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Link: WinTasks Administrator 5.03

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WinTasks 5.03 Administrator - Troubleshooting Made Easy

The ultimate troubleshooting utility software that arms system administrators with a comprehensive set of tools to stay in full control of systems in their care.

Today, anyone responsible for computer maintenance spend more time and resources than ever before searching for system problems. These problems take the form of errors, resource hogs and bottlenecks due to spyware, Trojans, worms and other harmless but unnecessary background processes. Tighter schedules and deadlines, heavy work loads and pressures to minimise administration downtime make it even more important to find tools that help save time, be more effective in troubleshooting and problem solving.

WinTasks 5.0 Administrator is an easy-to-use diagnostic and problem solving utility specifically designed for anyone responsible for managing and maintaining any number of PCs and servers. By installing and running it on ten computers at a time and your will be to troubleshoot all the systems under your care.

WinTasks 5.0 Administrator provides you with a wealth of information to help you track down system security threats and hunt down computer performance problems in minutes. It provides you with comprehensive information on all running processes and their DLLs. Rather than spending hours sifting through registry files, WinTasks will provide you with the appropriate troubleshooting tool to maximise your effectiveness and save time.

WinTasks 5.0 Administrator also provides you with a powerful set of tools to assist you control and enhance the protection of desktops and servers while dramatically increasing performance. Stop and block malicious programs designed to disrupt and damage systems; identify and anticipate problems and bottlenecks; and, prevent all causes for computer slowdowns and crashes.

Лиценз: Free to try; $295.95 to buy

Официална страница: www.liutilities.com

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