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Никол Джордан


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Nicole Jordan - Никол Джордан е родена в щата Оклахома. Нейният баща е бил в армията на САЩ, така че семейството се мести често и тя всъщност завършва гимназия в Германия. След като прочита романа "Tears of Gold" на Лори Макбейн, Никол започва да мечтае занаписването на собствени истории. След като присъства на семинар на тема "Направи го сега -не чакайте, докато станете прекалено стар, за да осъществите мечтите си", тя си отива вкъщи и започва да пише една от нейните идеи. След четири години на писане на непълно работно време, редактиране и много откази, Zebra books купуват първата й история през 1985 г. Никол и съпругът й се преместват от Атланта в Юта.


Rocky Mountain Trilogy

1. The Outlaw (1996) Прокуденият

Любовта между Джейк Макорд и Кейтлин Кингсли е по-силна от смъртоносната омраза, която от незапомнени времена разделя техните семейства. Една опасна игра с убийствени последствия. Защото когато любовника на Катлийн убива нейния малък брат, той е принуден да забегне, а тя се научава да мрази мъжете, които всяват респект сред беззаконията на Колорадо единствено с оръжие в ръка. След дълги години отсъствие обаче Джейк се връща по свое желание, за да провери дали дивата котка, която е разпалила огън в сърцето му, е все още там.

2. The Heart Breaker (1998)

A CONVENIENT BRIDE Burdened by Family debts, Heather Ashford has no choice but to exchange her dreams of romance and accept the proposal of ruggedly handsome cattle baron Sloan McCord. However the widowed rancher is more than she bargains for. Tormented by a deep sorrow, Sloan keeps his heart well guarded, even as he sets her body on fire night after night. But each time Heather gazes into his ice blue eyes, she realizes she wants more from this man than his passion--she wants his love. AN IRRESISTIBLE GROOM But Sloan McCord has vowed never to love again. Although his infant daughter needs a mother, he doesn't want--or need--a wife. He is surprised that Heather, an elegant citybred lady, turns his remote Colorado ranch house into a home, and tenderly cares for his child. She is beginning to haunt his thoughts by day and steal his breath by night--and this he cannot have if he is to keep a safe distance. Does his fierce bride of convenience have the strength to heal his broken heart--before he breaks hers?


1. The Seduction (2000)

As the most notorious rakehell in Regency London, Lord Damien Sinclair sought only his own pleasure, until his beloved younger sister, Olivia, was injured and her reputation ruined during a forbidden tryst. Now Damien will do anything to destroy the young nobleman guilty of hurting Olivia .... And Vanessa Wyndham will protect her foolish brother at all costs, even if it means entering into an illicit bargain with the dangerously handsome "Lord Sin." When Vanessa offers to act as a companion to Lord Sin's invalid sister, Damien agrees with one scandalous condition-he'll forgive her brother's debt if she agrees to become his mistress. And so the seduction begins. But once the affair has ended, will they escape with their hearts intact?

2.The Passion (2000)

To escape marriage to a despised man twice her age, Lady Aurora Demming makes a scandalous arrangement with Nicholas Sabine, a dangerously handsome American facing execution for murder and piracy. She agrees to become his wife for one day...and one glorious, intoxicating night. Widowed, Aurora returns to London society with Nocholas orphaned sister at her side to face a lifetime without love--until her "dead" husband returns, insisting that she honor their vows and haunting her dreams with promises of forbidden desire...

3. Desire (2001)

A legendary lover and spymaster, the darkly sensual Earl of Wycliff eludes matrimony until a brush with death makes him yearn for a son to carry on his name. The moment Lucian spies the alluring Brynn Caldwell on a Cornish beach, he knows he has found the woman he wants for his bride. Brynn believes the notorious rake's fascination with her is driven by a centuries-old curse that dooms the women of her family to tempt men -- only to lead those they love to their death. Compelled by dire circumstances to marry Lucian, Brynn surrenders her body to his caresses but dares not give him her heart. Locked in a battle of wills with his bewitching wife, Lucian begins to suspect that Brynn is a traitor. Before long he finds himself lured into a web of danger and betrayal, where the price of winning his bride's elusive heart may be his own life.

4. Ecstasy (2002)

Having watched her mother languish away for a lost love, Raven Kendrick vows never to surrender her heart. But when her life erupts in scandal, she is forced to accept a marriage proposal from the wickedly sensuous owner of London's most notorious gaming hell. Though fiercely drawn to her enigmatic rescuer, Raven battles to resist her husband, whose sensuous caresses promise ecstasy beyond her wildest fantasies. To save the reputation of an innocent girl nearly ruined by his brother, Kell Lasseter sacrifices his freedom to wed the dazzling debutante. Long scorned for his Irish blood and dark past, Kell cannot deny that this enchanting spitfire is unlike other society misses . . . anymore than he can quell his smoldering desire for her. Torn between loyalty to his brother and his growing feelings for his rebellious bride, Kell must somehow free Raven's reluctant heart before they can know the ecstasy of true love.

5. The Prince of Pleasure (2003)

He is England's most notorious rake. Known as Dare to his friends, the wicked, outrageously charming Marquess of Wolverton is a consummate pleasure-seeker. But the seductive lifestyle is just his way of burying painful memories of the dazzling actress who once shattered his heart. When treachery threatens the Crown, Dare resolves to use his former beloved to help unmask a deadly traitor. Forced to betray the only man she ever loved, Julienne wants simply to forget the tender passion they had known as young lovers. But when Dare publicly vows to have her again as his mistress, she responds to his challenge with a vow of her own: to bring the Prince of Pleasure to his arrogant knees. As romantic adversaries, they play a provocative game of seduction. As patriotic allies, they embark on a perilous mission rife with danger and desire. And as their unforgettable passion rekindles, together they discover what Dare has long denied--that true love is the greatest pleasure of all.


1. Master of Temptation (2004)

Lovers in paradise . . . He is a brilliant military commander . . . and every woman's temptation. When Max Leighton unexpectedly comes to her golden Mediterranean island, Caro Evers longs to heal his emotional battle scars. But during one glorious night in his arms, she discovers a sensual master whose mere touch drives her to wild abandon. She is the bewitching angel he can't forget. Jaded by the glittering ballrooms of Regency London, Max returns to Cyrene to find the temptress who haunts his dreams . . . only to learn that Caro leads a dangerous double life. She's a warrior as well as a healer--a member of a secret society of protectors, sworn to fight evil and tyranny across Europe. Afraid to lose her heart to Max again, Caro vows to conquer her fierce tenderness for him and thwart his campaign to win her. Then a perilous mission of adventure takes them far from Cyrene's sun-splashed shores, entwining their destinies and challenging their deepest desires.

2. Lord of Seduction (2004)

No woman could tame him . . . until he met his match. With his reckless charm and lust for danger, Viscount Thorne is one of England's most elusive bachelors -- and member of a secret league of protectors known as the Guardians. To thwart his father's matchmaking schemes, Thorne asks an alluring artist to pose as his betrothed. Burned once by desire, Diana Sheridan swears off love. But to secure her cousin's place in society, she agrees to Thorne's charade. Then scandal brews, and Thorne insists on going through with the marriage. When Diana refuses, wary of his smoldering passion, the rakish lord wages a dazzling campaign of seduction. Meanwhile, danger threatens their very lives. Yet Thorne realizes the greater danger is to his heart. For he never expected to get caught in a matrimonial snare of his own making -- or imagined their pretense of a love match would become so tantalizingly real.

3. Wicked Fantasy (2005)

He is her most wicked fantasy . . . and no proper suitor for a lady. Since the night Trey Deverill's stunning kiss melted her senses, Antonia Maitland has harbored a fascination for the infamous adventurer. But Deverill is nothing Antonia needs in a husband, and when he abducts her -- for her own protection -- and then shockingly proposes marriage, a battle of wills ensues that proves dangerously irresistible. Antonia's charming wit and vibrant beauty make her England's most sought-after heiress. Yet it's her fiery spirit and awakening sensuality that stir a need in Deverill so fierce he would challenge the devil himself to possess her. From the glittering ballrooms of London to the splendor of the Cornish coast, Deverill sweeps Antonia into unforgettable passion. But a treacherous plot threatens their lives and their chance for the grandest adventure of all: true love.

4. Fever Dreams (2006)

Once again Nicole Jordan thrills and enchants with this fabulously seductive Regency romance, the next installment in the Paradise series. She is the woman of his dreams . . .

and he will pay any price to possess her. From the moment he met the lovely Lady Eve, soldier of fortune Alex Ryder set his sights on winning the spirited beauty. But fate intervened, making Eve another man's wife then a widow. Now, despite Eve's ardent vow never to marry again, Ryder aims to use every seductive weapon in his arsenal to woo her. A renowned matchmaker for the ton, Eve defies Ryder's wicked allure but cannot resist his challenge to find him a suitable bride -- never dreaming that she is the only woman he will ever desire for his bride, or that his breathtaking sensuality will awaken her to soul-searing passion. But as their delicious mating dance begins, an assailant threatens Eve's life. Now Ryder must protect Eve while striving to convince his beloved that he alone is her perfect match in the tantalizing game of love.

Courtship Wars

1. To Pleasure a Lady (2008)

Marcus Pierce, a strikingly handsome aristocrat with a wicked reputation, inherits guardianship of spirited Arabella Loring and her two younger sisters - and immediately declares his intention to marry them off. But enchantingly defiant Arabella sparks frustration - and something deeply erotic - in Marcus. After matching both wits and swords with her, the possessive nobleman concludes this beautiful and formidable foe must be his. Having sworn off marriage and men, Arabella wishes to be left alone to run her finishing school for young ladies. To that end, she boldly accepts Marcus's intimate challenge: if he can woo and win her within two weeks, she'll take her place in his bed as his wife. However, if she can resist his considerable charms, the Loring sisters will be granted their independence. Thus an extraordinary game of seduction begins....

2. To Bed a Beauty (2008)

Clever and charming Roslyn Loring, the middle child of three beautiful, independent sisters, knows that true happiness lies in a marriage of the heart - and she has hers set on a love-match with a neighboring earl. Yet her sharp mind has observed an undeniable truth: Gentlemen lavish passion on their mistresses, not their wives. Roslyn realizes that to win her future husband's devotion, she must learn the secrets of kindling a gentleman's ardor. Fortunately, she finds a willing tutor in Drew Moncrief, the Duke of Arden, a notorious rake whispered to be London's most magnificent lover. If his searing kisses are any indication, the duke is the ideal man to teach Roslyn how to be the perfect mistress. Drew begins schooling Roslyn while coolly guarding his heart. But as best-laid plans are thwarted by unexpected events - including a night of unforgettable passion - Roslyn and her wickedly arousing tutor discover how easily lessons in pleasure can become lessons in love...

3. To Seduce a Bride (2008)

Seduction has never been more enticing than in this third novel of Nicole Jordan's enthralling Regency trilogy, The Courtship Wars. Spirited beauty Lilian Loring believes that love is too risky a venture and marriage is best avoided entirely -- even if her unwanted suitor comes as deliciously packaged as Heath Griffin, the Marquess of Claybourne. The charismatic rogue has never had a woman discourage his advances. But after a show of resolve, Lily melts under Heath's sensuous kisses. Indeed, perhaps that is why she decides to hide out in the last place a gentleman would look for a lady: a house of scandalous repute. In bold pursuit, Heath discovers his enchanting spitfire cheerfully instructing the demimonde in the art of deportment and manners. Now the thrill of the chase is exceeded only by his powerful need to possess Lily as his bride. For Heath, victory in their game of passion means nothing less than winning Lily's elusive heart...

4. To Romance a Charming Rogue (2009)

The bold games of passion play out with delicious consequences in this fourth novel of Nicole Jordan's seductive new series, The Courtship Wars. Two years ago, lively beauty Eleanor Pierce spied her dashing betrothed, Damon Stafford, Viscount Wrexham, with his former mistress and furiously ended their engagement. Now the charming rake is back in London, meddling in Eleanor's affairs, bent on thwarting her new suitor. And when Damon's intoxicating kisses rekindle her deepest longing, Eleanor loses her heart... again. But as she has no intention of allowing history to repeat itself, she embarks on a plan of tantalizing seduction, vowing to tame the rogue before she surrenders to his wicked, willful desires.... Determined to stop another man from wooing and winning the woman he loves, Damon knows that claiming Eleanor's heart is all that matters. But this scandalously bold beauty means to beat him at his own game of romance - a game he is ready and willing to lose.

5. To Tame a Dangerous Lord (2009)

Dangerously sexy nobleman and former spymaster Rayne Kenyon, Earl of Haviland, has no interest in love. He merely desires an heir to carry on his title and therefore must have a wife. Rayne makes a surprising choice of brides by settling on the plain spinster daughter of a fellow spy who once saved his life. But the spirited and witty Madeline Ellis proves much more than Rayne bargained for. Dazed by Rayne's smoldering kisses, Madeline knows that she's at last found love--with a man determined to avoid it. Once wedded, she decides to take fate into her own hands. Maybe, just maybe, she can kindle the fires in Rayne's heart by turning her plain, ordinary self into a dazzling temptress. With a little help from the Loring sisters, the earl's artless new wife becomes a beautiful, bold seductress in their marriage bed. But who could imagine that a simple marriage of convenience can suddenly be flooded with danger, desire, and unexpected love?

6. To Desire a Wicked Duke (2010)

Two years after losing her beloved fiancé to war, Tess Blanchard feels ready to chance love again. Thus, she’s aghast when a threatening scandal forces her to wed her long-time nemesis, Ian Sutherland, Duke of Rotham. The impossibly arrogant, irresistibly seductive nobleman is the last man she could ever imagine loving! Making matters worse, Tess discovers secrets in Rotham’s wicked past that send her fleeing London for his remote castle in Cornwall. Having long desired Tess, Ian is exasperated that the ton thinks he’s driven his reluctant new bride from their marriage bed and so follows hard on her heels. Naturally, their spirited rivalry leads to glorious, pleasure-filled nights -- complicated by a mysterious “ghost” who haunts his castle and Tess's vexing insistence that he play matchmaker to her friends. But can blazing desire between two warring hearts turn into wedded bliss and timeless love?

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Moonwitch (1990)

Night's Beauty... When sea captain Kyle Ramsey met Selena Markham on a moonlit beach, her ethereal beauty left him stunned. But when he discovered that she wanted him to make love to her, he was flabbergasted. Selena's fiance was betraying her with another woman, and she was sick with rage. Making love to a devastating stranger seemed the perfect revenge . . Their lovemaking carried them to the heights of passion, but society's response was predictable. Forced into marriage, the unexpected lovers charted a stormy course rocked by bitterness and anger. Were they destined to spend their lives in misery? Or could the moon bewitch them once again--for good?

Tender Feud (1991)

Natural Enemies Katrine Campbell had come to the Highlands to rediscover her Scottish roots. If truth be told, she longed for some of the adventure her life in England had sorely lacked. But never in her wildest imaginings had she conjured a raven-haired rogue as dangerous -- and breathtaking -- as her kidnapper, Raith MacLean. The only thing the young MacLean Laird despised more than the traitorous Campbells was the English. Katrine Campbell had the misfortune of being both -- which made her the perfect in his campaign to harass his ruthless neighbors. Then Raith began to see that love caused more trouble than enmity when he lost his heart to his beautiful, unruly captive.

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Velvet Embrace (1987)

BEWILDERING PASSIONS From the moment she saw him standing arrogantly in the doorway of her bedroom, Brie Carringdon knew Dominic Serrault was the kind of man who was accustomed to taking what he wanted. His gray eyes glittered like shards of ice as they roamed her barely-clad curves, and when he caressed her, his touch seared her innocent flesh with wanton fires. Brie gasped with pleasure, then pushed him away with trembling hands. She couldn't deny him refuge from the bitter cold of the storm, but her hospitality did not extend to the intimacy of her bed! UNDENIABLE DESIRES As Dominic studied the enticing beauty who stood barefoot and wide-eyed before him, he smiled in anticipation. Ho respectable woman would spend the night alone in a deserted hunting lodge--she must be some man's mistress, awaiting a lover who'd been stranded by the blizzard. Well, he would see that she wasn't lonely this dark night. He could easily imagine her lying before the hearth, her glorious russet curls spread beneath her like a carpet of liquid flame, her lush arms eager to welcome him within the heat of her

Desire and Deception (1988)

SHE COULDN'T ESCAPE HIM Lauren DeVries stared up at Captain Jason Stuart in dismay. Of all the men in London, she had managed to stumble upon the very one her guardian was forcing her to marry! And he was demanding a night in her arms as payment for passage to America! she would give the handsome rogue what he desired, then take his gold and flee. But escape was the last thing she wanted once he took her in his demanding embrace and awakened her innocent flesh to the raptures of love! HE COULDN'T RESIST HER Although Jason Stuart had never met his betrothed, he recognized the family crest on her ring almost as quickly as he succumbed to her overwhelming beauty. He'd had no enthusiasm for a marriage based on little more than a business deal, but now that he'd seen his runaway bride, he did not intend to let her go. Once she spent a night in his bed she would be his forever. He'd brand her silken skin with passion's fire, tame her rebellious spirit with ecstasy's enchantment and tie her to him for all time with the unbreakable bonds of Desire and Deception.


Lord of Desire (1992)

DESERT HEAT Alysson Vickery, wealthy, beautiful, and wildly rebellious, leaves France to join her fiance, a French colonel, in war-torn Algiers. There she meets Nicholas Sterling, son of an English noblewoman and a Berber sheik. Known as Jafar el-Saleh, the notorious golden-haired Algerian rebel, he has sworn vengeance against the French colonel whom he holds responsible for his parents' deaths. Seizing the unsuspecting Alysson, Jafar carries his lovely prey into the exotic wilderness, only to discover his prisoner is a spitfire-a free-spirited beauty he vows to tame. But the gentleness of his powerful embrace fills Alysson with a hunger that shocks and shames her...and drives her to a foolhardy flight from which only he can rescue her. Driven by a fierce passion that consumes them both, they are joined in a fierce alliance of danger and desire, captives of love in a war between two worlds.

Wildstar (1992)

PASSION'S GAMBLE There's fire in Jessica Sommers' hazel eyes. She's out to get the scoundrel who shot her father, and she needs a hired gun to help her protect the family silver mine. Garrett Devlin arrives in town just in time to take on the job. Suave and disturbingly good-looking, Devlin claims to be just a gambling man...but he's not showing all his cards. His easy-going charm and self-assurance make him irresistible to most women, yet Jessica, strong-willed and independent, spurns his promises of pleasure as they follow the dangerous trail of outlaws through the majestic Colorado Rockies. But suddenly faced with life-threatening peril, Jessica yields to the warm comfort of Garrett's embrace...surrendering helplessly to the firestorm of passion in the searing kisses of a stranger's love...

Touch Me with Fire (1993)

Love With a Proper Stranger With her violet eyes flashing with determination and her raven-haired loveliness disguised under drab servants' clothes, Blaise St. James flees her privileged life rather than be married off to some proper-but-cold English gentleman. But that is before she encounters Julian Morrow, Viscount Lynden. With golden hair, the face and form of an Adonis, and a presence that comes only with money and breeding, he is undoubtedly an aristocrat. Yet his soul bears the scars of war and a woman's treachery, and his penetrating blue eyes speak with a passion that belies his noble blood. Blaise trembles at his very touch and responds helplessly to his searing kisses. He means to have her--whether she is the innocent runaway she claims to be, or the experienced seductress he suspects--but his proposal is not one a gentleman makes to a lady . . .

The Savage (1994)

She is Summer Weston, a willful Texas beauty who commands the attention of every eligible male in the county...including one notorious loner no lady would dare consider. He is Lance Calder, half-white, half-Comanche--proud, passionate...and forbidden. Yet he is Summer's only hope of rescuing her sister, kidnapped in a Comanche raid. Aching to possess the ravishing belle, Lance sets an impossible price on his aid--marriage to a half-breed. Desperate and terrified, yet drawn to the savage who claims her as his wife, Summer is stunned by his raw sensuality, both fierce and tender. Shunned by her own people, she travels with him into the dangerous land of the Comanches...daring to trust the hostile stranger whose pride keeps him distant...until the white-hot fire of their passion destroys all boundaries and brands their very souls with enduring love.

The Warrior (1995)

BRIDE OF THE BLACK DRAGON For five turbulent years, Ariane of Claredon has dutifully prepared herself for marriage to King Henry's most trusted vassal, the feared Norman knight Ranulf de Vernay. But cruel circumstance has branded Ariane's father a traitor to the crown. And Ranulf is returning to Claredon, not as bridegroom...but as conqueror. Survivor of a hellish youth, Ranulf knows well the treacheries of noblewomen--and mistrusts the regal, defiant beauty to whom he was once betrothed. But while he shields his wounded heart with impregnable armor, she sears his soul with sensuous fire. And though he has come to claim her lands and her body as his prize, it is the mighty Dragon who must ultimately surrender to Ariane's proud, determined passion and her remarkable healing love.

The Lover (1997)

THIEF OF HEARTS Virile, sinfully handsome, and devastatingly sensual, Niall McLaren is chief of a mighty Highland clan. A wild, unrepentant rogue who takes his pleasure with the most alluring beauties of Europe, he is furious when clan honor forces him to wed a spinster heiress, and he vows never to surrender his cherished freedom to one woman. DEFIANT BRIDE

Sabrina Duncan has courageously agreed to wed the powerful laird to protect her people, yet she's sure she'll never trust her heart to her wickedly unfaithful husband. But even as she tries desperately to resist his legendary charm, the seductive intensity of his lovemaking awakens a desire that transforms her. Against his will, Niall is captivated by his passionate bride. Now he must find a way to make her his forever. For she is the breathtaking enchantress who pierces the armor of his heart; the innocent temptress who fires his very soul and brings him a joy he's never known. She is the one woman for whom he will gladly forsake all others, for he'd rather die than lose her love...

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