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Автори & Псевдоними


1825 прегледа

Авторите и техните псевдоними! Винаги съм се чудила, защо писателите пишат под няколко имена... И все още се чудя! Четеш книги на двама различни автора, които в последствие се оказват един и същи човек. Да не говорим, че някои направо се уливат. Мислех, че досега рекорда държи Джейн Ан Кренц, която пише под собственото си име и още 6 псевдонима - общо 7 имена. Но от по-долунаписаното се вижда, че Джейнито трябва да предаде златния медал на Марион Чесни, която пише под общо 8 имена. То бива плодовитост, ама чак пък толкова... Но както и да е, нека да продължават да пишат, та да ни радват, независимо под колко имена. Ето и някои авторки и псевдонимите им, които намерих в нета:

Aimee Thurlo is also Aimee Duvall

Alesia Holliday is also Alyssa Day

Alexa Smart is also Diane A.S. Stuckart and Anna Gerard

Alice Alfonsi is also Rosemary Grace

Alice Duncan is also Emma Craig and Rachel Wilson

Alison Kent is also Michaila Callan

Andrea Pickens is also Andrea DaRif

Anne Avery is also Anne Woodard

Barbara Delinsky is also Billie Douglass and Bonnie Drake

Barbara Michaels is also Elizabeth Peters

Beth Henderson is also Lisa Dane and Elizabeth Daniels

Bethany Brooks is also Beth Patillo

Beverly Barton is also Beverly Beaver

Brenda Joyce is also B.D. Joyce

Candace Camp is also Lisa Gregory, Kirstin James and Sharon Stephens

Candice Proctor is also C. S. Harris and C. S. Graham

Carla Neggers is also Amalia James

Carly Phillips is also Karen Drogin

Caryn Cameron is also Karen Harper

Catherine Archer is also Catherine Archibald

Catherine Coulter is also Jean Coulter Pogony

Charlotte Vale Allen is also Katherine Marlowe

Cheryl Biggs is also Cheryln Biggs and Cheryln Jac

Claire Delacroix is also Claire Cross

Colleen Gleason is also Colette Gale

Connie Feddersen is also Carol Finch, Debra Falcon, Gina Robins and Connie Drake

Connie Lane is also Constance Laux

Connie Mason is also Cara Miles

Constance O'Banyon is also Tory Houston

Dawn Thompson is also Dawn MacTavish

Deborah Camp is also Elaine Camp, Deborah Benet, Delayne Camp, Delaine Tucker, and Elaine Tucker

Denise Domning is also Denise Hampton

Dia Hunter is also DeWanna Pace

Diana Palmer is also Diana Blayne, Susan Kyle and Katy Currie

Diane Gaston is also Diane Perkins

Dinah McCall is also Sharon Sala

Dixis Kane is also Linda Kay and Linda Lewis

Donna Boyd is also Donna Ball and Rebecca Flanders

Donna Simpson is also Donna Lea Simpson

Dorothy Garlock is also Dorothy Phillips, Johanna Phillips and Dorothy Glenn

Edith Layton is also Edith Felber

Elizabeth Adler is also Ariana Scott

Elizabeth English is also Elizabeth Minogue

Elizabeth Grayson is also Karyn Witmer and Elizabeth Kary

Elizabeth Hoyt is also Julia Harper

Elizabeth Lowell is also Ann Maxwell, A.E. Maxwell, Annalise Sun and Lowell Charters

Elaine Barbieri is also Elaine Rome

Ellen Archer is also Ellen Recknor

Emily Bryan is also Diana Groe

Emily Carmichael is also Emily Bradshaw

Erica Orloff is also Tess Hudson

Eve Byron is also Connie Rinehold

Gayle Callen is also Julia Latham

Glenna McReynolds is also Tara Janzen

Gloria Dale Skinner is also Amelia Grey

Glynnis Campbell is also Sarah McKerrigan

Hannah Howell is also Anna Jennett, Sandra Dustin and Sarah Dustin

Heather Graham is also Shannon Drake and Heather Graham Pozzesserre

Helen Mittermeyer is also Hayton Monteith, Ann Cristy, and Danielle Paul

Jan Coffey is also May McGoldrick and Nicole Cody

Janet Evanovich is also Steffie Hall

Janet Mullany is also Jane Lockwood

Jasmine Cresswell is also Jasmine Craig

Jayel Wylie is also Lucy Blue

Jayne Ann Krentz is also Amanda Quick (historicals), Amanda Glass, Jayne Bentley, Jayne Castle (futuristics), Jayne Taylor, Stephanie James

Jane Feather is also Claudia Bishop

Jean Ross Ewing is also Julia Ross

Jennifer Ashley is also Ashley Gardner, Allyson James, and Laurien Gardner

Jennifer Blake is also Patricia Maxwell, Elizabeth Trehearn, Patricia Ponder, and Maxine Patrick

Jess Michaels is also Jenna Petersen

Jessica Bird is also J.R. Ward

Jessica Hall is also Gena Hale, Lynn Viehl, and S.L. Hiehl

JoAnn Ferguson is also Jocelyn Kelley, Rebecca North, and Joanna Hampton

Joan Hohl is also Amii Lorin and Paula Roberts

Josie Litton is also Maura Seger

Judith Arnold is also Barbara Keiler, Ariel Berk, and Thea Frederick

Judith Ivory is also Judy Cuevas

Judith Tarr is also Caitlin Brennan

Juliana Garnett is also Virginia Brown, Micki Brown, Emma Harrington, and Virginia Lynn

Julie Garwood is also Emily Chase

Justine Davis is also Justine Dare

Kat Martin is also Kathy Lawrence and Kasey Mars

Katherine Deauxville is also Maggie Davis and Maggie Daniels

Katherine Greyle is also Jade Lee

Kathleen Elliott is also Karen Harbaugh

Kathleen Kane is also Maureen Child, Ann Carberry, and Sarah Hart

Kathleen Kirkwood is also Anita Gordon

Kathleen Korbel is also Eileen Dreyer

Kathryn Kingsley is also Julia Jay Kendall

Katie MacAlister is also Katie Maxwell

Kay Hooper is also Kay Robbins

Kim Cates is also Kimberley Caitline

Kimberly Raye is also Kimberly Randell

Kinley MacGregor is also Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kristine Grayson is also Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Laura Leone is also Laura Resnick

Linda Lael Miller is also Lael St. James

Linda Winstead Jones is also Linda Jones and Linda Devlin

Lindsay McKenna is also Eileen Nauman and Beth Brooks

Linnea Sinclair is also Megan Sybil Baker

Lisa G. Brown is also Dana Smith

Lisa Gardner is also Alicia Scott

Lisa Marie Rice is Elizabeth Jennings

Lynn Ellis is also Virginia Ellis

Madeline Baker is also Amanda Ashley

Maggie Osborne is also Margaret St. George

Margaret Brownley is also Megan Brownley and Kate Damon

Marilyn Pappano is also Rachel Butler

Marion Chesney is also M.C. Beaton, Marion McChesney, Sarah Chester, Helen Crampton, Ann Fairfax, Jennie Tremaine, and Charlotte Ward

Marius Gabriel is also Madeleine Ker

Marliss Melton is also Marliss Moon

Mary Alice Kruisi is also Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Anne Wilson is also Jim Wilson

Mary Spencer is also Susan Spencer Paul and Susan Paul

Melody Thomas is also Laura Renken and Lori Morgan

Meryl Sawyer is also Meryl Nickels

Michelle Jerott is also Michele Albert

Michelle Rowen is also Michelle Maddox

Nancy Gideon is also Dana Ransom, Rosalyn West, and Laura Giddens

Nan Ryan is also Nancy Henderson Ryan

Neesa Hart is also Mandelyn Haye

Nell Brien is also Shirley Palmer

Nicole Burnham is also Niki Burnham

Nora Roberts is also J.D. Robb

Pam Rosenthal is also Molly Weatherfield

Pamela Toth is also Pamela Roth

Pat Pritchard is also Alexis Morgan

Patricia Cabot is also Meg Cabot and Jenny Carroll

Patricia Coughlin is also Liz Grady

Patricia Oliver is also Olivia Fontayne

Patricia Ryan is also P.B. Ryan

Phoebe Conn is also Cinnamon Burke

Rachel Lee is also Sue Civil-Brown

Raine Cantrell is also Theresa Dibenedetto and Theresa Michaels

Raven Hart is also Virginia Ellis and Susan Goggins

Rebecca York is also Ruth Glick

Ruth Wind is also Barbara Samuel

R.J. Kaiser is also Ronn Kaiser, and, at one time, wrote romantic suspense with his wife Janice as Janice Kaiser

Sabrina Jeffries is also Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas

Samantha James is also Sandra James and Sandra Kleinschmit

Sandy Hingston is also Mallory Burgess

Sandra Brown is also Erin St. Claire, Laura Jordan and Rachel Ryan

Sandra Canfield is also Sandra Field, Karen Keast and Sandi Shane (w/Penny Richards)

Sara Bennett is also Deborah Miles, Lilly Sommers, and Sara MacKenzie

Saranne Dawson is also Saranne Hoover and Pamela Lind

Sharon Ihle is also Sharon MacIver and June Cameron

Sheridon Smythe is also Adrienne Burns

Sherri Browning is also Sherri Erwin

Sherrill Bodine is also Leslie Lynn and Lynn Leslie

Sophie Jordan is also Sharie Kohler

Stella Cameron is also Jane Worth Abott (w/Virginia Myers) and Alicia Bandon (w/Linda Rice)

Stephanie Bond is also Stephanie Bancroft

Sue-Ellen Welfonder is also Allie Mackay

Susan Amarillas is also Karen Amarillas

Susan Bowden is also Elizabeth Barron

Susan Carroll is also Susan Coppula and Serena Richards

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is also Justine Cole (w/Claire Kiehl)

Susan Johnson is also Jill Barkin

Susan King is also Sarah Gabriel

Susan Lynn Crose is also Lisa Jackson

Susan M. Anderson is also Linsay Randall

Suzanne Brockmann is also Anne Brock

Suzanne Simmons is also Suzanne Simms and Elizabeth Guest

Taylor Chase is also Gayle Feyrer

Teresa Hill is also Sally Tyler Hayes

Terri Herrington is also Tracy Hughes

Theresa Weir is also Anne Frasier

Tina St. John is also Lara Adrian Tom

Sharon Curtis is also Laura London

Trish Jensen is also Trish Graves

Victoria Alexander is also Chery Griffin

Victoria Barrett is also Victoria Cole and Victoria Hinze

Victoria Dark is also Tori Light

Victoria Holt is also Jean Plaidy and Phillipa Carr

Wendi Corsi Staub is also Wendy Markham

Yvonne Jocks is also Evelyn Vaughn

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Marliss Melton is also Marliss Moon

Candace Camp is also Lisa Gregory,Kristin James and Sharon Stephens

Kat Martin is also Kathy Lawrence and Kasey Mars

Edith Layton is also Edith Felber

Constance O'Banyon is also Tory Houston

Candice Proctor is also C. S. Harris and C. S. Graham

Nan Ryan is also Nancy Henderson Ryan

Meryl Sawyer is also Meryl Nickels

Julie Garwood is also Emily Chase

Marius Gabriel is also Madeleine Ker

Connie Feddersen is also Carol Finch, Debra Falcon and Gina Robins and Connie Drake

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Samantha James is also Sandra James and Sandra Kleinschmit

Sabrina Jeffries is also Deborah Martin and Deborah Nicholas

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Ох, като гледам, ще трябва да ги подредя по азбучен ред, че добавянето ще е мъка. Мислех да мина само с копи-пейст, ама не ще. Благодаря ти, мила. :kiss:

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