of its hearth brings true hearts together at Christmastime.

1889 Forcing one's sister into a loveless marriage was less than Rachel Stark's idea of chivalry--and yet the virile T. S. Beauchamp was doing precisely that. The entrepreneur was certainly handsome, but was he valiant enough to prove that he could be not only a breathtaking lover, but also live up to being "Rachel's Hero?"

My Scottish Summer (2001) (with Patti Berg, Connie Brockway and Kathleen Givens)

В този сборник Дебра участва с новелата The Maddening Highlander: Ann Fitzpatrick is an archeology professor come to Scotland on a quest for treasure and a legend. Iain Matheson is something of a playboy, known as much for his adventures with the ladies as his advances in his film production company. The two team up to solve the mystery of some hidden family treasures. But they uncover a lot more than that... they find a hidden passion as well.

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