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Link: Linplug Albino v2.2

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Linplug Albino v2.2 -- : info :

* Modular and extendable design currently with 3 Oscillator Modules, 2 Filter Modules, 2 Envelope Modules and 8 Effect Modules.

* 32 note polyphonic (CPU dependent).

* Unlimited sound programs, Sound Browser.

* More than 1250 Rob Papen presets.

* up to 4 oscillator per voice, various High Quality Oscillator types with countless waveforms.

* Amplitude and Frequency Modulation and "Pulse Width Modulation" for all (!) waveforms, Sync.

* 2 filters per voice, each with 2 types of multimode filters, altogether 12 filter modes, saturation control.

* 8 envelopes per voice, 2 types: 5 levels / 5 rates with loop and enhanced ADSR Mode.

* Variable keyboard and velocity tracking, individual for each envelope.

* 4 individual LFOs with various waveforms, broad range of tempo sync, Symmetry and Phase adjustable, additional LFO-DAD-Envelopes.

* Portamento / Glide with various options, constant Time or Rate and Auto-Bend.

* Adjustable Precision to bring in the warmth of good old analogue modules.

* Sophisticated Arpeggiator with 32 programmable steps, several modes, swing, several clock settings, save/load/copy/paste and many more functions.

* Unique modulation matrix with hundreds of modulation routings.

* Spread for ultra-fat sounds (up to 20 Oscillators).

* Microtuning support for different scales.

* 2 effect blocks with two chorus, flanger, phaser, filter/distortion, two delays and reverb effects.

* Fully recognized velocity, mono and poly aftertouch, pitch bend, mod-wheel and various other controllers.

* Full version comes with a comprehensive PDF manual (box version with printed manual).

* Sample accurate timing, full automation and settings are saved with your song.

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