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Стела Камерън


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Stella Cameron (Jane Worth Abbott, Alicia Brandon) - Стела Камерън е родена и израстнала в Англия. Тя среща бъдещия си американски съпруг на парти в Лондон. Танцуват мексикански танц и оттогава са неразделни. Днес, живееща в Сиатъл, (Вашингтон, САЩ), Стела е бестселъров автор на исторически и съвременни любовни романи, с милиони продадени екземпляри на книгите си.


McGrath (writing as Jane Worth Abbott)

1. Faces of a Clown (1985)

Laura Fenton last saw her friend, lawyer Mark Hunt, in a courtroom. Mark had been seeking a criminal conviction against Laura in the accidental death of his father -- her uncle's law partner. The case had been thrown out, and Laura had moved away, escaping the pain and guilt by building a new life for herself entertaining children. Now the past could bring them together . . . Five years later, Mark was out to find Laura. Her uncle had died and she'd inherited his half of the law firm. Mark still blamed Laura for his father's tragic death. But now, seeing Laura again, Mark blamed himself . . .for ever having let her go.

2. Choices (1986)

WAS HE READY FOR COMMITTMENT. .It wasn't exactly a midlife crisis, but at thirty-seven Sara Fletcher had fallen in love with a younger man. Evan McGrath was only thirty-two, and an engineer on short-term contract where she worked not a man Sara would ever expect to put down roots or be a father to her adopted teenage daughter..WAS SHE? ..Evan kept proving Sara wrong. He reached out to Sara's daughter and she clearly adored him. He nursed Sara when she fell ill. Then Sara became pregnant, and she hesitated to tell Evan not without giving him every chance to opt out. But was it Evan she was afraid to trust or herself?

3. Yes Is Forever (1987)

Donna McGrath had been in love with family friend Bruce Fenton since she was a girl. Now she had one summer to convince him to marry her. So she concocted a plan to involve Bruce in searching for her natural father, a man she knew he would never find. He wanted her When Donna walked into Bruce's law office, he was instantly attracted to the woman she'd become. He agreed to help her - never suspecting Donna's real motive for seeking him out. Then Bruce managed the impossible. He found Donna's birth father. Now Donna had an awful lot to explain.

Abby / Nick

1. No Stranger (1987)

Abby Winston had been worrying what her neighbor would think when he noticed the sparse furnishings of her Seattle apartment, and wondering what she could give him for lunch. She'd entirely forgotten herself -- until she removed her coat and saw Nick Dorset's reaction. Pregnant. The more Nick thought about it, the less shocking it became. In fact, it made him feel like a father. But that was getting ahead of things -- Abby still thought of him as a stranger. Right now, he had to figure out a way to help Abby -- and her baby -- without her knowing it.

2. Second to None (1987)

In the year she's worked as live-in nanny to Nick and Abby Dorset's two children, Sophie Peters has come to care very much for the family. The job would be perfect, if not for one thing: Abby's brother, Michael Harris. Abby seems determined to set Sophie up with the too handsome, too self-assured Michael - and Sophie is equally determined to steer clear of him. But Michael seems determined to win her over. Soon, Sophie's wondering if she's misjudged him . . . but would trusting a former womanizer be a terrible mistake?


1. Undercurrents (1991)

Mike Kinnear thinks she is pushy and Susan Ackroyd believes Mike is irresponsible, but when Susan's brother-in-law starts acting strange and threatening phone calls are followed by a car bomb, Mike and Susan realize they can survive the madness together.

2. Snow Angels (1991)

Sure, Aaron Conrad was playing God, but what were best friends for? Someone had to snap Libby Ducleaux out of her depression, and Aaron knew just how to do it. Step one was to entice Libby back home. Since her sister was having a difficult pregnancy, that was easy to do. Step two was to fix Libby up with Aaron's business partner, who was a good man, if a trifle dull. Surprisingly, that also worked. Libby and Roger seemed to hit it off. So why was Aaron suddenly so angry at the world?


1. Only by Your Touch (1992) Само твоето докосване

Младият Едуард де Уърт, виконт Хъксли, живее само за едно: да отмъсти за смъртта на брат си. Най- после той намира слабото място на своя враг - хубавата му доведена сестра Линдзи Гренвил. Едуард намисля да се ожени за нея, за да разруши семейството отвътре. Но събитията не се развиват по плана, защото Линдзи си има свои планове за отмъщение. И колкото и Едуард да се опитва да спечели сърцето й, все удря на камък. Защото Линдзи знае една ужасна тайна...

2. His Magic Touch (1993) Магическо докосване

Отдава му се случай да прелъсти красивата дъщеря на най-омразния си враг. И Джеймс се появява под маската на влиятелен лорд, ухажващ прекрасната Селин. Но скоро разбира, че младата красавица далеч не е толкова невинна, както изглежда... Младият Джеймс Сейнт Джилс е загубил всичко - благородническа титла, богатство и репутация. Затова за него животът би могъл да придобие смисъл, само ако постигне страстно желаното отмъщение...

Rossmara Family

1. Fascination (1993)

Pretty but penniless Grace yearns for love--but must marry for money. So she consents to wed Lord Arran, the ancient and ailing Marquess of Stonehaven, unaware that her fiance is considerably younger and healthier than she has been led to believe. Lord Arran never dreams that his game of hearts will go passionately awry.

2. Charmed (1995) Омагьосана

Келъм Инес, откраднат още при раждането си от някаква тайнствена скитница, най-сетне се е завърнал в Лондон, твърдо решен да си върне онова, което му принадлежи по право - титлата, земите си, богатството... и една красива девица, сгодена за покварения самозванец, който безсрамно нарича себе си херцог Франчът. Донякъде непохватна, но

винаги вярна на дълга си, лейди Филипа Чонси се е примирила с нагласения брак, лишен от любов, който я очаква... докато един дързък и обаятелен непознат нахлува в живота й. И макар ръката й да е обещана на херцог Фрачът, Пипа вече копнее за любовта на един мошеник - красив отмъстител, който разрушава представите й за чест и дълг с неукротимата мощ на страстта.

3. Bride (1995)

Lady Justine Girvin has everything a 19th-century Scotswoman could want: beauty, wealth, youth, nobility - everything except a husband of her own. Defying tradition, she travels alone to the castle of her brother's friend, Straun, and asks him to teach her all about love.

4. Beloved (1996)

Saber, the reclusive Earl of Avernall, can no longer resist lovely Ella, but he knows that to win her trust he must tell her the truth about his past. He never dreams that she has scandalous secrets of her own. Together the lovers must risk everything as they confront the world - and each other.

5. The Wish Club (1998)

Max Rossmara is expected to live up to the high standards of Scottish nobility and wed Lady Hermoine. Unfortunately, he is in love with his childhood friend Kirsty Mercer. He must marry Kirsty - a task made more daunting when Lady Hermoine proves to be a formidable adversary.

Navy Seals

1. Sheer Pleasures (1995)

Attorney Wilhelmina Phoenix embarks on a dangerous search for a missing friend, who disappeared from a private pleasure club in Washington State's Cascade Mountains, but her quest is complicated by the sexy Roman Wilde, a former Navy SEAL working undercover.

2. True Bliss (1996)

Fifteen years after rivalry and accusation shatter the romance of privileged Bliss Winter and rebel Sebastian Plato, a now-rich and ruthless Sebastian returns to restore his reputation and claim the woman he loves.

3. Guilty Pleasures (1997)

When popular television personality Polly Crow and ex-Navy SEAL Nasty Ferrito meet, they ignite enough sparks to set Washington State on fire. When they fall in love, nothing...not Polly, Nasty, or a town harboring a guilty secret of its own, can ever be the same. And when a shadowy menace stalking Polly moves closer to home, it will take Polly's trust and Nasty's courage to fight a smoldering evil before it explodes, destroying a love stronger and truer than anything either has ever known.

4. We Do (2001) (in Married in Spring)


1. French Quarter (1998)

Celina Payne is plunged into a nightmarish world when her boss, Errol Petrie, dies in a scandalous situation and Petrie's business partner, Jack Charbonnet, is convinced that she is hiding something, and as they search for the truth, passion flares between them and an unimaginable evil threatens to.

2. Cold Day in July (2002)

When the murder of a singer in Toussaint, Louisiana, reopens a supposedly solved murder case, medical examiner Reb O'Brien is forced to team up with Marc Girard, and as passion rages between them, the secrets of the town are revealed.

3. Kiss Them Goodbye (2003)

Rosebank, once a magnificent plantation house, is the inheritance of Vivian Patin after her father's mysterious death. With her degree in hotel management and her mother's restaurant experience, Vivian feels more than competent to transform Rosebank into a deluxe resort hotel -- until she finds the family's lawyer dead on its grounds. As Vivian pairs up with Spike, a nearby deputy sheriff, to uncover the truth, the investigation sparks their romance even as it plunges them both into immediate danger.

4. Now You See Him (2004)

Ellie Byron witnessed the first murder. Two years ago during Mardi Gras a young woman was brutally killed with an ice pick. Charles Penn, a hard-eyed man with a history of violence, was convicted. But Ellie was never certain of his guilt. Now, while being transported between maximum security prisons, he's escaped. Suddenly another woman is found dead, lying cold on a bed of diamonds in a New Orleans jewelry shop. Recognizing that both murders mirror the crimes in bestselling novels by Sonia Elliott and must be connected, the police show up at Ellie's Toussaint, Louisiana bookshop. The first murder had rattled Ellie, but their news of the second frightens her. Afraid for her own safety, she turns to the only person she really trusts: attorney Joe Gable.

5. A Grave Mistake (2005)

Dead: an ordinary man in a pressed suit and tie. Just the latest in a string of losers in the wrong place at the most disastrous time. Not the kind of case to yank New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux away from his leave of absence in Toussaint, Louisiana, the only home to offer him a sense of purpose after a tragedy that nearly destroyed his life. But there's someone in Toussaint Guy will do anything -- even open up a dead cold case -- to shelter. Jilly Gable is desperate to find the love of the family who abandoned her as a child.

6. Body of Evidence (2006)

Emma Lachance is taken by surprise when she runs into her old flame, Finn Duhon, at a construction site in Pointe Judah, Louisiana. But the last thing she expects to find is the corpse of her friend, a local journalist whose relentlessly scathing articles have enraged every lawmaker and opportunist in town, including the mayor -- Emma's husband. When more bodies are found, Emma and Finn wonder if the link is Secrets, an eclectic support group for women in which all the murder victims were members. .

7. A Marked Man (2006)

When Max Savage opens his practice in a remote, seductively beautiful bayou town, he hopes it's the start of a new life. He's got his reputation as a skilled surgeon, his two brothers by his side and a fresh chance here in the sultry heat of Toussaint. But soon Max discovers he can't escape a past riddled with accusations of murder . . . or the faces of two dead women. Especially since another woman is missing, and he was the last to see her alive. Annie Duhon knows all about nightmares that shatter life's dreams and the need to escape the past. But her fascination with Max grows, even when disturbing rumors start to surfance and her darkest visions seem to play out in living color.

8. Target (2007)

Nearly two decades ago a charismatic man called Colin controlled an isolated community hidden in foothills north of San Francisco in what was supposed to be a life free of materialism. Instead, Colin turned The Refuge into a mass grave as he completed a sinister plan to exterminate his followers-all except three children, who slipped through his fingers and escaped with his secrets. Today, Nick Board and the two beautiful sisters, Sarah and Aurelie, who escaped with him, are living quietly under the radar in the little bayou town of Point Judah, Louisiana.

9. A Cold Day In Hell (2007)

Christmas is coming and all is far from calm in Pointe Judah, Louisiana. Newcomer Christian DeAngelo -- Angel to his friends -- is at his wit's end trying to manage Sonny, the hotheaded nineteen-year-old everyone believes is his nephew. In fact, Sonny is the orphaned son of a notorious mob boss, a protected witness. and Angel's responsibility. Angel has been commiserating with Eileen Moggeridge, whose lonely son Aaron has latched on to Sonny and gotten into deeper trouble than ever. But nothing could prepare Angel and Eileen for the boys' latest crisis: as they are horsing around in the swamp one afternoon, a shot rings out.

10. Cypress Nights (2008)

Roche Savage is a dedicated, talented psychiatrist with a life-shattering secret: his sexuality isn't just vibrant, it's over-the-top. He's always avoided gentle, reserved women because he knows that if he lets himself get out of control he could frighten them - or worse. Unfortunately, he can't seem to stop thinking about Bleu Labeau, a reticent teacher who has come to Toussaint to start a new school in St. Cecil's parish. Bleu suffers the psychological consequences of being the widow of a man who taught her that sex was dirty, wrong and best performed in the dark. Father Cyrus Payne, the priest at St. Cecil's, is busy with his new school project, but still can't keep his assistant Madge Pollard off his mind. He has decided to push her into dating other men.

Mayfair Square

1. More and More (1999)

Finch More, 29, is considered a shy spinster. But when her brother is mysteriously abducted, the world sees the real Finch More, a woman of action, a woman who has tasted the power of passion and likes it--a woman who scorns defeat. But when Finch meets the dangerous Viscount Kilrood, she may have met her match. She needs his help to find her brother; he is willing--but for a price. A price that Finch may surprise herself by paying.

2. All Smiles (2000)

"It's not easy being a ghost," grumbles Sir Septimus Spivey from his favorite spot on the staircase newel post at 7 Mayfair Square in 1821 London. The magnificent home Sir Septimus built for his family has now been divided into apartments and turned into a boarding house. He intends to get rid of the boarders one at a time, starting with Meg Smiles. If his ghostly meddling works, Meg will secure a position with Count Etranger as advisor and companion to his sister, Princess Desiree, and leave the house for good. A job is just what Meg needs; she is in "reduced circumstances" since her odious cousin cut her allowance from her father's estate.

3. 7b (2001)

In Cameron's third Regency set at 7 Mayfair Square (following All Smiles), 28-year-old Sibyl Smiles resolves to have a child without the hindrance of a husband. Her dilemma lies in finding a man who will provide the service to get her pregnant. Discarding her shyness, Sibyl propositions her friend and neighbor Hunter Lloyd. Though wrangling with Sibyl over her offer occupies most of his attention, Hunter must also investigate the kidnapping of his law partner. Sibyl's friends add spunk and laughs as they coach Sibyl on seducing Hunter, who alternates between fighting off and embracing her advances; and the "benevolent spirit" that has been guiding matters of the heart at Mayfair Square uses its influence to push the two together as well.

4. The Orphan (2002)

Why would England's "Most Daring Lover" risk his reputation by falling madly in love with a nobody, a shabbily dressed milliner's assistant who lived in poverty - and was clearly in trouble? Because Latimer More of 7A Mayfair Square saw something in Jenny McBride, an orphaned Scottish lass, that nobody had: unsinkable optimism, a brave spirit and a face that haunted his dreams. Jenny was amazed by Latimer's advances. He fascinated her, but surely he couldn't really be interested in her?

5. About Adam (2003)

Adam Chillworth is a hard man. The mysterious and talented portrait artist of 7C Mayfair Square is passionately in love with Princess Desiree, though he has consistently refused her ardent adoration, convinced that he's too old and too worldly for her. And he is, after all, only a commoner. But Desiree - returning after months away nursing a broken heart - has a plan. She'll show him that she has matured, that she's no longer given to childish infatuations. She'll treat him as an old friend. How unfortunate that each time she's with him she imagines passionate encounters.

Talon and Flynn - New Orleans PD

1. Key West (1999)

In Key West during hurricane season, Sonnie Giacono, a woman who lost her husband, unborn child, and part of her memory eight months earlier, struggles to find the truth in a world where nothing is what it seems and only NYPD cop Chris Talon can save her from the brink of madness.

2. Glass Houses (2000)

London photographer Olivia FitzDurham gets what seems to be a plum assignment. She has been hired by an interior decorator who is doing a feature for a trendy magazine on the remodeling of a home in Notting Hill. Olivia's glee is short-lived, however, when a man claiming to be from the magazine contacts her, offering a kill fee in return for the negatives and all copies of the shots she has taken. At first Olivia agrees, but then, thinking it an odd offer, she calls the magazine back, only to discover that they were not the ones who contacted her. Back in New York, police detective Aiden Flynn is house-sitting for his fellow copper, Ryan Hill. Never a big fan of Ryan's, Aiden can't resist snooping in the guy's email, where he discovers some curious exchanges with a London woman named Olivia. It seems that Hill has been leading the woman on, pretending to be someone he's not and encouraging her confidences, calling himself Sam and claiming to be an FBI agent.

Elliot Brothers

1. A Useful Affair (2004)

The Marquis of Granville's deadly efficiency makes him invaluable to the Crown. But his latest mission has nothing to do with his work for England and everything to do with avenging the murder of two members of his family. Killing would be too good for Bernard Leggit, the wealthy and corrupt merchant responsible for their deaths. Granville has a better plan: Seduce the old man's young wife, Hattie, then let society know about their affair. For Leggit, living with shame will be worse than death. Hattie Leggit married her odious husband in a devil's bargain to save her parents from debtors' prison. She has a scheme for freeing herself from this private misery, but foiling Leggit is taking too long.

2. Testing Miss Toogood (2005)

Fleur Toogood is beautiful, opinionated and has a disastrous inclination to speak her mind. And she refuses to marry without love. But as the most eligible of Reverend Toogood's five daughters, she has been charged with making a brilliant match that will improve her family's fortune. So to appease her father, she agrees to be escorted around London by Lord Dominic Elliot. But Lord Dominic proves to be a most arrogant and secretive chaperon. He takes his duties toward her very seriously, though he shows little interest in her otherwise. Worse, he insists on giving the most annoying advice -- advice she doesn't need because she has devised The List, questions designed to assess a male's potential as a satisfactory husband, knowing no man can meet her high standards.

Court of Angels

1. Out of Body (2010)

Born of an ancient family of clairvoyants, Marley Millet finds that her psychic gift is both unsettling and incredibly dangerous. She never wants to "travel" again - but the choice is not hers to make. After glimpsing the fates of two missing New Orleans jazz singers, Marley knows she has no choice and must speak up before more women disappear. Flinty cop-turned-writer Gray Fisher, who interviewed both chanteuses before they vanished, takes a special interest in Marley's incredible story - and in Marley.

2. Out of Mind (2010)

Willow Millet longs to deny her family's exceptional gifts - paranormal talents known to few, shared by even fewer. Benedict Fortune is one such - a connection that should have strengthened the undeniable bond between him and Willow. But her self-doubt has driven them apart. Married instead to her business, Willow's concierge we-can-do-anything service is thriving until it is hit by a string of bizarre and fatal accidents - every victim a client.

3. Out of Sight (2010)

Psychic master talent Sykes Millet can vanish at will, read minds and control others with hypnosis. What Sykes cannot do is escape his destiny - an ancient curse foretelling the misery his dark beauty may bring to everyone he loves. Poppy Fortune knows all too well the burden of having paranormal talent. The supernatural world has fractured her entire family - now it's keeping at bay the one man she wants more than life. Driven by hatred for the Millets, a killing force has attacked New Orleans.

Chimney Rock

1. Darkness Bound (2012)

WHEN NIGHT FALLS After her husband's tragic death, Leigh Kelly arrives on Whidbey Island determined to start over. Yet the tiny town of Chimney Rock is not as peaceful as it seems. Women have been disappearing, and Leigh can't shake the feeling that she's being watched . . . especially at night. Soon, she's experiencing visions she can't explain and fighting her attraction to a handsome stranger who seems to know her most intimate desires. PASSION TRANSFORMS THEM As the leader of the Team, a pack of werehounds forced to hide their very existence, former special ops soldier Niles Latimer is desperate to prove a man's heart beats beneath his predator's body.

2. Darkness Bred (2013)

Sybilia, cat shapeshifter, favorite of the fae queen and wanted fugitive of the paranormal world, should not love any man, particularly a dangerously sexy man like Sean Black. Both human and werehound, Sean is not only the object of Sybilia's wickedly sexual wiles, but a man who must hide from his own past and the murder he was accused of committing. Sean knows that in the powerful, brilliant, and deeply sensual Sybilia he has met his female match in every way. Their life could be incredible, he just has to keep them alive long enough to enjoy it.


Love Beyond Question (1985) (writing as Alicia Brandon)

The Tulsa nursery often hired prisoners on the work-release program, so nursery manager France Marriott was unfettered by fear or suspicion. She didn't know what Stephen Foley had done--she only knew that he was a hard worker, undaunted by the wintry air, and she was moved to compassion. His quiet dignity touched her deeply, sweeping away any questions she might have asked. It was easy to acknowledge the feeling that blossomed between them, but Stephen knew it could not last. With his release from prison, the gossip would begin again and France would learn the facts of his conviction. Then would she so freely give her heart?

Moontide (1985)

Two years ago, Greer had lost everything that mattered in her life. Now it's time to go back to England and make peace with he past. A past that includes Dr. Andrew Monthaven--the man she could never forget. Andrew had offered her kindness when she needed it most. But she had rejected him. For Andrew, Greer's return is a miracle. It had broken his heart to let her go. Now fate has brought them back together--and he won't lose her again.

All That Sparkles (1986)

Paula Renfrew was proud to follow in her father's footsteps as a diamond finisher for the House of Kohl in Amsterdam. But years ago her father had been implicated in the theft of a valuable gem. And now that diamonds had begun to disappear again, Paula's motives for apprenticing at the family-run firm became suspect. To Christophe St. Giles, the Kohls' longtime friend and banker, all the evidence pointed to an inside job. But the deeper Christope probed, the more entrenched Paula became in a dangerous situation that threatened her livelihood - and her life. Now it was up to Paula to prove her innocence...before it was too late.

Full Circle (1986) (writing as Alicia Brandon)

Annie Barron needed adventure. Signing up as a deckhand on an all-male Alaskan fishing ship was just the thing. She anticipated problems, but nothing she couldn't handle. Until she met Joe Rawlins, skipper of the ship. He was dead set against women on board and didn't bother to hide it. But he was hiding something: strange things were going on. Trading fish with the Soviets was part of their mandate, but Annie suspected they were trading something else. Either Joe was in on it, or he was in just as much danger as she was ....

The Message (1988)

When Page Linstrom first set eyes on Ian Faber, it was 2:00 a.m. and she was delivering an order of truffles and champagne to his San Francisco town house. Ian was intrigued. Page kept her distance. But he didn't get the message. The overworked owner of Pedal Pushers, Page was committed to her courier business and didn't have time for a social life. She had no experience with high society or with men like him. None of that fazed Ian. However, her riding a bike alone at night did. Ian wanted Page to stop before something happenedwhich was a premonition she should have listened to, before she found herself accused of a crime she didn't commit!

Once and for Always (1988)

Once upon a time a girl named Caitlin McBride went to Wales and fell for a lad named Trevor Morgan... Now Caitlin lived in Beverly Hills. She had a troubled teenage daughter and a dead marriage. She'd returned to Wales only to escape her freeloading husband. Caitlin found that Trevor was now the respected owner of a local pub. And in his arms she again found that fairy-tale magic she'd thought was lost forever. But Caitlin's husband would not release his hold over her--divorced or not.

A Party for Two (1988)

Emily Smith's late-night job became a panicked run when she found herself being followed by a menacing shadow through deserted downtown streets. Even the sleek sports car that drew up alongside her caused her skin to crawl. Then its driver emerged and offered his help in true white knight fashion. Sean Townsend wanted to do more than merely rescue Emily. The L.A. man-about-town was smitten. He showed his persistence by hiring her catering service to plan a series of soirees at his sumptuous mansion. Emily feared Sean was too good to be true, but she knew it for sure when her past came back to haunt her. Would her gallant knight stand by her when she told him who she'd run away from that night - and why?

Some Die Telling (1988)

Ellen Shaw arrives in London expecting to join her sister Fiona, who's found her the perfect job managing an antiquarian bookshop. Instead, she finds an empty apartment, and no sign of her sister. The only contact Ellen has is Hugh Weston, Fiona's boss and the bookshop's owner. Though Hugh seems solid and dependable. He remains a stranger she's not sure she can trust. Hugh has his own theories about Fiona's disappearance. His Grandmother had been murdered only days before, and Hugh suspects Fiona had something to do with it. Is Ellen simply an innocent woman looking for her sister . . . or a partner in the crime, too?

A Death in the House (1989)

Secrets... of the past. What happened long ago in the cellars of Airstone Hall in Dorset, England, was coming back to haunt the present. Sue-Ellen Hill didn't realize that taking on the task of turning the old Elizabethan house into a bed-and-breakfast would unlock a mystery that was best forgotten... Edward Ormsby-Jones, master of Airstone, was pleased with the progress of his new hotel manager. That is until he was convinced she was in mortal danger of becoming a victim of his family's secret.

Friends (1989)

Tom, Shelly and Ben had been inseparable as children. Together they had survived all the terrors of growing up. Then they had become adults, and their friendship had faced a different challenge, their loyalties a tougher test. Ben had been the football star, destined for fame. Shelly had become his wife, only to face the reality of a failed marriage. And Tom had stayed behind to work the land he loved so much.

The Late Gentleman (1989)

But the venerable scholar on Kristin Wallace's bed was recently dead--and Charles Belmain blamed her for the demise of the Belmain-family archivist. In England to conduct research, Kristin put her historical method to unexpected--and urgent--use. The answer to her colleague's death was shrouded in Belmain history. And Kristin's only clue was a scrap of paper that hinted at an ancient scandal. But Kristin couldn't fail. She had to know whether there was more between her and the dark, enigmatic Charles than a set of extraordinary circumstances. And whether the late gentleman was a suicide statistic or a victim of murder.

Risks (1990)

Jennie Andrews was bravely coping with a new business, a house in constant need of repairs, and two teenage sons. Then life suddenly tipped that precarious balance. Peter Kynaston had been the family's best friend. But when Jennies husband fed, she'd unfairly blamed Peter, distancing herself from him and all the painful memories. The past stood between them--but not in the way Jennie had imagined. Peter hoped to turn back the clock, to reestablish the old, comfortable friendship.

Mirror, Mirror (1991)

JACK IRVING WAS DANGEROUS . . . and cute. He flirted outrageously with Lauren Taylor and made a nuisance of himself until she agreed to date him. But what did Jack really have in mind? Lauren tried her hardest to ignore his romantic overtures . . . until he produced his deadliest weapon. A kiss. One that left her breathless and a little crazy.

An Angel in Time (1991)

Hannah Bradshaw waited on her doorstep as an old, bearded man fought blinding snow to deliver a long-lost letter--and her first Christmas miracle. Suddenly, she felt flooded by memories of the past and compelled to answer their haunting call. Back home in Clarksville, Georgia, she fell under the town's Yuletide spell--and the breathless anticipation of something wonderful.

A Man for Easter (1992)

HE WANTED HER... But on his own terms. Dr. Dominic Kiser was a man who needed a challenge, and Briar Lee was just the woman to give it to him. But every time he remembered what she did for a living, he found it harder to live by his one rule: Don't give in. But something funny was happening to Dominic. The once-ambitious Seattle doctor was suddenly stopping to smell the roses. Dominic was too old for an attack of spring fever. But why else did he have a craving for Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies? He wasn't a kid anymore. Was it spring fever... or was Briar beginning to get to him?

Mad about the Man (1992)

Jacques Ledan was the King of Candy, the man whose passionate sweets were indescribable sensations. He was also a conqueror, whose next conquest was to wake up the sleepy town of Goldstrike... and seduce his adversary, Gaby MacGregor. Jacques was certain the tiny Sierra Nevada town would soon erect a statue in his honor. And even more certain that Gaby would swoon at his foolproof tools of seduction. How could one person be so wrong?

Breathless (1994) Ангелът и грехът

Когато младата журналистка Анджелика Дийн пристига на частния остров на Синжун Брейкър, тя има само една цел: отмъщение. Той трябва да си плати за извършените от него неправди, дори ако се наложи Анджелика да използва за това необичайни средства. Отначало тя иска да спечели доверието му, за да може по-пълно да се наслади на отмъщението. Но внезапно планът й се променя. Защото попада във водовъртежа на непознати чувства.....

Pure Delights (1995)

Headstrong artistic rebel Paris Delight doesn't expect Mr. Right to come charging up on a silver steed. High-powered dealmaker Tobias Quinn is Seattle's sexiest divorced man, and he needs Paris to save his fortune and possibly his life. Between these two are bad blood, dangerous secrets and enough sizzling sparks to ignite most of Washington State...

Dear Stranger (1997)

The last thing Lily Adler wanted to do was marry a man just for the sake of convention. Yet she wasn't completely immune to the charms of the opposite sex. With scholarly intentions, Lily set out to study the "male mysteries." But her impersonal examination of a handsome stranger would soon yield intensely personal results... Oliver Worth came to England with a secret purpose: to clear his father's name. Working for Lily Adler's wealthy father provided just the guise he needed -- until a slew of mishaps turned deadly. Someone didn't want the past revealed. And to make matters worse, Lily started asking questions that no proper lady should ... leaving Oliver speechless and with no earthly recourse other than to show her how certain things worked..

Wait for Me (1997)

Gray Falconer went to the West Indies for four years -- not once did he write. When he strides back, without any explanation, and confident that she'll "forgive and forget," it's Minerva's turn to test his patience. With villains close behind, he races for home, eager for Minerva Arbuckle's devotion. She is slavishly faithful -- or she was. Gray's love for Minerva has only grown. Now he must be strong enough to win her back while, together, they fight against the wildest conspiracy ever to explode in the gentle Scottish hills they call home.

The Best Revenge (1998)

Young Rae Faith fled her home. She ran from town to town, covering her tracks, until her trail was cold. Then she settled in tiny Decline, Georgia, where no one knew her past, or her terrible secret. As the years passed, she built a life that was safe, peaceful and secure..... That all ended the day an arrogant stranger came to town, with a revelation that devastated Rae's world. Now, with nothing left to lose, Rae is following Dallas Calhoun to sultry Glory, Georgia, determined to teach the sexy millionaire a lesson as bitter as the one he taught her..

Finding Ian (2001)

All those years ago, he felt he had little choice. His wife's sudden death in childbirth and his own youth meant it really would be for the best if the baby were adopted by a stable, loving couple. Now his son's adoptive parents are gone, and the boy, Ian, has been sent to Cornwall to live with relatives he's never even met. If Byron visits England briefly--just to make sure that Ian can cope with the transition--no one need ever know their true relationship. But Byron's best-laid plans are soon overturned--by the kind of woman he never expected to encounter in a tiny Cornish village. Jade Perron may be the person who could turn his life around forever ... whether he likes it or not.

Tell Me Why (2001)

Why has renowned jazz pianist Carolee Burns given up playing celebrated venues for a tiny bistro in suburban Seattle? Former athlete Max Wolfe wants to know--because more than Carolee's gorgeous music haunts him. The woman herself is a melancholy mystery--one Max can't stop thinking about.

Shadows (2011)

A wonderfully moving romance from a best-selling and award-winning author - Leah Cornish knew she was gambling her future on a man she'd only met once, but did she have a choice? Guy Hamilton seemed to understand her, and his kind eyes had not judged. He'd offered her his help - and now she needed it. She knew too that she would have to forget those feelings she had for him, feelings she'd refused to name. But how can she, when those very feelings are all that she has left?


A Christmas Collection (1992) (with Loretta Chase, Joan Hohl and Linda Lael Miller)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата The Greatest Gift: With Christmas approaching, a kindly nanny and an impish little boy conspire to help a gentle Cornish maid win the heart of a lonely widower.

Nine Months (1993) (with Penny Jordan and Janice Kaiser)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата Risks

To Love and to Honor (1993) (with Judith E French, Linda Lael Miller and Anne Stuart)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата Bargain Bride: Beatrice Merryfield is a woman who is trying to get out of an arrainged marriage with the help of her friend Sybil Abbout-Smythe and one day they meet a Marquess named Guy Falconer and his friend Armando De Silva who agree to help them and soon these two guys find themselves losing their hearts to the two women.

Summer Love (1997) (with Jill Marie Landis, Anne Stuart and Janelle Taylor)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата Early in the Morning: A frustrated librarian is determined to drive her scholarly fiance wild with desire before the wedding, but she may need some heavenly help to ignite the passion of a man afraid of being burned.

Heart and Soul (1998) (with Barbara Delinsky and Linda Howard)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата All That Sparkles

Legacies of Love Collection (1999) (with Heather Graham and Jayne Ann Krentz)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата No Stranger

Married in Spring (2001) (with Bobby Hutchinson and Sandra Marton)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата We Do!: Fabiola Crowe was terrified to let her secret out. She'd fallen in love with her best friend. But she absolutely couldn't tell him ...because she'd run the risk of losing him forever.

Shadows / Daddy in Demand (2001) (with Muriel Jensen)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата Shadows

Slow Heat (2001) (with Lisa Jackson and Jill Marie Landis)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата Early in the Morning

Unveiled (2002) (with Tess Gerritsen and Amanda Stevens)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата Miror, Miror

Wrong Turn (2003) (with Janice Kay Johnson)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата The Message

Courage My Love (2003) (with Fay Robinson)

В този сборник Стела участва с новелата Risks


Tails of Love (2009) (with Kate Angell, Dianne Castell, Ann Christopher, Lori Foster, Marcia James, Sarah McCarty, Donna MacMeans, Patricia Sargeant and Sue-Ellen Welfonder)

Ten all-new stories that celebrate our animal friends, by bestselling and award-winning authors.

From Seeing Eye dogs to the cat who cuddles in your lap, animals are there for us in more ways than we can count. Helping us get through the day with a wag of the tail and a tilt of the head, they let us know that someone is on our side-no matter what. They also have an amazing ability to break down barriers between people; bringing families and loved ones closer, and giving strangers an excuse to strike up a conversation. In "Tails of Love," each writer draws from her own unique perspective on our loyal friends-exploring the many mysterious ways they bring love into our lives.

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