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Foxit Reader е малък, изключително лек и удобен за ползване PDF reader. Програмата е с малък размер и дори не се нуждае от инсталация. Поддържа няколко различни изгледа на документа, търсене и разпечатване и освен това се поддържа кирилица. Какво повече ви трябва от една програма за четене на PDF файлове?

Foxit Reader е определено по – добрата алтернатива на Adobe Reader. С нейна помощ освен да отваряте и четете PDF файлове, ще можете да ги отпечатвате, да попълвате и запаметявате PDF форми и много други възможности. Лиценз: Безплатен (Freeware).

Повече за Foxit Reader можете да научите от нашата статия Foxit Reader – кратко ревю.

Промени в Foxit Reader

New Features in Foxit Reader 9.5.0
Epona DMSforLegal Integration
Use Reader to directly open/check out PDF files from Epona DMSforLegal and after making changes save/check them in to Epona DMSforLegal.
Viewing Article in PDF
Follow pre-defined PDF article/ article box to allow users to skim through the PDF with articles that arrange text content in multiple columns and/or cross multiple pages like in a print newspaper or magazine, focusing on a specific article and ignoring the rest.
Smooth Line Art
Provide an option to smooth lines when viewing a PDF that include CAD drawings, which also makes it faster to open the PDF.
Add pen and touch support to Reader for Microsoft Surface Pro.
Improvements in Foxit Reader 9.5.0
Find & Search optimization Add additional criteria (document properties) in Advanced Search for searches across multiple PDFs and PDF indexes.
Sort instances in the search results by date modified, filename, or location when searching files in a folder.
Signatures and stamps enhancements Customize the appearance of digital signatures by drawing or importing a PDF file of your handwritten signature.
Add an option to set the current size of the signature as default when placing a signature with the PDF Sign feature and the ability to place a signature or stamp by simply dragging a rectangle and filling in with the selected signature or stamp proportionally.
For a PDF digitally signed several times, with the capability to view each signed version of the PDF, you can also view the changes made to each signed version.
Add shortcut keys for switching quickly between files in the multi-tab reading mode.
Add an option to auto-detect portrait/landscape when printing PDFs.
Add JavaScript APIs in more usage scenarios including modifying the user interface, creating/modifying PDFs, and printing.
Some other user-friendly enhancements.
Issues Addressed in Foxit Reader 9.5.0
Fixed an issue where some commenting tools could not work together with the Read Out Loud feature.
Fixed some security and stability issues

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