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Дженифър Блейк (Патриша Максуел)


2880 прегледа

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Jennifer Blake - Дженифър Блейк е смятана за легенда в романтичния жанр. Седмо поколение жителка на Луизиана, жени се на 15 годишна възраст, започва да пише на 21, продава първата си книга на 27. Необходими са й повече от 20 години, за да превземе бестселъровата класация на "Ню Йорк Таймс". Написала е над 50 романа, много от които са международни бестселъри. Дженифър живее със съпруга си в северна Луизиана и през свободното си време обича да посреща гости и да се грижи за любимата си градина.

=Дженифър Блейк (псевдоним)=


Royal Family of Ruthenia

1. Royal Seduction (1983)

Angline's virtue was intact before she met the prince of Ruthenia; before he mistook her for her cousin, his brother's mistress and only witness to his murder before he exacted his punishment for keeping silent about the identity of the killers. She has tasted a sweet morsel of ecstasy and now she can never return to a prim and proper life. Rolfe is savage with his kisses and brutal in his caresses, but for Angline his exquisite punishment is a heaven she never imagined. But how long will the passion last before Rolfe tires of his plaything and moves on to new conquests, leaving Angline a broken and shamed woman? Can Angline's flaming hair and bewitching eyes capture the heart of the arrogant prince?

2. Royal Passion (1986) Кралски страсти

Крал Луи Филип се опитва да реформира Франция, подпомаган от известния поет Ламартин. Никола дьо Ланде - алчен и безогледен политик - крои заговор, за да свали краля и да издигне на негово място Луи Наполеон. За да постигне това той използва всякакви средства. Едно от тях е красивата Мари Анжелик Рашел Дьолакроа, наречена Мара. Тя е от Ню Орлиънс и е дошла да прекара лятото с баба си в Париж. Отначало девойката не подозира, че ще стане играчка в ръцете на интриганта дьо Ланде. И точно в момента на най-голямо отчаяние тя среща тайнствения принц Родерик, в когото от първия миг се влюбва страстно. Но може ли Мара да бъде сигурна в неговата любов...

Louisiana Gentleman

1. Kane (1998)

Seeking to uncover the true agenda of the beautiful redhead who is paying too much attention to his grandfather, Kane Benedict finds more trouble than he anticipated and learns about Regina's own determination to protect her family.

2. Luke (1999)

Years ago, Luke had let April down in the worst possible way, and she has never been able to forgive him, but Luke would never turn his back on a friend, even if it means kidnapping a woman who despises him to keep her safe.

3. Roan (2000)

Caught in the middle of a deadly game of greed, Trish Molina-Vandergraff finds refuge from the danger in the arms of handsome Louisiana sheriff Rоan Benedict, in the conclusion of the Benedict Trilogy.

4. Clay (2001)

The Benedict brothers and cousins have a lot in common: They're handsome, powerful, and wealthy, and they take things like family, loyalty, and responsibility very, very seriously. Janna Kerr may not have all the Benedict family's advantages, but she definitely shares their feelings about family and responsibility. Though her long-ago lover, Matt Benedict, died without ever knowing about the child they'd made together, Janna is prepared to do whatever is necessary to get the desperately ill little girl the kidney transplant she needs. That's why, when Matt's twin brother, Clay, makes an unexpected visit to the isolated fishing cabin where artist Janna and her daughter Lainey have been staying, in hiding while waiting for the illegal transplant that is their last hope, Janna panics and makes Clay her prisoner. Clay's Benedict charm quickly captivates his jailer and delights her daughter. But, even as Janna's designs on her captive's body take on new dimensions, her newly forged family becomes deeply entwined in a web of deadly danger.

6. Wade (2002)

Wade Benedict has a job to do: infiltrate a treacherous land and rescue Chloe Madison. It was her father's dying wish - and Wade is taking it personally. The problem is, this stubborn, angry and courageous woman doesn't want to be saved. Her rage at the oppressive treatment of women has pulled Chloe into the dangerous world of an underground rebellion. She can't desert the women with whom she forged a darling alliance, and this self-appointed rescuer can't force her to abandon her friends or her commitments - even though her own life is at stake. But Chloe has met her match in Wade, a man as honorable and determined as she. As they make their escape through the treacherous mountains, unspoken passion wears away at the sharp edges that guard their hearts. And when deadly danger stalks them in Turn-Coupe, Louisiana, together they must face a battle that can only be won by the indomitable will of family . . . and of love.

Master at Arms

They are the notorious swordsmen of New Orleans, bound by a brotherhood of loyalty, skill and courage--infamous by day, dangerous at night, loyal only to each other and the women they love…

1. Challenge to Honor (2005)

When her brother challenges New Orleans's most infamous swordsman to a duel, Celina Vallier boldly confronts opponent, Rio de Silva, determined to thwart what would be her brother's certain death. The legendary maitre d'armes agrees. . .for a price--Celina's innocence. Though Rio is captivated by Celina's beauty and courage, she is also the perfect pawn for his revenge. She is to be betrothed to his sworn enemy, the Count de Lerida. And what sweet vengeance it would be to take the bride before the wedding. But neither anticipates the tangled web of scandal and danger that will soon follow. Devious plots are afoot, and Celina is wary of trusting anyone, including the man whose brazen sensuality tempts her to think of nothing but her own desires. . .

.2. Dawn Encounter (2006) Среща на разсъмване

Всеки ден професионалният дуелист Сейд О`Нийл минава през гробището, за да опознава смъртта - негова постоянна спътница. Една сутрин обаче той зърва там красивата Лизет, която изглежда напълно безпомощна и убита от скръб... Сейд разпознава в нея вдовицата на мъжа, с когото се е дуелирал наскоро и когото безжалостно е убил. Той е трогнат от мъката на младата жена и се опитва да й помогне. Скоро обаче и двамата откриват в сърцата си една страст, която преобразява живота им. Ще успеят ли да спечелят своята любов?...

3. Rogue's Salute (2007)

At ease making life-and-death decisions between breaths, maître d'armes Nicholas Pasquale proposes marriage to a beautiful and desperate stranger, a woman who offers comfort to his irascible young charge and calmly tells him the boy needs a mother. It is a challenge he can't resist. Nor can Juliette Armant. Though pledged to the church since infancy, she's been summoned to save her family in the only way possible...by marriage. Once she is wed, she will claim an ancestral marriage chest--and protect its secret contents from the dubious intent of her twin sister, who wants the treasure all to herself. Juliette never dreamed such a practical arrangement would explode with heady desire when a rogue's kiss unleashes the sensual woman within. But someone is determined to stop the wedding, willing to go to desperate lengths to claim the chest, plunging Juliette into a fight to claim a legacy and a love worth any price.

4. Guarded Heart (2008)

The New Year begins with a lady's intriguing proposition for Gavin Blackford--though not the sort he's accustomed to. Alluring widow Ariadne Faucher requests private lessons from the rakish sword master in order to challenge her sworn enemy to a duel. Though disinclined at first to teach a woman, Gavin is fascinated by this statuesque beauty, cloaked as she is in grief and mystery. Ariadne proves a quick study with a blade, her resolve fueled by a vendetta that is all she has left in the world. Their lessons crackle with undeniable electricity…but the secret of her all-consuming vengeance may have rendered her heart impervious even to such a virtuoso as Gavin.

5. Gallant Match (2009)

Kerr Wallace has spent years studying swordplay, preparing to challenge his sworn enemy and avenge his brother's death. The scoundrel Rouillard, now living in Mexico as a profiteer, has decided to take a wife, and the lady requires an escort to Veracruz. Kerr seizes his chance - he will deliver the bride.and dispatch the groom. If only it were so easy. Headstrong Sonia Bonneval will do anything to escape this doomed marriage to Rouillard. Coquettish ploys cannot melt the iron resolve of her damnable escort, however, and the voyage with Kerr becomes an exhilarating battle of wills. But a very real declaration of war forces them into even closer quarters - and greater temptation - in a fight for survival. Before the end, both must choose between duty and freedom - vengeance and passion.

6.Triumf in Arms (2010)

Once a starveling bootblack, Christien Lenoir has risen to become the sword master known as Faucon, the Falcon. When a desperate gambler stakes his plantation in a late-night card game, sharp-eyed Christien antes up. For he wants River's Edge - and the tempestuous widow whose birthright it is. And he will stop at nothing to have both. Reine Cassard Pingre feels trapped: the only way to keep her beloved home - and her inheritance - is to accept Christien's bold proposal of marriage. Though she instantly mistrusts his purpose, and despite rumors that she had a hand in her husband's mysterious death, Reine cannot dissuade him from wedding.and bedding.her. Their union is electrifying, but the honeymoon may be cut short by the lurid secrets at the heart of River's Edge.


By Grace Possessed (2011)

The Tudor king issues Lady Catherine Milton a most unusual command: seduce Scottish loyalist Ross Dunbar. The son of an ornery borderland laird, Dunbar would make an advantageous match, but King Henry cannot force him to wed. So Cate must ensnare him. A rush of courtly parties and passionate nights in Dunbar's embrace leaves Cate breathless.and confused. She desires a proposal for the sake of propriety and politics, but she longs to be truly loved. Tortured loyalties are not hers alone - though Dunbar is enchanted by Cate, he cannot bind himself to England and abandon his people. But when a pretender to the throne ignites a rebellion, the choice is made for them: to solidify northern alliances, Dunbar and Cate must wed. Suddenly Dunbar's death appears certain - either by his bride's curse or by a war he did not choose.

By His Majesty's Grace (2011)

The Three Graces of Graydon are well-born sisters bearing an ominous curse: any man betrothed to them without love is doomed to die. Much to her chagrin, Lady Isabel Milton has been given to Earl Rand Braesford - a reward from the Tudor king for his loyalty to the throne. The lusty nobleman quickly claims his husbandly rights, an experience Isabel scarcely hoped to enjoy so much. But youth and strength may not save Braesford from his bride's infamous curse. Accused of a

heinous crime with implications that reach all the way to King Henry himself, Braesford is imprisoned in the Tower, and Isabel is offered her salvation - but for a price. She has the power to seal his fate, have him sent to the executioner and be freed from her marriage bonds. Yet the more Isabel learns of Rand, the less convinced she is of his guilt, and she commits to discover the truth about the enigmatic husband she never expected to love.

Seduced by Grace (2011)

When Lady Marguerite Milton is abducted by the enigmatic - and famously insatiable - Golden Knight, it is the stuff of fantasy. Or would be, if Marguerite weren't pining for her David, who pledged his devotion ten years before...and disappeared. But the only thing more heartbreaking than a man that does not keep his word is one bound by it.. David is the Golden Knight, reaffirming his oath to protect Marguerite and, maddeningly, to love her, but chastely. More infuriatingly, Marguerite has been a pawn - bait to lure David into King Henry VII's latest intrigue. To divide Yorkist insurrectionists, David is groomed as a rival to their latest pretender to the throne. Marguerite is desperate. If David fails, the rebels will destroy him; if he succeeds, Henry will not scruple to execute the would-be king he himself created. Suddenly, love and life seem far beyond the reach of any mere curse...


Love's Wild Desire (1977)

IN A LOCKED ROOM IN A NOTORIOUS NEW ORLEANS MANSION Catherine first learned what it was to fight against the power of a man's aroused desires and her own awakened hungers--and to lose all pride, all pretense, all control IN A GREAT PLANTATION HOUSE Catherine was installed to be mistress of all she surveyed, and to be slave to one man's iron will and fierce possessiveness ON A RIVERBOAT ON THE RAGING MISSISSIPPI Catherine faced a captor whose brutal bulk and animal-like lust made a mockery of her claims to respect as an aristocrat and virtue as a lady IN A WORLD WHERE FORCE AND VIOLENCE RULED SUPREME Catherine was a woman whose passions were too strong and defenses too frail to offer her safety from-- LOVE'S WILD DESIRE

Tender Betrayal (1979) Нежната измамница

Мелани Джонстън има всички основания да мрази от дъното на душата си дръзкия съблазнител и дамски герой Роланд Донован, защото той очевидно е виновен за трагичната смърт на нейния любим дядо. И след като този мъж отнема невинността й в бурна и съдбовна нощ и с това завинаги дамгосва нейната чест, тя няма друг път към отмъщението освен един. Оженва се за него, отстъпвайки пред натиска му, но намира всички средства от безкрайния женски арсенал, за да превърне живота му в ад. Но тя все още не подозира за силата на своите собствени скрити желания. А също и за тъмната тайна, обкръжаваща Роланд...

The Storm and the Splendor (1979)

Julia Dupre was the proud belle of New Orleans when she first fell under themocking gaze of Captain Rudyard Thorpe. His self-assurance angered her, hisinsolence enraged her, yet he was the one man who could help her carry outher desperate plan. Caught up in a dangerous scheme of internationalrevenge, she found herself orphaned... penniless... forced to become RudyardThorpe's bride. Against her will, the marriage became an affair of passiononly to be shattered by the treacherous tides of fate... Tides that wouldsentence Julia to a life of exotic decadence... Tides of lust and violencethat would rise again and again before she would learn to embrace the lovethat had branded her heart...

Golden Fancy (1980)

SHE HAD ESCAPED THE MORMON WAGON TRAIN and the clutches of the fanatic Elder Greer, who called his wanton desires the "will of God:' She had been saved from death on the desolate prairie by the handsome, cynical Ward Dunbar who wanted only her body, not her gratitude. Now Serena Walsh found herself Dunbar's unwilling mistress -- and his prisoner. Closeted above the Eldorado, the gambling house he owned in the gold rush town of Cripple Creek. Despised by Dunbar's beautiful partner, Pearlie, for stealing her man. Desired by Nathan Benedict, the millionaire who wanted her love at any price. Hounded by the Elder Greer, who was determined to make her fear the fury of his lust and fear God's holy wrath. She stood alone against the primitive passions of a hostile town that threatened to destroy her.

Embrace and Conquer (1982) Прегърни и завладей

Ослепително красивата и темпераментна французойка Фелисити живее в колонията Луизиана, когато тя попада под властта на испанците. Баща й, активен борец на съпротивата, е арестуван. Фелисити е принудена да приеме предложението на ирландския наемник Морган Макормак, който е готов да се застъпи за освобождаването му, ако Фелисити му прави компания и го придружава при специални случаи. Несъщия й брат Валкур, който отдавна е влюбен в нея, е обзет от дива омраза. Измъчван от ревност, той замисля отмъщение. След самоубийството на бащата, Валкур отвлича отчаяната Фелисити на пиратския си кораб, неподозирайки, че Морган Макормак е готов да последва любимата си и накрай света.

Snowbound Heart (1982)

All Clare Thornton wanted was a relaxing vacation in the mountains learning how to ski, but a snowstorm causes her to wreck her car and seek out shelter in a seemingly abandoned cabin. But when the famous movie star Logan Longcross walks through the door of the cabin Clare finds herself on trail by a man who fiercely guards his privacy and does not accept her innocent explanations of the car crash as her reason for showing up on his doorstep. When the snow clears and a famous movie producer shows up at the door of the cabin expecting to find his wife in the arms of the famous star, Clare suddenly becomes Logan's faux fiancée. They both must do the acting of their lives if they are to convince the producer that he should consider Logan's movie proposal and that Clare and Logan are lovers. But is the love they display really an act?

Midnight Waltz (1984)

Arranged marriages among the Creole aristocracy of Louisiana were common,and beautiful Amalie Peschier Declouet knew she was fortunate that herhusband, Julien Declouet, was so kind and attentive. But ever since herwedding night, Julien had refused to touch her. Amalie was baffled and hurt.Then he began entering the darkness of her bedroom to make passionate loveto her. Night after night he brought Amalie to the heights of ecstasy onlyto confound her with his aloofness by day. Imagine Amalie's shock todiscover that it wasn't her husband at all, but his attractive cousin,Robert Farnum! And when Julien disappeared and was later found murdered,both Amalie and Robert suspected each other of murder. But by then, they hadfallen completely in love...

Surrender in Moonlight (1984)

HE WAS LIKE A FIRE IN HER BLOOD. SHE WAS LIKE A FEVER IN HIS SOUL.From the moment they met and made love in a strange, deserted house, LornaForrester, a twenty-year-old New Orleans beauty, and Roman Cazenave, adaring blockade runner, were obsessed with each other. It was the beginningof an incredible adventure in danger and love--from the Civil War-torn Southto the windswept waters of the Caribbean.

Fierce Eden (1985)

ELISE WAS SURE ALL MEN WERE BRUTES. THEN SHE MET REYNAUD CHAVALIER...A widow at twenty-five, beautiful Elise Laffont had been married to a beastof a man who left her with a strong aversion to sex. She was quite contentto manage her small Louisiana farm alone -- until the Natchez uprisingforced her to flee. To secure safe passage for herself and her neighbors outof Natchez territory, Elise had to agree to be the mistress of ReynaudChavalier, the son of a French nobleman and a Natchez princess. Frightenedbeyond measure of this magnificent but menacing man, Elise was unpreparedfor the gentleness, the exquisite sensuousness, the unbelievable patience heshowed until she awakened to the ecstasies of his touch, and began to cravehis lovemaking...

Prisoner of Desire (1986)

AS MARDI GRAS FLARED IN THE GLITTERING STREETS OF NEW ORLEANS, ECSTASYBLAZED IN A SMALL, STARK ROOM...To prevent the duel she was sure would kill her sister's fiance, AnyaHamilton took as her prisoner the magnificently handsome Ravel Duralde. Butin a small, stark room on her lush Louisiana plantation, it was Anya whobecame Ravel's prisoner of desire. For in that little room, Ravel awakenedall of Anya's longings--and satisfied them. The protests running through hermind were no match for the heat coursing through her veins, and Anyareturned again and again to Ravel's chamber to love and be loved, toexperience pleasures' she'd never dreamed possible. As Anya struggled tocontrol her raging emotions, and Ravel strove to win her love, they bothfaced the challenge of staying alive to enjoy again the paradise in eachother's arms....

Louisiana Dawn (1987) Авантюристката

Рискови авантюри, схватки, предателства и коварства, заплетени в една тайна мрежа между двора на френския крал и Новите земи в Америка - това е играта на бурната и своенравна Съдба, която отрежда на Сирен да спаси един ден Рене Льомоние от сигурна гибел. Репутацията му на изключителен любовник, приближен на мадам Помпадур, на тайнствен и чаровен дуелист и благородник със свободни нрави, разпалва още повече нейния жаден интерес. Но любопитството я отвежда към потресаващи открития: Льомоние не е човекът, за когото го мислят. Братята Бретон не са само покровители на Сирен, човекът, когото тя убива не е баща й, а попаднала веднъж в обятията на Рене девойката узнава, че греховната порочност всъщност е страстта-твърде силна и любовта-твърде прекрасна, за да бъде пожертвана...

Southern Rapture (1987)

Lettie Mason, a proper yet headstrong Boston schoolteacher, journeyed to a small Louisiana town after the Civil War to expose the wretched rogue who'd killed her brother. The man was known as Thorn--a man with a reputation for both murder and mercy. She was sure he had killed her brother, but she learned that he also helped save the homes and lives of many townspeople. How could she reconcile these two different images of the same man--and how could she accept the overwhelming desire, the thrilling passion, and the reckless abandon he aroused deep within her?

Spanish Serenade (1987) Испанска серенада

Севиля 1800г. Страстната и красива Пилар би дала всичко, за да се отърве от тираничния си втори баща дон Естебан. Но да избяга сама е невъзможно. Затова намира съучастник - гордият благородник Ел Леон, който заради интригите на Дон Естебан е загубил фамилните си богатства. Пилар става част от бандата на Ел Леон в дивите гори на Андалусия. А когато той попада в ръцете на отмъстителния Дон Естебан, тя изведнъж открива, че сърцето й е пленено от младия благородник. И се впуска в борба на живот и смърт за спасяването на любимия си...

Perfume of Paradise (1988) Парфюмът на Рая

Прекрасната Ерен притежава тайнствен парфюм, с помоща на който успява да омагьоса своя бъдещ съпруг. В навечерието на венчавката избухва възстание на робите в Санто Доминго и Елен е изложена на смъртна опастност. В последната секунда Райън - един привлекателен американски капитан - успява да я спаси.Но екзотичният аромат на Елен оказва и върху него своето магическо въздействие...

Love and Smoke (1989)

In the wake of Edison Gallant's stay in town--during which he manages to shame and bring misery to all three Benson sisters, including Riva--Riva works hard to become a powerful businesswoman, and swears revenge at any cost.

Joy and Anger (1991) Любов и омраза

Джили Булърд, амбициозна млада режисьорка, най-сетне е успяла да осъществи мечтата си - филм за тайнствения свят на Лузиана. Свят, който кара сърцето да бие по-бързо, а кръвта да кипва... В лабиринта на дивото тресавище тя среща Рей Тейбъри, загадъчен креол, непредвидим като родината си. Джили не може да устои дълго на огнения му темперамент, но скоро мистериозни убийства смразяват кръвта й.КОму да се довери? Дали на Алън - своя годеник и продуценит, или на Рей - смущаващия, но очарователен авантюрист. И как да намери истинската любов сред омразата, която изведнъж открива около себе си...

Wildest Dreams (1992) Див жасмин

Любимата баба на Джолета Карес умира и отнася в гроба пазената в тайна рецепта за легендарен парфюм,който е бил сред предпочитаните аромати на Клеопатра. Единственият ключ към тайната формула е дневникът на прабабата,Виолета Фосие. Този дневник подтиква Джолета към авантюристично пътешествие из Европа по дирите на парфюма. Тя се натъква на дълбоко пазени тайни, забранени връзки и една скандална любовна история,тясно преплетена с магията на парфюма. И далеч не случайно пътят й се кръстосва с този на Роун Адамсън,очарователен плейбой от южните щати,подозрително добре запознат с парфюмите.Той е съперник,но и мъж,на когото не може дълго да се устои...

Arrow to the Heart (1993)

Their marriage merged two o f Louisiana's most prominent families. But afterfive years, Katrine Castlereagh remained untouched in body and heart, herhusband unable to fulfill his wish to produce an heir. For the sake of thatgoal, Giles would allow his wife to be bedded by the noble man who won theannual tournament of champions, a medieval contest held on the grounds ofArcadia, his magnificent estate. The honor fell to Rowan de Blanc, who hadhis own secret reason for joining the games. Katrine refused to submit toher husband's insane demands, no matter how devastatingly attractive herchosen partner. Succumbing to temptation would mean defeat for them both...until love and desire interfered with their best intentions ....

Shameless (1994)

Amidst torrid gossip and whispered suspicions, Reid Sayers has returned to his small hometown in rural Louisiana-and to the stormy passions of Camilla Greenley. Pulsating with the intense desires of a willful man and woman, Jennifer Blake's lush novel is a breathlessly compelling tale of suspense and unbridled sensuality that is absolutely.. Camilla's cunning, soon-to-be ex-husband has discovered that she may be the sole heir to the local mill-worth millions if its operating owner, Reid Sayers, sells out to an eager conglomerate. But there is danger in the air. Someone is threatening Camilla; Reid steps into the line of fire. And though Camilla doesn't trust him, her body can't fight the fierce attraction between them. By day, their battle is nothing short of open war-Camilla vows to stop the sale that could play havoc with the environment and rallies the town behind her. But at night, their love is a passionate combat, a fury of competitive ecstasy. It is an entanglement from which there is no surrender, and no defeat.

The Silver Tongued Devil (1995) Нежният измамник

Едмънд Крю няма никакви скрупули - с подправени карти той успява да спечели на покер богатата плантация Боньор - с мебелите, робите и процъфтяващото производство на захарна тръстика. Той не иска и да знае, че нещастният собственик на плантацията се самоубива от мъка и срам. Но доведеният син на измамения плантатор се заклева над пресния му гроб, че ще отмъсти за баща си. И скоро Рейнолд Хардън намира слабото място на Крю - неговата прекрасна дъщеря Анджелика...

Tigress (1996)

Only one man dared trap and tame her... It begins on a dark, scented patioin Rio de Janeiro, with the rich rhythms of a samba... and the warm caressof a masked stranger with magic in his touch. It sweeps from Rio to New Orleans in an erotic haze of seduction and sensuality, passion andbetrayal... Jessica Meredith has recently been appointed acting CEO of hergrandfather's marine transport company. In Rio to discuss an unfriendlytakeover bid by the enigmatic and devastatingly handsome Brazilan shippingmagnate, Rafael Castelar, she falls into the trap of an erotic party. Thelights go out, and she escapes to a dark patio garden. Followed and nearlyassaulted, she is rescued by a masked stranger, but then falls prey to thesweet and beguiling safety of his arms and her own repressed desires. Butthe moment of uncharacteristic weakness is shattered by the flash of aninfrared camera. Jessica has been set-up...

Garden of Scandal (1997)

Isolated for years from the town that had branded her a murderer, Laurel Bancroft resumes her life when she hires young and passionate Alec to tend to her beloved gardens, but as their relationship grows, they face their most dangerous threats.


Topaz Man Presents

1. A Dream Come True (1994) (with Georgina Gentry, Shirl Henke, Anita Mills and Becky Lee Weyrich)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Dream Lover: Modern day real-estate agent, Erina Littlefield, lives a fantasy. Her mind fabricates the perfect hero, the perfect man, the perfect lover - she calls him Sinclair. Now she stands staring, in disbelief, at an old oil painting. Her desire had really lived . . . once . . . but in another age, in another time. Shockingly, her dream lover is St. Clair Nicholas Antoine Rouquette. Date of birth: August 3, 1815.

2. Secrets of the Heart (1994) (with Madeline Baker, Georgina Gentry, Shirl Henke and Patricia Rice)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Besieged Heart: Princess Mara is in trouble. Her castle is under siege, her brother and Lord of the holding is off making war, and the hostile Baron at her gate wants to cement his interests by marrying her. He'll beat her into submission if he has to, and Mara needs a Champion. Her loyal advisor and Wizard is too precious to risk - her last remaining battle asset..he's served her since she was a child...and she's never seen his face under his cowl. Her wizard has been in love with his princess since he was a boy but knows their ranks are too distant - and keeps a proper distance. When his Lady begins to talk of surrendering to the horrific Baron in order to save her people, he transports his Lady to the Future, the twentieth century, to show her what she'd REALLY think of being held captive and under another's command. His own.

Star Dust (1994) (with Betina Krahn, Glenda Sanders and Jodi Thomas)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата The Warlock's Daughter: Carita Gray--daughter of a warlock who killed her mortal mother with the strength of his passion--has been lonely most of her life. The powers inherited from her father are a curse, for how can she risk love when she may be the death of any man who touches her? Renfrey approaches Carita in a New Orleans cemetery on All Hallows' Eve. Sent by her father with matrimony as the object, he recognizes her passionate yearning. Yet he requires something more than to be the answer to her need. Carita dares not succumb to Renfrey's allure--until she realizes he is a warlock. But Renfrey, now caring too much, fears his fierce desire may destroy this half-breed warlock's daughter. So begins a battle of wills fought with power and magic, tumult and splendor. But who will be left alive when it ends?

Honeymoon Suite (1995) (with Margaret Brownley, Ruth Jean Dale and Sheryl Lynn)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Reservations: Gina Madison needs a bridegroom. After breaking up with her unfaithful and unscrupulous fiance, she refuses to give up the honeymoon suite for him and his new bride. Race Bannister shows up from Rent-A-Gent, offering to play the groom and convince her ex that she is better off without him. Despite her cautious nature, Gina takes him up on the offer and gets caught up in the adventure. But Race isn't all that he says he is and the pretending turns real for both of them.

A Purrfect Romance (1995) (with Robin Lee Hatcher and Susan Wiggs)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Out of the Dark: Legendary duelist Lucien Roquelaire, known as the Dark Angel, is intrigued by shy Anne-Marie Decoulet. She disdains his lethal reputation, has little to say to him--and calms the ballroom where they meet by luring an injured panther to eat from her hand. Lucien alone seems to recognize the strength and beauty behind her retiring nature; only he has the power and the will to claim her. Anne-Marie is

desperate to save the big cat she has tamed; the magnificent animal will be hunted down if she cannot protect him. The Dark Angel promises his aid for a price--but the man may prove more dangerous than the panther...

The Quilting Circle (1996) (with Jo Anne Cassidy, Joanne Cassity, Christina Cordaire and Linda Shertzer)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Pieces of Dreams: It's 1843 and a wedding quilt is being stitched for bride Melly Bennington. But is she in love with the man she is promised to, or is it his twin brother who captures her heart?

A Joyous Season (1996) (with Olga Bicos, Hannah Howell and Fern Michaels)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата A Vision of Sugar Plums: Meghan Castle is a real Scrooge about the holidays --- until she finds an abandoned baby in her store on Christmas Eve. Change is certainly in the air --- especially when late shopper Rick Wallman walks in with yet another delightful holiday surprise.

Unmasked (1997) (with Janet Dailey and Elizabeth Gage)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Love in Three-Quarter Time: On a warm spring night in a New Orleans Garden District mansion, the pick of society are gathering. Masquerading as Legendary Lovers, they have come to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Duchaise masquerade ball. Charles and Millicent Duchaise have spared no expense - everything is perfect. Everything, that is, except their guests. Amidst the glitter and the beauty, the music and the revelry, some of the world's most legendary lovers are in trouble. Napoleon is doubting his Josephine, who in turn suspects him of deception. Violetta, Lady of the Camellias, has found her Afredo; only, she's not sure she can trust him with her heart. Petruchio is attempting to seduce his Kate, who is reluctant to be tamed. And Juliet has discovered that her long-lost Romeo is not who he seems.

Southern Gentlemen (1998) (with Emilie Richards)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата John "Rip"Peterson: Rip Peterson, ex-con turned electronic mogul, returns to Montrose, La., intending to carve himself a place in society with the help of beautiful Anna Montrose. In exchange, he'll restore her beloved ancestral home (which he now owns) to its original grandeur. If she fails, she must agree to marry him.

With a Southern Touch (2002) (with Heather Graham and Diana Palmer)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Adam, която се явява пета в поредицата Louisiana Gentlemen: Blake's "Adam," describes the coming together of Lara Kincaid, a witch, and Adam Benedict, a high-tech information consultant. Although the verbal sparring between the two is entertaining, the story is weakened by a series of implausible situations not the least of which is the fact that the police ask a civilian to hunt for a murder suspect.

With Love (2004) (with Kristin Hannah and Linda Lael Miller)

В този сборник Дженифър участва с новелата Pieces of Dreams

Rebel's Redemption Bundle (2008) (with Jenna Keman, Yvonne Lindsay, Lindsay McKenna and Ruth Axtell Morren)

=Патриша Максуел=


The Secret of Mirror House (1969)

After Amelia Harveston loses her mother under tragic circumstances, she fears she will be forced into poverty and the position of a desperate woman. Luckily, some distant relatives step forward and invite her to live with them at the plantation home built by her grandfather. She dreams happily of the warm family embrace that will soon keep her loved and protected. But the reality is actually a threatening parody of the loving family image her cousins present to the outside world. What is the purpose of the cruel games they play with one another? What is the root of their hatred toward their own flesh and blood? Young and beautiful, innocent and alone, Amelia soon finds herself the main target of their loathsome behavior, with not a soul to confide in. There has to be someone she can trust, as the "accidents" that plague her throughout the plantation grow more and more alarming. She must find an ally who can help her escape the dangerous situation...or prepare to die!

Stranger At Plantation Inn (1970)

Lillian Newton was not the only stranger at Plantation Inn. The heavy rainsthat had flooded the river and forced her to seek refuge at the oldstage-stop had driven others to the sanctuary as well. At first, Lillianpaid scant attention to the rest of the group. But soon she sensed a tensionin the atmosphere. Rumors of an escaped killer---an outlaw whose viciousdeeds had terrorized the countryside---spread a chill blanket of uneasinessover the charming old house. Then things began to happen: the stalkingshadow glimpsed through the trees, the cat whose throat had been cut, themysterious crying of an infant ... Lillian was suddenly suspicious ofeveryone. Especially the handsome young Frenchman, Jean Marsh, whosearrogant manner aroused a curious inner fury that she could not define.Lillian was certain now that the killer was among them. But which one? Andhow long before he would strike again?

The Bewitching Grace (1973)

A young girl has been murdered, her body in perpetual slumber among the surrounding trees. The act seems random and unexplainable. Explain the dead lizard impaled on her pillow as a warning. Anne Tarrington is an up and coming hotshot journalist who's never seen anything like it. Not yet. She's about to see more than she bargained for, more than even her inquiring mind can fathom. Hot on the trail of the killer, she follows a path of Voodoo mysticism and witchery to a solemn Louisiana plantation where suddenly all hell breaks loose. Someone is channeling the forces of evil, but who? Could it be Nico, the obtuse Greek poet? Maybe Lena, with her expertise in the ways of Voodoo? Even Miranda, Anne's old friend who has had her soul mangled by a horrendous past? Perhaps it's Steven with his dark evil eyes that seem to will Anne into forbidden acts? Just when the forces of darkness seem ready to overtake Anne in her quest for the truth, the mysterious ritual of Indian Mound enables her to find the answers, but only by confronting the heart of Evil itself!

The Court of the Thorn Tree (1973)

In the old New Orleans mansion, she was haunted by a specter without a face and a horror without a name.

Bride of a Stranger (1974)

Claire is too innocent to suspect that her marriage is a cruel farce,believing instead that the dangerous accidents that keep appearing in herpath are just thataccidents. She wedded Justin Leroux suddenly and silently.He was the tall dark stranger of her girlhood dreams, and had finally cometo take her away. She returns with him to Sans Songe, the Leroux family plantation in Louisiana. A near-fatal accident on the road to the plantationdoes not bode well for her future there. And indeed, many nasty surprisesawait her at the plantation itself. Voodoo magic, poisoned food, and amurder mystery force Claire into a stalemate. She ishelpless within thebosom of her frigid and isolating new family, while her husband has yet tocome to her bed. He may even be hoping for her destruction, as she is drawninto an ever more tangled web of passion and intrigue. In a harsh worldwhere love means danger, Claire struggles just to survive.

Dark Masquerade (1974)

For the sake ofher nephew, Elizabeth has assumed the identity of her dead sister Ellen Marie. She arrives at the grand Louisiana plantation of Ellen Marie's latehusband, wearing the traditional black widow's weeds and carrying her infant nephew, Joseph. She is determined that the boy will reach maturity and inherit his rightful fortune. Luckily, the family at Oak Shade does not suspect that they are harboring an imposter in their midst. However, they are less than welcoming, treating her with frosty politeness. More disturbing are the unusual accidents that seem to be following in her wake,as if planned for her. And now, the dark creole Bernard Delacroix seems tobe seeing through her assumed persona, right into her soul. What he alsosees is that the "widow" is desperate for his attentions.

The Notorious Angel (1977)

She was a condesa now. But once, not long before, a man who loved her had thought her a waterfront harlot. New Orleans. 1855. Beautiful, red-haired Eleanora Villars had returned home in triumph--angel of mercy to the wounded Americans in Nicaragua, heroine of the wars in Central America, widow of a titled Spanish nobleman. She was rich. She was adored. She was a woman of consequence. She was the talk of New Orleans. Only one man knew the truth about Eleanora: Colonel Grant Farrell. But it did not matter. He was obsessed by her. Even though she hated him, he had sworn he would one day make her love him in return.

Night of the Candles (1978)

In the heart of Louisiana Amanda Trent has arrived at her cousin-s plantation to find Amelia-s death looming over the war torn grounds. There is a dark secret in the shadows around every corner and in the heart of Amelia-s widower, Jason Monteigne. Amanda only wants to leave the haunted home but an accident has ensnared her in a tangled web of mystery, passion and hidden desire. What is it that haunts Jason-s every moment and will Amanda discover the truth of her cousin-s death?

Sweet Piracy (1978)

Caroline Pembroke is a lovely young woman, attempting a dangeroustransatlantic ocean crossing on her own. As she sails away from France,toward the Delecroix plantation in Louisiana, she has no idea how far thejourney will take her. When pirates intent on plunder attack the ship, sheunwittingly becomes part of the plunder herself. For a brief, dizzyingmoment she finds herself at the mercy of the swashbuckling captain of theprivateer Black Eagle. Although Caroline arrives in Louisiana safe andsound, she realizes that the captain has stolen more than just gold andjewels...he also has her heart! Will she ever be able to drive the image ofthe man out of her head? Will she ever see him again?

=Максин Патрик (псевдоним)=


The Abducted Heart (1978)

He called her a stowaway. She called him a kidnapper. What better way could a romance start? Anne

Matthews, delivering a catered dinner to Ramón Castillo’s private plane, is surprised as it takes off for Mexico with her still aboard. But she’s incensed when dynamic, wealthy Ramón assumes she’s a fortune hunter with an unusual method of getting close to him. Anne fully intends catching the next plane back to the States. But a series of weird mix-ups force Ramón to offer her a job as his temporary fiancée. Although drawn to the handsome Mexican and his rich and fascinating Aztec heritage, Anne has serious misgivings about the game he plays. To fall in love is certainly against the rules…

The Hired Wife (1978)

Snowbound Heart (1979)

Stranded after an accident during a blizzard, Clare Thornton takes shelter at the mountain home of movie star Logan Longcross. She's far from welcome as the reclusive actor is convinced she's another adoring fan invading his privacy. Both Clare and Logan are determined she will leave as soon as the roads are clear.

Bayou Bride (1979)

Sherry Mason fully intended to refuse the plea of her weak-willed friend, Paul Villeré, that she be his pretend fiancée during a visit to his Louisiana home. Let him stand up to his arrogant older brother Lucien and refuse to marry the girl chosen for him! But that was before she received the late-night phone call from Lucien and heard his scathing opinion of her character and relationship with Paul. Still, she underestimates Lucien's determination to prevent her appearance at the family gathering -- until he spirits her away to an isolated bayou mansion. To submit to this abduction is impossible; Sherry makes every effort to thwart Lucien's plan. But how can she escape the unwilling desires of her own heart?

April of Enchantment (1980)

Laura Nichols was always up for a challenge and the job Justin Roman has offered her is the perfect showcase for her talents. Not only was he dubious of her ability to complete the restoration of his Louisiana mansion in time for his wedding, but she was also frustrated by his arrogance tempered only by his good looks. But if he is so doubtful of her then why does he give her full artistic license even when it obviously angers his fiancé? Laura dives into the job, determined to prove the maddening man wrong. But when the job reaches completion Laura finds herself torn, she would like nothing more than to be rid of this mess, but she can't deny the attraction she feels for Justin. Will she be able to tear herself away from a man who is to be married in her greatest creation?

Love at Sea (1980)

Maura O'Neal would be crazy to pass up the cruise she and her great aunt had been planning just because the old woman injured her foot and Maura would have to go alone. It would be the perfect chance for Maura to enjoy a well-deserved vacation and she could do the research for her great aunt's next romance novel... But she didn't count on the ship's owner, Nikolaos Vassos, to be so infuriating, so arrogant, so stubborn... so handsome. From the first moment there was a spark for this man.

Captive Kisses (1980)

Kelly is delighted to accept the offer of a friend's family summer place on a Louisiana lake for her much-needed vacation. On arrival, however, she discovers the house already occupied by a darkly handsome stranger named Charles, his associate, and an elderly man who appears to be their prisoner. Retreat is impossible; Kelly is forced to join the trio. Charles is charming and considerate beyond most crooks, but a ruthless captor; all attempts to escape his guard are futile. Yet as time wears on, Kelly questions the secret that holds them there, and yearns to believe Charles is worthy of love...

Storm At Midnight (1973) (writing as Elizabeth Trehearne)

Sage Benton, visiting her late uncle's gloomy Southern mansion, realizes that her life depends upon her convincing her aunt Alice that the unlikely accidents plaguing them are really attempts at murder. She succeeds, but only partially - for Alice, and her nephew Adam, are convinced that Sage is a madwoman bent on their destruction. They could not know that Sage, in trying to protect her aunt, has learned too much about the unknown hand that threatens them. Now, entangled in the web of a diabolical mind that will not rest until she has been silenced, Sage must escape or become the newest victim of its deadly plans . . .

Haven of Fear (1974) (writing as Patricia Ponder)

Cut throat gypsies, murderous slave runners, and a diabolical force of evilwait for Jenny.

Murder for Charity (1974) (writing as Patri

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Louisiana Dawn е издавана от издателство Коала, библиотека "Любов и съдба" през 1995г. под името "Авантюристката". Ако искаш, мила, ще напиша и резюмето й. :B)

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Louisiana Dawn е издавана от издателство Коала, библиотека "Любов и съдба" през 1995г. под името "Авантюристката". Ако искаш, мила, ще напиша и резюмето й. :B)

Да не говорим, че я имах и я подарих на приятелката ми. Чак съм забравила. :o Доколкото си спомням беше с розова корица. Разбира се, когато имаш време, драсни й бг заглавието и резюмето. Благодаря, мила. :wors:

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