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  1. Всичко е ОК.Благодаря ти за помощта !
  2. Не мога да си инсталирам програмата:
  3. Hello, A new product has been released with the following details: Date: 11.12.2012 Affected software: - BitDefender Total Security 2013 - BitDefender Internet Security 2013 - BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2013 Localization: US; Version: Platform: x86, x64 Fixes + features: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013, Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 and Bitdefender Total Security 2013 are listed in Windows Store under Windows 8; New digital signature for drivers under Windows 8; The link "I understand this risks ...' does not work on x64 OSs when a page is blocked; Search Advisor displays the status for the same link multiple times on Facebook; New detections for banking websites in Safepay; Update module - stop button doesn't respond instantly; Add to Favorites button is placed over the address bar; SafePay does not fully display favicons; Multiple paths appear in log file when scanning a file whose name contains Unicode characters; Google Chrome is not working with Active Virus Control turned on and Trusteer Rapport installed; trufos.sys is blocking "check disk" at system startup; Create specific event when detecting keyloggers; When Quick Scan is running statistics should be hidden; Analyze wipe action in Antitheft; Safepay does not start on some systems; File Vaults cannot be created if they are bigger than 1 GB; Improve Remote Management communication with the cloud; Latest updates status is incorrect when product update was never performed; Integrated ThreatScanner; Integrated TrafficLight SDK; Integrated bdnc.dll; Restore clean files option from Quarantine doesn't work on some systems; Major improvement for Tuneup scanning process; Show Update panel on main screen - request; I/O errors in scan logs - ignored items; If product is expired, odscanui should not start; Improved HttpScan over SSL; Explorer.exe crash when immunizing a stick; Multiple files are not restored when deleting or changing the name of the source folder; Can not use Tab key to switch from Username to Password in the Activation window; От форума на BitDefender downloads: http://www.bitdefender.com/Downloads/
  4. Нова версия Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 SP5.1 Download Link: http://softdl.pcdoctor.kingsoft.com/ver ... _setup.exe MD5: B9E8C206B3FE2D0ED64B431FE65162E6 Updates are available on built-in updater for current users. What’s new? USB drive Defense has been enhanced, and include some bug fixes in this release. 1. USB Defense updated - It achieves all-round protection for USB drive and system security. 1) Strengthen USB defense against USB viruses 2) Add a float window for USB defense 3) Add USB defense settings page 4) Add a Safely Eject icon on taskbar 2. Some bugs fix - 1) Anti-hacker scanning information is not remembered after reboot 2) Boundary defense settings information is not remembered after reboot 3) Defense rules can’t be removed in Application Rules window 4) Other minor bugs fix
  5. Kingsoft Free + Comodo Firewall как е ? Може и да ми препоръчате нещо друго със Kingsoft ?
  6. Аз докато пиша ти си писал,няма нищо.
  7. Panda Cloud 2.0.0 Changelog: - Community-based firewall (pro edition only). - New cloud-based disinfection engine. - New behavioral analysis engine in the free edition. - Improved offline protection. - Process monitor allows seeing Internet connections on a per process basis. - Improved performance and 50% faster scans. - New advanced configuration options such as asking for confirmation before neutralizing. - Compatibility with Windows 8. - New interface. - Ability to manage different licenses.
  8. И на един мой приятел е така НОД-а,нито тегли ъпдейтите на уиндоуса (оригинален е),нито слага ключове и затова има вътре вируси..
  9. AVG LinkScanner мнения,става ли комбинация със антивирусната ?
  10. Есет 5.2.9.. Промените някой ако може да каже и как се държи и т.н. ?
  11. Днес излезна новата версия на MSE 4.0.1526.0.Мнения ?
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