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Те туй е официална кореспонденция на културен език ;)


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В една официална служебна кореспонденция открих този уникален мейл, да подчертая, че писмото не е от или до мен. Възхвалявам невероятното колегиално отношение и великия английски правопис! Ааааа да! Този мейл го получават всички от фирмата И от шефовете :)

Историята започва от средното писмо ;) после надолу и накрая горе laugh.gif

First of all I want to thank you about the congratulations :) I know

where is the right direction and without your wish :)

In the beginning of June you nothing postpone. You hadn't any plans for

neither August or September. Stop distorting the truth! I asked you when

you will be in vacation, you said "I don't know", was this your plans?

Then I had a real offer about vacation, with date, price and so on..what

you had then? Nothing? You didn't fucking talk with nobody about your

fucking vacation(family, etc..), you hadn't ready with details about

your vacation, or just a date for your stupid vacation...In july you

don't have plans for august, are you fucking little-jewish? I will not

never leave my private things to be dependent on you!

Why are you saying all time only bullshits? For God sake! "From what we

have talked with you and Chris my vacation was planned in the beginning

of September." Fucking lies! Nobody tells me about that! Nobody! I don't

have clairvoyance, or maybe I should have, only because of you? Tell me,

did you talk with me about that? We are a team, we are not in your

FUCKING jewry world! I won't be in wondering every second when you will

say "Ok, I have a date for vacation", otherwise I had to be in

expectation every day, which I will not permit!

I nothing limited...I'm just saying that I'm a student already and I

HAVE TO BE THERE FOR MY LECTURES, which are only 12 days for fucking God

Sake! So, stop to be a such muppe and say the things such as they are in

real, not in your science-sickness-little-peni-fiction jewry consciousness!

From the God's own country with best wishes!




>> Hi,


>> First of all, lets prise myself. I'm a student :) not regular..by

>> proxy..This mean that in each semester(3-4 months is one semester) I

>> should be in the university for maximum 15 days(including the

>> holidays, working days are less - 9-10), from the morning to the

>> evening. The university is not located in Sofia..


>> The first fall semester starts on 10th september 2007. It's until 23

>> september. This mean that I should be there (out of Sofia) by this time.


>> J., L., C., S. can I have your agreement and

>> understanding about this?

> First of all I want to congratulate you on your success :) Keep

> running in the right direction ;)


> In the beginning of June you've asked me to postpone my vacation to

> September (because then we both had plans for the end of August).

> We have cleared the time of our vacations (yours were between 20th and

> 30th of August, or something like this, mine was in September).

> From what we have talked with you and C. my vacation was planned in

> the beginning of September.

> So right now you are limiting my holiday to one week (maximum)?

> Thanks for f*cking up my vacation...

> I've already made reservations, plans, etc.





> *P.S> In other words it is NOT OK, with me!*

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