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Link: Alias PortfolioWall 2.2.1

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Alias PortfolioWall 2.2.1 Full Retail.

Alias PortfolioWall enables creative teams to organize, view, annotate, and make decisions on 2D and 3D digital visual assets more effectively than ever. Included with Alias PortfolioWall is StudioViewer 12, an evaluation, presentation, and review tool for 3D models. PortfolioWall is an invaluable design review tool if you make frequent presentations to team members, key stakeholders and customers, or make decisions based on visual data.

Simple User Interface - PortfolioWall is designed for users of any technical expertise and can be learned in minutes. Data management is simple and intuitive; thumbnail images are automatically created and organized into "Tabs". Simply select a thumbnail to view the image.

2D image viewing - PortfolioWall provides the ability to view a wide range of 2D images, including: RGB, PIX, JPEF, GIF, TIF, BMP, PIC, TGA, EPS, Photoshop PSD, IFF. Movie files are also supported; AVI, QuickTime® MOV, MPG and Flash (non-interactive).

3D image viewing - PortfolioWall includes a 3D viewer that enables high quality viewing of models from StudioTools or other 3D packages. A simple user interface with controls to tumble and zoom models or rotate on a virtual turntable. The new StudioTools-based viewer delivers fast performance for large data sets, high quality image display, and diagnostic evaluation tools for examining surface quality. Its enables non-StudioTools users such as design managers to review work in progress and review designs without requiring access to StudioTools software or the expertise to use it.

Real world scaling - Users can enter the size of objects so that they can be displayed to scale, providing an accurate sense of the real size of an object or image.

Image comparison -PortfolioWall can quickly display two or more images at a time for comparison using a drag and drop UI, allowing side-by-side evaluations during design reviews.

Annotation and Mark Up - Sketch or text annotations can be easily added to images during design reviews using integrated markers or text sticky-notes. Annotations are stored on non-intrusive layers, not on the original image.

3rd party application launch - PortfolioWall can launch any Windows application for file types that it does not display. This allows PortfolioWall to be used as a front-end to a variety of applications, from CAD, to word processing documents, spreadsheets, among others.

Easy data organization - Easily create folders and organize data into projects and sub projects. Create multiple folders in PortfolioWall to better organize your work. A navigation bar makes viewing and finding folders and projects fast and easy. Tabs, folders and images can be temporarily hidden from view to reduce visual clutter for presentations or while organizing data.

Pack & Go - PortfolioWall projects, including all referenced images and files, can now be packaged for exchanging, sharing and archiving in one convenient file. The package file can be opened in a new session of PortfolioWall and automatically unpacked.

Drag and Drop - Use drag and drop for many operations; add data from and to the desktop, rearrange data and tabs, delete and print, move images between PortfolioWall and other applications that support drag and drop.

Software Requirements:

    Windows® XP Professional SP2 or Windows® 2000 Professional SP4

    Internet Explorer® 5 or higher

Hardware Requirements:

StudioTools minimum hardware requirements:

• Intel® Pentium® III

    512 MB of RAM

    40 GB Hard drive

    CDROM drive

    StudioTools compliant graphics card (if using the StudioViewer)

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