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Ан Ейвъри (Кейт Холмс)


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Anne Avery (Kate Holmes, Anne Woodard) - Истинското име на писателката е Ан Холмбърг. Пише исторически романи под псевдонима Ан Ейвъри и съвременни романи като Кейт Холмс. Също така има и произведения, подписани като Ан Удард. Тя е била четири пъти номинирана за Career Achievement Award от Romantic Times Book reviews. Ан Холмбърг е родена през 1938 г. в Колорадо, където семейството живее в продължение на четири поколения. Тя има степен по инженерство от университета в Колорадо.

=Ан Ейвъри (псевдоним)=


A Distant Star (1993) Далечна звезда

«Не се нуждая от помощта му» — мислеше Нарин с ярост. Не искаше тази помощ. Но въпреки това Нарин знаеше, че лъже самата себе си. Този мъж и този миг бяха точно това, което искаше. И сякаш ги беше търсила и чакала отдавна, много отдавна. Тялото й потрепери, зъбите й все още тракаха, но дълбоко в нея се надигна тревожно нетърпение, което я заля като физическо страдание, като огромна вълна от страст. Всичко това беше толкова неправилно. Тя беше вестоносец. Тя и само тя трябваше да контролира чувствата и тялото си. Нейният град беше в опасност и тя носеше съобщение, което бе нужно на Господаря.

All's Fair (1994)

Calista York was a stunning firebrand with a mind of her own; a golden-haired trader who could ward off a pirate attack as easily as a man's unwanted advances. For five long years, Rhys Fairdane has roamed the universe, trying to forget the woman who had seared his soul with white-hot longing, then cast him into space. Yet by a twist of fate, Rhys and Callista are both named trade representatives of the planet Karla. It will take all his strength to resist her voluptuous curves, all his cunning to subdue her feminine wiles. But if in war, as in love, all truly is fair, Callista has concealed weapons that will bring Rhys to his knees before the battle has even begun.

Far Star (1995)

THE DREAMER... Dayra Smith didn't know a flitter engine from a solar generator, but she was determined to turn a run-down piece of land into a working farmhold. And even though she had to slave day and night, the stubborn beauty refused to ask any man for help--until the deadly forces of a murderous empire threatened her home... THE DRIFTER... Down and out on Far Star, Coll Larren was stuck until the next merchant ship arrived on the distant planet. In need of food and shelter, he offered Dayra his assistance. Coll didn't know the first thing about plowing and seeding, but he was more than wiling to battle Dayra's enemies if his efforts would help him conquer her heart...

Hidden Heart (1996)

Reluctant heir to the Controllership of the planet Diloran, Tarl preferred the danger of working undercover to the drudgery of attending state functions. Yet he never dared hope that his midnight forays would land him in the room of a beauty who was armed, dangerous--and very naked. Then the ravishing stranger saved him from certain death and presented him with an even greater danger. passionate love. Determined to free her people, Mama had traveled to Diloran with her own secret agenda. And her plans didn't include being seduced by the first hard-bodied man she encountered. Although the enchanting beauty refused to forget her mission, she couldn't deny the ache Tarl roused in her. But the more Mama longed to surrender to unending bliss, the more she feared she was betraying everything she held dear.

Summer Fancy (1997)

Suddenly taken with Rocky Ford, Colorado's most eligible bachelor, the normally fiercely independent Miss Sophronia Carter hatches a humdinger of a scheme to take Zeke Jeffries's mind off of his beloved watermelon farm.

Fortune's Fancy (1998)

When her father dies, a beautiful young woman learned in the art of the scam departs for a famed Colorado hotel in search of a quick fortune. There she will meet a rugged, bored millionaire, a handsome schemer on the prowl for wealthy women, and a gorgeous young heiress. With the aid of Cupid's arrow, thesefour characters will find themselves involvedin a wonderfully romantic and comic romp... complete with mistaken identities andstolen kisses!

Bartered Bride (1999)

HE BOUGHT HER HAND IN MARRIAGE, BUT HE HAD TO WIN HER LOVE.... From the tower at Colmaine Castle, Lady Alyce Fitzmartin watches the approach of the richly clad stranger, the man she is to wed that very night. The arrogant London tradesman Robert Wardell is the answer to her father's debts--and a bridegroom Alyce is certain she will never love. Love is the last thing Robert wants from the marriage. Caught between the tyrannical king and those who would overthrow the Crown, he needs a wife to use as a pawn. But as England burns with the fire of revolt, Robert and Alyce discover unexpected passion--a passion for which both must gamble their lives.

The Lawman Takes a Wife (2001)

Big And Tall -- And Bashful Sheriff DeWitt Gavin was quite an assortment of surprises to merchant Molly Calhan. Saddled with a scandalous past and a giant-size sweet tooth, he also had a truly giving heart. Now if only she could convince him to give his heart to her...! Witt Gavin had enough to handle, being the new lawman in a town rife with gossip and kids convinced bank robbers were hiding down every alley. His one daily treat was a visit to Molly Calhan's candy counter. But was it the confections that drew him -- or the sweet shopkeeper herself?

Fire and Ice (2001)

GRAND HOUSE It was a huge old mausoleum, a place where p's and q's mattered more than people did. Kate had escaped it once, though it still haunted her dreams, along with bitter memories of the boy she'd loved. Now she was back to claim a forgotten legacy, and Elliot was a grown man, no longer gentle but hard and dangerous. People said he was a killer, but the fire between them leaped as fiercely as ever, making Kate wonder whether her mother's bequest to her had been the glittering diamonds for which she searched or a proclivity for giving her heart to an ill-fated love.

The Bride's Revenge (2002)

Marriage Should Not Make Headlines... But the day his wife threw his underwear out the window, reporter J. R. Abbott realized their rocky romance was banner news. Caroline Rhodes Abbott might as well have splashed the truth across the front page: She was not the sweet little homebody he married! Caroline Abbott couldn't decide whether to ravish her husband or ride roughshod over his damnably attractive hide! If he expected her to stay home pouring tea while he chased news without her, J.R. was an investigator without a clue. But would her dreams of newswoman glory put her marriage to bed -- permanently -- or elevate their union to sensational new heights?


Enchanted Crossings (1994) (with Madeline Baker and Kathleen Morgan)

В този сборник Ан участва с новелата Dream Seeker: On faraway planets, a pilot and a dreamer learn that passion can bridge the heavens, no matter how vast the distance from one heart to another.

Lovescape (2004) (with Phoebe Conn, Sandra Hill and Dara Joy)

В този сборник Ан участва с новелата A Dance on the Edge: When interior designer Marlis Jones battles with architect Jack Martin over e-mail, they discover a love powerful enough to blow their circuits.


Faerie Tale Romance

The Snow Queen (1996) Снежната кралица

Хети Малоун пристига на гарата в Колорадо Спрингс изпълнена с надежда, че скоро ще се омъжи за любимия си и двамата ще заживеят щастливо. Но животът в Скалистите планини е променил Майкъл Райан. Някогашният разпален ухажор, когото помни Хети, е станал студен и далечен като заснежените планински върхове. Решена да върне страстните копнежи на Майкъл, Хети бързо осъзнава, че няма съвременно лекарство за страданията му. Тогава тя се осмелява да му даде единственото лекарство, което може да стопи леда в сърцето му - една голяма доза старомодна любов.

Legendary Lovers

The Highwayman's Daughter (1998) Дъщерята на разбойника

Конникът язди под луната през виолетовите поля. Когато, изморен, стига стария хан, вътре вижда момиче, крaсиво като богиня. Лизи Тайнсдейл обаче е твърде земна - макар и дъщеря на известен разбойник, загинал заради любимата си, тя се задоволява просто да стопанисва наследената странноприемница, без да се захласва по младите мъже. Но когато тайнственият непознат я спасява от „червените куртки", а после я целува, тя разбира, че една жена може да се изправи и срещу самата смърт заради мъжа на мечтите си.

=Кейт Холмс=


Amethyst and Gold (1999) Чувствен ритъм

Свенлива млада професорка, Мелиса е пристигнала в Рио де Жанейро да завърши най-важния си проект. Романтиката е последното нещо, което би могла да си позволи в работохоличните си делници. Докато среща Него. Той е истински нож за женските сърца. Непреодолим за жените, но и понесъл много болки от връзките си, той се впуска в една авантюра, решен тя да остане само летен спомен. Обаче сърцата - двете сърца - бият в друг ритъм.

Sand Castles (2000) Пясъчни замъци

Един неспокоен дух, един скитник, а иначе световноизвестен фотограф, той се прибира у дома, за да се опита край брега на великия и всеопрощаващ океан да разкъса паяжината на спомените, да избяга от болката да забрави... Да запълни с нещо празнината в душата си....Срещата му с нея е случайна - една красива и чувствена жена, някак свенлива, сякаш криеща тайни. Отначало той е просто моделна известната скулптурка; само модел, една лятна история; нищо незначещ, красив, но крехък и нетраен пясъчен замък, който ще се срине като всички пясъчни замъци с края на лятото...

The Picker who Perished (2004)

A light-hearted mystery featuring Wendy Sam Miller, fanny-rich owner of aSarasota Florida consignment shop, who must convince the police, and theoh-so-attractive Detective Litwin, that her friend and merchandise pickerIlene did not die in an accidental fall but was murdered. But why was shemurdered? Who would want her dead? And what does the mysterious list Ileneleft behind mean? Can Wendy Sam solve the mystery... and run her shop at thesame time? What with competitors like Evil Thalia and the sexy antiquedealer Henri Pousse, who may or may not be a thief called Harry the Grass,and a bevy of Sarasotans with their own agendas, Wendy Sam has to figure outwhats going on. Did Ilene fall... or was she pushed because she was pushingsome powers-that-be in this seaside town? Delightful characters and sunnyclimes provide an appealing venue for this author's first mystery. KateHolmes is the author of Too Good to be Threw, The Complete Operations Manualfor Resale & Consignment Shops, and an industry icon. Visit her Too Good tobe Threw site for consignment, resale, and thrift store shopkeepers and readthe first chapter of The Picker Who Perished there. "It looks as if KateHolmes has a winner in her book, THE PICKER WHO PERISHED, and she doesn'teven have to wait to find it on consignment." --Roundtable Reviews Watch forWendy Sam Miller in more Too Good to be Threw Consignment Shop Mysteries by Kate Holmes.


A Christmas Bouquet (1999) (with Suzanne Barrett Justis and Vella Munn)

В този сборник Ан участва с новелата Merry and her Gentlemen: Christmas is a magical time filled with mistletoe--and miracles. In this trio of cozy romances, three Bouquet authors introduce strong willed heroines who unexpectedly discover the most precious gift of all--love...

Here Comes Santa Claus (2001) (with Sandra Hill and Trish Jensen)

В този сборник Ан участва с новелата Here Comes Santa Claus: "Christmas or Bust!" The three bad-boy bachelors of Snowdon, Maine, have to make it to the church on time, or die trying. Due at a friend's wedding on Christmas Eve, the Fearsome Threesome find themselves dashing through the snow in the goofiest bus on Earth -- bright red vehicle filled with a bunch of senior citizens known as The Santa Brigade. Ho, ho, ho! Decked out in red and serving up holiday cheer to the masses, a Blue Angels pilot, a bounty hunter, and a former pro football player discover 'tis the season for folly as each trips over his heart to capture the love of the one special woman for him. And who is to say what they'll find nestled in their beds as the stockings are stuffed and the gifts placed under the tree.


Faerie Tale Romance

The Wild Swans (2000)

WHAT DO WOMEN WANT? King Richard has had it with frivolous females filling his ears with their foolishness. Yet for all his castles and dragon-slaying, he still needs a wife. Preferably one who won't plague him with womanly whining. One who knows when to shut up. So why not lay claim to the sweetly saucy-and utterly silent-wench he encounters in an enchanted forest? A MAN WHO REALLY LISTENS Princess Arianne has had it with meddling males making her life miserable. When her twelve brothers anger an ogre, she is the one stuck spinning nettles into shirts to save them from eternal servitude as swans. And she has to complete the task in total silence! To make matters worse, along comes chatty King Richard, wanting to bed her, wanting to wed her. Rugged Richard makes her virginal knees weak. But could even a king know a woman's mind-without her speaking it?

=Ан Удард=


Dead Aim (2004)

She wasn't strictly beautiful, but something about Maggie Mann made a man sit up and take notice. Like her warm green eyes. Her honeyed smile. And the gun she carried with confident ease. Yes, there was something about Maggie, all right. And scientist Rick Dornier wasn't letting her out of his sight until he discovered what made her tick—and what she knew about his missing sister. The fact that she stirred his blood was an inconvenience he would have to conceal. Because as they became reluctant partners in unraveling a web of danger and deceit, love might prove the deadliest distraction of all....

Operation: Rescue (2008)

From the moment he found himself staring down the end of her gun, Derrick Marx knew Dr. Elizabeth Bradshaw was no wilting flower. A recluse, she'd devoted her life to the island's natural treasures. But only she could help him rescue his brother from jungle terrorists. He couldn't take no for an answer. Elizabeth had ghosts she wasn't yet willing to face. And a sexy security expert, brandishing his machismo as a powerful lure, couldn't force her to do anything. Even if her heart was beginning to tell her otherwise!

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