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Виктория Александър


2315 прегледа

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Victoria Alexander


Harrington Family

1. The Perfect Wife (1996) Идеалната съпруга

Граф Уайлдууд смята, че идеалната съпруга не трябва да влияе върху добре подредения му живот. Когато се запознава със Сабрина Уинфийлд, той решава, че нежната и грациозна блондинка е най-добрият избор. Но скоро разбира, че под деликатната красота на Сабрина се крие упорита авантюристка. Умелият прелъстител открива, че не може да мисли за нищо друго, освен как да заглуши хапливите й забележки с целувки, и не след дълго предава сърцето и душата си изцяло в нейните ръце.

2. The Virgin's Secret (2009)

Even the least sensible woman knew, upon meeting his gaze, that here was a man who was more than he might at first appear, who might steal the heart of even the most resistant woman. But oh, what a lovely theft! Adventurer Nathanial Harrington would never steal another man's discovery. And he'd never be so dishonorable as to tempt an untouched woman into his bed . . . even one as stunningly beautiful as Gabriella Montini. Yet she intrigues him. What is her secret? Nate would do anything to find out. Nathanial is an earl's son - but Gabriella knows he's not to be trusted! He's more than just a mere thief of hearts, he's also stolen her brother's good name. Determined to restore his reputation, she'd even masquerade as a destitute orphan and be taken into his family's home. But how can she continue her ruse when she finds herself succumbing to Nathanial's passionate charms?

3. Desires of a Perfect Lady (2010)

A secret list of the desires of Lady Olivia Rathbourne:

1. Disregard convention

2. Follow my heart

3. Bed the Earl of Wyldewood

A decade ago, Olivia had expected to marry the Earl of Wyldewood, only to have happiness stolen from her before his ring could be placed upon her finger. Now he stands before her, as proud and arrogant and handsome as ever, vowing to rescue her. Well, he's got some nerve urning up after all these years. Where was he when she needed him? As for the earl, scandal has never touched him nor has impropriety ever besmirched his name. But his penchant for doing the expected does have his family calling him, well, dull. Isn't it time to flaunt society's conventions and do what he's always wanted? And first on his list: Olivia in his bed -- with or without a wedding.

Effington Family

1. The Wedding Bargain (1999)

SHE WANTED TO MARRY A HERO Maximillian Wells, the Earl of Trent, couldn't believe his ears-or his eyes. Before him stood beautiful, unattainable Pandora Effington, the ton's most scandalous beauty. Max believed the fiery heiress would make a most satisfactory bride, and now she was making him a most tantalizing offer. If he wanted to take Pandora's hand--and the rest of her irresistible body--in marriage, he had to play a game of her devising--one he had no intention of losing ... After seven glorious seasons, Pandora knew it was time to wed, but most of London's eligible bachelors left her cold. She longed for a true hero ... a man who would do anything in his power to win her love. Maximillian's very touch sent shivers down her spine and made her dream of long nights spent in his arms. But was he willing to risk everything to prove his love?

2. The Husband List (2000)

An Unexpected Husband Against her better judgment, Lady Gillian Marley needs to find herself a husband--and quickly. To claim her uncle's unexpected bequest she must marry by her next birthday, which leaves only two months to find a malleable mate. Topping her list of eligible candidates is the honorable Earl of Shelbrooke, yet one look at the very handsome but enigmatic nobleman and Gillian knows that cajoling him into a marriage of convenience will be hardly convenient at all. A Marriage of Inconvenience. Far from immune to Gillian's entrancing charms, the last thing Richard Shelton is about to bind himself into is a chaste marriage. Though the inheritance is more than and tempting, Richard knows the lady herself is the real prize and isn't about to allow Gillian to deny the burning fervor that sparks between them. Now he has only two months to convince her to be his wife in full ... before his mysterious secret is revealed and their lives explode irrevocably into scandal.

3. The Marriage Lesson (2001)

Lady Marianne has found romance only between book covers. But the dashing marquess is about to give her a lesson in love she'll never forget... LESSON #1: NEVER TEMPT A LADY Become a bride? Never! Lady Marianne Shelton has come to London to experience life, and marriage is not part of her plan. To finance her independent future, the pretty country miss pens a series of anonymous stories. Soon they are the talk of the ton-and only she knows that her wicked hero is based on none other than bold, brash Thomas Effington, the future Duke of Roxborough. LESSON #2:NEVER DENY A MARQUESS Thomas has been thrust into le of Marianne's protector. When she threatens to experience life with the first willing rogue to come along, he decides the best recourse is to tutor her himself. And when he accidentally compromises her honor, he's willing to accept their only recourse: a wedding. Marianne claims she wants no part of marriage, but her intoxicating allure and disarming willingness make her irresistible. And now Thomas is determined to teach her a lesson: that true love will last forever.

4. The Prince's Bride (2001)

Once upon a time there was a young debutante of means who dreamed of marrying a prince. So she traveled to London to become... As a poor but proud young lady, Jocelyn Shelton had but one dream: to marry a prince and bring comfort to herself and her family. Now circumstances bring her to London, where her charms could make her wish come true. But her rendezvous with royalty is dangerously interrupted, and she finds herself rescued -- and thoroughly kissed -- by Rand, Viscount Beaumont ... a daring man in the service of the king. To protect her life, Rand whisks her away to the countryside, and to defend her reputation, he agrees to marry the willful beauty. Lady Jocelyn is hardly his first choice as a bride, but beneath her fiery nature he uncovers a tender vulnerability and a sizzling passion. But Rand is keeping a shocking secret-one that, when revealed, could either shake her belief in him or make her realize that it takes more than blue blood to be a true prince.

5. Her Highness, My Wife (2002)

Once upon a time there was a kind and beautiful princess. She had lovely gowns, servants to do her bidding...and a bevy of handsome suitors longing for one thing only...Her crown. Women never said no to the dashing Lord Matthew Weston and he never said no to them. But this was the first time he found one tempting enough to impetuously say "I do." Was it any wonder he awoke to discover her gone? And when Matthew learned the enchanting creature he'd married was of royal blood -- and would abandon their marriage bed without a second thought -- he vowed to put her out of his life forever. But even a princess makes mistakes. And now Tatiana's back, asking for the kind of help only he can give her. But is his assistance all she wants or are there secrets the willful royal is keeping from him? Matthew may well lend her his hand but he'll never again give her his heart. Still, he's determined to tame the green-eyed beauty and change her from a perfect princess to his passionate bride.

6. Love with the Proper Husband (2003)

Distressed over the current widespread disinterest in matrimony among their eminently marriageable offspring, the formidable matriarchs of the ton have taken matters into their own meddling hands with the formation of The Ladies' Society for the Betterment of the Future of Britain. Their first challenge: the Earl of Pennington. Miss Gwendolyn Townsend has seen her late father's estate go to a distant cousin she can't abide ... leaving her well-educated, able to make a perfect curtsy -- and penniless. So imagine her shock when it's discovered that a match had been arranged between herself and Marcus Holcroft, the Earl of Pennington -- one of the most eligible members of London society. Marcus constantly leaves her breathless and confused ... and though she's hesitant to marry a man she's just met, in the end she has no choice. But she makes some conditions first ... Marcus cannot believe that the bride who has been foisted upon him is insisting on rules to their wedding ... and bedding! He's a man who has never had to tempt any woman into his arms. But even more surprising is that Gwendolyn is clearly hiding something -- and it shocks him to think that their exquisite kisses -- followed by his lessons in passionate lovemaking -- wouldn't be enough to make his wife tell him her every secret. After all, he's promised to be a proper husband -- isn't it fair to also expect a proper wife?

7. The Lady in Question (2003)

Identical twins, sensible Delia and mischievous Cassandra Effington were the most delicious debutantes to ever waltz across a London ballroom. They looked alike in every way...but no one ever expected Delia to be the one to get into trouble... How did this young lady's reputation become so questionable? Once she was lovely, respectable Miss Delia Effington, but an impulsive decision -- and subsequent disaster -- forces Delia to retire from society. Until one night, desperate for diversion, she attends a ball as her twin sister and finds herself dancing in the strong arms of the dashing Viscount St. Stephens. Delia believes she has never met this man who arouses her passions, yet he seems somehow familiar. For Delia doesn't know that St. Stephens, an agent for the Crown, has been in her home, protecting her under the disguise of her butler. What will happen when this lady discovers the truth about the man she has come to love?

8. The Pursuit of Marriage (2004)

What lengths would a young lady go to in her pursuit of the perfect match? And how far would a gentleman go to stop her? Cassandra Effington is one of the most delicious debutantes to ever waltz across a London ballroom. But while her identical twin sister Delia is now wed, Cassandra is still unclaimed, and everyone agrees her standards are entirely too high. So how could she possibly lose a most unseemly wager with the handsome, scandalous Viscount Berkley? The proposition: She will find him an ideal bride well before he finds her the perfect match. But Lord Berkley intends to be very hard to please. He's already chosen the right woman, and no lady Cassandra puts forward to him will be perfect enough save the luscious Cassandra herself. And he'll do whatever it takes to make certain no gentleman he introduces her to is enticing enough, until she realizes that the perfect object in her pursuit of marriage is none other than the viscount himself.

9. A Visit from Sir Nicholas (2004)

Everyone knows that an Effington always getsher way ... but this time it's not going to be easy! Lady Elizabeth Effington simply could not suitably feel the joy of the Christmas season. Ten years had passed since she had boldly declared her love for Sir Nicholas Collingsworth. He rebuffed her and set out to seek his fortunes, while Elizabeth was left a woman scorned. Now, she discovers in horror that the inheritance she's managed beautifully was never hers to control. No, power over her finances lay in the hands of the last man she ever wants to see again: Nicholas! But running Elizabeth's life isn't part of Nick's plans. He's intrigued when he discovers that the frivolous and flighty girl he once knew has turned into a beautiful and capable woman. Nick vows to woo -- and win -- her, and while she seems unmoved by his fervent seduction, he swears he will not rest until she accepts that most precious gift of all -- the gift of love.

10. When We Meet Again (2005)

Pamela is a mystery Alexei is determined to solve ... Prince Alexei of Avalonia is a master at the art of seduction, but when a mysterious young woman he meets at a masked ball spends the night in his bed, he finds he is touched in ways he cannot forget. Still, he wonders if she was real or a dream spun of moonlight. Alexei might well be a temptation Pamela cannot resist ... And Miss Pamela Effington is no dream. Certainly, succumbing to the prince's seduction was madness. Now she's come to her senses and is thankful their paths will never cross again. Even if they do, he had never truly seen her face. But they are both in for the shock of their lives. For back in London, determined to lead a blameless life, Pamela finds Alexei occupying her home -- a townhouse she's only recently inherited -- and he refuses to leave. A feigned courtship seems an excellent idea, and soon the mystery and temptation begin all over again.

11. Let It Be Love (2005)

Dashing Jonathon Effington, the Marquess of Helmsley, has had more than one lady willingly fall into his arms. But he's so delicious none has ever complained at their inevitable parting. And while Jonathon's no stranger to passion of the flesh, his heart has remained untouched. Until now ... At each Christmas Ball, Jonathon selects a delectable lady to share the pleasures of the evening -- after all, it's a holiday tradition! But he is shocked to discover that his choice is replaced by an enchanting stranger who surprises him with a proposal of marriage. Beautiful Fiona Fairchild is desperate -- only a wedding will save her sisters and her inheritance. But Jonathon has no interest in marriage, and what starts as a shocking proposal turns into a scandalous proposition that might ruin them both ..

Last Man Standing

1. A Little Bit Wicked (2007)

Who will be the last unmarried man standing? No man in his right mind would want to get married, but every duke, earl, and viscount knows that a fellow must do his duty in the end. So four of London's most desirable gentlemen make a wager--the prize going to the one who remains unwed the longest. Gideon Pearsall, Viscount Warton, thinks he has a fair shot at winning. After all, he's managed to enjoy the favors of many a lady while resisting the parson's noose. Even when he's stopped dead in his tracks by the most scandalous woman in all of London--Judith, Lady Chester--he vows to have her bedded but never wedded. Beautiful, and more than a little bit naughty, Judith has always kept herself within the bounds of respectability, even while playing by her own rules. And the experience has taught her to avoid marriage. She has no desire to resist Warton's hot kisses, and his tempting touch is impossible to ignore. But soon both Judith and Gideon can't help but wonder . . . is it possible to be a little bit wicked and still follow your heart?

2. What a Lady Wants (2007)

One bachelor down . . . three more to go. Four most desirable gentlemen have wagered one shilling apiece and a bottle of cognac that will go to the last unmarried man standing... Nigel Cavendish knows he'll marry one day, but hopefully that day is many years--and many women--in the future! Until then, the handsome, unrepentant rake intends to enjoy life's pleasures to the fullest! From the moment Lady Felicity Melville spies the adventurous scoundrel climbing from a neighbor's window--with his comely conquest's husband in hot pursuit--she knows Nigel is the answer to her prayers . . . with a little reformation, of course! Felicity craves excitement and who in all of London is more exciting than the infamous Mr. Cavendish? So what's a girl to do but hatch a scheme to win what she so fervently desires. But her plan works too well when a game of chance and an errant pistol shot abruptly make them husband and wife--but in a way neither wanted. Now Felicity has to prove to her wayward husband that she's the only woman he could ever want . . . or need!

3. The Secrets of a Proper Lady (2007)

Who will be the last man standing? New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander's delicious series about four men desperately trying to avoid matrimony continues... Lady Cordelia Bannister simply cannot marry a man she has not chosen herself, no matter what her father decrees. So, pretending to be her own companion, she decides to seek out information about her intended by meeting with his secretary--a man who soon beguiles her. But Lady Cordelia doesn't know the truth--the man can't resist is really her intended, Daniel Sinclair. Daniel has nearly won the wager he made with three of London's most eligible bachelors. While two of his compatriots have surrendered to the shackles of marriage, he's remained free to woo any woman he chooses. Yet duty forces him to consider Lady Cordelia, so, determined to find a way to escape honor intact, he continues the masquerade he started. Each finds the other completely irresistible, but when they uncover their mutual mistaken identities, Daniel and Cordelia must make the most important choice of all...

4. Seduction of a Proper Gentleman (2008)

He's the last unmarried man still standing...but not for long. To break a centuries-old curse, beautiful, headstrong Lady Kathleen MacDavid knows she must ignore every rule of propriety by seducing--and marrying--the Earl of Norcroft. So she sets off for London, braving scandal and ruin to achieve her goal . . . until a crazy bump on the head makes her forget nearly everything. The thrill of winning a bet--that he'd be the last of his set to wed--hasn't eased the earl's pain of losing his friends to marriage. Still, he'd be willing to settle down if he could meet someone worthy of his love--and desire. But he has met no such woman, until Kathleen is brought to him. Suspicious of her motives, he's determined to resist her seductive ways. But sometimes even the most proper gentleman finds it expedient to act improperly .


Yesterday and Forever (1995)

PORTRAIT OF LOVE An artist with no palate for business, Margaret Masterson could create a world of excitement on canvas, but her love life was as dull as flat paint. Then a carriage ride on a foggy night swept her back to Regency London and the picture-perfect nobleman she'd always yearned for. Preoccupied with marrying off his rebellious sister, Adam Coleridge had no leisure to find a wife of his own. Yet when fate dropped Maggie at his feet, the hand some earl was powerless to resist the desire she roused in him. But with time fighting against them, Adam feared that not even a masterpiece of love could keep Maggie from becoming nothing more than a passionate memory.

Believe (1998) Вярвай

Теса Сейнт Джеймс смяташе, че любовта е като легендата за крал Артур - просто един мит. Но когато приказното томче попадна в ръцете на хубавата учителка, тя разбира, че трябва да преосмисли мнението си. Озовала се изведнъж в замъка Камелот, Теса открива, че легендата съвсем не е такава, каквато си я спомня. Галахад Непорочния съвсем не е такъв - могъщият рицар е опитен любовник. И въпреки това. Дори в силната прегръдка на Галахад, тя не се чувства сигурна в този мъж, за който е смятала, че е само един мит. Но скоро красивата скептичка тръгва на едно съвсем истинско пътешествие, а чашата на Граал - и любовта на Галахад - са съвсем близо. Единствено го, което трябва да направи е да ... ВЯРВА!

Paradise Bay (1999)

HEAVEN In the early seventeenth century, a group of women were transported to an uncharted island as punishment for crimes ranging from poor housekeeping to promiscuity. Within several years of their arrival, a British ship, under the command of mutineers, stumbled onto the island to be greeted enthusiastically by the marooned females. Thus was born Paradise Bay. ON EARTH Today, its pristine golden beaches and sweet tropic climes are the perfect place to ring in the new millennium. For four hundred years the magic of the island has brought people together with a fiery sunset, the scent of coconut sweetening the evening breeze. Who can resist the passion? Not Trish and Jack, and certainly not you. Come to where the day begins. Give yourself to Paradise Bay.

Lady Amelia's Secret Lover (2007)

Lady Amelia Hathaway's marriage has gotten stale over the past six years, so she decides to take a lover. She makes no secret of her intent – but what her husband doesn't know is that Amelia's real scheme is to win him back.Will the plan work well enough to earn Amelia the passion she deserves from her husband? Or will it backfire drastically, sending him into the arms of a flesh-and-blood lover of his own?

The Perfect Mistress (2010)

Widowed Julia, Lady Winterset, inherited a shocking book that every gentleman in London wants. For a charismatic businessman, it could be a chance to build an empire. For a dashing novelist, it could guarantee fame. But to a certain proud, domineering earl, it means everything.. Harrison Landingham, Earl of Mountdale, cannot let the obstinate Julia release her shameless memoir, as it would ruin his family's name. The only way to stop her may be equally sordid, but far more pleasurable. Landingham's rivals are intent on seducing the captivating woman to acquire her book; and he is not the sort of fellow to back away from a competition where the stakes are high. The winner of this game will claim both the scandalous memoirs, and her heart.

His Mistress by Christmas (2011)

For three years, Lady Veronica Smithson has been a happy, independent widow. Still, the right gentleman could provide the benefits of marriage without the tedious restrictions. And in Sir Sebastian Hadley-Attwater, renowned explorer and rogue, Veronica is sure she has found him.

Sebastian will inherit his fortune in a matter of weeks - if his family deems him responsible enough. There's no better way to prove his maturity than with a home and a wife. But though the lovely Veronica will share his bed, she refuses to marry. An intimate sojourn at his new country house will surely change her mind. For Sebastian never takes no for an answer. And even in the midst of mischief-making relatives and unexpected complications, he intends to persuade his Christmas mistress that they belong together - in this and every season to come.

My Wicked Little Lies (2012)

Evelyn Hadley-Attwater has it all - a genteel Victorian life replete with loving husband, ball gowns and elegant parties. No one, including the man she married, suspects that she was once 'Eve,' a spy for England's most enigmatic intelligence agency. Summoned for one final assignment, the excitement of her former life and memories of her mysterious, flirtatious boss 'Sir' prove too tempting. Adrian Hadley-Attwater is a respectable, dignified gentleman. But even the most proper gentlemen have secrets of their own. Secrets from the rest of the world, from their families, from their wives. Secrets that have a price. Now, as a veil of secrecy frays, a tantalizing game of cat and mouse will test the bounds of unfailing love.

What Happens at Christmas (2012)

Camille, Lady Lydingham, knows what she wants for Christmas - an official engagement to a handsome prince. The prince insists on getting her family's approval first, which leaves the lovely widow with a problem. The last thing Camille wants is for him to meet her unconventional relatives. But with the aid of a troupe of actors, Camille can pull off a Christmas deception of massive proportions. At least until Grayson Elliot shows up. A dozen years ago, their romance ended at her mother's insistence. Now he's back, playing absolute havoc with her scheme - and with her heart. Because for Grayson, losing Camille once was quite bad enough. Losing her twice? Unthinkable. And he'll find a way to show her they belong together - this season, and every Christmas yet to come.

The Importance of Being Wicked (2013)

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING WICKED is a dazzling new novel, set in Victorian England, at a country estate where love is always at home...it's the perfect setting for a properly wicked seduction. Winfield Elliot, Viscount Stillwell, needs to find a bride, and has broken three engagements already. His real passion is his family's fire-damaged country house, which he is trying to restore and renovate. The firm he hires to repair the house send a very desirable widow to represent them. Lady Miranda Garrett finds Win totally irresistible when she resides at his home to oversee the work being done there. Win occupies her days, her thoughts, and her dreams...and eventually her bed. Finally, the wicked Win has fallen in love; and what began as a scandalous proposition becomes a proposal.


Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engagements (2012)


The Night Before Christmas (1996) (with Sandra Hill, Dara Joy and Nelle McFather)

В този сборник Виктория участва с новелата Promises to Keep: After a trip to see a department-store Kris Kringle, a lonely business woman is swept back to a long-ago Christmas-and given a second chance to share a passion that will prove to her it really is a wonderful life.

Santa Paws (1997) (with Nina Coombs, Annie Kimberlin and Miriam Raftery)

В този сборник Виктория участва с новелата Shakspeare and the Tree Kings: After inheriting three unbearable dogs from his great aunt, Oliver Stanhope was relieved she'd made arrangements for a trainer. But when D.K. Lawrence appeared at his door, enormous Great Dane in tow, Oliver was in for the Christmas surprise --- and love --- of his life.

The Cat's Meow (1998) (with Nina Coombs, Coral Smith Saxe and Colleen Shannon)

В този сборник Виктория участва с новелата One Magic Moment: TO PERSONS OF GOOD CHARACTER, FREE FELINE TO STABLE HOME The ad seemed perfect for what Gisella Lowell, an eccentric Bostonian gypsy, intended. While the newspaper ad offered only the possible adoption of four adorable cats, Gisella's plans were a whisker more complex: four individual tales of magic and romance. As the October nights grew chill and the winds howled, four couples would cuddle before their hearths, protected from the things that go bump in the night. While outside, children frolicked and tripped from door to door, the lovers would sample tricks and treats of their own--learning that unwrapping candy wasn't the best thing about the holiday. And by Halloween, each would realize that they had been rewarded with the most fulfilling gift of all: a warm, affectionate feline. And, of course, true love.

Secrets of a Perfect Night (2000) (with Rachel Gibson and Stephanie Laurens)

В този сборник Виктория участва с новелата The Last Love Letter: When their midnight elopement is foiled, a handsome young earl and his dazzling debutante swear to love each other forever--no matter what. Now it's midnight once again...can their love be rekindled with one perfect kiss?

The One That Got Away (2004) (with Liz Carlyle, Eloisa James and Cathy Maxwell)

В този сборник Виктория участва с новелата Trouble with Charlotte: He was the first ... he was the best ... He was the one that got away! Now he's back .. but do you still want him? Every woman remembers that one special man who slipped through her fingers, leaving her not only asking the question "What happened?" but also wondering aboutwhat could have been if she hadn't let him go. Now, four of today's bestselling historical romance writers -- Victoria Alexander, Liz Carlyle, Eloisa James and Cathy Maxwell -- show us what can happen when the man you thought was out of your life forever returns. In this stirring quartet of original novellas, four sets of star-crossed lovers are given the golden opportunity to relive the passion ... and set the past right. Fate has brought these couples back together, but only love can determine if each is just momentary madness or a reunion that will last for all time.

A Magical Christmas Present (2008) (with Lisa Cach and Eugenia Riley)

В този сборник Виктория участва с новелата Promises to Keep


Faerie Tale Romance

The Princess and the Pea (1996) Принцесата и граховото зърно

Истинска американска принцеса, Сесили Уайт е наследница на деловата империя на баща си. Тя не иска да даде сърцето си на ърла на Грейстоун, преди да бъде сигурна, че единственото съкровище, което той търси, е нейната любов.

The Emperor's New Clothes (1997) Новите дрехи на царя

Офелия Кендрейк, променила се само за няколко минути от скитничка в благородничка, иска да даде урок на един град, в който обръщат най-голямо внимание на външния вид. Но когато среща Тайлър, кмета на града, красавицата едва не забравя за намеренията си.

It's a Dog's Life

6. Play It Again Sam (1998)

So, You Think You Know Romance? You don't. Not unless you know Spencer St. Gregory and Philippa Morgan. Now theirs was a love for the ages. Just boy meets girl -- a story we've all heard -- or think we have. I had. I thought I'd heard of everything. Heck, I've dug up stuff in everyone's backyard. I'm Sam. I'm the dog. When the Viscount and Pippa met, it looked like it'd be Bogey and Bacall all over again--a kiss like that doesn't happen every day. And if you'd seen the look in her eyes--you too, would have known that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or something hotter. But dames don't always know what's good for them, and honor can get people into a lot of trouble. I'm here to make sure that it all goes right this time. Until they tell me otherwise, that's my job.

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