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Джанел Тейлър


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Janelle Taylor - Джанел Даян Уилямс е родена на 28.06.1944г. През 1965г. се омъжва за Майкъл Тейлър, с когото имат две дъщери - Анжела и Алиша. Публикува първия си роман през далечната вече 1981 г. Тя е авторка на десетки романи, групирани в няколко поредици, а също и на много романи.


Kiss of the...

1. Kiss of the Night Wind (1989)

Това е книга трета от поредицата Western Wind. Става въпрос за една и съща книга!

2. Kiss of the Christmas Wind (1991) (in Christmas Rendezvous)

As newlyweds Carrie Sue and Thad Jamison plan their first Christmas together, Thad must leave to track a gang of vicious bank robbers through the Montana wilderness. Will he return in time to receive a very special Christmas gift?

Grey Eagle

1. Savage Ecstasy (1981)

It was like lightning, the first time they looked into each other's eyes: Gray Eagle, the captured Indian brave, and Alisha, the beautiful young settler. As the proud Oglala warrior was being tortured by his white captors, only Alsiha seemed to notice he was a human being - handsome and strong, and one who took her breath away. But if Alisha could have read Gray Eagle's thoughts she would have been even more disturbed...Because from the moment he saw her, the Indian knew he had to possess the fair-skinned one - and his life would not be complete until he had made her his slave!

2. Defiant Ecstasy (1982)

The longer Alisha Williams remained at Fort Pierre, the more she hoped her redskinned lover would rescue her from the taunts and tirades of the white pioneers. They would never let her forget she had been the mistress of the infamous savage warrior, Gray Eagle. As if the auburn-haired beauty could forget! Each night, Alisha sweetly remembered Gray Eagle's bold caresses, burning kisses, his blazing passion. Each day, she scanned the vast horizon in hopes her Oglala brave would recapture her. Then one clay, as she beheld the blue skies of the wild frontier, Alisha saw hundreds of Indian warriors riding to the gates of Fort Pierre -- and at their head was the fierce Gray Eagle. Though her most fervent prayers had been answered, Alisha's heart skipped a beat: would Gray Eagle destroy her -- or make her destiny his own?

3. Forbidden Ecstasy (1982)

ALISHA was silk and satin, honey and fire. Never before did the possession of a man fill her with such excitement as-when she held her handsome Indian lover in her arms. That she was a white woman living in the red man's worb did not matter. They had promised each other their hearts forever -- nothing could keep them apart. GRAY EAGLE was fierce and gentle, powerful and possessive. He would never forsake his bride of two moons; he would never let her go. But when Alisha awoke to dawn's first light her bronze-skinned warrior was gone. Her lips were swollen from his savage kisses; her body bruised from his brutal passion -- and still she longed for him. Lost between two worlds, she was desperate and alone. Betrayed by her savage lover, she hungered for their FORBIDDEN ECSTASY

4. Brazen Ecstasy (1983) Нежни екстази

Четири години зеленооката Алиша Уилямс е принцеса Шали, обожавана жена на вожда Сивия орел. Но, завидяла на тяхната съвършена любов, съдбата решава да ги раздели - зашеметена Алиша изчезва в кипящите води на реката. Напразно Сивия Орел се опитва да разбере дали тя е жива. Непрестанните терзания на самотното му сърце и нощната агония на незадоволена страст го тласкат за пореден път към неравна борба със съдбата. Неведнъж той е спасявал Алиша, ще я спаси и този път. За да не се разделят никога вече!

5. Tender Ecstasy (1983)

SECOND GENERATION Twenty years had passed since the embers of desire first sparked between the handsome Indian Gray Eagle and his alluring white beauty Alisha Williams. Now it was time for their son Bright Arrow to savor the delights of ecstatic pleasure--and suffer the agonies of forbidden love... In a wagon train deep in Sioux territory rode Rebecca Kenny, the most ravishing woman Bright Arrow had ever seen. Her soft perfect curves were an intoxicating blend of innocence and seduction that drove him mad with desire. The hot-blooded brave had to have her--but wisdom demanded that he slay the enticing creature along with all the other white invaders. The bronze-skinned youth killed her companions--but fate commanded that he save Rebecca, capture her, torment her... and soar with her to the dizzying heights of blazing TENDER ECSTASY

6. Stolen Ecstasy (1985)

BRIGHT ARROW'S FIRST PASSION Seven years had past since the Oglala Sioux had banished Bright Arrow for loving the magnificent captive Rebecca Kenny. Still, his hands always ached to stroke her creamy flesh; his lips needed to ravish her each night. But it was torture for the son of the infamous Chief Gray Eagle to be apart from his people. He yearned to ride free in the wind and to sink his knife into the hunt with the other braves. Now, Bright Arrow had to make his choice again between his desire for a white woman and his honor as an Indian! REBECCA'S ONLY LOVE With his awesome bronze stature and ebony black hair, Bright Arrow was all Rebecca ever wanted. She had defied her family and scorned society to savor the' forbidden rapture she found in her warrior's embrace. The courageous beauty swore to stand by his side forever as his one true love--but never as his slave. Only each time their gazes met and their bodies entwined, Rebecca knew that she would betray her heart to share one more moment of wild savage pleasure--one more evening of STOLEN ECSTASY

7. Bittersweet Ecstasy (1987)

SINGING WIND'S TORMENT Impetuous and willful, daring and free, ebony-haired Singing Wind had always been mistress of her fate. But when she set eyes on the virile Sun Cloud, the famous Bright Arrow's younger brother, she felt herself losing the control over her life she so cherished. The Sioux beauty fought for her independence like a lioness defending its cubs. But she couldn't stop her pulse from racing, her skin from burning, nor her very core from aching for the handsome brave any more than she could keep the honeybees from the blossoming clover. SUN CLOUD'S DESIRE Hot-blooded Sun Cloud couldn't deny Singing Wind's allure, but his brother Bright Arrow had first claim to her. The bronzed warrior tried to conquer his craving for her, telling himself her curves were too voluptuous, her flesh too creamy, her voice too sultry. But the war within himself raged. Sun Cloud knew as a younger brother he should defer to the elder, but as a man he had no choice but to heed his heart and give in to passion's bittersweet ecstasy...

8. Forever Ecstasy (1991)

Morning Star knew it was her duty as an Oglala princess to join with a warrior of her tribe. After all, she was the granddaughter of the revered Gray Eagle, and her father was the great Chief Sun Cloud. But the moment she gazed into the sky-blue eyes of Joseph Lawrence, she realized he was fated to be in her life-circle. For he was the man of legend, the white man who would stir her soul with forbidden desires. Together, they would know a great destiny... and an everlasting love!

9. Savage Conquest (1985)

SOUTHERN DESIRE There was no Virginia belle more irresistible than stunning, ebony-haired Miranda Lawrence. Though the voluptuous beauty had her pick of handsome beaux, she felt a wild need deep within her for the kind of man she could never meet in polite society. Heeding the call of her passionate nature, Miranda stole away from her plantation home, heading to the unsettled West to seek exciting, never-ending love... SAVAGE PLEASURE When Miranda reached the rugged plains of South Dakota, she suddenly found herself trapped against the broad bronze chest of a virile Indian! Her body trembled as his lips plundered hers; her knees shook as her traced his fingers along her spine. But when her stark terror turned to sensual torment, Miranda didn't know what to fear more: her fate at the hands of the masterful brave or her own traitorous heart!

Western Wind

1. First Love, Wild Love (1984)

HE STOLER HER INNOCENCE When the handsome cattle baron Lynx Cardone saw the luscious wench sleeping in his hotel room, he was certain she was there for his enjoyment. Why else would she be wearing a revealing red dress with her rich chestnut hair spread languorously over the sheets? Without a moment's hesitation, the hot-blooded man swept the lovely woman in his arms and branded her with his passion - realizing too late that he had made a terrible mistake... SHE LOST HER HEART The most wonderful sensations roused Calinda Braxton from her slumber - but when she discovered she was in a stranger's embrace, her pleasure turned to horror! Sensuous kisses muffled her cries of protest; powerful hands stilled her struggles to escape...and before she could help herself, the naive beauty fell under the spell of desire. She was captivated by his caresses, bewitched by his charms - and her heart too quickly surrendered to her FIRST LOVE, WILD LOVE...

2. Passions Wild and Free (1988)

MISCHIEVOUS VIXEN After seeing her home and family destroyed by the cruel and hateful Epson gang, Randee Hollis swore revenge. The feisty young woman knew that she couldn't do the nasty job alone--she needed one good man to help her stop the murderous villains. So when Randee literally ran into the black-clad stranger, she knew shed found the perfect helpmate. He was strong and brave and met all of her requirements for a gunslinger...but the virile stranger offered something more. Every time Randee looked into his light blue eyes she felt a longing in the pit of her stomach. She wanted to run her fingers through his sleek ebony hair, caress his bronzed skin and know what it would be like to spend the night wrapped up in his warm embrace... TANTALIZING ROGUE Marsh Logan had his own reasons for wanting to help the flaxen haired beauty find revenge. But after spending sometime alone with Randee, he lost all desire for anything but the feel of her body next to his. Marsh would sacrifice his very soul for a chance to kiss away all of Randee's troubles, to excite her until she for of her pain. All he wanted was to prove that he was the man who could make her happy, that he could love her like no other and unleash her sleeping PASSIONS WILD AND FREE

3. Kiss of the Night Wind (1989)

He was a lowdown liar... Deserting her brother's outlaw gang, Carrie Sue Stover headed to Tucson to start a new life as "Carolyn Starns," schoolmarm. Then her stage was attacked, she was rescued by a devilishly handsome gunslinger -- and the fiery redhead was drawn into a danger much riskier than crossfire. Her pistol-packing hero was T.J. Rogue and the cunning cowboy not only undressed her with one glance, he seemed to strip away her alias to reveal her illicit past. Irresistibly drawn to the sensual stranger, Carrie Sue couldn't help but delight in his embrace... even though she trusted a striking rattlesnake more than the secretive saddlebum! ... She was a conniving cheat... After years of hunting down the gangsters who killed his family, T.J. Rogue couldn't believe his luck when he came across runaway Carrie Sue Stover. The ruthless male knew just how to make the innocent-looking miss pay for his loss; first by having her love him... then by tricking her into leading T.J. ti her brother and his cohorts. But somewhere between tasting her kissable lips and touching her luscious curves, the lusty avenger lost sight of his goal. Now he was a victim of the beautiful bandit's charms, and thought only of conquering her until she surrendered to the ecstasy they would share as their bodies reveled in the sensuous, seductive KISS OF THE NIGHT WIND...

4. Follow the Wind (1990)

Determined to protect her family from violent attempts to drive them off their vast Texas ranch, Jessica Lane rode to San Angelo to hire a cold-blooded gunslinger to fight by her side. She found much more than that in Navarro, a half-breed outlaw who would awaken desires she had long denied, and revive dreams she had tried to forget. But there was another man who longed to capture Jessica's heart--Matt Cordell, the Lanes' foreman. He would stand by her in the tempestuous days to come, always ready to give her his love. Jessica, Navarro, and Matt--the choices they make, the dangers they face, and the sacrifices they endure bring to life a love story as magnificent and proud as the land they are struggling to save!

5. Chase the Wind (1994)

Two government "Special Agents," one male, one female, are paired to bring down an arms runner. Before Bethany Wind and Navarro Breed set out from Tucson to intercept an illegal arms shipment to an Apache chief (not Geronimo), they will be "married" as part of their cover. Along the way to Texas, both will tell their stories: Beth lost a husband and a father in a raid; Navarro's spectacular past includes childhood abuse, years with his mother's Apache tribe, riding with outlaws due to his bad white father's influence, two terms in prison, but also respectability and good works--and true love. His sweetheart was Jessie Cordell; their son is now being raised by her nice husband, Matthew, as his own. Beth and Navarro are headed for the Cordell ranch in search of Matthew's brother Charles, who is running the guns. Worries about old loves are laid to rest during the warm visit to the Cordell ranch. Then Charles arrives and rides out; the agents follow his wagons and make love: "Golden splendor shot over and through the breathless couple." Before the mission is accomplished and after more golden splendor, both will be captured by Apaches, and Beth will show off her skill with bow and arrow...

6. Wild Winds (1997)

Feisty and beautiful Maggie Malone is determined to earn her livelihood as a private detective--a daunting profession unheard of for a woman on her own in the wild West. And when her stepfather asks her to help his son escape the hangman's noose for a bank robbery he didn't commit, she rises to the challenge. The Yuma Prison break will place Maggie's own life in jeopardy--and leave her with grave doubts about whether she's done right or terribly wrong... Sworn to help clear her stepbrother's name by tracking down the men who framed him, Maggie meets Hawk Reynolds. An ex-Texas Ranger and half-blood Cheyenne, Hawk is on a vengeance quest to find his parents' killers--the same desperadoes Maggie is seeking. Destiny draws Hawk and Maggie to each other and to the stirring of an unbidden, irresistible desire. Together, they will ride into Tombstone and into a crossfire of lies, double dealings, and searing betrayal as they search for answers that will sow the seeds of suspicion between them--and arouse a passion fated to explode beneath the bright desert sky.


1. Sweet Savage Heart (1986)

SHE TRIED TO ESCAPE HIM Kidnapped when she was a child, 18-year-old Rana Michaels couldn't imagine any life other than her carefree existence among the Sioux. Then the white man Travis Kincade appeared in her camp, and the flame haired beauty's peace was shattered forever. His emerald eyes seemed to strip away her doeskin dress, his virile physique was destined to teach her passion's secrets. But when he traded a few trinkets for her freedom, she vowed to slay him before returning to her people...even if it meant denying herself the exquisite release only he could ignite within her! HE SWORE TO TAME HER From the moment jet-haired Travis gazed upon the supple young maiden, he knew he had to possess her in every way. Her uninhibited ways stirred his blood as never before; her untouched curves begged him to initiate her into ecstasy. The arrogant Texas rancher realized there would be all-out war between them as he forced her from buckskins and bare feet ot satin and slippers, but he was confident that one day soon the paleface savage would run eagerly into his arms, provoking his desire with abandoned kisses, satisfying his needs with her SWEET SAVAGE HEART

2. Destiny Mine (1995)

JANELLE TAYLOR brings us the thrilling story of an Indian maiden who has been trained as a warrior--and the Cheyenne brave who is everything she desires . . . and everything that is forbidden. By the age of twenty, the maiden called Kionee can ride, fight and hunt better than most men. Yet with her lovely face concealed behind a mask, she feels a secret loneliness--knowing she can never marry or know a lover's gentle touch. Until an extraordinary vision brings her face to face with Stalking Wolf, the sensual half-breed whose passion will set her free, yet whose love is forever denied her. Set against the majestic Wyoming wilderness, this is the haunting tale of a woman caught between honor and desire ... and of her gradual awakening to the bittersweet joys of love. Tender, moving, and richly romantic, DESTINY MINE is Janelle Taylor's most unforgettable novel yet.

Southern Historical

1. Destiny's Temptress (1986)

UNION SPY Shannon Greenleaf had one chance to save the gracious Southern lifestyle she'd always known - but the fiery-haired beauty had to cross enemy lines to do it. And when she did, she found herself in the bedroom of the most handsome man she'd ever seen - Blane Stevens. His broad chest and rippling muscles made her yearn for his strong embrace; his dark green eyes smoldered with a deep, burning passion. So when he held her in his arms threatening to torment her until she confessed her real mission, the defiant temptress was lost. She surrendered her innocence, vowing that she'd never reveal the truth - or let him capture her heart... REBEL SOLDIER Blane Stevens could not have been more surprised than to find the intruder in his room to be as beautiful and desirable as Shannon Greenleaf. Yet there were ways of making spies talk - and Blane was a master at getting information. He took what he wanted and asked questions later, even from the innocent, young vixen in his bed. He knew Shannon was naive in the ways of love, but Blane couldn't control the overwhelming ecstasy he felt when he caressed her velvet flesh. He would sweetly torture her with pleasure all through the night, until she became his one, his only.

2. Promise Me Forever (1991) Бъди моя завинаги

В едно ранно утро на пролетта на 1874г., в околността на Савана красивата двадесет и една годишна Рейчъл Маккандлис тайно погребва своя трети съпруг - Филип. Свидетел на злодеянието е по - младият брат на Филип капитан Даниел Слейд, за когото всички мислят, че отдавна е загинал. Той се заклева да отмъсти на Черната вдовица. Жертва на престъпни замисли ли е Рейчъл или хладнокръвна убийца? Дали родилата се страстна любов между нея и Дан ще победи? Или тя ще бъде негова - сега и завинаги.

3. Midnight Secrets (1992) Среднощни тайни

"Среднощни тайни" е роман за изпълнения с приключения път на красивата и упорита Вирджиния Марстън. Решена да разкрие тайните, които хвърлят сянка върху живота й досега, тя се озовава на път с един керван през прерията, където среща загадъчния и пленителен Стив Кар. Среща любовта. Но пътя й трябва да премине през заговори, съдбовни разкрития и убийства. За да завърши без мъчителни въпроси и тайни за Джини и Стив. За да им остави само една - тайната на любовта.


1. Moondust and Madness (1986)

CAPTIVE TO HIS SAVAGE PASSION... A moan escaped Jana Greyson as this strong, handsome stranger invaded her lips with his demanding kisses. He had stolen her from her world, made her his prisoner, and now enslaved her with the trembling rapture of his hunger... igniting a white-heat that melted her will to resist. SLAVE TO HER OWN DESIRE Commander Varian Saar had come from a place beyond imagining and claimed Jana for his own. His powerful hand left a fiery trail across her ivory skin, his cobalt eyes possessed her with their unrestrained longing...and now her fate rested in his quicksilver grasp. Forbidden partners ...forbidden love...and soon their mad, tumultuous union became a pledge as boundless as the universe itself, a promise to seek their future among the glittering stars. THEIR LOVE BURNED BRIGHTER THAN THE STARS

2. Stardust and Shadows (1992)

Doctor Jana Greyson didn't know what to believe. The last thing she remembered was lying safely in the arms of her beloved, Commander Varian Saar, aboard the starship Wanderlust. But she'd awakened from a deep, drugged sleep to find herself again the captive bride of Varian's evil half-brother, the handsome Prince Ryker Triloni, who was not even supposed to be alive! Even worse, Ryker insisted that Varian was about to wed another. Could Jana have given her love w the wrong man? Was Ryker really the one who deserved her passion ? Well-skilled at pleasing a Woman's heart as well as her body, he seemed everything his brother had been-and more. In a universe cloaked in stardust and shadows, could Jana ever hope to know the truth?

3. Starlight and Splendor (1994)

MOONDUST AND MADNESS... STARDUST AND SHADOWS... novels of universal desire and intergalactic adventure... Now, the magic continues amidst the blaze of STARLIGHT AND SPLENDOR... Many years have passed since Commander Varian Saar spirited the lovely Doctor Jena Grayson away from Earth aboard his starship and made her his. Now their son Galen, First Lieutenant of the Galactic Wind, seeks his destiny among the stars -- and in the arms of a beautiful seductress who may be his doom... while his twin sister Amaya journeys to far-off earth -- where her courage and her passions are soon put to the greatest test of all!

4. Moonbeams and Magic (1995)

Master storyteller Janelle Taylor takes romance to a new dimension with her tales of intergalactic adventure and heartsoaring desire. Now she brings us the dazzling tale of two star-crossed lovers...players in a dangerous game of intrigue and seduction. Starla and Dagan cannot reveal their true identities...even as they surrender to passion beneath the moon-kissed skies. Enemies or allies, they are a man and a woman who will fight for their forbidden love - and seek their dangerous destiny in a universe a-shimmer with Moonbeams And Magic.

Viking Fantasy

1. Wild Is My Love (1987)

SET IN A THRILLING AGE OF NOBLE KNIGHTS AND LADIES FAIR, HERE IS A MAGICAL, ROMANTIC TALE OF BOLD ADVENTURE, EXOTIC FANTASY AND WILD, ENDLESS LOVE... She is the bewitchingly lovely Princess Alysa. He is a mysterious stranger who has come to rescue her from her father's beleaguered kingdom. They meet in an enchanted glade beyond the castle walls. In a mystical land shadowed by strife and sorrow, searing danger and darkest treachery, they will become partners in a fiery, forbidden passion. Trapped by destiny, bound together by deep desire, they are two embattled lovers fighting to reclaim Alysa's lost legacy-- and to surrender at last to the love that will flame forever in both their hearts...

2. Wild Sweet Promise (1989) (aka The Last Viking Queen)

FIERY PASSION He claimed her heart and she made him a prince. Now Princess Alysa and Prince Gavin possess a bond stronger and deeper than they have ever known before -- a bond of undying passion... and royal power. But fierce Viking hordes n dragon-prowed ships suddenly appear through the cold northern mists to plunder and threaten their kingdom on the isle of Britain. Now, not only will Alysa and Gavin's bravery be tested -- but their love as well. SWEET LOVE It is their irresistible, heated caresses that keep them strong, as Alysa -- against Gavin's fervent pleas -- takes up sword and joins the adventuring warriors in defense of her kingdom. Atop her gallant steed, she will ride into the arms of the enemy with a daring, wild plan to bend the lusty invading Norsemen to her will... and with the desperate hope that she will soon return to a world of renewed peace, beside her sweetest love...


1. Lakota Winds (1998)

When his wife and young son are slaughtered by Crow warriors, Wind Dancer is left embittered and lonely. Intent only on duty to his people, he never imagines that it will force him to take another woman into his life. Chumani too has lost much to tribal wars. Seeking revenge for the murder of her husband and child, the beautiful warrior rides fiercely against her enemies, and vows never again to marry. But when a medicine man sees her union with Wind Dancer in a sacred vision, she knows their alliance will make both their tribes strong. Now, beneath the wide sky of a land at war with itself, Wind Dancer and Chumani must learn to trust again--and to succumb to a love that can heal--if they ever hope to save their people.

2. Lakota Dawn (1999)

Cloud Chaser was merely a boy of ten when a cruel twist of fate took him away from his family and changed his life forever. Now, after twelve years, he has returned home. Struggling to gain the trust and acceptance of his tribe, Cloud Chaser is ready to face any obstacle to fulfill his dream of riding with the Lakota. But he never expects to lose his heart to the beautiful Indian maiden Dawn, who shares his wish of bringing peace to the Black Hills. Now as an even greater challenge awaits him, he and Dawn together strive to secure the future of their people--and their love..

3. Lakota Flower (2003)

Threatened by the ever-encroaching Bluecoats, the Oglala Lakotas must strike hard and fast to ensure their tribe's survival. With the cunning and bravery befitting a chief's son, War Eagle leads his hunting party on a raid, killing many soldiers and taking a white woman captive. Caroline Sims has hair as bright as the sun and the courage of a wildcat, sparking a forbidden attraction in the fierce warrior. In a land where danger lurks in every shadow and peace often comes at a deadly price, War Eagle and Caroline find themselves locked in a passionate battle for their lives--and their love...

Sedgwick Sisters

1.Watching Amanda (2005) Заради теб

Аманда Седжуик е самотна майка и едва свързва двата края. За нищо на света не би се обърнала за помощ към състоятелния си баща; иска от него само обич, но така и не я получава. След смъртта му животът й се преобръща. Внезапно Аманда се превръща в богата наследница. Само че в завещанието ексцентричният богаташ е заложен капан - тя е длъжна да спази наглед безсмислените условия, иначе губи всичко. Итън Блек е онзи, който ще следи за стриктното изпълнение на изискванията. Той се съгласява да изпълни последната воля на богаташа само защото му е задължен. Иначе до края на живота си не би стъпил в Ню Йорк - града, свързан с толкова болезнени спомени след трагичната смърт на бременната му жена. В задълженията му обаче не влиза влюбването в Аманда. Нито необходимостта да рискува живота си заради нея. А рискът е голям, защото някой я дебне. И часът на покушението неумолимо наближава...

2.Haunting Olivia (2006) Когато си до мен

Оливия Седжуик, редакторка в нюйоркското списание „Блясък”, научава, че богатият й баща й е завещал вила в Блубери – града, който тя напуска, след като забременява на шестнайсет години. При завръщането си в Блубери тя среща Закари, първата й любов. Научава, че дъщеричката й не е починала, а е отгледана от него, и той е дал името Кайла. Оливия е смаяна и потресена – очевидно е станала жертва на заговор, целящ да я раздели с детето й. И докато се опитва да разнищи конспирацията, някой започва да й изпраща заплашителни писма...

3.Shadowing Ivy (2007) Защото те има

Някои тайни са потресаващи... Когато годеникът на Айви Седжуик избягва от църквата в деня на венчавката им, тя не може да повярва какво й се е случило. Та нали Деклан я обича? Тираничният й баща, с когото тя е разделена и когото почти не познава, твърдо се е противопоставял на брака й, без да й обясни причината. Айви не знае какво да мисли... докато Грифин Фарго от отдел „Убийства” й обяснява, че Деклан е измамник, който се представя под различни измислени имена и има куп други „годеници”, чиито пари смята да присвои. Други тайни са смъртоносни... Задължението да съобщи на Айви невероятната новина е крайно неприятно за Грифин, но само тя може да му помогне да издири Деклан, преди измамникът да впримчи следващата си жертва. Лошото обаче е, че той е влюбен в Айви. И му е още по-трудно да бди над нея, особено след като уликите ги отвеждат към нови заподозрени. Опасностите дебнат отвсякъде. Единственото желание на Грифин е да приключи случая и да убеди Айви, че сърцето й му принадлежи.


Golden Torment (1983)

The instant Kathryn saw Landis Jurrell, she didn't know what to fear more: the fierce lumberjack or the torrid emotions he ignited in her. The independent beauty had traveled to the Alaskan wilderness to search for her father. Instead she was consumed by an inferno of rapture that she savored until the first lights of dawn streaked across the open sky. This arrogant man could heat her body with flames of passion, and she knew that never again could she resist his fevered touch and sensual kiss of desire!

Love Me with Fury (1983)

When golden-haired Alexandra first me the dark-haired stranger, her fury knew no bounds. How dare he intrude on her privacy as she swam in her secret pool! The moment Captain Joshua Steele set eyes on the angry young woman, he saw only a delectable nymph created for his pleasure. Her creamy flesh provoked him and her fresh scent of blossoms drove him mad with desire; nothing could stop him from taking his fill of her now. Though his caresses were tantalizing and his kisses intoxicating, Alexandria fought the sweet torment and struggled against her captor... until she could no longer resist the waves of delicious sensuality. And against her will she gave herself to the ruthless pirate, helplessly murmuring, LOVE ME WITH FURY

Valley of Fire (1984) Огнената долина

Животът на известната писателка Бренди Александър е спасен от непознат мъж, който твърди, че се казва Ланс Рейнолдс. Всъщност неин спасител е петролният магнат Стивън Уингейт, собственик на списание, подготвящо съкрушителен за кариерата на Бренди материал. Дали тя не е инсценирала злополуката, за да го убеди да спре статията? А защо Стивън отказва да използва властта си в редакцията? Подозрителни и самоуверени, Бренди и Стивън не усещат как попадат в клопката на любовта.

Savage Bondage (1985)

Fortunes Flames (1988) Пламъците на съдбата

Whispered Kisses (1990)

FLIRTING WITH DANGER Texas heiress Laura Leigh Webster thought she was prepared for the perils she and her guardian, Lord Chadwick Hamilton, might face on their exotic African safari. The beautiful blonde never dreamed her biggest worry would be a beast of the two-legged variety--Jace Elliott, their handsome, mysterious guide. Chad warned her face was a dangerous man with a criminal past, not a man to trust... or love. But now that fate had placed her in Jace's strong hands, Leigh was stunned to realize there was nowhere else she'd rather be! SURRENDERING TO DESIRE Jace studied the golden-haired temptress with caution and desire warring in his emerald eyes. With that tawny skin and those lush curves, she was too perfect to be true. What was she doing here with his old enemy? Was she really Chad's ward or just very tempting bait meant to lure him back to England and the trumped-up charges that awaited him there? He would soon see how innocent she really was... he would sample every silken inch of her, discover her every womanly desire, and learn all her sweet secrets. For he would conquer her resistance with ecstasy's fire and Whispered Kisses

Taking Chances (1993)

Kirstin Lowrey wasn't accustomed to widowhood yet, but she was all too familiar with being at the beck and call of her three grown children and their children. Now, though, she had finally summoned the courage to start over again--a new job, anew look, and a whole new life far from her native Augusta, Georgia... all the way to California! Getting away was hard enough, but having an accident en route and ending up on a ranch in New Mexico was nearly disastrous. Especially when her all-too-welcoming host turned out to be a divorced doctor with an irresistibly appealing bedside manner. She and Christopher Harrison had a lot in common. And it wasn't so very far from New Mexico to California. Maybe they could even go there together... if Kirstin could just learn to let go of the past. Was it time to take a chance on a brand new future--time to love again?

Anything for Love (1995)

As a naive college co-ed, Rachel Tims realized too late that Daniel Gaines had married her to spite his wealthy family. Although she learned to dress impeccably, speak softly, and smile like a lady, she'd never been accepted as a true Georgia "Gaines." Now, widowed and alone at 47, Rachel is finally ready to leave her world of dull charity work and lazy country club afternoons behind. What she really wants is a career of her own...and something even more shocking: Quentin Rawls. Celebrated ex-football star Quentin Rawls has returned to Augusta a hero. A national celebrity with two failed marriages behind him, Quentin is rich, rugged...and years younger than Rachel. As he awakens a passion that sends her heart soaring, Rachel will have to decide whether to risk everything for a future together--and the chance to love again...

Defiant Hearts (1996) Смело сърце

Лора Адамс е жена с много тайни. Скрита под чуждо име тя ръководи макъл хотел, зад чиято благопристойна фасада се крие дискретен публичен дом. А под псевдонима "Лисицата: събира сведения за протияника в самото сърце на Конфедерацията. Един ден в хотела идва Джейс - красив южняшки офицер, който скоро завладява сърцето и тялото й. Те са безумно влюбени и чакат каря на Гражданската война, за да се оженят. Но и Джейс има своите тайни...

Love with a Stranger (1996)

Thirty-five-year-old Cassandra Grantham has not been lucky with the men in her life. Twice, she gave her heart, and twice she was badly burned. Now, still reeling from her second husband's betrayal, the financially strapped widow has sought sanctuary on Georgia's lushly beautiful St. Simons Island. Here, she will try to come to terms with her past--and her future. Here, she will meet a man who reaches out to her with tenderness and desire that make her question everything she's ever known...or felt. And here, her world will be rocked by a passion that takes her by surprise--and a love that will force her to trust herself and risk her heart one last time....

By Candlelight (1997)

THERE ARE SOME MEN A WOMAN CAN NEVER FORGIVE... Recently widowed, the mother of a teenaged daughter, Kate Rose has finally come into her own as head of her own talent agency. She has kept her past carefully hidden: the callous lover who abandoned her...the unfulfilling marriage to a powerful older man who gave her child his name...the nights she wept over the betrayal that still haunts her. OR EVER FORGET... Now, after seventeen years, Jake Talbot has come back -- just as sensual and irresistible as the day he broke her heart. Kate though she was strong enough to handle anything. But suddenly she is a woman on the edge, fighting the passion Kale reawakens even as he urges her to give their relationship another chance. Just as she is beginning to trust again, to believe in the future Jake offers, Kate is forced to face the ultimate test of a man and a woman's love: a shattering truth that could destroy her chances for happiness forever -- if she lets it...

Someday Soon (1999) Холивудски тайни

Кариерата на Ками Милър зависи от прочутия актьор Тайлър Стовал. Очаква я блестящо бъдеще, ако Тай приеме да участва в заснемането на филм, в който тя ще играе главната роля. Ала Ками по-скоро би се отказала от мечтата си да стане филмова звезда, отколкото да го моли за услуга. Въпреки че са изминали десет години от безрасъдната нощ, която двамата са прекарали заедно, тя още не е забравила пламенните му ласки и болката, която й е причинил с внезапното си изчезване. Ками не подозира, че Тайлър не бяга от нея, а от зловеща тайна, която не му дава покой. Единственият начин да си го върне, е да му докаже, че истинската любов не е химера.

Not Without You (2000) Не без теб

Когато идва в съзнание, Джаред Брайънт разбира, че се намира в болница. Споменът за самолетната катастрофа, при която едва не е загинал, напълно се е заличил от паметта му. Позната му е само красивата жена до леглото му - Келси, с която са в процес на развод. Сетне в съзнанието му нахлуват ужасяващи видения, които подсказват заговор между най-близките му хора. Дали са плод на параноично въображение... или са спомени на един човек, попаднал в капана на своята доверчивост? Опитвайки се да осмисли смътните видения, Джаред отчаяно се вкопчва в брака си, който доскоро е смятал за разрушен. Защото в погледа на Келси заедно с гнева и съжалението той съзира още нещо - любовен пламък, който дори предстоящият развод не е изгасил. Когато срещу двамата е извършено покушение, Джаред разбира, че непременно трябва да си върне доверието на жената, която е обичал толкова страстно и която, изглежда, някога е предал.

Cant Stop Loving You (2001)

SOMETIMES THE RIGHT DECISION... Fifteen years ago, preacher's daughter Mariel Rowan was a pregnant college student, determined to give her unborn child a better life - with or without Noah Lyons's blessing. Moments after placing her tiny newborn daughter in a stranger's welcoming arms, Mariel forced herself out of Noah's, never to see him again. Now, out of nowhere comes the shattering e-mail with the haunting message that will force Mariel to confront a past she has struggled to put behind her - and the only man she's ever loved. ...IS THE ONE THAT BREAKS YOUR HEART Before Mariel can contact the stranger who claims to be her daughter, the girl mysteriously vanishes. Tormented by parental fears, yet cast in an outsider's role, Mariel seeks out the one person who will understand her emotions - and her heartache. As she and Noah retrace their lost daughter's steps, they must face once again the painful yet passionate bond that first brought them together...

In Too Deep (2001) Твърде лично

Джени - наследница на огромно богатство, е твърдо решена да докаже на баща си, че може да се справи и без неговите милиони. Заживява на хиляди километри от семейството си, отваря собствен ресторант. В плановете и обаче не влиза внезапната й любов към красив и загадъчен мъж - вълк-единак. Отгоре на всичко някой я следи... и този някой може да е по-близо, отколкото тя предполага. Хънтър - обгърнат от тайнственост и жадуващ за отмъщение, неохотно взима под крилото си съблазнителнатаДжени. Тя не подозира защо пътищата им са се пресекли, нито защо не я изпуска от поглед. Опасността все повече наближава, а Хънтър е разкъсван между желанието си за мъст и страстта си към жената, която никога няма да узнае истината за мотивите му... или за чувствата му.

Night Moves (2002) Среща с непознат

Тя е красива, млада и неомъжена. Преди четири години годеникът и я е изоставил в деня на сватбата им. От този ден тя вижда във всеки мъж подъл предател. Той е мултимилионер, който е и талантлив архитект. Наглед притежава всичко, но жестоката съдба го е лишила от най-скъпото - съпругата и малкият му син са загинали при катастрофата на самолета, пилотиран от него. Общото помежду им е, че се страхуват от любовта.

Don't Go Home (2003) Опасни тайни

Сестри близначки, които би трябвало да си приличат като две капки вода, но всъщност са толкова различни... Марго е специалистка по вътрешно обзавеждане - нахакана, самоуверена, предизвикателно гримирана и облечена. Миа е преподавателка в гимназия и през целия си живот се е стараела да прикрие красотата си. След смъртта на родителите им, загинали при нелепа автомобилна катастрофа, сестрите се отчуждават, всяка тръгва по своя път. Ала едно телефонно обаждане ненадейно въвлича Миа в живота на сестра й - живот, изпълнен с опасни лъжи. Марго изчезва, оставяйки след себе си един мъртвец. Опитвайки да открие сестра си, Миа се сблъсква с Матю Грей, брат на убития. Матю ненавижда лъжите - заради лъжи е рухнал бракът на родителите му, лъжите са причината да бъде убит брат му, който за последно е бил видян да флиртува с Марго в един бар. Обаче Миа е сигурна, че сестра й е само пионка в смъртоносна игра, и е готова да рискува живота си, за да докаже невинността й. Докато двамата с Матю се опитват да разгадаят мистерията, той - човекът с горчив опит в любовта, започва да осъзнава, че е луд по Миа и че не бива да допусне тя да е следващата жертва...

Dying to Marry (2004)

THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL... Holly Morrow is shocked to hear about her cousin Lizzie's sudden wedding to Dylan Dunhill--of the wealthy Dunhills, who simply don't mix with wrong-side-of-the-tracks kids like the Morrows. Stranger still, Lizzie has received frightening threats and the bridal party has suffered dangerous near-miss "accidents." But when Holly learns that her childhood friend Jake Boone is now Dylan's pal, she knows that everything's changed--except her attraction to the steady, sexy P.I., the only person willing to help her unmask the wedding's enemy... ...AND DEADLY Jake has loved Holly forever--but when she left Troutville, scraping the dirt of her childhood off her high-heeled boots, he promised himself he would move on. With Holly back in town, however, forgetting the way she makes him feel isn't easy--and ignoring the violent threats delivered to the wedding party could prove deadly. He'll have to keep desire at arm's length to keep his wits about him--and unmask a killer before his friend's marriage leads to brutal murder...

Cherokee Storm (2010)

In this highly sensual tale of forbidden love and passionate surrender, New York Times bestselling author Janelle Taylor makes her much anticipated return to classic Native American romance on the frontier -- irresistible, fiery, and everlasting... 1756. Traveling west of the colonies with a small party, Shannon O'Shea loses her way in the wilderness, soon drenched by driving rains and forced by powerful winds into the shelter of a cave. Stripping quickly, she is drawn to the flickering warmth of a fire deep within, but she stops cold -- surely she must be dreaming. Before her stands a Cherokee brave, tall and broad-shouldered, scarcely clothed. Storm Dancer whispers that she knew him once...long ago. He vows to keep her safe. By morning, he seems to vanish, yet Storm Dancer will remain with Shannon, in every way a flesh-and-blood man who awakens her every womanly longing. For their spirits call to each other... Storm Dancer's vow is kept. He is more honorable by far than the white man Shannon must wed, and time will prove that only he can save her from violence and treachery. That he is the only man she will truly love...


Love's Legacy Omnibus (1996) (with Madeline Baker, Mary Balogh, Elaine Barbieri, Lori Copeland, Cassie Edwards, Heather Graham, Catherine Hart, Virginia Henley, Penelope Neri, Diana Palmer)

В този сборник Джанел участва с новелата Wind of Change: Imagine a book - a love story - so hauntingly romantic, so emotionally powerful that it changes the lives of all who read it. Eleven of the greatest romance writers in the world have envisioned such a tale and brought it to life, creating a heartfelt personal legacy. There are noble knights and dashing swashbucklers, penniless waifs and beautiful belles - all those whose destinies have been touched by....Love's Legacy.

Summer Love (1997) (with Stella Cameron, Jill Marie Landis, Anne Stuart)

В този сборник Джанел участва с новелата Straight from the Heart: The efforts of a matchmaking friend leave wary Kimberly Harden strnded with a handsome attorney in a mountain cabin where sparks fly - and feelings catch flame.

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1.Watching Amanda (2005)

2.Haunting Olivia (2006)

3.Shadowing Ivy (2007)

са от трилогията за сестрите Седжуик.

Книгата Night Moves (2002) е издадена под името “Среща с непознат”.

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Линк към коментара

Мерси, мила. Предполагам не са издадени още на бг. И да те питам, влизала ли си във сайта й. По някаква незнайна причина, не ми зарежда линка. Опитах от ФантастикФикчън да направя връзка, след това от Уикипедията, най-накрая написах ръчно адреса в полето - www.janelletaylor.com - и нищо не става - не ми зарежда :( :( :(

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Promise Me Forever (1991) Обещай ми завинаги - Малка поправка - заглавието на български е преведено "Бъди моя завинаги" ;)

Резюме: В едно ранно утро на пролетта на 1874г., в околността на Савана красивата двадесет и една годишна Рейчъл Маккандлис тайно погребва своя трети съпруг - Филип. Свидетел на злодеянието е по - младият брат на Филип капитан Даниел Слейд, за когото всички мислят, че отдавна е загинал. Той се заклева да отмъсти на Черната вдовица. Жертва на престъпни замисли ли е Рейчъл или хладнокръвна убийца? Дали родилата се страстна любов между нея и Дан ще победи? Или тя ще бъде негова - сега и завинаги.

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Линк към коментара

Мерси мила, и аз се зачудих дали не е така, ама намерих статия в сайта на в."Черно море" и само това ми отговаряше на "Обещай ми завинаги". Ама няма и да се учудя, ако я има издадена и с това заглавие ;) Затова реших да напиша него, пък все някой щеше да каже, ако не е така. Както и стана. Веднага ще го поправя. :kiss:

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Мила Watching Amanda (2005)е издадена тази година под името "Заради теб"

ето и резюмето:

Аманда Седжуик е самотна майка и едва свързва двата края. За нищо на света не би се обърнала за помощ към състоятелния си баща; иска от него само обич, но така и не я получава.

След смъртта му животът й се преобръща. Внезапно Аманда се превръща в богата наследница. Само че в завещанието ексцентричният богаташ е заложен капан - тя е длъжна да спази наглед безсмислените условия, иначе губи всичко.

Итън Блек е онзи, който ще следи за стриктното изпълнение на изискванията. Той се съгласява да изпълни последната воля на богаташа само защото му е задължен. Иначе до края на живота си не би стъпил в Ню Йорк - града, свързан с толкова болезнени спомени след трагичната смърт на бременната му жена.

В задълженията му обаче не влиза влюбването в Аманда. Нито необходимостта да рискува живота си заради нея. А рискът е голям, защото някой я дебне.

И часът на покушението неумолимо наближава... :)

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