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Tami Hoag



1. The Trouble with J.J (1988)

It took only one look for Genna Hastings to make up her mind about her new next-door neighbor, J. J. Hennessy. She knew his type all too well: Jared Jay Hennessy was tall and handsome, a man who thought he was God's gift to women. From the pink flamingos dotting his front yard to the all-night boozy barbecues, he threatened to disrupt Genna's peaceful summer off from teaching. But beneath his carefree smile and teasing nature, J.J. was a man as serious about the future as he was about Genna. He'd come to this quiet Connecticut town to change his life, and he challenged Genna to help him become Mr. Right. It was a challenge she knew she'd be smart to refuse . . . and one J.J. knew she couldn't resist.

2. Magic (1990)

Strange things were happening in Drake House: A perfect rose appearing on a pillow...an antique dress materializing out of nowhere...a mysterious spirit roaming the halls... Five years after Rachel Lindquist had left California to chase her dreams, she returned home to care for her aging mother, only to find herself chasing a ghost! Addie Lindquist insisted a presence haunted Drake House and had hired noted parapsychologist Bryan Hennessy to investigate, but Rachel knew better than to believe in what she couldn't see-or to surrender to the strong current of desire pulling her towards Bryan. Bryan had dealt with skeptics before, but convincing Rachel was the biggest challenge of his life. The enchanting beauty had lost faith in everything that wasn't practical, and that included matters of the heart. As Bryan fought her reluctance to succumb to feelings she couldn't control, a second, more sinister force began to stalk them, threatening to drive them from Drake House and from each other-a force that could be banished only by a man who believed in the power of love and...Magic.

Quaid Horses

1. Rumor Has It (1988)

Katie Quaid could never refuse a dare. It was the quality that had once made her a world-class equestrian. And it was the reason she'd been elected to introduce herself to Briarwood's intimidatingly gorgeous new resident. It took one week to make Nick Leone the focus of the Virginia town's rumor mill. So far he was a CIA agent, a male model, a fugitive - maybe all three. Whatever Nick was, Katie learned one thing right away: she liked him. And that made him the greatest danger she'd faced since the accident that had ended her riding career. In the five years since, she'd buried herself in her business of restoring historic homes, afraid to share her scars with any man - scars that had destroyed more than one dream. Nick had disappointments of his own, but after meeting Katie, he sensed that fate had a better plan all along. And soon he would pose her with the greatest dare of all - to love again.

2. Man of Her Dreams (1989)

Maggie McSwain should have been thrilled when Rylan Quaid asked her to marry him. Instead, she was crushed. After all her romantic fantasies, Ry's proposal was missing one crucial element: love. But Maggie would prove to Ry that he had a heart - and then she'd use every teasing, tempting ounce of seductive power she had to capture it. The next time he proposed to her - and there would be a next time - common sense would be the last thing on his mind. As far as Ry was concerned, solid partnerships made for lasting marriages - and that's what he could have with Maggie. Of course he wanted her, as any man with eyes would want her. But he couldn't love her.because he'd vowed never to fall in love again. Now it seemed that the only way to make her his wife was to use reverse psychology. He'd just retract his proposal - and pretend to be immune to her charms. He had no idea what a challenge that would turn out to be.

3. Tempestuous (1990)

Alexandra Gianni had come to Briarwood with her infant daughter, Isabella, to start over. Determined to rebuild her life and the ramshackle farm she'd purchased with the last of her money, Alex had one goal: independence. She wasn't looking for another relationship or to share the painful revelations about her past. Most of all, she wasn't looking for a man like Christian Atherton, who could lead her dangerously astray. But the handsome, aristocratic English rider won't accept that it's too late for Alex or that she has to keep running . . . from her past and him.

Rainbow Chasers

1. Heart of Gold (1990)

Elegantly handsome Shane Callan was trouble - dirty Harry in disguise - and not quite civilized underneath. but Faith Kincaid was stuck with him. Her decision to appear as a witness in a bribery trial had placed her in peril so great. Shane had been assigned to protect her, He wanted her to be guilty - he'd be safe then - but he knew she wasn't and he found her innocence irresistible.

2. Keeping Company (1990)

Dressed as a sexy comic-book princess on her way to a costume party, Alaina Montgomery couldn't believe it when her car broke down on a dark mountain road! The last thing she needed was a disguised Dylan Harrison trying to rescue her - and getting them both arrested! So what if he was impossibly sexy, irresistibly charming, and made her laugh - she wasn't looking for a lover, even if her friends kept trying to fix her up with every bachelor in town. Dylan adored Alaina's legs and her tender mouth made for long, slow kisses, but wondered if he could slip beneath her armor to find the vulnerable woman inside. When Dylan proposed they foil the matchmakers by pretending to be in love, Alaina decided to take him on - until passion melted her cool facade and his firm vows against getting involved. Could a reckless dreamer teach a lady lawyer to believe in magic?

3. Reilly's Return (1990)

Pat Reilly, the hunk from Down Under, the movie star who made strong women tremble, had promised the eccentric Calamity Jayne Jordan that he'd come looking for her. She had denied her feelings for the rough and rowdy cowboy, but he longed to lose himself in the warm honey of Jayne's sweet soul.


1. The Restless Heart (1991)

Remy Doucet was a wicked Cajun rogue, but world-class photographer Danielle Hamilton was desperate enough to hire the dark-eyed hunk with the boxer's build and the sexiest grin she'd ever seen. Could his searing kisses convince her that her destiny lay with the best bad boy of the bayou?

2. Lucky's Lady (1992) Див и опасен

3. Cry Wolf (1993)

NO ONE HEARD HER CRY FOR HELP... All attorney Laurel Chandler wanted was a place to hide, to escape the painful memories of a case that had destroyed her career, her marriage, and nearly her life. But coming home to the peaceful treelined streets of her old hometown won't give Laurel the serenity she craves. For in the sultry heat of a Louisiana summer, she'll find herself pursued by a gorgeous stranger whose carefree smile hides a private torment...and by a murderer who enjoys the hunt as much as the kill. EXCEPT THE MAN WHO WANTS HER DEAD... With his sexy Southern drawl and brazen bedroom eyes, bestselling horror writer Jack Boudreaux has seduced half the women in Bayou Breaux without even trying. And now the notorious bad boy has turned his easy Cajun charm on Laurel. But even as she responds to Jack's reckless passion, a serial killer who's terrorizing this sultry Southern town commits a fourth brutal murder...and suddenly Laurel knows that in the face of temptation, she must keep her head to track down the ruthless killer who may have already won her heart.

4. A Thin Dark Line (1997) Кукла на конци

Зловещата му сянка хвърля община Парту, Южна Луизиана, в паника. Ирационален страх, напрегнато очакване и ненавист владеят всички. Садистично убийство е поставило началото на нова черна серия. Изнасилена, удушена и изкормена е красива, преуспяваща млада жена. Обезобразеният труп е намерен в запустяла усамотена къща сред блатата, с карнавална маска от черни пера на лицето. Следват още няколко случая на зверски изнасилвания и издевателства над самотни жени. Коя ще е следващата жертва? Изобретателен до маниакалност, убиецът не оставя никакви улики. Обсебен от злото или от безумна любов, той се е стаил и чака да нанесе поредният си удар...

Deer Lake

1. Night Sins (1995) Всеки страх, всеки грях

2. Guilty As Sin (1996) Виновен като греха

Прокурорката Елън Норт съзнава, че делото по отвличането на детето при Дийр Лейк е едно предизвикателство. Докато се подготвя за най-трудната си задача, тя се изправя срещу търсещите сензация представители на пресата, пред политическите игри, пред бившия си любовник, който е и адвокат на защитата и нежелания партньор Бътлър Брукс - автор на криминални бестселъри и любимец на медиите. И през цялото време някой преследва Елън... Докато първият обвиняем е в затвора, е отвлечено второ дете. Елън разбира, че играта не е завършила. Тя просто започва отново...


1. Ashes to Ashes (1999) Пръст от пръстта

Една жена знае всичко за тъмната страна на човешкия характер. Някога проспериращ агент на ФБР, сега Кейт Коплан вместо да залавя престъпници, помага на жертвите и защитава свидетели. Работата й на защитник й харесва, докато не се среща с Енджи, която е видяла лицето на сериен убиец. Но Енджи мълчи. Кейт се сблъсква с най-трудната си роля в кариерата и живота си. Тя се оказва единствената, която би могла да спре маниакалния убиец, по прякор Крематора, каквото и да й струва това!

2. Dust to Dust (2000) Прах в прахта

“Съжалявам”. На огледалото беше написана тази единствена дума. Пред него висеше обесен трупът на Анди Фолън, ченге от вътрешния отдел на минеаполиското полицейско управление. Самоубийство? Или трагична злополука? Заедно с партньорката си , остроумната и амбициозна Ники Лиска, Ковач започва да се рови в прекалено очевидната смърт на Фолън и разкрива мотив след мотив. Сянката на подозрението пада не само върху елита на властта в града, но и в самото сърце на полицейското управление. С напредването на разследването изглежда все по-вероятно смъртта на Фолън да е по някакъв начин свързана с работата му. Когато се разравят още по-надълбоко, Ковач и Лиска установяват, че са заложени кариерите и животът им, защото убиецът иска смъртта да бъде забравена. Пръст от пръстта. Прах в прахта.

3. Prior Bad Acts (2006) Наследство на злото (aka Dead Sky)

Бруталните убийства в семейство Хас променят дори живота на закоравелите ченгета от отдел “Убийства”. Повдигнато е обвинение срещу бездомника Карл Дал, видян на местопрестъплението. Съдия Кари Мур отсъжда, че е недопустимо досието с предишните провинения на Дал да бъде представено като доказателство в съда. Това решение я поставя в смъртна опасност. Тя е отвлечена - измъкната от собственото й легло, докато полицаите денонощно наблюдават къщата й. Детективите трябва да се ориентират в лабиринт от деяния на заподозрени - осиновения син на убитата жена, съпруг с таен задкулисен живот и луднало ченге, което решава да въздаде справедливост. Никой не е такъв, какъвто изглежда, и всички имат някаква вина.

Elena Estes

1. Dark Horse (2002) Надпревара с похитител

Бившето наркоченге Елена Естес работи в отдела по наркотици във Флорида - докато не поема неоправдано голям риск. Животът й е разбит и тя се затваря в самоизолация. Положението е на път да се промени, когато едно дванайсетгодишно момиче моли Елена да намери отвлечената й сестра. Елитната конна база в Палм Бийч, в която е изчезнала Ерин Сийбрайт, е далеч от света на ченгетата... макар че се оказва дори по-опасна. На Елена ще са й нужни всички умения от улицата, за да оцелее в сенчестата страна на това бляскаво място. Броени дни по-късно е убито друго момиче. Елена се впуска в преследване на неуловимия убиец и похитител. Преследването се превръща в надпревара на живот и смърт, в която е заложено много повече от живота на Елена... Никой обаче не желае да заложи на нея в това състезание.

2. The Alibi Man (2007) Човекът с алибито

Тя бе видение. Тя бе сирена. Тя бе кошмар. Тя беше мъртва. Сега той трябваше да се отърве от нея. И знаеше точно как да го направи. В последния си, най-вълнуващ роман (номер едно в класацията на "Ню Йорк Таймс"), Тами Хоуг връща на сцената Елена Естес, умната героиня от "Надпревара с похитител", и въвежда читателите в сърцето на опасния, но изкусителен супербогат свят на висшето общество в Палм Бийч. На този очарователен фон от скъпи играчки и мачове по поло, богаташите извършват много и различни прегрешения. И една група мъже намират изобретателен начин да ги прикриват...

Oak Knoll

1. Deeper Than the Dead (2010)

California, 1984. Three children, running in the woods behind their school, stumble upon a partially buried female body, eyes and mouth glued shut. Close behind the children is their teacher, Anne Navarre, shocked by this discovery and heartbroken as she witnesses the end of their innocence. What she doesn't yet realize is that this will mark the end of innocence for an entire community, as the ties that bind families and friends are tested by secrets uncovered in the wake of a serial killer's escalating activity. Detective Tony Mendez, fresh from a law enforcement course at FBI headquarters, is charged with interpreting those now revealed secrets. He's using a new technique-profiling-to develop a theory of the case, a strategy that pushes him ever deeper into the lives of the three children, and closer to the young teacher whose interest in recent events becomes as intense as his own. As new victims are found and the media scrutiny of the investigation bears down on them, both Mendez and Navarre are unsure if those who suffer most are the victims themselves-or the family and friends of the killer, blissfully unaware that someone very close to them is a brutal, calculating psychopath.

2. Secrets to the Grave (2011)

Marissa Fordham had a past full of secrets, a present full of lies. Everyone knew of her, but no one knew her. When Marissa is found brutally murdered, with her young daughter, Haley, resting her head on her mother's bloody breast, she sends the idyllic California town of Oak Knoll into a tailspin. Already on edge with the upcoming trial of the See- No-Evil killer, residents are shocked by reports of the crime scene, which might not have been discovered for days had it not been for a chilling 911 call: a small child's voice saying, "My daddy hurt my mommy." Sheriff's detective Tony Mendez faces a puzzle with nothing but pieces that won't fit. To assist with his witness, Haley, he calls teacher-turned-child advocate Anne Leone. Anne's life is hectic enough-she's a newlywed and a part- time student in child psychology, and she's the star witness in the See-No-Evil trial. But one look at Haley, alone and terrified, and Anne's heart is stolen. As Tony and Anne begin to peel back the layers of Marissa Fordham's life, they find a clue fragment here, another there. And just when it seems Marissa has taken her secrets to the grave, they uncover a fact that puts Anne and Haley directly in the sights of a killer: Marissa Fordham never existed.

3. Down the Darkest Road (2011)

Deeper Than the Dead introduced Tami Hoag's millions of fans to Oak Knoll, a small California town that, in the mid-eighties, seemed as idyllic as any . . . until the See-No-Evil killer shattered that notion. It took FBI agent Vince Leone and a new technique called "profiling" to put an end to the trauma. Secrets to the Grave brought Leone's teacher-turned-child- advocate wife, Anne, into a central role. Together with Vince and local sheriff 's deputy Tony Mendez, she solved an Oak Knoll murder with a particularly challenging mystery: The victim never existed. And now Hoag returns once more to Oak Knoll for the third installment of this bestselling series. Through Leone's pioneering, science-based investigatory skills, Hoag explores the early days of forensic police work. And through the chilling case at the heart of Down the Darkest Road, she hooks ever more readers into the meticulously crafted, all-too-terrifying world of Oak Knoll, where the scariest secrets of all can be found . . . Down the Darkest Road.


McKnight in Shining Armor (1988)

When did love get so complicated? That's the question Kelsie Connors keeps asking herself. Stung by a bitter divorce, Kelsie's been married to her job as a high-end animal wrangler ever since. So when her disastrous first encounter with advertising executive Alexander McKnight - a man so gallant he'll overlook the destruction of his office by an out-of-control chimpanzee - blossoms into romance, she finds herself in uncharted waters. She certainly never expected to fall for a man this charming, this flawless, this quickly. For Alec, Kelsie's devotion to her career is the only thing keeping her from saying yes to the best business proposition of all: a new relationship. He'll try every trick in his arsenal to get her to put down the phone, set aside her calendar, and let him care for her and her two children. But with only so many hours in the day, can she set aside enough time to learn to love again?

Mismatch (1989)

Bronwynn Prescott Pierson had certainly made a mess of things! She'd left a disloyal groom at the altar, driven to Vermont, and now stood, near-tears, on the steps of a ramshackle Victorian house in her satin wedding gown. When a gorgeous, all-American hunk emerged from the woods, she didn't know whether to chase him away with a stick or run into his arms! The breathtaking redhead with the lost-fawn look in her eyes seized Wade Grayson's heart in a flash and convinced him she needed a keeper, but Bronwynn vowed she was swearing off men for at least a year - and besides, a stuffed-shirt politician with no sense of adventure was definitely not for her! Wade figured her for a frivolous heiress, yet he found the temptress with the legs of a goddess utterly enchanting. She stole his cigarettes, dared him to climb trees, and freed his spirit to fall in love. But could they find a place to bridge their worlds and cherish each other for always?

Straight from the Heart (1989)

They say that each of us becomes an entirely new person every seven years. But Rebecca Bradshaw doesn't feel any different when an old lover shows up severely injured at the hospital where she runs the physical therapy department. Seven years ago baseball player Jace Cooper left her without a second thought or the chance to share the life-changing secret she swore she'd keep from him forever. Now he was back, wanting both her help and a second chance. Becca hadn't changed, and she didn't believe Jace had either, but as she helped him repair his broken body and his fractured past, she would find she was wrong on both counts. The only thing that had stayed the same was the most important thing of all—and now suddenly time was running out.

Sarah's Sin (1991)

Staying at his sister's country inn to recover from injuries suffered in a gang attack, brash doctor Matt Thorne awakens to the sight of his nurse, a lovely, untouched Amish woman named Sarah who must choose between the only world she has ever known and following her heart.

Heart of Dixie (1991)

She was a blond goddess, a box office megastar. Every woman wanted to be her; every man wanted to bed her. But over a year ago Devon Stafford vanished without a trace. As a biographer, Jake Gannon had taught himself to follow the clues of a person's life story like a detective. As an ex-Marine, he was accustomed to being firmly in control. But when his car died in a little town called Mare's Nest on the Carolina coast, he had to admit he'd come to a dead end. There he met a .38-toting tow-truck driver named Dixie La Fontaine. She was no celebrity, but Dixie had an irresistible sex appeal all her own. What did this down-to-earth woman know about a missing movie star? Surprisingly, quite a lot. And Jake was going to uncover it all…if Dixie didn't end up shooting him first.

Still Waters (1992)

Hidden in the Minnesota farmlands, Still Creek seems to offer a sanctuary to Elizabeth Stuart and her son following her divorce, but the locals are distinctly cool towards the newcomers. Then, when Elizabeth becomes involved in a murder case, she finds there's more to the place than meets the eye.

Taken By Storm (1992)

As a trauma nurse, Julia McCarver is accustomed to dealing with life-and-death emergencies. But she is the one in shock when she answers the door and finds the past standing there in the person of S. T. “Storm” Dalton. Julia had painstakingly put her life together not just once but three times in the wake of his abrupt and devastating departures, and she has no intention of doing it a fourth time. Because that's what S.T. promises he will do—break her engagement to another man, her heart, and her future all over again. Except, of course, that's not what he calls his plan to win her back. He gives himself two weeks to convince Julia that he's changed, that she is still in love with him, and that—despite conventional wisdom—the fourth time lightning struck can be a charm.

The Last White Knight (1992)

With her frayed jeans and cascade of tousled dark hair, Lynn Shaw looks more like one of the teenage residents of Horizon House than their counselor. So it's no wonder State Senator Erik Gunther mistakes her for one. Not that he exactly fits the description of a politician, with his movie-star looks and athletic build. Even Lynn, cynical, stubborn, and decidedly not looking for a relationship, can't ignore her body's response to the man. Allegedly, he's come to defend Lynn from angry locals who don't want her home for delinquent girls in their neighborhood. But as far as Lynn is concerned, he's looking for a photo op, a chance to play the hero - the last thing either she or her troubled girls need. What they need is understanding. Lynn knows teenage rebellion all too well. And she knows firsthand its heartbreaking price. She won't touch the good senator with a ten-foot pole only to watch him disappear once he gets what he wants. Unfortunately, Erik refuses to go away. The moment Erik looks into her emerald eyes, his interest in work falls into serious competition with his interest in Lynn Shaw. Her rejection of his assistance only intrigues him further. He is determined to know her - and to help her. If that means practically moving into Horizon House, so be it. But as the two engage in a battle of hearts, it becomes clear that Lynn is waging a private war of her own, against demons of the past - and against her overwhelming desire for the one man who may be worth fighting for.

Dark Paradise (1994)

Marilee Jennings came to New Eden, Montana for a much needed break, but the dream soon turns into a nightmare when her best friend is murdered. J D Rafferty is a hardened rancher, a man whose rough charm and dark desires Mari finds impossible to resist. But when his way of life is threatened, he is determined to protect it, nomatter who gets in the way. Someone else has a stake in the wild beauty of New Eden. Someone with an appetite for evil - and the power to turn a slice of heaven into a dark paradise..

Kill the Messenger (2004) Куриерът трябва да умре

В края на един дълъг ден, борейки се с натовареното улично движение, куриерът с колело Джейс Деймън получава последна поръчка, която трябва да изпълни. Но докато доставя пратката - плик от името на Лени Лоуел - адвокат, защитаващ престъпници, той едва не е прегазен от кола, която го преследва из тъмните задни улички на града. Само добрите инстинкти, придобити по улиците на Ел Ей, му помагат да се изплъзне заедно с пакета, който някой желае толкова силно, че е готов да убива. Джейс се връща в офиса на Лени Лоуел, за да открие, че ченгетата вече са там, адвокатът е мъртъв, а самият той е главният заподозрян за свирепото убийство. Неочаквано се оказва, че трябва да бяга както от убиеца, така и от полицаите, а ключът за спасението е пликът, който все още е у него - там се съдържа съобщението, което никой не иска да получи - истината.


The Putt at the End of the World (2000) (with Lee K Abbott, Dave Barry, Richard Bausch, James Crumley, James W Hall, Tim O'Brien, Ridley Pearson and Les Standiford)

Alfonzo Zamora is the venerable Mexican Senior player who's just discovered he's going blind. Billy Sprague is the country club pro with a swing as elegant as an eagle in flight-except when money's on the line. Rita Shaughnessy is the hard-drinking, hard-loving, hard-luck golfer on the women's pro tour. All three receive an invitation from multibillionaire Phillip Bates, founder of Macrodyne Software. To inaugurate his dazzling new course in Scotland, Bates is spending millions to host a tournament starring the superpro trio. The gala will welcome world leaders in the name of global peace and the universal language of golf. Launching Bates's new, revolutionary computer operating system, the weekend volley will also attract a long scorecard of wild and unanticipated guests, including the world's most elusive environmental terrorist, a Spanish caddie named Humpy who inspires bogeys, a caddish pro who can't pass the Rorschach test, a sexy male-female counterterrorist team who keep driving into traps of their own making, a certain naked golfer making a bid for his hole in one, and enough plastique to end the world as we know it... Will things get rough in the rough? Will the green run red? Where is the mysterious nineteenth hole? And in an apocalyptic final play that will determine the fate of the world, ecoterrorists will converge on the course for an explosive putt to end all putts. The "Good Walk" has never been more fun!

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