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Карла Нигърс (Ан Харъл)


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Carla Neggers ( Anne Harrell, Amelia James) - Карла Нигърс живее в провинция Върмонт със съпруга си и двете си деца. Родена е през 1955 г. Написва първия си роман на 24-годишна възраст. Днес има повече от 40 книги и е сред бестселъровите автори.


Relared Books

1.Trade Secrets (1987)

She was spoiling for a fight Juniper Killibrew could be as prickly as her namesake plant. She prided herself on that. That and her dedication to the family firm. But when the company was sold out from under her, she wound up nose to nose with the infamous Cal Gilliam. Corporate raider. Millionaire rogue. Her new boss. He aroused so many emotions in her -- passion, tenderness, excitement -- that Juniper decided she wasn't so prickly, after all. In fact, it was shocking how soft and very touchable she felt...

2.Family Matters (1988)

Other matters were far more pressing Sage Killibrew hadn't seen her grandfather for twenty years. Yet when she got an urgent telegram asking her to meet him, the adventurer in her said yes. Something told her, however, that this rendezvous would not go as planned. Her first clue was the sexy, very ungrandfatherly rogue who showed up instead. Jackson Kirk got himself embroiled in Sage's mess at no small cost to his peace of mind. Troubled relations were not his priority. He had his heart set on intimate relations . . . with Sage.

3.All in a Name (1988)

Trouble was brewing Michael Pennington was the first and only man Kate O'Smiley had loved. And he, too, was bewitched. But when a war of wills sent them their separate ways, all she took with her were memories, her recipes . . . and Michael's name. Kate thought Pennington's sounded perfect for her restaurant and catering business. Unfortunately, Michael disagreed--strenuously--and his anger drove him to seek her out. It was only then they realized passion had been simmering on the back burner for five long years ... .

Texas Rangers

1. The Carriage House (2001)

Fun and a little hard work. That's all Tess Haviland had in mind when Ike Grantham paid her for her graphic design work with the run-down, 19th-century carriage house on Boston's North Shore. Then Ike disappeared and now Tess finds herself with much more than a simple weekend project to get her out of the city. It's not just the rumors that the carriage house is haunted—it's the neighbors: six-year-old Dolly Thorne, her reclusive babysitter, Harley Beckett…and especially Dolly's father, Andrew Thorne, who has his own ideas about why Tess has turned up next door. But when Tess discovers a human skeleton in her dirt cellar, she begins to ask questions about the history of the carriage house, the untimely death of Andrew's wife…and Ike's disappearance. Questions a desperate killer wants to silence before the truth reveals that someone got away with murder.

2. The Cabin (2002)

Vengeance, money and murder are menacing companions when they meet in the quiet stillness of an Adirondack winter. Texas Ranger Jack Galway knows his wife Susanna loves him, so when their marriage hits a rough patch, he supports her decision to take their teenaged daughters to Boston for a break. But now a couple of weeks has turned into several months and Jack has had enough. He wants his family back. Ex-convict Alice Parker left a mess back in Texas, and she'll never forgive Jack Galway for killing her dream of ever becoming a Texas Ranger herself. Now, guided by greed and vengeance, she's got her sights set on his family. Packing up the girls and her grandmother, Susanna heads to a cabin in the Adirondacks, trying to escape her fears, her secrets . . . and maybe even the man she loves. Little does she realize they are being followed, only this time by her husband . . . and a murderer.

3. Stonebrook Cottage (2002)

Kara Galway thought moving home to Texas after years in New England would put her life back in perspective. An up-and-coming defense attorney, she intends to concentrate on her career and on spending time with her Texas Ranger brother, Jack, and his wife, Susanna. But fate has something else in store. First, Kara's good friend and mentor Connecticut governor Mike Parisi dies under suspicious circumstances. Then, the children of the new governor, Kara's best friend, Allyson Stockwell, show up unannounced at Kara's home in Austin. It's clear the children are scared out of their wits -- and hiding something. Something connected to their mother's new role as governor and to Mike's death. And then there's Sam Temple, the Texas Ranger she can't believe she's fallen head over heels in love with. Now Kara has to return to Allyson's home, Stonebrook Cottage, with the children to unravel what exactly is going on. Are the children really in danger? What secrets is Allyson hiding? And what is she going to do about Sam Temple, who has followed her to Connecticut and has no intention of leaving without her?

4. The Harbor (2003)

In a small coastal Maine town, a killer strikes—then disappears without a trace. Shattered by her father's murder, Zoe West abandoned her plans to become an FBI agent and left her hometown of Goose Harbor, Maine. But a new home and job did nothing to get her life back on track, and now Zoe knows only one thing will— returning to Goose Harbor and confronting the past. FBI Special Agent J. B. McGrath is "on vacation"— the Bureau's version of "Get your act together, or else . . ." Burned-out after working undercover for a year, J.B. agrees he needs a break, and chooses Goose Harbor as a retreat. But he isn't lying low. He believes a killer is still loose in the town -- a killer who isn't happy to see Zoe West return. Zoe isn't sure she can trust the unpredictable FBI agent -- or their growing attraction to each other. But as the danger mounts, one wrong move could destroy everything she and J.B. care about. Because someone got away with murder and is determined to keep it that way.

U.S. Marshall

1.Shelter Island (2003)

Dr.Antonia Winter believes she is being stalked. She is afraid to ask for help because of the repercussions that a false alarm might have on her medical career and on the political aspirations of her new suitor, Hank Callahan. When she secretly retreats to an old cottage, belonging to a friend, on Shelter Island she is followed by Hank and by her stalker. Who will get to her first?

2. Cold Ridge (2003)

Carine Winters accepts the job of photographing Sterling Rancourt's historic Boston home knowing she's taking a risk — she could run into Tyler North, the man who once Rancourt's life and the man who all but left Carine at the altar a year ago. Then Carine finds a body in Rancourt's house -- and the prime suspect in the murder is Tyler North's best friend. Tyler goes to see his friend Manny, expecting him to ask for help. Instead, Manny urges Tyler to protect Carine, to take her back to Cold Ridge, away from the temptations to meddle in a murder investigation.

3. Night's Landing (2004)

In her gripping novels, New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers combines action, intrigue, romance and adventure like no one else . . . Archaeologist Sarah Dunnemore is prepared for almost anything when she returns to her family home in Night's Landing, Tennessee . . .except the news that her twin brother, Rob, has just been seriously wounded in a sniper attack in Central Park. She rushes to New York to be with him, only to come up against no-nonsense Nate Winter, who was slightly wounded in the attack. In his work as a deputy U.S. marshal, Nate is the best, but he's willing to break the rules to track down his and Rob's would-be killer. Nate believes the official investigation is going in the wrong direction -- especially when he learns that Sarah is like a surrogate daughter and confidante to her family's famous Night's Landing neighbor -- the president of the United States. When Nate suspects that Sarah has held back crucial information, he follows her to Night's Landing. Because Nate will let nothing -- not his and Sarah's growing attraction for each other, not the mounting danger they face -- stand in the way of the truth. But in a place filled with betrayal, greed and long-held secrets, truth is guarded with a deadly vengeance.

4. The Rapids (2004)

She has no time to take a break after playing a key role in the arrest of dangerous fugitive Nicholas Janssen. But with Janssen fighting extradition from his Dutch prison, U.S. diplomatic security agent Maggie Spencer isn't about to back off--even when U.S. marshal Rob Dunnemore turns up asking some very tough questions. Maggie has no reason to trust Rob, especially when she learns he has a personal interest: he was almost killed, thanks to Janssen. Then Maggie and Rob discover the body of one of Janssen's associates floating in a canal, and they realize there's another killer on the loose. Determined to tie the case up, Maggie heads to upstate New York following a questionable lead. Knowing she's holding back on him, Rob's right on her tail. And now she has no choice but to trust him. Because a trap has been set and they have both walked right into it.

5. Dark Sky (2005)

Deputy U.S. Marshal Juliet Longstreet has made her share of enemies, and now one of them is out of prison and threatening to kill her. Her mission: find him first. But hot on her suspect's trail is Special Forces officer Ethan Brooker, who has a way of dropping into Juliet's life without warning. Haunted by his wife's death, Ethan is a man Juliet knows she should avoid. And now he's focused on a related mission of his own and can't -- or won't -- give Juliet any details. When she finds her doorman dead and her New York apartment ransacked, Juliet tracks down Ethan -- this time she wants answers. They agree to team up, and as they fight their growing attraction to each other, their race to stop a ruthless killer takes them north to Juliet's family in Vermont . . . and into the heart of a dangerous web of lies, greed, deceit -- and murder.

6. Breakwater (2006)

An idyllic cottage. An unlikely suicide. A conspiracy that could blow the lid off the Department of Justice.Three months ago Quinn Harlowe left the high-pressure hallways of the Justice Department to become an independent consultant and have more control over her life—maybe even have a life. But the nirvana of her new gig is short-lived when Quinn discovers her friend and former colleague Alicia Morrow dead outside Quinn's bayside cottage. Suicide? Quinn is doubtful. Investigating on her own, she soon discovers that someone is following her every move. Huck McCabe claims he's a bodyguard at Breakwater, a high-security compound near Quinn's cottage. But Quinn suspects he's lying, never imagining the truth: McCabe is an undercover agent trying to penetrate a violent network of vigilantes—the same people Quinn has identified. Joined by a common goal, Quinn and McCabe must fight the bastion of law and order. . . a fight they know could lead to disaster.

7. Abandon (2007)

A missing federal informant. A fugitive on the loose. And a new deupty marshal who's already broken her own rules. On what is supposed to be a quiet long weekend in New Hampshire, Deputy U.S. Marshal Mackenzie Stewart is viciously attacked at the lakefront cottage of her friend, federal judge Bernadette Peacham. Mac fends off her attacker, but he manages to escape. Everything suggests he's a deranged drifter—until FBI special agent Andrew Rook arrives. With Rook, Mac broke her own rule not to get involved with anyone in law enforcement, but she knows he isn't up from Washington, D.C., to set things straight between them. He's on a case. As the hunt for the mysterious attacker continues, the case takes an unexpected turn when Mac and Rook return to Washington and find Bernadette's ex-husband, a powerful attorney, shot to death. Then Bernadette disappears, and Mac and Rook realize the stakes are higher than either had imagined, and a master criminal with nothing left to lose is prepared to gamble everything.


1. The Widow (2006)

Four days after Abigail Browning's wedding, her life changed unimaginably: her husband was fatally shot along the rocky Mount Desert Island coast. Was it a random act of violence, or could someone have wanted Christopher dead? That's the question that has haunted Abigail, now a homicide detective, for the past seven years. Determined to find her husband's killer, she returns to the foggy Maine island after receiving an anonymous tip. Is it just another false lead, or can she finally prove that Chris was murdered? Owen Garrison, the search-and-rescue worker who located Chris too late to save him, still carries guilt from that fateful night. As he helps Abigail unravel the mystery, they learn that the layers of deceit and lies are even thicker than they could have imagined. Now it's up to Abigail and Owen to keep pushing for the truth—and stop a killer from striking again…

2. The Angel (2008)

On a remote stretch of the rugged coast of Ireland, folklorist and illustrator Keira Sullivan pursues the mysterious Irish legend of an ancient Celtic stone angel. As she searches an isolated ruin, she's certain she's discovered the mythic angel, but before she can examine her find, she senses a malevolent presence…. Is someone in there with her? Then the ruin collapses, trapping her. Keira's uncle, a Boston homicide detective, enlists the help of Simon Cahill to find his missing niece. Simon, an expert with Fast Rescue, a rapid-response search-and-rescue organization, is trying to keep a low profile after secretly assisting in the takedown of a major criminal network, but he rushes to Ireland, pulling Keira out of the rubble just as she's about to free herself. Simon isn't interested in myths or magic, nor is he surprised when Keira can't find a trace of her stone angel. He doesn't believe it exists. But the gruesome evidence of a startling act of violence convinces him that whatever she found in the ruin, the danger she faces is real. When the violence follows them to Boston—and escalates—Simon and Keira realize that the long-forgotten story that has captivated her has also aroused a killer…a calculating predator who will certainly kill again.

3. The Mist (2009)

When Lizzie Rush uncovers evidence that thrill-seeking billionaire Norman Estabrook may be at the center of an international criminal network, she finds herself playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Raised in the elite world of her hotelier family, educated in reality by her spy father, Lizzie is the perfect choice to slowly amass information that will take down Estabrook. But no good deed goes unpunished. Despite Norman's arrest, Lizzie knows she's not safe. Estabrook will stop at nothing to exact revenge against the people who took him down - unless she stops him first. When she learns of a bomb that's about to go off in Boston, her instincts are proven right. But her warning doesn't come quickly enough. One detective is seriously injured in the blast and another, the FBI director's daughter, disappears. Then intelligence officer Will Davenport arrives with a single, simple message: Norman Estabrook is gone. Lizzie doesn't know how Will found her or whose side he's on, but she does know he can help her prevent the killers from striking again. Now Lizzie - a woman who's spent the past year shrouded in a fog of deception - has no choice but to trust Will, a man who lives by a code of personal honor and answers to no one. At least until the mist clears and the frightening truth is revealed.

4. The Whisper (2010)

It was meant to be an adventure - a night alone on a remote Irish island. Archaeologist Sophie Malone never expected to find Celtic treasure or to end up in a fight for her life in a dark, desolate cave. Now, a year later, she's convinced answers to the mysteries of that night lie in Boston. Is the recent violence there connected to her night of terror? Who has the priceless gold artifacts that disappeared from the cave.and who is responsible for the whispers she heard in the dark? Nearly killed in an explosion a month ago, Boston detective Cyrus "Scoop" Wisdom has recovered from his injuries. He's after the bomber - and he thinks it's another cop. But when Sophie unknowingly leads him to a retired officer's body amid symbols of ritual sacrifice, it's clear nobody's safe, and everyone's a suspect. Tough and stubborn, Scoop is the best on the force at detecting lies.except maybe those of Sophie Malone. Together Sophie and Scoop face the greatest challenge of their lives: someone is using ancient rituals to commit modern-day murder - and the killing has only just begun.

Black Falls

1. Cold Pursuit (2008)

A prominent ambassador is killed in a suspicious hit-and-run in Washington, D.C. Hours later, his stepdaughter vanishes in the mountains of northern New England. Back in her hometown of Black Falls, Vermont, to do damage control on her career, Secret Service agent Jo Harper is drawn into the search. But her efforts face an unexpected challenge: Elijah Cameron. With his military training and mountain rescue experience, Elijah knows the unforgiving terrain better than anyone. But he and Jo have been at odds forever—and Elijah believes the missing teenager isn't just lost…she's on the run. Forced to work together, Jo and Elijah battle time and the elements in a race into the unforgiving mountains. The twists and turns awaiting them will take them closer to the explosive truth…and into the sights of a killer.

2. Cold River (2009)

past she wants to forget collides with a cold-blooded murder he is determined to solve... Hannah Shay has finally shown the town of Black Falls what she's worth. Her Three Sisters Café is a success and she's soon to become a prosecutor. When the café becomes an epicenter for investigators trying to pierce a violent crime ring that's leaving bloody trails in nearby Cameron Mountain, Hannah suspects a man from her past is involved. Sean Cameron returns to the snowy cold of his Vermont hometown to unmask his father's killer. Sean has the skills and resources to mount his own search, but he must convince the resistant Hannah to cooperate—because the killer is ready to strike again...and closer than anyone ever imagined. The twists and turns awaiting them will take them closer to the explosive truth...and into the sights of a killer. New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers ratchets up the tension and suspense as the relentless Camerons fight to uncover the truth about one of their own.

3. Cold Dawn (2010)

The small town of Black Falls, Vermont, finally feels safe again - until search-and-rescue expert Rose Cameron discovers a body, burnt almost beyond recognition. Almost. Rose is certain that she knows the victim's identity.and that his death was no accident. Nick Martini also suspects an arsonist's deliberate hand. Another fire killed an arson investigator in California months ago. Now the rugged smoke jumper is determined to follow the killer's trail.even if it leads straight to Rose. Nick and Rose haven't seen each other since they shared a single night of blind passion, but they can't let memories and unhealed wounds get in the way of their common goal - stopping a merciless killer from taking aim straight at the heart of Black Falls.


Dream Images (1982) (writing as Amelia James)

Midsummer Dreams (1982) (writing as Amelia James)

Tangled Promises (1982) (writing as Amelia James)

DECEPTION AND DESIRE Prudence Edwards was ecstatic. AW She'd landed a dream assignment at MANHATTAN MONTHLY and was whisked off to a castle in the widely romantic Scottish Highlands. All she had to do was play a bold charade--convince handsome, volatile Colin Montgomery that she was just the perfect secretary for his famous father, hiding her true role as a reporter out to track down the reclusive writer. It worked wonderfully--until she fell helplessly in love with Colin. Now starry-eyed Prudence found herself trapped between deceit and desire how long could the perilous masquerade go on? Was she brave enough to tell Colin who she really was ... and risk losing him forever?

Finding Mr. Right: Dancing Season (1983)

Matching Wits (1983)

The battle was on from the moment they met...as Ryan Davis tried to outmaneuver the lovely Abigail Lawrence. From the first Abigail knew she'd met her match in the clever, urbane, and devastatingly handsome Back Bay businessman. And Ryan admitted the brilliant and beautiful Boston lawyer was more woman than any he'd every encountered. They tested each other's minds and passions with fierce wit...clever wiles...and fiery lovemaking. But their titanic clash held an awesome danger, neither could be victor, neither could retreat. Only if they vanquished their need to best the other could their magnificent love triumph!

Heart on a String (1983)

Witty, unconventional JoAnna Radcliff fell off a ladder into brilliant heart surgeon Paul Houghton Welling's arms. But one look at him told her he belonged in the stuffy Philadelphia society world she'd escaped for a cottage in Pigeon Cove. She firmly believed she'd never fit into his life -- she, a puppeteer, spent her days in paint-spattered jeans and her evenings in antique dresses from her grandmother's attic. But she couldn't have been more wrong about Paul -- and he set out to show her, with infinite patience and fierce determination. She was the puppet master, but he knew how to keep her heart on a string.

Outrageous Desire (1983)

Summer, 1874 - The rich and powerful of Saratoga Springs held little allure for this beautiful reformer. Then, who was this charming, handsome stranger who came to town with his outrageous behavior?

A Touch of Magic (1984)

When tragedy made Sarah Blackstone president of her family's corporation, she had put her personal life on hold. But, promising herself one last adventurous fling before her thirtieth birthday, she bicycled up the Hudson to visit the farm that had been home to Blackstones generations ago. A torrential rainstorm cost her a contact lens and most of her dignity before she reached the farmhouse door -- only to find that her surprised host was Brad "Magic" Craig, brawny quarterback of the New York Novas. Brad tried to brand her as just another fan bent on seducing the Superbowl hero, but the emotions flowing between them was too genuine to be denied....

Delinquent Desire (1984)

Beautiful Casey Gray prided herself on being a cool executive - tops in the world of management consulting. But underneath was a slight zany and very generous woman who gave up her vacation each summer to teach at a camp for delinquent girls in the idyllic Berkshire mountains. It was an unlikely spot to meet breathtakingly handsom, super-sophisticated Hollywood agent Jeff Coldwell, and it was even more unlikely that these two people - with unusual secrets in their pasts - would give themselves to each other so freely, so passionately. But by the time the secrets were revealed, it was too late - Casey had lost her cool...and her heart...

Southern Comfort (1984) Горещи нощи

Очарована от миналото, Шарлот Бътърфийлд се чувства съвсем у дома си в легендарната Толивър хаус в Нашвил - елегантна постройка, напоена с историята на Гражданската война. Говори се, че библотеката на дома се обитава от духа на генерала на Конфедерацията Дънкан Толивър, но прегръдката, в която Шарлот неочаквано попада, изглежда твърде жива. Властния Дънкан Толивър обвинява Шарлот, че е безсърдечна търсачка на богатство. Как би могла да го убеди, че не се нуждае от нищо друго, освен независимост... и може би от неговото сърце?

Apple of My Eye (1985)

What was she doing? She was up a tree--an apple tree! And who was she--the newly hired associate of a renowned New York literary agent or a private eye? Meg Oakes had been assigned to rind and win back the agency's most valuable--and elusive--client, world-famous thriller writer Ross Greening. His pseudonym, she realized, was the name of an apple. That brilliant piece of logic led her to Connecticut, to the McGavock Orchards, where she hired on as a picker. Looking down on lean, broad-shouldered, sardonic Jonathan McGavock Meg knew shed found her man. But locating a million-dollar property was one thing; getting him signed, sealed, and delivered was another. And winning his heart might not be as easy as apple pie.

Interior Designs (1985)

She was a designing woman. Lizzie Olson had come all the way from Kansas to take New York by storm--beginning with high-powered literary agent Michael Wolfe. All she needed was one break, an opportunity to show off her interior-designing talents in Michael's office, and other jobs would surely follow. Lizzie was determined to make it on her own, even if it took an old-fashioned sting. She wanted no favors. And to be certain that Michael didn't recognize her as the brash redheaded kid from back home, she'd redesigned herself as sophisticated brunette Elisabeth Guest. But she hadn't reckoned on street-smart Michael's trying to beat her at her own game, turning the tables by taking her in his arms and teaching her some tricks she'd never learned before....

Captivated (1986)

Today, Sheridan Weaver is a conservative and demure financial analyst…but once, she was a brash private investigator. So when Mr. Wealthy-and-Suave, Richard St. Charles, walks through her door, Sheridan suddenly realizes her past isn't quite finished with her yet. Sheridan's father has disappeared—and with him, a strange necklace that attracts trouble wherever it goes. But as Sheridan ditches her veneer of respectability and steps into Richard's wicked web of charm, she will need every trick in her bag to keep from becoming completely captivated!

Claim the Crown (1987)

A suspenseful story of romance and intrigue focuses on a brother and sister who suddenly inherit a family fortune from an unknown benefactor--and uncover a past they didn't know existed. Forced out of anonymity by an enormous inheritance, Ashley Wakefield tempts fate by claiming her fortune and experiences shocking flashbacks that remind her of her dangerous past. Reissue.

A Winning Battle (1988)

There was a place for everything When Page B. Harrington found a cheeky message on her answering machine, she smelled a rat. Christopher O. Battle, a nationally syndicated columnist, was challenging her to organize him, But she knew the highly irreverent Mr. Battle really wanted to lampoon professional organizers. At their initial meeting Page did itch to unclutter his apartment, but she resisted the urge. However, Chris's very well organized body posed a different kind of temptation ...and Page developed another kind of itch. Before she knew it, she was falling in love. But then she remembered his sweat socks hanging on the doorknob.

Minstrel's Fire (1989) Диамантен огън (writing as Anne Harrell)

Менестрела: най-големият необработен диамант в света. И най-тайнственият. Никой не е успял да се докосне до неговата студена жарава от страст, алчност, престъпления. Джулиана Фол - красива концертираща пианистка наследява смъртоносната му тайна... Един сенатор и група терористи са готови на всичко, за да се доберат до силата на Менестрела. Последен в преследването влиза Матю Старк - бивш боен пилот във Виетнам, а сега скучаещ журналист. И диамантеният огън изгаря душите им...

Betrayals (1990) Нежни предателства (writing as Anne Harrell)

Всичко започва преди трийсет години на френската Ривиера със самоубийството на една самотна и горда жена. С изчезването на един от асовете на "Гран При". С един шумен скандал в средите на хайлайфа… Днес тайната пари в ръцете на Ребека Блекбърн – десет искрящи скъпоценни камъка – зашеметяващ ключ към събитията, които са я отблъснали от мъжа, когото обича…

Within Reason (1990)

She had her reasons Charity Winnifred Bradford wasn't the type to do anything crazy or impulsive. And if she did want to do something outrageous -- like run off to Tennessee and blow all her money on a horse -- she figured that we her business. It certainly wasn't Adam Stiles's. She and Adam had grown up together in Millbrook, Vermont. But that didn't give him the right to come running after her and sticking his nose where it didn't belong. Char knew that Adam didn't ever particularly like her. So why was he acting all concerned...as though he were in love!

That Stubborn Yankee (1991)

North versus South! Beth Stiles considered herself well rid of ex-husband Harlan Rockwood. So when she found him hiding in her attic, she ordered him out! Never mind a horse swindler was after him. This time, she wouldn't let that seductive Southern charm her back into his heat or his bed. Harlan knew that his sexy, stubborn Yankee was a woman to approach with caution. Mean as a snake but dangerously beautiful. Hot-tempered. Especially since he made his getaway in her '65 Chevy. Harlan couldn't decide who was more hazardous to his health, the thugs who were out to silence him or Beth who was in hot pursuit of her beloved jalopy.

Trying Patience (1992) Опитай с търпение

Писателката Пейшънс Медрид предпочита природосъобразния начин на живот и ненавижда големите шумни градове. Ала по стечение на обстоятелствата се озовава в потискащия огромен Ню Йорк, в един апартамент с Джейк Фар. Той никога не си е представял, че ще се наложи да споделя жизнено пространство с такава особнячка като Пейшънс. Ще устои ли Джейк на непредсказуемата червенокоса?

Tempting Fate (1993)

New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers brings readers to a world of flamboyance, wealth and family feuds, where a mystery of the past is about to resurface. Despite her success as a young entrepreneur, Dani Pembroke is a haunted woman. Long ago, her mother vanished without a trace, leaving Dani to live with her wealthy relatives who have their own questionable pasts. Although the residents of Saratoga Springs, New York, suspect that Lilli Pembroke's disappearance will never be solved, Dani is confident that she will find the truth one day. That day draws near when security expert Zeke Cutler arrives in Saratoga. The two join forces in an effort to find out what really happened to Lilli Pembroke. But Dani is unaware that her fearless partner has his own reasons for uncovering the truth…and that their search is putting them on track to collide with a killer who will do anything to keep that secret buried.

Bewitching (1993) Омагьосаните

Писателката Хана Марш е открила идеалния мъж. Уин Харлинг е преуспяващ бизнесмен и двамата сякаш са родени един за друг. Ала по ирония на съдбата, техните семейства враждуват от три столетия. Вековната омраза не е погребана. Уин обвинява Хана, че в книгата си клевети неговото семейство. Следва неочакван обрат в отношенията и влюбените неочаквано влизат в традиционните роли – легендата за Ромео и Жулиета сякаш възкръсва...

Night Watch (1993) Нощен страж

Полицаят Джо Скарлати има мрачното предчувствие, че над Роуина Уилоу е надвиснала опасност. Свидетелствала е срещу престъпник, който попада зад решетките заради нея. Излежал присъдата си, той вече е на свобода и иска да и отмъсти! Джо знае, че Роуина пази личната си свобода и не допуска мъже в живота си, но е твърдо решен да бди над нея. Скоро обаче и двамата се озовават във властта на неочакваната, необяснима, непредсказуема, ала всемогъща любов…

A Rare Chance (1996)

An elegant career woman. A tough ex-cop. Great chemistry. Big trouble. Gabriella Starr has silk suits, champagne tastes, a great new career...and a stranger following her. She's definitely in danger, according to ex-cop and new D.A. Cam Yeager. But Gabriella bristles when Cam offers to help...maybe it's because she's incredibly attracted to him. It's not like her to go for law-enforcement types. she's far too independent, too naturally defiant. And she's spent too many nights in jail... Cam Yeager likes cold beer, his Bruins sweatshirt, and shaving every other day. He knows all about Gabriella Starr -- her famous, eccentric father, and their years rescuing rare, endangered orchids. Something nasty is going on in Boston. And something explosive is hovering on the horizon as well: the wild fireworks of two intense opposites falling in love...

Finding You (1996)

Once again, New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers masters the nonstop suspense and pulse-pounding romance that keep her millions of readers up all night. Vermont newspaper editor Cozie Hawthorne is astounded by the money she makes when her collection of Yankee essays becomes a bestseller. But that doesn't mean she'll let success go to her head: she still drives a rusted Jeep and lives in a house — built in 1790 — that seems more amenable to bats than it does interesting men. Daniel Foxworth, renegade son of the Texas oil Foxworths, specializes in putting out chemical fires. At least he did until someone sabotaged his helicopter and almost killed him. The prime suspect is Cozie's brother, Seth, and evidence is piling up as fast as attraction is growing between Daniel and Cozie. When she finds out that the sexy Texan is out to prove her brother's guilt, Cozie is determined to find out who's really after Daniel. But as danger mounts, Daniel faces an even greater challenge: winning Cozie's trust...before someone ends up dead.

The Groom Who (Almost) Got Away (1996)

The groom who almost got away? Completely got away is more like it. Max Slade just up and left Calley without a word. Then, three little Slades suddenly send for her. Now, Calley's in love with four Slade cowboys. And the tall one in the Stetson isn't getting away again.

Just Before Sunrise (1997) Изгрев за двама (Ан Харъл)

След разрушителна буря, която отнася дома й, Ани Пейн потегля за Сан Франциско с твърдото репение да отвори собствена галерия и да започне нов живот. Само няколко дни след пристигането си, тя приема тайна комисионна, за да се яви на търг и на всяка цена да купи на пръв поглед незначителна картина. Съперник в ожесточеното наддаване е загадъчния Гарвин Макри, който отчаяно иска да се сдобие с творбата - все пак това е портрет на убитата му съпруга! На Ани Пейн и през ум не й минава, че се забърква в кошмара на двойно убийство, пред което полицията е безсилна. Дори и след пет години неизвестният убиец е на свобода и може би сега младата галеристка е поредната му мишена. Гарвин и Ани се впускат в разплитането на престъплението и между тях пламва страст, от която идвамата се страхуват. Преследван от демоните на миналото, Гарвин е дал обет пред себе си, че повече никога няма да се влюби. Но дали все пак независимата чаровна галеристка няма да пробие бронята, за да докосне най-нежната струна в сърцето му?

Night Scents (1997)

Carla Neggers has a magic touch for weaving spine-tingling suspense with romance so sensual it takes your breath away. Here she's at her best, in a delightful potpourri of dangerous intrigue, enchanting wit, and spellbinding desire . . . This time Piper Macintosh's great-aunt has really gone too far. Eighty-seven-year-old Hannah, who fancies herself a witch, has sold her historic Cape Cod house to a Tennessean whom she claims is the man for her niece. Piper doesn't think they're a likely match—particularly not after she meets the reclusive tycoon while trespassing in his garden. Clate Jackson has come to the windswept Cape to forget, not to get involved with the woman who's digging up valerian root for her great-aunt's crazy potions. But when Hannah reveals an old family secret and warns of danger on the horizon, Clate reluctantly works with Piper to solve a long-ago murder. Unraveling the secrets of Clate's past, however, will take what only Piper can supply: her healing love and her own boldly passionate heart . .

White Hot (1998)

Intriguing characters, electrifying suspense, and steamy sensuality are the hallmarks of Carla Neggers' fabulous bestselling novels. Now she adds the exotic locale of Florida's Gold Coast to a dazzling romantic tale of fiery attraction and searing intrigue. . . . Mollie Lavender just moved from Boston to Palm Beach, Florida, to start her own P. R. business. So far her clients include a dog, a ninety-year-old ventriloquist, and a grumpy astronaut. Her life is going swimmingly in South Florida—until she runs into Jeremiah Tabak, hard-hitting reporter. Ten years should have erased her feelings for a man who broke her heart. But a decade turns out to be not nearly long enough. A society party isn't Jeremiah's usual beat, but he can't resist a hot tip that puts an old flame in the thick of things again. This time it's a cat burglar on the loose. Seeing Mollie back on his turf stirs up old desires. . . and new suspicions. Mollie has attended every gala where the burglar has struck, and Jeremiah wonders if she's in over her head . . . or maybe she's the thief. Even when Mollie teams up with Jeremiah to get to the truth, she's wary. His touch triggers powerful new emotions she can't control. As she joins him to set a dangerous trap for a burglar, what my be stolen next is her still-fragile heart . . .

Kiss the Moon (1999)

New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers brings readers deep into the heart of a decades-old mystery about to reawaken. Lost in the frozen woods of New Hampshire, Penelope Chesnut descovers the wreckage of a small plane. An aviator herself, she sees clues to a conspiracy in the rusted-out remains. Rumors of her discovery bring Wyatt Sinclair to Cold Spring, determined to put to rest a family scandal and learn what really happened to his legendary uncle, who had disappeared with his adventuress lover years earlier. As Wyatt and Penelope investigate, old motives are uncovered and new ones created, including a growing attraction between the pair. But when an unknown enemy emerges with a violence rooted in desperation, uncovering the truth will be far less problematic than surviving it.

On Fire (1999)

International bestselling author Carla Neggers pulls you deep into the heart-pounding world of one family's terrible secrets, and the woman set to pay for them. First he's suspected of murder, then he disappears. But no matter what the evidence says—Riley St. John knows her grandfather is not capable of such a vile act. The famed explorer and oceanographer taught her all she knows. Now she'll pay him back by finding the real killer. Recovering from gunshot wounds received in the line of duty, FBI agent John Straker is the last man Riley would go to for help. As lifelong nemeses, bitter arguments are the only constant in their relationship. But knowing she's in danger—and about to get herself into more—Straker can't help but follow and keep an eye on her, even if it means binding their fates with dangerously combustible ties.

The Waterfall (2000)

Three years after the sudden death of her husband, Lucy Blacker Swift has finally got things under control. Leaving behind the cutthroat world of Washington, Lucy and her two children move to a Vermont farmhouse and start to rebuild their lives. But a string of unexplained events--late-night hang-ups, a bullet through a window--threatens her new life. Unwilling to turn to her powerful father-in-law, Senator Jack Swift, Lucy tracks down Sebastian Redwing, an international security expert her late husband asked her to contact if she ever needed help. Sebastian, though, wants nothing to do with her problems...or with a woman he's been half in love with since her wedding day. But Sebastian knows he has no choice, and reluctantly he becomes drawn with Lucy into a dangerous tangle of blackmail, vengeance and betrayal, with Lucy's powerful family--and Sebastian's troubled past--smack in the middle.

Cut and Run (2007)

The largest uncut diamond in the world, the Minstrel's Rough, is little more than legend. Brought into the Pepperkamp family in 1548, it has been handed down to one keeper in each generation. Juliana Fall has inherited its splendor from her uncle—and, unwittingly, its legacy of danger. Juliana's mother wants nothing more than to bury her memories of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. But with the diamond in her daughter's keeping, Juliana's safety becomes entangled in the secrets of the past. There are others who seek the Minstrel's Rough. A U.S. senator who will risk his career and face the ultimate scandal to claim its value. A Nazi collaborator willing to do anything to possess it. And a Vietnam war hero turned journalist, chasing the story of this mythic stone. Now Juliana has only two choices: uncover the past before they do—or cut and run.

Saint's Gate (2011)


New Year's Resolution: Husband (1995) (with Rebecca Brandewyne and Anne Stuart)

В този сборник Карла участва с новелата Husband for Hire: 10... 9... 8... He swirls you across the dance floor one last time... 7...6...5... You uncork champagne, don your party hat and grab your noisemaker... 4...3...2... He wraps his arms around you and you look into his eyes... 1... His lips meet yours --and you murmur..."l do...."

Everlasting Love (1998) (with Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Kasey Michaels, Linda Lael Miller)

В този сборник Карла участва с новелата Tricks of Fate: In the springtime, our thoughts do turn to love...to the sweet thrill of a first kiss...a romantic walk at twilight...a glance across a crowded room that says, your're mine. Now savor the magic of love everlasting with five new tales of romance and intrigue from your favorite writers. Let: Jayne Ann Krentz, Linda Leal Miller, Linda Howard, Kasey Michaels and Carla Neggers sweep you away...to modern-day Washington, where treachery ignites an unlikely affair of the heart...to 1880's Montana, where an abandoned bride searches for a love she thougth forever lost...to a bewitching country lake, where dreams lure a woman into a dangerous embrace...to an English Regency manor, where a time-traveling film star discovers the role, and the passion, of a lifetime...to the California coastline, where a handsome attorney inherits a haunted house and a beautiful, seductive ghost...to places far and near, exotic and familiar, where love is timeless...and always everlasting.

Once upon a Time (1999) (with Leandra Logan and Margaret St. George)

В този сборник Карла участва с новелата Night Watch: Once Upon a Time... There was a handsome hero who would do anything to protect a beautiful, reclusive maiden.... Burned-out cop Joe Scarlatti had a gut feeling that Rowena Willow was in grave danger. She'd testified against a slick con artist and now he was out of jail... and out to get her. Joe knew the lovely long-haired lady guarded her privacy closely. But, whether she wanted him to or not, he'd watch over her, day and night. The more Joe watched her, the more obsessed he became. He soon grew to know her more intimately than anyone else... and his new mission was to release the passionate woman she was afraid to be.

On the Edge (2003) (with Heather Graham and Sharon Sala)

В този сборник Карла участва с новелата Shelter Island, книга първа от поредицата U.S.Marshall

Under His Skin (2003) (with Lori Foster, Linda Lael Miller)

В този сборник Карла участва с новелата Bewitching: Just like Romeo and Juliet... At long last, writer HannahMarsh had found the perfect man. Win Harling was a gorgeous, successfulbusinessman, and they seemed like a perfect match. But things weren'tperfect for long. As luck would have it, their families had been feduing forthree hundred years. Theyboth thought they could bury the hatchet. Yeah, inWin's thick skull, Hannah decided when he accused her of writing a book thatwould smear his family's name. Suddenly it felt right to step into thetraditional marsh vs. Harling roles. Loving Win had felt so right and now itwas going so wrong. Would they end up in each other's arms-or at eachother's throat?


Velvet Glove

1. The Venus Shoe (1984)

INTRUDER OF THE HEART The quiet island where she used to pick blueberries with her father was as beautiful as ever. It was the first time since her parents died that Artemis had been back to the great estate where she spent the happy days of childhood. Now she was alone with her memories. But she wasn't alone. Just as Artemis was about to enjoy a relaxing swim in the cool lake water, she was startled to discover a man sleeping nearby. Even with his eyes closed, the stranger's rugged good looks stirred something within her. Artemis didn't believe his story about why he was trespassing on the private land, and her later discoveries should have made her more cautious. Yet from the moment his lips touched hers, she was powerless to deny his insistent kisses. Everything told her she was playing a dangerous game with a man she knew nothing about, though the trembling over which she had no control was not from fear, but from desire.

7. The Knotted Skein (1984)

Ann Chadwick was stunned to see Mark Whitney. He was supposed to be dead, not corss-examining her about how her sister-in-law had died.

14. The Uneven Score (1985)

DEADLY PERFORMANCE Whitney McCallie, musician and conductor of an upstate New York community orchestra, hadn't heard from her friend Victoria Paderevsky in eight years. But the eccentric, world-famous conductor now reappeared from the past--and swore that someone wanted to murder her before the premier performance of the Central Florida Symphony Orchestra. When Whitney flew to Orlando, she was surprised to be met by Daniel Graham, who argued that the brilliant and irascible Paddy was merely a victim of her own paranoia. Locked in Daniel's consuming embrace, Whitney desperately wanted to believe him... But someone did try to kill Paddy! And now the killer was stalking Whitney. If Daniel was lying about the death threats, was he lying about his feelings for Whitney? Did he know something sinister about the symphony's opening night ... which was threatening to be Whitney's final night?

Men: Made in America 2

45. Finders Keepers (1989)

She was tongue-tied Holly Wingate Paynter was a storyteller by trade--and by nature. She planned to use her gift of gab to reclaim a family heirloom, a pair of sterling silver Paul Revere goblets, from one Julian Danvers Styles. Julian insisted the goblets belonged to him. After all, he'd found them buried in the basement of his historic Vermont home. Holly could have talked her way around that minor detail if only her lips hadn't been otherwise occupied. Julian had quite a knack for kissing her speechless....

Welcome to Tyler

3. Wisconsin Wedding (1992)

WELCOME TO TYLER. WEDDING BELLS ARE RINGING. Liza and Cliff are getting married. It's a big affair. Share the joys and learn the secrets of America's favorite hometown. WEDDINGS BRING FAMILY TOGETHER Byron Forrester arrives for his brother's wedding. He's visited Tyler once before, and despite his uneasy relationship with Cliff, he's glad of the opportunity to return. AND SPARK ROMANTIC NOTIONS Nora Gates, independent-minded owner of Tyler's department store, fancies herself a spinster. One brief, passionate affair sated her curiosity. But Byron's arrival shatters her tranquility.

More Than Words

1. More Than Words (2004) (with Susan Mallery, Brenda Novak, Diana Palmer and Emilie Richards)

В този сборник Карла участва с новелата Close Call: Marianne escaped an abusive spouse, but now wonders if the kindhearted man could be a surrogate of her ex. She knows that safety is a click away at Shelternet, but will be surprised when she learns who he really is and why he is here.

More Than Words: Stories Of Strength: Close Call / Built To Last / Find The Way (omnibus) (2008) (with Karen Harper, Susan Mallery)

In "Close Call", by Carla Neggers, a brush with death changes the life of homicide detective Brendan O'Malley and his girlfriend attorney Jessica Stuart. Deciding that he needs a little R & R—alone—Brendan heads off to Canada. Undeterred, Jess follows him up north, where the two lovers encounter a B&B owner who has undergone an experience every bit as life-changing as Brendan's.

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